Laughing Cow on Medifast?

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OKAY...I've HAD IT, hahaa..

Some people say it's a condiment, some say it's a healthy fat, some say it's snack..

Others say it's not even allowed..

WTH, WTH, WTH ... HELP!!!..

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Nutrition says they don't recommend it, but if you choose to use it (I did but I don't now) two triangles of the lite LC = 1 fat. One triangle of the original LC = 1 fat...

Comment #1

I had to stop buying it for now...was too tempting for me...

Comment #2

It's not recommended. I guess one has to define what that means to them?.

To me, NOT being recommended means it's NOT on plan.......

Here is what Nutrisystem says:.

Hello, my name is Matt, I am a Registered Dietitian with Nutrition Support..

Laughing Cow Cheese:.

While not typically recommended, some individuals will choose to incorporate the Laughing Cow cheeses on their own.

The most appropriate way for this to be done is to count 1 wedge of the original LC as 1 fat serving or 2 wedges of the Laughing Cow light varieties as 1 fat serving.

One piece of the Mini Baybel, Light (Original) can be counted as 1 fat serving..

If using the LC Light Gourmet Cheese Bites, 10 pieces (approximately 47 grams) can be counted as 1 fat serving.

Given the level of protein these products provide (2 grams and 2.5 grams, respectively) an individual would not be able to meet an adequate level for this macronutrient (while maintaining an appropriate amount of calories, sodium, carbohydrate, etc) if choosing this for their full lean portion...

Comment #3

Okay thanks guys!.

I'll still probably use it, but now that I know that it's not reccommended I'll use it sparingly..

Thanks again!..

Comment #4

The reason I don't use it is because #1: I argued with Eagle and he won. #2: It is 70 calories for two triangles. That is a lot of calories for one fat...

Comment #5

[quote=slw600]The reason I don't use it is because #1: I argued with Eagle and he won.[quote].

Hahaa ... I hear that!.

Every once in a while won't hurt. I'm glad I asked because I was using it a couple times a week ... so now, maybe only once every week or two as a treat..

Comment #6

Hey if your indulgence is now laughing cow think about how far we've come!..

Comment #7

So, has anyone ever wondered why the cow is laughing? Maybe she reads the threads...

Comment #8

Fun this thread is right here, I was coming on tonight to ask! I've got some in the fridge and I'm starving! Haven't had and condiments or snacks, but I think I'll just pass and have my desert!..

Comment #9

Mmmm dessert...Chocolate Medifast shake! See, we're all doing it! Oh how our tastes have changed!..

Comment #10

The cow should laugh at us. A scary phrase to me "I'll just do it once in a while" eek...

Comment #11

I see no problem with using one wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese as a condiment choice. One wedge has one gram of carbohydrate so it falls within the guidelines for condiments and is therefore ON PLAN. The "Condiment Recommendations" document includes many suggestions, but is not meant to be a complete list of all allowable condiments. The document says:.

"This list is meant to serve as a general guideline of portion sizes for commonly consumed items. Typically, a condiment option should provide no more than 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving size. Please read nutrition labels to determine whether your specific product is appropriate for use in terms of carbohydrate content.".

Further, the "Condiment Recommendations" document lists one tablespoon of low fat cream cheese as a condiment. This is nearly identical to one wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese!.

Medifast Nutrition Support generally refers to the USDA database to determine nutrient values in food. According to the USDA database, 1 TBSP of low fat cream cheese has approximately 2g fat and 1g carbohydrate.

The USDA database doesn't usually list specific brand names, so there is no listing for Laughing Cow Light Cheese. However, the package label says that one wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese has 1.5g fat and 1g carbohydrate.

You may safely use either 1 TBSP of low fat cream cheese or 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese as a condiment choice. I asked Nutrition Support about this in October and Jennifer said, "If you choose to incorporate a cheese with 1 g of carbohydrate and 1.5 g of fat and count that as a condiment choice, this should work.".

