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Have you noticed having more or less energy now that you're on MF? I'm talking basically to people more than 2 or 3 weeks into the program, because the first 3 weeks or so the body is adjusting to the diet..

Before Medifast I've been eating very healthy for about 3 years and lost 60 pounds on other diets. Too many calories for the last two years (I stalled out on my weight loss), but still it's been at least 5 years since I put on the weight and even then I didn't do it with junk food and fast food, but rather with a lot of healthy but high calorie gourmet food. I've also been very active both in the gym and with cycling for the past few years. On my first week of Medifast I didn't lose the huge amount of water weight nor go from sluggish to full of energy like most people do and I think that's the reason..

Anyway, on one hand I do have a lot of physical energy and I really like how I feel. However, the amount of energy I have for work (I'm a teacher) has decreased this fall. I've been on Medifast since mid-August and I've noticed I don't have the mental concentration length that I used to have and I'm REALLY tired by the end of my teaching day. My schedule seems almost overwhelming and I feel like I need to cut back a few hours. I'm a self-employed music teacher so I have total control over my schedule and how many students I accept. But on the other hand I'm trying to get out of debt so I really need to work as much as possible.

Wow, my message has become very long winded I guess I'm looking for your feedback about mental energy and how much you have on MF. The nice thing about this wonderful diet is that as long as I buckle down I could be at goal in the early spring, so this lack o' mental energy hopefully is a short term thing. Thoughts?..

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It might just take more carbs/calories to maintain the mental energy. I feel mentally sharper since I went from averaging 80-85 carbs to more like 90-95 carbs a day. Also eating more of your meals earlier in the day (esp the L&G) could help. I'd say play around with your calorie and carb ranges and timing of meals and see if that helps.

If you are exercising a lot maybe include extra protein or do 4&2 so your body is getting adequate fuel - check with Nutrisystem on this...

Comment #1

I've been on plan since May, and I've noticed my energy level peaks and wanes, I haven't really tracked it...I don't know if it's tied to other "cycles" but... there are big chunks of time when I notice that my get up and go has got up and went.....and other times I have energy to spare. That's probably not a very helpful answer, sorry..

Comment #2

Are you drinking all of your water, and drinking lots of it early in the day?.

My guess is that since you are teaching and may not want to run to the "loo" every 45 minutes you have drastically cut back on the water that you get before 3pm.

In doing this (if you ARE doing this) you are decreasing the amount of available energy by way of stored fat, because it takes WATER in order to metabolically utilize Fat for energy. If you aren't getting the water, your blood sugar WILL drop because you will have used every last shred of glucose that was circulating in your bloodstream for energy almost as soon as you finished eating them (MF meals) and of course your mental energy and concentration is lacking because that is what happens when you aren't drinking your water to unlock the fat reserves..

Bite the bullet, drink the water early and often, and you will find your energy again. You don't need more carbs, you need your body to be able to access your fat reserves like this program is designed to do..

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #3

Thanks kb!! You are right-I'm not getting enough water in because of the bathroom issue. I'll change that starting today and hopefully this will help my energy level...

Comment #4

I drink an obscene amount of water, all day, every day. And I have had the mental fog since I started. My mental energy is less than it was before MF, even as my physical energy steadily improves. I've had to put off some big projects because I just don't have the brain power to handle it, and my performance at school has definitely suffered. I can study for fewer hours, on fewer days, and I'm less effective when I do study. Instead, I spend my time shopping clearance racks.

On the upside, I'm cute as hell. The fog is a temporary thing, and I'm just planning to be able to have a different life in Feb/Mar when I'm at goal and going back to 1500-1800 calories a day or whatever my maintenance level is...

Comment #5

Whoa, the water thing is a new concept to me. I thought I had a good handle on the whole process but now that I think about how I crash every afternoon I realize I don't drink nearly as much water then. It is tough if I have clients to keep up a steady rate of drinking and recycling the water. I have been drinking 5 glasses before noon and then 5 more after dinner. I have felt really run down and kind of like a virus coming on but just on work days. Duh, double duh.

