GoDaddy customer service : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? Kicking Myself

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In a bit of a flurry today, registered, and

I'm in for it, aren't I? Any ideas as to course of action to take?..

Comments (28) actually seems usable. You could use it for a site if you keep it non-commercial (no ads) and use it as a place to speak about Dell policies and even provide a place on it for people to list complaints. You would still probably get a C&D letter from Dell, but if it was strictly non-commercial you would have a shot at keeping it if you chose to fight. Good luck...

Comment #1

Dell [ del ] (plural dells).



Small valley: a small, usually wooded valley or hollow..

Comment #2

Contact Dell, explain your situation, and offer to transfer the domain to them. I wouldn't even ask for them to cover the registration costs, just try to hand the domains over before you get into trouble. Good luck!..

Comment #3

The hottest place in hell is reserved for wimps and cowards...

Comment #4

Y'see, the sticky situation is, I kinda, sorta, work for em...

Comment #5

Never, never do that!!! If you don't want Dell to contact you, just put in phony contact info for the domain. Yes, I know it's not allowed for you to put in phony whois info, but the worst thing that can happen if somebody complains that the whois info is not real is that you lose the domains. I would try to develop as a non-commercial site if the domain was mine. If you approach Dell in anyway about these domains you are just begging for trouble from their legal department. Good luck...

Comment #6

I don't think you would loose a UDRP case becasue they are still generic. We have a place here where I live called Dell web...

Comment #7

Well as has been pointed out, dell is a word in the dictionary, but staff and password have very little to do with small valleys lol...

Comment #8

Dell has been known to go after domains like these - actually in my opinion, these are much worse. If they come after you, you will have absolutely no case whatsoever. If you contact them, you can get it taken care of immediately and you can put the mistake behind you...

Comment #9

Just hand the names over or wait for them to expire.

Knowing dell they will try suing for damages also..

Comment #10

Exactly. But if you were to offer to transfer them to Dell, you should be OK...

Comment #11

This thread is full of bad information. I will let DNQ handle this one. :-)..

Comment #12

I can't believe how many people are telling this guy to go to a company and say "Hey, I think I have some domains that infringe on your trademark". Crazy...

Comment #13

You work for Dell? What did you have in mind for them when you registered the names? Righto. If you really feel bad about registering a trademark domain, just do nothing and let it drop in a year. No need to get the attention of a legal department on you unneccessarily...

Comment #14

Or just drop it now if it's regged at Godaddy or somewhere where you can do that..

Comment #15

Or as I said before, just remove your real contact info from the domain(s). Since you work at or for Dell,and this kind of thing can get you in some hot water, you should remove your real contact info ASAP if you haven't done so already. Good luck...

Comment #16

If you work for Dell, why don't you just say, like, "Oh, I regged these domains so that you wouldn't have to worry about other people registering them instead. You should thank me.", or words to that effect. good luck!..

Comment #17

OK, that works too.

Sorry if you think my advice was works for me.....

Comment #18

I'm just going to cancel and, still undecided on

Comment #19

Since you're working for Dell, you might want to read your employee contract.

To see if they cover this specific situation...

Comment #20

You could actually develop them as a joke and put "Nice try, buddy" in the content. And then tell Dell of course, and say that it prevents any smarta** from trying to do something stupid...

Comment #21

If I were you, I would contact dell, although the DellBlog is ok, and useable!..

Comment #22

Please people, stop with the "contact Dell advice". Rule #1 in domain registration is you never, never, ever contact a company if you think there might be any kind of a TM problem with a domain you own. I'm still amazed that this advice is being given by so many here who are not newbies. I can't figure it out.....

Comment #23

Indeed. And given the OP's other post that he's actually working for them, it'll.

Make that potentially worse...

Comment #24

You work for them as well? Dont think that will help you here. I believe the blog domain is the only domain at this time that seems to be a little safe!..

Comment #25

Not even. If the OP's contract clause with Dell includes something like "all and.

Any items created, registered, etc. using their computers is considered Dell's",.


Comment #26

Since "dell" is a dictionary word, just start them on ebay for $1, no reserve, and move on...

Comment #27

Duceman I don't think you would loose a UDRP case becasue they are still generic. We have a place here where I live called Dell web.

I see some people need to learn fact from fiction...

I'm too tired to rant right now, but the mis-information is getting increasingly worse around here. People need to read mroe and respond less...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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