Just bought a web site domain from godaddy?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Just bought a web site domain from godaddy?.

My next question is: I had a dream the other night about these sites so I scooped them up thru the month and most of them tonight. I dont know what I should do with them.

Should I.

A) just sell them at a decent price.

B) make a basic site, get traffic and wait for offers to come to me.

C) contact a donation company and put up a site with a % going to server costs.

D) sit on them.

Let me clarify, I'm new to the whole HostGator thing. and the whois is not me, it's my good friends company he runs. I dont need to transfer them in my personal name. Im cool with his name, I got receipts and jazz. when/if I sell them I would put my personal info on it so theres no confusion. I dont know too much about this process.

I asked around and alot of people said that those are good names for domains. I really just want to get rid of them for a set price. what do you think I should do personally. If someone is interested you can make an offer I guess. But unless it's for a really nice price ill probably just put your info aside until I look more into the current value, what value I can make them and anything else I can do.

Here are my sites:. . . . . . . .

Im really lost, any respectful help is appreciated..

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Your question was: Just bought a web site domain from godaddy?.

Thanks for your opinion, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. you know the way forum noobs are. no reading lots of posting sorry.

Naw, I wont give them back thats for sure. I got small offers from local people ( I live in like an area where people buy and sell domains alot) and I was offered double what I paid for. it's a matter of opinion really. I personally believe I could get something for them. I can afford the yearly rate. it's either sell them or keep em.

Really appreciate your input..

Comment #1

Yes, sometimes you can get your money back if you call the registration company within 4 or 5 days of purchase. Unless you have an idea that you want to use those domains for, that may be your best move...

Comment #2

I thought about contacting some donation company like red cross or some jazz. but the names might not be applicable and too aggressive maybe. Then I thought of building a site where the biggest person that donates within X amount of time within cycles get to either post something or get access to something or whatever. but I neither have the time or the patience to figure something like that out. getting money back is defiantly not an option I'm going for. Worst case, ill keep them.

If google ads dont allow that then screw the ads, just the traffic.

Eventually sell them for a set price after I look into making HostGator names worth something. even if I just get my money back.

Again, thanks for opinions..

Comment #3

Go back to your dream and try to remember what motivated you to buy them in the first place. I often get crazy ideas and have some HostGator names I think up like this. My long term plan is to always develop them into the website I first thought of when the name came to me. You have to go back to when you had the idea..

Comment #4

I was half asleep listening to infomercials on the TV. something about a donation. then I passed out and the words "biggestdonation" came to mind. the word "The" came later.

Did a whois on a few. was like holy hell they are not taken... might as well scoop the .com's, then the .net's then it just exploded from there. I read more on this site and it seems some crazy sites go for insane amounts of money and other sites that seem good go for next to nothing.

I will probably build a basic site. cause traffic and see what happens from there...

Comment #5

You are a nice man grassman and you made me laugh as well!..

Comment #6

If I were you I would keep the .coms.

The others.

Park them all and hope to get some hits.

Or give me some and I will send you traffic..

Comment #7

Please have a real estate agent from wherever that is call me.

By the way, your first name isn't "smokin" by any chance?..

Comment #8

Ya daft apporth.

Get yourself something like KompoZer, develop a simple site or two or three, add some adsense and sit on them for a bit.

And before you start dreaming again this evening when you nod off, make a point to have a clear purpose in mind when you wake up again in the morning, if per chance more HostGator names come to your mind that you just feel this overwhelming urge to register.

When you do register any new ones do so through, then if you decide any names after a day or so are not worth your while, take advantage of the 5 day grace period and delete them for a credit to your account there, to then go and register something else after your next dream and repeat if you have to.

Don't eat too much cheese either before you go to sleep, my useful tip of the day.

Blimey, just as well you don't sleepwalk I guess. You could've ended up with registering a thousand names and next morning, looking at them all, thinking, now what the bloomin' hec did I have in mind, to do with this lot!.

Good luck.


Comment #9

Unless you're using the word "the" in front of the word "beatles"don't use it.

Next time you think about adding "the" to your HostGator name, unplug your computer and go for a long walk until your thoughts become clear again.

Unload these names anyway you can...even for a cup of joe if possible...

Comment #10

I'd take the money and run into my next dream...

Comment #11

I expected some harsh replies based on the situation I put myself in. Yes, my nickname on here has something to do with the situation. I was Martin Luther King for a moment. Only this time it never went in the direction anticipated.

Grassman out~.


Comment #12

Sorry, but also can't see any value in any of those names. The only one that you might consider keeping is, maybe you can find an enduser for it if you search hard enough..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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