I learned something today, thanks KB..

Comment #6

I find that I can still buckle down and get things done when I have to, but my definition of what has to be done may have changed a bit. I'd be lying if I didn't say that there are times when I can't remember why I walked into a room. Frankly I'm hoping it's the diet and the lack of carbs. I'm a 125+ ounce a day water drinker so I doubt it's related to that.

Physically, the energy is there but whether that is due to the diet itself or simply not having to carry around an extra 100+ pounds, I'm not sure. Either way is fine...

Comment #7

Phew! I was wondering if I was the only having senior moments at age 35...

Comment #8

I'm 38 and have been having those senior moments for several years since about kids #2.....I haven't notices my "fog" being any worse since starting Medifast I have notices that although I feel better and feel more energetic, I don't have any stamina anymore which figures based on the low caloric intake and low carbs..

Like everyone else, though, I can live with the quirks of the plan because the weight is coming off - and that's really the biggest thing right now (no pun intended)..

Comment #9

Well my mind is as sharp as ever. It is like a......................

Errr wait a minute it will come to me....................................

Hmm I forgot where I was going with my answer...........................

Oh yeah, nope no problems with my mental energy...

Comment #10

I just love it when get all 'sciency' on me. Is that a word, Kb? Oh well, now where did I put my phone? ..........................................oh yeah next to my water bottle. Woo Hooo!..

Comment #11

I was like you Sassy, in that although I lacked the ability to manage my portions properly, I did have a healthy diet before starting medifast...whole grains, brown foods vs. white foods, organic whenever possible, nothing processed at all, never eat fast food, don't drink soda, juice, etc..

I used to be an exercise junkie...hour long intense spin classes 4x a week, 3 mile runs a few times a week. But, as my weight crept on, I lost a ton of motivation! The less I got my ***** to the gym, the fatter I got...hence, a vicious cycle of feeling like crap & doing nothing about it!.

But, I am experiencing more energy while on MF. I am one month into the program. I don't know whether it's "true" energy, or that I am just high on feeling thinner! But, I feel like I have a spring in my step, I'm standing taller & just in general a much happier person. So, it's hard to say if it's actually increased energy I'm feeling...

Comment #12

My physical AND mental energy were both low in the beginning but now, I have an increase in both. I feel terrific and have lost the brain fog that plagued me early on...

Comment #13

Funny when I started I got the physical surge of energy, but then it seemed to wear off? Some days are better than others... but I'm with the above... my mental fog has gotten worse. I'd LIKE to "blame" it on MF... maybe it's secretly just me and I don't want to admit it! :-P.



Comment #14

I have physical energy, but a serious mental fog!!..

Comment #15

OHHH!!! This is me. I am a complete 'blonde' since starting mf. When I am extra stressed or tired it is even worse. God, help me... if you knew of some of the moments I've had.... the only thing that helped abit was putting some of my lean into my day and not saving it all for dinner which has become too much anyway....


Comment #16

I took an IQ test before/during MF. I scored higher during. I also generate enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb 24/7, so I got that going for me....

Comment #17

I'm definitely more tired on MF. Not terrible just "low key" if that makes sense. I've been pretty much total OP the entire time, like 8-9 weeks now. (One nut incident we'll pretend didn't happen, but other than that, OP - lol) I just go with it, the diminished energy and head to bed early - lol. I don't think I'll be that way forever, just for now it seems that's how my body is reacting. I'm OK with that..


Comment #18

Hmmmm, must be methane gas powered energy. I wish I had some way to harness mine!..

Comment #19

I've been drinking water like a fish today and have more mental energy. Hmmm, either there's something to this water thing or there's a little placebo effect going on..

Comment #20

Ha HA!!! Love it!!!!.

Mine could create a perpetual motion machine, some days!!! (Ack TMI!)..

Comment #21

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