Just wondering: is there such a thing as Nutrisystem cheesecake?:)?

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Got a quick question: Just wondering: is there such a thing as Nutrisystem cheesecake?:)? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. This is my first week. The fresh frozen food hasn't been bad. But, some of this shelf food is horrible. I cant believe Nutrisystem puts out a product like this. I hope I can stay with it..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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The short answer is no, it's not horrible, and I, too, hope you are able to stay with it, as so many have been successful on the program..

Good luck..


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It takes some getting used to, but seriously, you can't expect it to be gourmet. Check out the Food Talk and Tips forum for lots of creative ideas to mix in your veggie and protein add ins to make some really great meals..

Remember, hot sauce, curry powder and chili powder are your friends!..

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Or if all else fails, eat the box...that will provide you with fiber...

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I'm surprised at you - you KNOW the box is low in protein...

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No, it's not all bad.....But wow some of those shelf items are super bad. love the fresh frozen food!..

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I forgot to mention that I melt some FF cheese on it or add some FF ricotta...

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Agreed. Some of the shelf items are not that palatable to you and others. Chances are the ones you hate someone else here loves and raves about them. There is a period of adjustment as your taste buds are used to high fat, high sugar foods so initially they taste bad. Some continue to taste bad because it is just something that you don't like..

For the foods you tried and don't like, good news is that you don't have to reorder them. But, I would suggest that you search on the name of the entree (use Advanced Search/set for Titles Only and Show Threads) in the Recipes and Food Tips sections and see what people do to fix up the entrees. Things as simple as toasting the scones (they smell delicious) or nuking them or the cookies for 10 seconds; mixing your veggies into the entrees; adding some simple spices or a wedge of LF laughing cow really go a long way for some of the entrees. And your tastes will change over time. Something you love today you may loathe a month or two down the line and vice versa...

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Don't let some of the other responses get you down. I'm actually quite surprised at how rude a few are. Anyway....

The food does take some getting used to. Your taste buds are adjusting to food without as much fat, sodium & sugar. (Aren't those 3 of the 4 basic food groups?.

) Think of it this way... imagine eating a candy bar and then taking a drink of Diet Coke. The Diet Coke is going to taste nasty. Same principal here..

That being said, there are a few dishes that you won't like (I like the analogy of not liking everything on a resaurant menu). Check out the recipe sections here on the board and under the tips & recipe tab. Most take a few extra minutes when you prepare the food, but it can really make a difference in the food. If you can get it suitable to your palette, do it. If you limit your options because you didn't like it the first time you tried something, you'll get really bored of the ones you do like after a while...

Comment #9

Rude?? I didn't see anyone being rude.....

Who was rude??????..

Comment #10

The food may not be gourmet but much of it is good; it depends upon individual tasts. I know there are those who like the mac and cheese; I quickly eliminated it especially when I don't eat it that much at any other time. As you eat the food, you learn which you like and dislike and order accordingly..

How much do I like it and the convenience? When I reach my goal, I plan to continue getting it on delayed AD simply because there are those I really like and I also like the convenience...

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The egg friatta this was not good. Marking that one off my list for sure...

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I saute peppers and onions in a pan, mix an egg (as an extra protein if I'm having it for lunch) or 2 egg whites to the frittata mix & add some spices of choice, and then add the mix to the pan. Scramble gentlypretty yum!..

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I've been wondering what to do with mine. That sounds pretty good. I'll have to try it this weekend!..

Comment #14


But many others like it..

Just keep a list and don't re order what you do not like. The first month is a test period on the foods. Yes- you can add things to make them better,.

But be sure and eat everything!.

There is not that much there to swallow and it is critical that you eat everything..

Rude? huh?.


Originally Posted by auntthelma.

I'm surprised at you - you KNOW the box is low in protein..

I forgot to mention that I melt some FF cheese on it or add some FF ricotta..

Do you put that ON the box or IN it? Is it considered a snack..

Comment #15

I havent had anything that is that bad. That said, I'm a professional dieter it seems and can handle most things!..

Comment #16

I've found that most of it is pretty good, but I haven't tried the Turkey Hot Dog yet - I'm afraid...

Comment #17

I've found nothing that I can say is flat out bad. Some things I like more then others, but there isn't anything I completely dislike or feel I would have to throw away as I'm eating it...

