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I have

What do you guys say about this one >>>>..

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Definite trademark infringement in my opinion. Google can be very protective. Apart from being the name of the company the name is not used elsewhere so very hard to argue legitimate use.

Having it parked certainly will not help your cause either.

Also looking at the page I notice you have it at sedo. I am very surprised they have allowed you. Expect it to be pulled A.S.A.P. They tend to blacklist certian words and phrases...

Comment #1

Sedo knew about it 5 months ago.......

Even Im surpised they have it on the site even till now .....

Comment #2

Waste of money..

Asking for trouble..

Good way to get first hand experience with the UDRP process...

Comment #3

I Just wanted to see other peoples options..

Dont want upset any1 ...... Im new to this site and already I feel like I upset some people.

Sorry if this Thead have wasted your time or anything..

Comment #4

You just made a common newbie mistake. Do a search on "tm" or "trademarks" and you will see thread after thread like this one...

Comment #5


Isn't google worth like billions?.

Won't they throw a few thousands my way just to get this back?.

Aren't they buying right now?.

Not. Totally correct...

Comment #6

If you are going to steal my line, at least have the courtesy to say it right.

It goes....

Goto to the the search box and type in "tm" and read for a week. Then type in "trademark" and then read the other threads you may have missed. This will save you time, money and headaches.


You have not upset people, but they are just pointing out the obvious. The one statement not said was.....

Hello cybersquatter :smile:.

Yes, what you are doing is classic cybersquatting. All joking aside, please research trademark threads here and read then carefully and fully. Pay particular to the posts that have reasoning and laws and cited passages as opposed to the posters saying "you're ok", "there is no problem" and other dumb comments like that. You will quickly see learn a lot about the business (the good side and the seedy side)...

Comment #7

You may get some trouble with Julia also. I believe the UK DRS (Dispute Resolution Service) would take both of these names off of you and hand them over to the other parties IF they complained...

Comment #8

Cheers for the post...... My Day is getting better..

Comment #9

... and after you are done looking up "tm" and "trademark" and reading for a week,, then look up "fansites" and "celebs" and read for another week...

Comment #10

I have emailed google today on ads- so I can clear it up with them.

Will keep you guys posted on the out come...

Comment #11

This should be really interesting.

Do post their reply, preferably verbatim if possible.


Comment #12

Yeah no worrys.... I wanst going to copy and paste the reply..

Thank you for the post..

Comment #13

A "Not-Joke" ... priceless.

All kidding aside, Google fights, but there have been plenty of examples where Google has just paid for something it (probably) could have won via UDRP if it has tried. Mind you that it has been over a year since I heard of any Google purchases, but folks make poor decisions on many levels - it isn't unique to newbie domainers.



Comment #14


I'm not breaking TM REASON :-.

All registrars in the .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, and .org top-level domains follow the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (often referred to as the "UDRP").



Any question please PM..

Comment #15

Having the UDRP as a dispute process does not mean that you are not "breaking TM".

Thread kept open, I think for your own good...


Comment #16

Meh :.

Anyhow, the UDRP is nothing new here - that is not a "get out of trouble free" card.


Comment #17

The reason why I said thanks for the advice was because when you wrote I come up with a idea.... which I will tell you guys later on tonight when Its ready.


I dont see it as a get out of trouble free" card...

Comment #18

[waits in anticipation].

BTW- I can break a leg, I can break the car, I broke cerfew in the younger days... how can I "break TM"?..

Comment #19

Hello folks.

Ok Ive done a site now .Its just a basic one as I not a web designer.

Just want your guys opinion please.

P.S :- Any bad comment please just move on.

If anyone has a better idea then please PM me.


Comment #20

Gee, no one has ever tried that tactic before.

Here I was waiting for something big....

So let me get this straight, you make up some non-sensicle phrase to fit a TM, then you offer zero content, services ot products, but have a Sedo link to sell the domain... I think I know how this will turn out.

[disappointed I actually waited]..

Comment #21

(if I can think of a another non-sensicle phrase I change it).

I've never seen anyone to this if you have then please forward the site. Well least now it's not breaking TM, plus google have been emailed several times and looks like they dont care.

If your waiting for something big just remember Im a newbie so you might be waiting a long time...

Comment #22

Your writing it as "GoogleOnline" only further undermines your attempt to make it a stretch of an acronym..

However, "Ideal Beach Moments" wasn't much better.


Comment #23

However, "Ideal Beach Moments" wasn't much better.

What do you mean?? please..

Comment #24

This domain is worth nothing but could cost you a lot in legal fees..

Also domains are subject to DRS (dispute resolution service) which is an arbitration procedure much like UDRP..

Developing is certainly not enough to establish good faith based on usage..

My advice: contact your registrar to have the domain deleted..

Comment #25

An older member's attempt at the same "creative acronym" idea for IBM.___..

Comment #26

O ok...what was the outcome of the person who tryed IBM... do you have a website site I can read or what do I type to find out myself. Please.

Well if it is a TM breaking then why did let me buy the domain?..

Comment #27

Because it isn't up to the registrars to enforce Trademarks. You should have used common sense when registering.

Someone tried to sell googleme.tld (I think it was googleme anyway) and they tried to sell it as Go Ogle Me. It didn't work. I can't see any other outcome with this domain.