As Dan said, Nutrition Support also allows us to use 2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light Cheese as a healthy fat, but it isn't typically recommended. Since healthy fats should provide approximately 5 grams of fat, this is on the low side. (Two wedges of LCL provide only 3g fat.) In addition, cheese is not the healthiest choice for a fat. The best fats are Omega 3 monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), such as olive oil or cold water fish, especially salmon..

NOTE: If used as a condiment choice, be sure to choose one of the LIGHT varieties of Laughing Cow Cheese, not the ORIGINAL varieties. (My favorite is French Onion!)..

Comment #12

O Merry! Just when I thought that the LC cow debate was ending and the consenus was not OP, you shoved your poker in and stirred up the embers! You radical firebrand you! Now we will be debating Laughing Cows, big and tall, large and small, thin and fat, use as this or that... (I overdosed on Dr. Seuss as a kid).. The giggling Guernsey debate marches on!......

Comment #13

Feels Loop-hole-ish to me. 35calories for one condiment is very high. Taken to extremes (and I guarantee you around here it will), if you chose to use LC for EVERY condiment in a day, you've just added as much as 13% more calories to your plan and equivalent to the size of most Medifast meals. Yes, I know the counterargument, there are OTHER, ON PLAN options that are nearly the same calories. However, those that arent "expert" on this plan could be really costing themselves a significant amount of time/effort/money.

And yes, I will argue the same thing with people who choose to eat peanut butter every day as a snack. At the end of the day you have to know what you want out of this plan. For me, it's to be on 5&1 for the shortest length of time, spending the least amount of money for the greatest benefit at the highest efficiency. That means making choices not to eat caloried snacks like Peanut Butter, and not using high calorie fats (or condiments) just because of words on a forum..

To each their own, but thats my perspective..

EDIT: Oh and just an additional word of caution, if taken out of context, people can really do themselves in on MF. For example, if I use the condiment guidelines that you posted, < 1 g of carbs and <1.5g of fat, then I could use 4 oz of chicken as my condiment, right? And since I get three of them, could have an additional 12 oz of chicken on the plan and still be on 5&1, right?.

People should educate themselves, decided what they want out of this plan, and then go for it, IMHO, of course...

Comment #14

I keep a stash of LC light wedges in the fridge, and love them as an addition to my veggies, or spread on a turkey burger. The blue cheese is my favorite...

Comment #15

OK Now I know why the cow is laughing. She and other cows stand in the field all day chewing their in and day out. Some other cows stand in the field all day chewing their cud day out and day in. Then, they stand around arguing which is the best order in which to chew their cud. Is it day in and day out or is it day out and day in? They all have good success with their milk production but they think their cud chewing method is the best so they argue. And it makes the cow laugh...

Comment #16

I cut the Cow, please do not confuse that with I cut the cheese...

Comment #17

I will repeat my argument that most of these debates about on plan vs. off plan gray areas like LC are more about the psychology of the dieter than facts on the ground..

Some people need order and rules because without strict guidelines they do what you said and their "hacks" to a program do them in. Think of the person on weight watchers eating 10 fudgsicles a day because it's "within their points.".

Other people need flexibility in a plan because rigidity and rules stress them out, makes them feel like a failure if they deviate, and ultimately makes them more like to throw their hands in the air and go completely off plan. They need something that translates easily into long term habits - and I don't think anyone wants to do 5&1 to the letter for the rest of their lives..

I will come out as the latter typeI don't stress out about if I used 3 condiments or 3 1/2 or if there are some carrot shavings in a salad I order, as long as at the end of the day my macro nutrients (carbs, sodium, fat, etc.) are in order and I'm in the ideal calorie range. I do weigh and measure my L&G. But I don't obsess about gray areas. I have every flavor of LC in my fridge right nowOh and I allow myself an alcohol budget (blasphemy! I know!).

And...I've gotten awesome results. Usually 2 lbs. a week and I don't have much to lose (I'm 12 lbs. from goal).

BUT and this is a big but...I've done years of prior work on my food issues. I lost 55 lbs. over 3 years on my own before Medifast and went on it after regaining 15 during a stressful period. I think if I didn't have all that time spent working on my binge eating issues it would be different and I might be better off in the stricter camp...