Comment #18

No, not all of the shelf stable food is bad/horrible. You have to consider that it.


What you are used to eating (the foods that got you here in the first place - with it's high sugar, high fat, high carbohydrates, zero nutritional value, etc).Nutrisystemfoods are specifically made to be nutritionally balanced and limit the consumption of "junk foods". You have put so much cr@p into your body for so long, that you have no concept of what good food tastes like. It is not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but it is food that gives your body what it needs and allows you to lose weight at the same time. Tastes change, so what may be horrendous to you now, may become your favorite in a short period of time (once you detox and your taste buds work properly)..

If you prefer the Select frozen foods, then I suggest you only order those for now. But do come back to the Basic foods later...

Comment #19

I agree. The "worst" thing I had was the Crispy Rice cereal, and it was just bland, not really "bad." I only had two packets in the order; I ate both, just never ordered it again...

Comment #20

I've been really happy with all the shelf food!! And since I live in Canada I don't have the luxury of trying the Select items.

My favourite is the beef patty, lol. Although I'm only on my 6th day I've already had it twice...

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Didn't PamSB say that she would gladly eat the box as long as the results were the same?! She's one of NS's most successful members (and a real sweetie, to boot)..

An added egg works for me..

Laughing Cow cheese spread on it makes it a bit moreNutrisystemfriendly and is spreadable..

Rude?! Au contraire ... Some of us just have a unique sense of humor and try on occasion to lighten up the discussions - that's all. Plus, many have been regular posters for quite some time and have formed friendships with others. They understand the meaning behind the comments and play off each other. Lighten up, Shannon, or you won't last long...

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SO many people love the beef patty ... and that's one of my least favorites!!..

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I had that this morning but added 1/4 cup of blueberries ... it was really good that way...

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[quote=katiebkool;5070248]I saute peppers and onions in a pan, mix an egg (as an extra protein if I'm having it for lunch) or 2 egg whites to the frittata mix & add some spices of choice, and then add the mix to the pan. Scramble gentlypretty yum![/QUOTE.

So you can add vegetables to the breakfast? I guess I take things to literally...I have a breakfast entree, fruit, protein, and carb per the meal planner. I keep reading about everyone swapping lunch for dinners and adding proteins, etc etc..

I wishNutrisystemwould give a better guide as to what can be subbed, added, or whatever...

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I agree with you that it would be helpful if there was lots more info. but I will say, stick around these boards and you learn quite a lot!!.

One fruit is equal to two veggie servings. So you can sub veggies in your eggs instead of fruit...

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Keep in mind that the plans are different. Women get to add a dairy/protein to lunch whereas men have that as a morning snack..

You can either sub 2 veggies for the fruit as AT said, or you can just add some vegetables to your breakfast. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, etc. are all low in calories and most are on the unlimited veggie list. If I'm making an omelette or scrambled eggs, some combo of spinach, zucchini, mushrooms and onions are going in the pan and they are not getting counted or subtracted from a later meal. Many do not measure their vegetable servings, and I am one of them. As long as they are the healthy low calorie vegetables, an extra serving or two, or six is not going to be an issue.

When it comes to protein/dairy, fat, fruits, carbs, etc. those you need to be more accountable with as they have more calories. Also keep in mind that you can move the foods around during the day. Many split the breakfast and have two meals. Guys for instance can have theNutrisystementree and the fruit and then an hour or two later have the carb and protein/dairy. How does a ham, egg & cheese sandwich at 10 AM sound? The one thing that is suggested is to pair the fruit along with protein to avoid spikes in your blood sugars...

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Unlimited veggies we can have whenever. I enjoy frittata at breakfast adding eggbeaters as my protein...I saute mushrooms & sometimes baby spinich & pour mix over & scramble or make into omelet....

I tried every item when I started over the course of first few months - never found anything I couldnt eat twice...once to try and about week later again to be sure. Then I adjusted my menu order. Naturally I like some better than others. Now after ordering over 3 years I am starting to reorder some of those I havent had in ages. Tastes do change & so does theNutrisystemproduct. Burgers used to be a fav of mine but are no longer...

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You need to know the secret handshake..

People pick up the tips from reading the boards. The Dietitians will respond to questions in the Dietitians Corner and that is where we learn it..

NS tries to give you the bare bones information so that people don't get overwhelmed with too much information. What they supply up front is a little too light. There is a happy medium, but we're not there yet..

