GoDaddy review : Suggest I order GoDaddy?? LENN.COM for sale

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Reg at Godaddy.

Expire date 6/14/2011.

Start yout bid from 10$..

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When does auction end? Post added at 09:49 PM Previous post was at 09:47 PM how much is each increment bid?..

Comment #1


Thanks Nem0 and now this is a no bid...unless auction resumes....

Comment #2

Why are the whois for your domains are completely different from the others?.

I just checked your started threads and, almost each domain of yours has unique whois info..

Please clarify the situation so that I can bid on the domain.

You are selling domains like;.

And their whois dont match.....

Comment #3

This thread/auction should be closed until the O.P. adds the correct details that the NP Marketplace Rules clearly specify - as Mitch stated....

Bid Increments, and of course - Auction end time.

Now, I am very curious about KaanKaan's discovery here too.???..

Comment #4

I am purchasing domain from someone,so my domains whois are diffrend..

If you want any changes in whois for ownership proof then I can do..

I got 250$ offer by pm from nem0..

Comment #5

Well God Bless Nemo!.

If you create an auction, you really need top provide the necessarry info though MobiMast..

We, as buidders are entitled to all have the same rules, and definitely a clear end auction time if it is going to be an auction..

Otherwise it should be in the "Make Offer" section.

Best of luck to you...

Comment #6

Sorry bro,i am new here.. You bid herei am rejecting Nem0 offer..

Bid valid till toady 4pm indian time...

Comment #7

No worries Bro.

I dont think anyone here is familiar with "Indian" time..

Usually we say Auction ends 24/48 hours after the last bid or something similar to that..

Then we usually say Bid, In increments of $1.00/$5.00/$10.00 something like that.

Like I said, best of luck to you...

Comment #8

It was out of curiosity as the whois shows;.


Jason Lenn.


Good luck with your sale.....

Comment #9

It is now approximately Wednesday 10:25 am in India. So my assumption is that this auction is over in less than 6 hours? Please verify this.

Also please verify since the WHOIS of this domain belongs to a Jason Lenn of New Jersey that you have the authorization to sell this domain. I am confused by this since you are not the WHOIS at this time...

Comment #10

Yes,the you said, it's right, and about whois tell me your name I will update it with yours...

Comment #11

No exactly sure what you mean by "about whois tell me your name I will update it with yours."..

Comment #12

I will change whois record first name and last name. For My ownership proof..

Comment #13

Hey Mobimast,.

Let me help you out once again..

That is a very good domain, and you seem like a decent guy who wants to do the right thing.

First off to avoid any more confusion about the owner of that domain, my suggestion is to place Mobimast as the owner name or Organization name..

Since that is your UserName here that will solve any doubt anyone has as to getting scammed by you, as you are the rightful owner.

Then, If you read the Marketplace rules,.

Jennifer created an awesome selling template to place in your O.P..

If you follow this template, there will be no questions at all in your thread, only bids.

Here it is,.

Domain Name:

Registrar: eNom (or other).

Date of Expiration: 00-00-00.

Link Popularity/Traffic Stats: if it applies (otherwise don't use).

Here you can place a small description, or possible uses for the domain name. You can also mention some freebies that come with the auction, like logos etc.

Starting Bid: $xx.

Bid Increments: $x.

Auction Ends: Tues, July 29th at 8pm EST.

Forms of accepted Payment: Paypal, other etc.

Try that, and this should be a hell of alot easier for you and everyone else...

Comment #14

Dear??? God, I hope you're a Smokin Hot Girl.

No problem anytime Mobimast.

One more word of advice...

Usually, we only use the term Dear, when referring to the opposite sex..

I'm a guy so that word only works towards me if you are a girl..

If I called a guy "dear" here in Chicago, that would be

You could replace that word Dear anytime with "friend".

That works for both guys and girls, all the time...

Comment #15

Ok no more comments.

OP stated that bid valid till toady 4pm indian time then he will take offer from Nemo which he can't do as all offers are to be made in the thread so..

Unless nemO posts in the thread the highest offer is slumdog $28..

Comment #16

Sorry masher, but I've got to state this..

This person is a thief and scammer. I bought a from him last month and GoDaddy promptly removed it from my account a week or so later and returned it to the true owner who lives in Mexico (not Mobimast, who told me last month that he lived in India).

I only made Mobimast that $250 offer just now on so I could swipe it back from him and give it to the true owner, whom I have already emailed. I am 100% sure is stolen. Mobimast pushed the last LLLL domain to me before I paid so I was hoping he would do so again with this domain.

You guys kinda ruined that plan but that's ok; probably wasn't the correct way for me to go about it anyway, but I know it works. Original owner will just have to go through GoDaddy now to get it back.

Some may be thinking that I wouldn't have given the domain to the original owner. Well my rep speaks for itself, and I have acquired stolen domains in the past and given them to the true owner... people like Maxeaus can vouch for that.

Anyway, perhaps this should be moved to the Disputes section....

Comment #17

Obviously auction has been suspended while this is looked at.

Many thanks for keeping comments to a helpful nature only..

Comment #18


I second that motion!.

And thanks to Mitch, Kaankaan, and especially Nem0!.

Great Community work here!.

I was interested in this domain too,.

And definitely could have gotten scammed so I appreciate everyone who spoke up here..

Reps all around..

Comment #19 values LENN.COM at $2,700. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it's probably a duck...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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