As said, the UK has it's own Dispute Service. They deal with a lot of cases and I can guarantee who they will side with. I believe Nominet are currently discussing whether the losing party of a DRS decision has to pay the legal fees. The figure they came out with was 750.

You've already lost this domain as far as I'm concerned. You can't delete it without calling Nominet, you can't use it without breaking TM as far as I can see. You're only option is to transfer it to Google and take the 5 registration fee on the chin.

$10 or $1500, I know what I'd rather lose!..

Comment #28

I don't know about IBM, but here's some for google.

You can find more here. 1and1 doesn't care what you register. Registrars are not the TM police. Besides, you likely agreed to their terms of service (you read them didn't you?) which probably stated that you agreed to understand the rules yourself.

Actually, this was pretty easy to find. You agreed to this: quoted from the T&C from the link on their home page...

Comment #29




I like to thank everyone that have posted.. FOR REAL THANK YOU EVERYONE..

Comment #30

I'll just ask something before this thread gets closed.

Seriously and honestly, what was going through your mind prior to registering.

The domain name? Or have people guessed the answer already?.

I ask because I still stupidly wonder why you asked people around here what.

They think of the domain name after a conscious decision was made to reg it.

In any case, you know what to expect...

Comment #31

I'm glad it helped you. I think most here have been trying to give you good advice to save you from bigger and more expensive problems down the road. There are plenty of opportunities in the secondary domain market without getting into the fringe areas of cybersquatting and the "dark side" of the business preying on valid TM holders rights. Most here just don't want newbies who usually don't know better giving the industry a bad rap. We've been trying to overcome that for years. Read and learn...

Best of luck with your future domaining...

Comment #32


Hi Dave and everyone esle.

Im glad you asked me this question it's 0545 at the moment so I have not got time to get a reply in.

I quess I owe some people a reason why I decided to buy (oct 06) I will write my final post on sunday night.

Thank you.


Comment #33

BTW, have a client with - 3 domains in fact, along the same lines.

He's lapping up the traffic (and he gets a s**tload) and seems to be doing ok.

Haven't figured this out yet. Though I don't see too much traffic coming to this variant...

Comment #34

These will be in extensions where Google does not have the right to trademark I guess. The most famous example I can think of was I think where a Czech guy had a (very good) website up. Nothing to do with Google Inc. and Google didn't have local presence. He eventually sold it to them I believe when they opened an office in the country..

Comment #35

No warranties expressed or implied here but:.

It's interesting to note that whilst Yahoo seems to want their users "to yahoo", Google has taken the opposite route in fear of losing it's trade mark.

Can this sort of thing really happen? Yes, it can. In the past, Hoover lost it's trade mark for hoovers (sorry vacuum cleaners) because of common usage. In essence, it became a verb. Google faces the same problem as the world "googles" for information - and not necessarily on Google's search engine.

FYI, a website called exists on dotWORLDS webspace, having been around continuously for over a year. You will need to upgrade your browser to see it, but nevertheless it's available on the Internet for anyone to view (this website has also been promoted on a number of press releases eg and of course as described on Google's own search engine

As you have probably guessed by now, has no connection or relation to Google Inc in any way. Nevertheless, to date there have been no complaints received from Google or from anyone else.

The above is just for information and interest - and as mentioned, no warranties expressed or implied - please get your own legal team..

Comment #36

Not sure where to begin on this one, aside from the "upgrading" of my browser...

In any event, why would Google waste their time on a subdomain or other such fabrication? The only way that they would care is if it did (miraculously) become popular or well trafficked for some reason. Could I create and use it in a way that is technically infringing? </rhetorical device> However, it would be nonsensical for me to expect a timely C&D from the sultans of search for such a non-entity in the world of web-presence. If anything, you are effectively doing your client/user a disservice by highlighting the infringement by posting the link and claim here.


(And it's called "genericide" for anyone looking into the "frisbee" or other genericized trademark information.)..

Comment #37

We understand your position and do not wish to offend either you or any of your members, however with all due respect, may we add that the website has never been a secret. In fact:.

1) All of the information provided on the posting above has been in the public domain for over a year.

2) The press release ( was issued in June 2006. Describing fully (with snapshot attached) all aspects of, we are informed that this release had over 200,000 page views.

There were similar releases via other agencies with most, if not all of them (including prweb) copied both to affiliate websites as well as Google's own search engine and news engine.

3) The domain name " was not just registered and quietly parked, it was built upon and utilised as a operating website that still works today. Nothing is hidden and certainly, there is no disservice.

4) For some time and on a separate matter, we have been in direct contact with Google's legal team. To date, the matter of (a tld, a wysiwyg and not a subdomain) has never been raised.

5) Whilst there are several (diverse) opinions on what we do, we believe the current internet restricts users to a goldfish bowl in what should be an infinite universe. Some may feel that by offering greater diversity the market will become diluted, but in truth we believe that it offers more opportunity.

You have given us a lot of space. Thank you for your patience..

Comment #38

There shouldn't be much problem with goggle. It's a generic dictionary word by itself, unless blatantly used in bad faith as a typo for google...

Comment #39

I saw this ad in this month's ABA Journal; timely.


(It's a zipped .pdf - we really should allow .pdf uploading...)..

Comment #40

Very timely... I did xerox this off my Savin c2408 printer..

Comment #41

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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