Read the boards, ask questions. Most are very helpful around here...

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Women on the senior/silver plan get the morning snack of protein/dairy too. That snack is part of the lunch that is on the women's plan but it is moved up. Anyone can do that. You can move your food around any way you want...

Comment #30


Hang around on the Boards. There are so many successful Loser here who continue to hang around and post. They are full of Amazing suggestions and advice..

And when in doubt listen to PAM SB..

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Thanks to all. I'm definitely not the chef in my household and I've been trying to stay true to the meal planner but find it a bit boring having green beans everyday for lunch with my salad. I prepared the fritatta thing this morning...followed the directions exactly and it looked like egg soup. I got it down but was craving my son's fruit loops before it was all I'm learning so bear with me!..

Comment #32

Yes, I should have said the basic women's plan...

Comment #33

Come over into the men's forum.


There are a lot of helpful guys there who can answer you questions about the men's program. For example, this thread,.


, could give you an idea of how to change up breakfast a bit. Good luck..

Comment #34

I like your sense of humor! Just keep asking questions and someone will always help!..

Comment #35

I love the fritata, try this next time..

Sautee up a bunch a veggies, such as green pepper, mushrooms, onion, fresh garlic and whatever spices float your boat. you get the picture..

Since on the men's program, you get a dairy/protein serving with breakfast so use a 1/2 cup of egg beaters as that..

Fill a measuring cup with the required amount of water for the fatatta, cold water. mix well, then add you 1/2 cup of egg beaters to that then pour over you veggies and cook. You get this ginormous breakfast.

Remember to add your carb also..

Edit to add pic..

Comment #36

When in doubt, just post your question, someone (or many someones) will respond quickly with the answers. We're all here for the same thing and everyone needs help at some point. If the fritatta isn't what you thought it might be or want to try something else, try some EggBeaters instead and mix in whatever veggies you want (or not). I'm usually having a muffin, scone, or orange cranberry entree for breakfast. I can't handle theNutrisystemcereals and even the oatmeal and Kashi suggestions don't work for me. I am still hungry afterwards with those and the taste just doesn't appeal (I liken the cereals to cardboard.

) The only thing that I have truly and sincerely missed is REAL BACON, but I'm surviving with Canadian bacon instead...

Comment #37

I LOVED the Turkey Dog, as well as the Beef Patty. Those ended up being my two most favorite foods, along with the Flatbread pizza. Now the rest of my family eats turkey dogs instead of hot dogs when we have a cookout..

Of course, not everything is going to be to everyone's taste think of the thousands of people they are trying to cater to, and the fact that the fat and salt content is going to be less. But most of the food is fine and some of it is quite good. Now that I'm off NS, I really do miss the above foods, plus the pretzels, mint patties, coconut bars and all the lunch bars. Really, all of the desserts were great in my opinion...

Comment #38

Ohnooo- you are doing great-.

Are you stuck at 221-222?.

Or did you take a "break"?.

Still it is awesome!!..

Comment #39

Took a bit of a break, the holidays and other stuff, but back to it now, just won't weight till February and then I'll see how I've done...

Comment #40

Well I think you did great for a 2+ mo break!.

Good for you- pat yourself on the back kiddo..

And thanks for being honest!!..

Comment #41

I definately watched what I ate and stuff. So just putting back on what I did since early November I consider a major victory. I really could have went to pieces and put on 20-30lbs after Dad died, but that would have served no purpose at all. He was very proud of me and my weight loss and when he spent a month in the hospital, he told all his nurses about my sucesses with Nutrisystem and how proud he was of me since he was so very concerned about me being so overweight and was so happy when I not only decided to lose the weight, but actually succeeded in doing so...

Comment #42

Sorry to hear about your dad. That is hard. Lost mom suddenly and dad slowly. Both are hard. Dad has been gone (physical body) for 2 years- but feels like yesterday..

You did very well..


Comment #43

How roorat60? There's never been an all Select plan...

Comment #44

OMG, I came up with a great recipe for the egg frittata, and I've completely neglected to post some food porn about it. The gist is this....

Mix frittata with 1/4 c. water and 1/4 c. egg beaters to hydrate. Add in 1/2 tsp. of any Mrs. Dash you like.