Comment #18

Once or twice a week I'll have two wedges of the light LC spread on Medifast snack crackers for an indulgence. I get that old feeling of having cheese and crackers without going way OP. I count it as part of my lean usually.

I only do this once or twice a week because I don't want to get in the habit of having the allowed snack each day..

Hope this helps..


Comment #19

Well said. I can't say I've thought about it in exactly those terms before but it makes perfect sense to me. Sounds like a great motto...

Comment #20

My husband called it Happy Heifer cheese the other day when he asked me if I wanted some while we were at the store...

Comment #21

Well, I forgot my happy heffer cheese today..... grrr... and the grocer's were soooo busy... I just may do without this week!..

Comment #22

I wish I could find the BlueCheese variety here! I use LC sparingly, but on those "feeling deprived" days, which are few and far between, there is nothing better than a wedge used to make "stuffed celery." It's been one of my saviors!..

Comment #23

I have only found the blue cheese flavor, at World Market, I think.... my favorite in the garlic herb and the queso fresco......

Comment #24

No queso fesco here either....but like I said, I use it in Emergency situations only! LOL As it does fall within the Condiment Guidelines, I'm ok with it for once in a while. I think that making these kinds of choices are part of what Medifast is about...weighing the consequences of our food choices. I also feel that for me, if I'm on the low side of the fat ratio for my daily intake, I don't feel satisfied.(and I don't think I could stomach a portion of plain olive oil or one of the other healthy fats.) These tend also to be the days that my calories, and carbs are lower too, so if a 35 cal 1.5 g fat 1 carb wedge of cheese make my body/mind happy, and prevents me from going OFF PLAN, then I have made an informed decision and ENJOY it with no guilt or second thought!..

Comment #25

There is a lot of variation in the nutritional value of the approved Medifast snacks of which we are allowed 1/day. I mean, obviously there is a big difference between 3 celery stalks or choosing 1 TBSP of Peanut butter! Quite obviously, a LC Lite cheese wedge falls well in between these 2 items as far a nutrition value. I will count it as a snack, of which I don't even choose to have everyday. Just my 2 cents..

Have a great day, everyone!!..

Comment #26

Thank you so much! I so needed this kind of laugh today! No longer will it be known to me as LC, but HH cheese! (at least in my head)..

Comment #27

I'm a rebel. I have one wedge of LC Lite cheese every day. Yes, every single day. In my soup. Today I had cream of broccoli soup with some garlic herb in it. Yesterday I had cream of tomato with the sun dried tomato cheese.

Let's see, I think creamy swiss...

Comment #28

I saw this picture while looking for something else....I hope it makes it into this post! Just made me think of the whole "Happy Heifer" thing. I just KNEW that was going to be a permanent picture in my brain. Laughing Cow should make this a part of their packaging..

Thanks Norilee for putting this in my head where it will now reside FOREVER! Smiles to all!..

Comment #29

Hahahaha! That's funny, Mary Lynn, thanks for sharing it with us...

Comment #30

Slw I don't know what started the problem you have with Sam but it is obvious and loud and clear in your posts and threads. Over the last week or so youve made sure you get your digs in. How about a truce..

Comment #31

What the heck? I have no problem with Sam. Again, these are discussion threads. That means our opinions are expressed. It was pointed out to me that there isn't much bang for the 70 calorie buck so I gave up my beloved laughing cow cheese. That was my choice. Everyone takes this journey in their own way.

I do not expect it to work for anyone else. I looked at my comments and they were not out of line or rude. We all have a right to our opinions....that's what Medifast public forums are for. I welcome opposing opinions. We all should...

Comment #32

Sunny..I love that you called yourself a rebel. It made me laugh. Imagine any of us before Medifast calling ourselves a rebel for having one little triangle of low fat cheese a day...

Comment #33

Glad someone else got a chuckle out of the "Happy Heifer" too!..

Comment #34

Did not even know what lc was thought it was a product for coffee..

Comment #35

The "HH" ROCKS! The "Happy Heifer" is a personal choice. I choose to use them very sparingly, for special treats and indulgences.... Or when my fat grams are very low! You alone can decide what works for you, and what calories are worth it, or not!..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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