Jewish Medifasters out there??

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I have been totally OP for 5 weeks. I was wondering if there are other Jewish MFers out there. I know the High Holidays are coming up and was hoping to find a support group through all of this..



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Not Jewish, but I studied for conversion a number of years ago. Are you concerned about the fast for Yom Kippur?.

You might want to speak to your rabbi about it, since weight reduction is to control a health condition (obesity) and it may be that continuing with your meals would be considered the correct action - as it is for anyone with a medical condition...

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I can't believe there no one around?? Where are you?..

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Was raised Jewish, but not practicing more of an Agnostic I really don't count...

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I'm not Jewish (well we all are sorta, aren't we? ).

But I do follow the Makers Diet (by Jordan Rubin, a Completed Jew) found in the Old Testament and I celebrate the Holy Days for my Christian Faith as well. I talked w/my pastor and during 5&1 phase of the plan I was able to get it all worked out just fine..

Many folks are doing Medifast w/their doctors and so it is "like" a prescription for meds. Most religions seem to deem that sufficient.

Also when ever members have health issues and need to fast for a procedure they talk w/their doctors and Nutrisystem and it all works fine..

God Bless you and I hope you connect w/fellow members of your faith to join you on this amazing Journey to Wellness (that is what I call this)..

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I'm Jewish! I am not so observant though. I plan to just keep doing what I have been doing. I am under my doctor's supervision so I feel being on Medifast is a medical neccesity. Are you concerned about fasting on Yom Kippur? Or eating the Holiday foods on Rosh Hashannah and Break the Fast? If you are considering fasting you might want to talk to your Rabbi. I will be there for you, I understand the challenges you are facing with your own feelings plus family and friends sometimes unwanted advice and input. Let me know!..

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I'm Jewish !!! and I'm starting Medifast today - may not be a very wise decision... considering the high holidays are around the corner - but I'm afraid to lose momentum... I feel very motivated right now.....

Don't know what I will do for Yom kippur yet.... I am usually very meticulous about observing it .....

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I thought I was the only one! I go to NYC next weekend to spend Shabbat with Orthodox family (I am not) so I know I won't screw up their kitchen againi put dairy glasses on a meat tablecloth by accident. whoops. I will keep meals in my bag and bring the shaker jar. Yom Kippur is not an issue as this is considered medical necessity. I'll just miss my mother's kugel this year...

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Here! Here!.

So happy that you reached out.. guess there are a few of us JMF's..

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I am doing this one day at a time. Probably make a decision the eve of Yom Kippur...

Keep the momentum going.. I am online on Shabbos .. oy..

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Thankfully much of the medifast is kosher.. bring paper cups and lids .. plastic spoons, I once did a real job "traifing " up my friends kitchen. ( I brought non kosher chicken soup and used her pot to reheat )..

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So glad I finally found a bunch of Jewish MFers!!!.

It is the holiday meals that are concerned to me. I don't want to really even be there. My MIL makes Rosh Hashaha lunch the first day and is so worried about making sure I have food that it bothers me even more. I really don't want to watch everyone..

I have never been a big faster for Yom Kippur and am T2 Diabetes, so I don't worry about that on. Of course there is nothing OP about the food at Break Fast......

I would rather stay home...

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I'm Jewish as well and do observe the High Holidays. I find that Rosh Shanana is easy. I plan to have the regular meals and go about life. Yom Kippur will be some doing but I figure I'll plan real carefully and have my meals early in the day. I'll take a bar to temple to break fast and then have my lean and green and a shake later. It's the one day that I won't be having all my meals but that's my choice and I do want to keep the holiday as much as possible.

At least it's not Passover. OY!..

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Hello there. I'm Jewish. Just coming back to the program..

I'm thought about the holidays too. I do observe the fast, and just probably will. As to the other foods for the holiday... G-d won't smite me down if I don't have a piece of challah And, then again... I may have a small piece with a touch of honey, because it just isn't the same without it..

As for the other foods: I feel that I can simply have the protein and vegetables and ignore the rest (I HOPE!). This has become so important to me, that I really do not feel that it is worth going crazy for a couple of days..

Should I veer a bit off the path, I can just go straight back. Being sensible, I think, is what's most important.

Nice to meet you all... Would be nice to keep this thread going...

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I was not around when this thread was started...I am Jewish as well. Happy Chanukah!!!..

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I'm not Jewish, but studied for conversion like Goddesslynne years ago. My husband is Jewish though, and his mom makes the best kugel. Oh, it was so hard to pass it up at Thanksgiving, but I did it!!..

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Hey, here's another one !.

I hadn't started Medifast yet when the high holidays were here, but I think I would've fasted anyway, and would probably have just eaten lightly for break the fast, etc. Hard to say..

But now we have latkes to confess! At least, I do. Actually, the week before Hanukkah I was really sick all week- throwing up for a day or so, then feeling awful for a few more days. So I was definitely OFF plan that whole week, and then when I started feeling better I only wanted to eat certain things none of it was Medifast products! THEN, I had volunteered to fry latkes for our little crowd of 80 after the Family Service on the first night of Hanukah. I managed to eat only a total of two latkes that night, which I thought was pretty terrific. The next day at home I had a few more little ones..