So you could have 1/3 c. sausage (40 cal.) and 1/4 cheese (45 cal.). Reserve a bit of the cheese. Then grease a muffin tin and pour the egg mixture into the pan (can make 4-5), top with remaining cheese and bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes (the mini-frittatas start to pop out of the pan when they're done). While that's cooking, thinly slice some red or yellow onions and caramelize in a pan with butter spray, a tiny bit of sea salt, pepper, and splenda.

This is now my favorite way to eat the frittata and I used to make scrambles with it all the time. Of course, you can add any veggies to the mix if you want (mushrooms would be good). I've even experimented with putting thin slices of garlic or thinly sliced green onions on top before popping them in the oven. Just yummy!..

Comment #45

The frittata looks so good in the picture. I'm bummed that it's so bad...

Comment #46

That's a good idea, printing that one out for my file!..

Comment #47

Don't be afraid. I have one almost once a week. I love my sauerkraut so I warm up my hotdog Sandwich Thin Fill'ems (100 calorie bun/thingy) then add 1/2 cup of Clausen's Sauerkraut (the in the jar kind) some mustard and I'm good to go. Even takes care of one veggie serving. It's a bit high on the sodium count so that's why I limit this to only the occasional lunch, but it's still one of my favorites...

Comment #48

I understand the workings of forums well enough. I've been a long term member of other forums. My comment was made in reference to the fact that a first time poster might not catch the humor and may be made to feel like they had just asked a really dumb question, which for a newbie, it wasn't. If it had been my fist post in a forum and that was the response I received, I likely wouldn't have come back. Considering we are supposed to be here to support, I felt it was in bad taste..

I'm not saying not to joke. Just saying the newbie forum may not be the place for this type of humor, at least not right off the bat...

Comment #49

+1 Very well said. And sadly, "joking" can often be perceived as ridiculing a poster. I'm glad you spoke out, nooney72...

Comment #50

You are entitled to your opinion and so is everyone else. Besides - this.



Comment #51

Technically no, but a lot of newbies post in this forum. I knew what the poster meant...

Comment #52

Some things never change. What a shame. Lighten up...

Comment #53

I just had the Penne Pasta and Chicken in Alfredo Sauce... so good...

Comment #54

I personally like to shred up the box and serve it over lettuce, with FF dressing. It works really well with the dinner boxes cause of the pretty red color!..

Comment #55

Something about the title to this thread just rubs me wrong.


Comment #56

I wouldn't know if the shelf stable food is bad because I have never eaten any of it without doctoring it. I actually think it's fun doing it because I love to cook. I hope you stay with it, and listen to the people who have great tips and recipes, etc. It really IS worth it. Yes, the frozen food is better. I hope thatNutrisystemfinds a way to make all of the food frozen, like Jenny Craig does.

It's really worth it...

Comment #57

I didn't know much about Jenny Craig, before, but three people in my office are doing it. Their food IS mostly frozen, and sorry to say it I think it might be better than our basic stuff. But our Select is great. I am really hopingNutrisystemexpands the frozen program. Also, my friends are actually paying less than I am...

Comment #58

I think i'm in the minority here but I actually really hated JC's food. The shelf-stable "anytime" bars were good but the rest I couldn't stomach. It all just felt similarly bland. I didn't last on that program, butNutrisystemhas been a totally different story...

Comment #59

I'm glad that you have had a lot of success. The shelf food isn't bad. You just really need to customize it. Some people just wanted a change...

Comment #60

This is exactly how I like to prepare mine! Have you tried soaking it in water for 12 minutes after shredding? It softens it and makes it more palatable!.

Its to die for!.

Not to mention VERY high in fiber and you get all your daily needs of red dye #2 in one serving!.

I love these forums for tips and sub-gestions!..

Comment #61

In that case, perhaps you could have called it a joke rather than calling it "rude." For next time..

See above...

Comment #62


One of my favorite breakfast options is egg beaters (1/2 cup) sauteed mushroom and spinach and occasionally a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (I count it as a free food here...some count it as 1/2 a protein...I don't do this often). Makes a really nice batch of scrambled eggs!..

Comment #63

So that's what I've been doing wrong! I've been using the green lunch boxes and the flavors just did not appeal much - too much like veggies, I guess..

How do you keep it from being too mushy or watery?!..

Comment #64

Then quit. If you feel the food is that horrible, you will not stay with the program very long because you will have an excuse to stray..

