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I run a filehosting site ( ). It seems someone has uploaded some files that are used for cheating in some Epic Games game,Unreal Tournament 2004..

I just got an email from a person at Epic Games , asking me to take the files down by December 16.

As far as I can see, these files are mods for the game, just that Epic thinks it's bad since they can be used to cheat in the online game.

I really couldn`t care less for the DMCA since I am not in the U.S.What worries me is that they might threaten my host.Has anyone dealt with this before?.

Thanks for any suggestions...

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Nothing could happen to you I don't think, but if your host is in the U.S. they would threaten them, and your host would probably terminate your account...

Comment #1

DMCA is crap I sent theplanet the notice also as one of their customers had violated my sites copyright and nothing was heard from them , and I didnt bother either. So basically dmca is for all those major big companies, and I think epic games is big company so they might take some action , but wait dmca means you copied or violated other sites copyright , did you copy it from their site or something , or did you make the mod urself? and if you did make it urself you can even email them stating this message "go to hell" ...

Comment #2

In that aspect it would not matter if he copied it himself or made it himself, he is facilitating the download.

I personally beleive you should take it down, some games companies are very serious when it comes to things like this, some mod makers have actually been sued (the mod I have in mind allowed someone to change how a character looked and naked was one of the options, cant remember what game it was)...

Comment #3

Take it down - as the host you have the right to - you might as well save yourself a whole load of legal headaches in the future. If Epic see you're willing to participate then they might not bother next time...

Comment #4

I have seen many reports of people being sued for cheating online games and I dont see why you are facilitating it anyway? Epic Games is a major computer game manufacturer and they will probably pursue it further, they have every right too as it is against most game's TOS to mod the game in such a way. Why give yourself the hassle and take the fall for a stranger?..

Comment #5

I did not make the mods , apparently they are very popular mods in the Unreal 2004 game..

I am sure I cannot get in to any legal troubles myself since first of all , the DMCA does not apply in my countryI am worried about my host (dreamhost) getting threatened..

I really don`t care either way (for the cheaters or epic games). I`m just gonna take it down since I just saw that the file hasn't been downloaded in some time anyway..

I need to get me a EU based server hehehe......

Comment #6

Life can be funny. It's better not to chuckle about being in another country and burning someone today, because tomorrow you could be in the US. You really never know.

(Plus tugging on the Superman's cape of a huge company is not just a local but an international web violation, anyway.)..

Comment #7

Hmm wait a minute so how come epic found out about it ? do you have foes instead of freinds around u? epic wouldnt know if it wasnt reported, so try to find out who could have reported as you say file hasn't been downloaded in sometime , or was it popular file before?.

And you should tell epic to contact the mod creator instead of you..

Comment #8

That`s just the thing.There really is no violation.I really wouldn`t have any trouble taking a copyrighted file down but as far as I can see these are just empty threats because this would be like me posting a tutorial on how to count cards in a casino and getting a notice by some Vegas outfit to take it down.I did some research and I don`t see any copy protection being circumvented or any other IP law being broken..

I`ll just take them down since the file is not being downloaded anymore and I don`t want to have to go looking for another hosting company (I haven`t contacted Dreamhost about this and dont know what their position on the matter might be). My guess is they saw the file linked on some site or maybe through a web search.Maybe someone saw the link somewhere on a gameserver and reported it....dunno really..

I`m pretty sure the mod creators must have gotten contacted by Epic.

I really shouldn`t make comments about other countries` laws but the DMCA thing is really getting out of hand.But thats a discussion for another sub-forum..

Comment #9

You are hosting a file that is breaking their copyright. As the host you are obligated to take it down in a certain time frame or you can face consequences. Minimally they will get your host to shut you down...but how knows what else. As a host you should take responsibility for the files on your server and whenever served a DMCA follow up on it. You attitude of "who cares" and "they can't do anything to me" isn't really appropriate.

Btw-If you have any income from a US based company they can sue you for google adsense. So don't think there are not solid consequences...

Comment #10

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