Instead of asking if all the food is horrible and a comment about the productNutrisystemputs out, why not just ask if there are ways to doctor the food?.

Try to think positive thoughts. Positive questions. Positive ways to stay on the plan. Not negative reasons to quit...

Comment #65

This is my third time onNutrisystem(not due to gaining weight back, but due to lowering my goal weight twice now). I have never even tried the frozen food, I really like a lot of the shelf stable food. Like anything it takes getting used to..

Bottom line for me is wanting to reach my goal more than anything. My love of delicious food is what got me fat to begin with, so it is good for me to step away from my favorites for a while and eat out the box.


Good luck!..

Comment #66

Amen!! I for one have found everything pretty darn good. I didn't gain 30# by accident ... I loaded up on carbs, my favorite tostidoes and cheese dip ... vodka sauce and ziti ... etc., etc..

You cannot eat the way you used to and expect to lose weight, period...

Comment #67

I did the food two times. I lost 35 lbs. That was all I had to lose. Gained back each time, a little at a time. I slowly went up 15 lbs and I am sick of dieting, of gaining weight on 1200 cal a day. I do it without the food because I like my own food much better.

SO I decided, no I won't buy that food again. I don't like it. I am on Atkin's 2 days now and I already lost 4 lbs. I love the eggs , meat, bacon, cheese and veggiesI wanted to cut out all sugar this year anyway, so no more sugar, I just count carbs, not calories. It is how my DH eats anyway, he does no dairy.

I am happy reading the Alkins books and doing there plan. I have more energy and everything is delicious...

Comment #68

Can you send the shelf foods in for the frozen foods. This is my 3rd day and some of the foods are horrific...

Comment #69

Originally Posted by nooney72 View Post.

I understand the workings of forums well enough. I've been a long term member of other forums. My comment was made in reference to the fact that a first time poster might not catch the humor and may be made to feel like they had just asked a really dumb question, which for a newbie, it wasn't. If it had been my fist post in a forum and that was the response I received, I likely wouldn't have come back. Considering we are supposed to be here to support, I felt it was in bad taste..

I'm not saying not to joke. Just saying the newbie forum may not be the place for this type of humor, at least not right off the bat..

__________________________________________________ ____________.

+1 I agree and felt some of the comments were rude !..

Comment #70

K, I'm marking the egg fritatta off my list for next month. I was going to try it but I've heard too many complaints about it. As for the rest of the food, after being on the plan for a little over a week and sticking to it 100%, all I can say is that I DIVE into it now - when you're hungry anything tastes good! In fact I might just give that cardboard box recipe a whirl!.

Actually I think I'm starting to become accustomed to it now - I really don't mind it at all - just keep the chocolate coming..

G'night all!..

Comment #71

Short answer: no. it's not all horrible.

Long answer: The food onNutrisystemis on par or better than an other "ready to go" meal option. Eat a Lean Cuisine Asian chicken and vegetables or a Jenny Craig Meatloaf and you'll be asking yourself the same thing. There are someNutrisystemfoods that I actually prefer to the real thing. Nutrichocolates are incredible. TheNutrisystemmeatloaf and mashed potatoes are decent. The Chicken Quesadilla is just as good as any quesadilla from Taco Bell.

The breakfast foods, almost universally, are good. Also, the BBQ Soy Chips are easily as good as the stuff you pay $5 a bag for at Whole Foods..

That said, there are some items that I simply couldn't finish. The Nacho Crisps didn't do it for me, though some people think they are great..

The reality is that the lions share of the food you eat onNutrisystemdoesn't come from theNutrisystemmeals. Between the milk, apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots, almonds, wheat bread/pita, peanut butter, etc. theNutrisystemmeals themselves are a relatively small part of your overall tonnage.Nutrisystemisn't about theNutrisystemfood, it's about the program. Eat within the system, do a little cardio, and watch yourself melt. I've lost 2.5% of my total weight in under 2 weeks. IT WORKS!.

And remember:.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...

Comment #72

I agree, but there are going to be a great many of those types of post because of all the resolutioners.Nutrisystemis what it is. Packaged, shelf stable food. I guess that I'm in the minority because I like most of the food..

And I have used these boards to learn how to doctor up the meals and change them up a bit for some added variety. It really boils down to your approach and attitude regarding your own health and weight loss. You really have to want to lose the weight and change your habits for any weight loss program to work for you, whether it is NS, Jenny Craig, MediFast, or Weight Watchers, etc. You get out of it what you put into it..

And if this progam is not to someones liking for whatever reason, they should just send the food back and quit. No sense in spending $$$$ on a program that you will not stick with because in the long run you won't see the results you would like. Some guys I work with ask me aboutNutrisystemand the cost, they think that it is expensive. My response is that though it is not cheap,Nutrisystemis still cheaper than open-heart...

Comment #73

Good post! Trust me, you are not alone in liking most of the food. I am still eating it almost 3 years later, not out of necessity, but because I like the taste and convenience. Of course I don't like all of it - you couldn't pay me to buy things in a paper cup. HOWEVER - recently someone gave me a bunch of the paper cup entrees, and I have been eating them by putting a bunch of sauted veggies and or LC cheese in them, and found them to be "ok."..

Comment #74

That should be your tag line. Some say, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels," yours is "NS is cheaper than open-heart surgery."..

Comment #75

Expensive? I guess that might depend upon how you were eating before NS. Were you buying fruits and veggies before NS? How often were you eating out?.

I'm one of those people who tracks expenses on food. Eating out once a week for one person at a chain restaurant of quality can easily cost $25. That is $100 a month. If you go through the drive thru once a day at $8, you could spend $40 a week or $160 a month. Add to that the cost of food you bought in the supermarket..

Taste of food? There are items I don't care for but then there arre entree in restaurants I don't like. The plus is that there are some entrees I really love and some of the Italian entrees are equal to or better than the local Italian place..

Some people don't give themselves time to discover the entrees that would meet their taste guidelines or doctor them with the add ins, etc. No, it isn't gourmet but much of it is quite good. I plan to keep getting it on delayed AD when I reach my goal as there are some entrees I really love...

Comment #76

Well I'll tell you what ... I just finished the apple cinnamon oatmeal and topped it with some blueberries ... and it was HEAVEN!!..

Comment #77

I haven't found any of the food horrible. The only thing I'm not a fan of so far is the stroganoff. And I haven't had to really doctor anything up either...

Comment #78

I haven't had the stroganoff, but people recommend adding a tbsp of FF sour cream or greek yogurt to it...

Comment #79

I'm saving hundreds of dollars each week by usingNutrisystemand not going out to dinner 5x week! This is a win-win situation for me - my body is getting smaller and the bank account is getting bigger. Good thing, because I am going to need a whole new wardrobe!..

Comment #80

My suggestion is Do Not smell the product until you have properly prepared or heated it. Sometimes that puts you off something and when you taste it that is all you remember. I really like most of the dishes, but I doctor them up with herbs, spices, flavorings to make them into the dishes I want to eat. Don't give up, you'll be surprised in a couple of weeks at how much your tastes change. Pam..

Comment #81

Well at first I realy liked the food but as time went by I was really getting sick of it. May I suggest the more plain entrees such as pizza and burgers you cant mess them up too much. But after about 6 months I started baking my entrees in the oven, added in some veges and spices like oregano, garlic powder, a tsp of olieve oil, grated cheese etc. Bake at 350 degrees in an oven saft dish and the food is much much better...

Comment #82


I totally agree with you on that one,Nutrisystemis very vague in that respect, are they afraid that we will go off and do it on our own rather than orderNutrisystemfood? I really dont know, after all is the big picture for us to learn to eat healthy for the ret ogf our lives? BTWNutrisystemthere will always be new fat people willing to payNutrisystemto at the very least jump start there weight loss...

Comment #83

You must have had the pasta in the cup where you add the water!! Yuck!.

No, it's not all bad. You will find many of the meals you enjoy and a few you don't like, just pick and choose your next orders..

I like to add my veggies right to many of the meals. There are anumber of recipies available, too...

Comment #84

I have just started as well and have to agree that some of it is really bad. thankfully, you can customize your order for next time and replace the stuff you can't tolerate w/ things that are a bit better. There is a lot of room for improvement though. Maybe more frozen items.....

Comment #85

I just had a greatNutrisystemItalian flatbread pizza topped with a little salsa, turkey pepproni and mushrooms and baked for five minutes in a toaster oven. Tastes as good as the pizza from the pizza place...

Comment #86

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