Monday, though, I hopped right back on plan- What a relief!.

On the 8th night, we're having two friends over, and we'll have a basic L&G meal except for the latkes.. Well, I belong to the school of thought that says it makes sense for me to eat a couple of latkes rather than sit around feeling "not this year!". I'll eat low carbs otherwise, and the next day it'll be over.

Anybody else wanna chime in on this topic ?

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I made cauliflower latkes and they were very good, very satisfying! We had fish too so I had 2T oil to fry the latkes in and I felt very indulgent!..

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We celebrate on plan. Simple lean and green meals, no latkes, no sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and it was lovely. We donate to a local food pantry and gave away our "fat" clothes to a local charity. As the cook it was nice not to focus on the food but instead on doing other things.

I took the time to post music video with a Chanukkah theme on my page. Who knew there were so many Chanukkah related videos on You Tube? have a great New Year...

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Cauliflower Latkes.

This recipe is for one whole green portion, all your green for the day. I steamed the cauliflower to get it pretty soft..

1 whole portion of all your Green for one day of steamed cauliflower. I weighed mine..

To cup Egg Beaters.

1 package Medifast whole grain crackers ground into crumbs resembling Matzo Meal.

T salt.

Pepper to taste.

1 T Chopped Onion.

1/4t Baking Powder.

Put the cauliflower in a mixing bowl and mash it with a fork. I left a few small pieces just for some texture (your choice).

In another small bowl, mix the dry ingredients, the cracker crumbs, salt, pepper and baking powder..

Add the Egg Beaters to the cauliflower. I think I wound up with 1/3c. You need to subtract this from your Lean portion for the day..

Next mix the dry ingredients with the Cauliflower/Egg mixture. I let it sit for a few minutes while the pan got hot. I chose fish for my Lean this day so I had 2t of oil for frying. Cooking spray works also. I used a heaping tablespoon per latke and spooned them into the skillet set on Medium heat on my electric stove. I learned by trial and error, (mushy error!) that because the cauliflower has little or no starch, you need to then lower the heat and let the latkes cook a while to set up before you turn them over or they just fall apart.

I continued to use the spatula to loosen them while they were cooking so they didnt stick..

These were good! Then I made them a second night as well and I got better at it! After mine were done, I made some for DH. I made mine separately to make sure the first time that I was getting all I was supposed to eat but not too much...

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Thank you for this great recipe! I'll try it tonight since I happen to have cauliflower in the house. I don't have Medifast crackers but I'll look for an appropriate substitute. It's not on plan, so I may never make it again, but my secret to "healthier" chopped liver was to use some soft tofu instead of schmatlz...

Comment #20

I think a substitute could be to look up the number of carbs in the Medifast crackers and figure out the number of carbs. Then you could use that amount of Matzo Meal or no more than that amount anyways. Not strictly OP but I think that would work...

Comment #21

Hi there and Happy New Year..2010...

Shabbat Shalom ( the sun's not down here yet )..

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Hello out there in jewish Medifast land. I know there are still over 2 months to go but I'm wondering about Passover. I'm fairly observant keeping kosher (which is why Medifast is so great) so I don't know what to do about Passover. None of the Medifast meals are kosher for Passover. Anyone have any ideas?..

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Here's a thread about the Passover Seder, but it's not addressing the entire period of Passover:.

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Hi Grace,.

It is a situation that is very difficult. I am fairly observant as well. I do all the cooking for Pesach and I have had a tough time with this "dilemma".

There is a post from a couple of years ago from nutrition support to another tribe member.

Definately contact Nutrition Support for any suggestions they may have.

Outside of Yom Kipur this is the only other time that I have "tweaked" medifast for me.

Last year I stayed very much on my lean and green. I stayed with the eggs, fish, chicken, low fat cottage cheese and drank lots of water. Sedars were all about lean and grean for me.

Anybody else here with suggestions or plans?..

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I should be in T&M by Passover, but..... I still won't eat Matza except for the obligitory prayer, I and a T2 Diabetic and Matza is very high FAST carb. You have to do what is right for you. I will probably make my own chicken soup and strain as much fat out as possible. Plain soup, veggies and lean meat will be the way to go...

Comment #26

"Oops" ..for me, I did the same with the matza as well..

Yay Marni! almost at T & M..

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I grew up in a kosher home but I do not have a kosher house. I MF'd right through Passover last year. I would recommend looking for a Kosher For Passover soy protein shake that is low in fat and high in protein. Something as close to Medifast as possible. I have not personally looked but if you live in a large city, I would be surprised if you could not find one. Same for a low calorie protein bar.

Otherwise, I recommend you talking to your Rabbi. I am certain he can give you some good advice. Maybe he can give you a free "Get out of Passover" eating card...

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I found this at Aunt Netties....


Creating vegan matzoh balls for Passover poses quite a culinary challenge. The traditional ingredient that binds the mixture together is eggs. Vegans usually rely on egg replacer that works perfectly for most instances. However, although egg replacer is kosher, it is not kosher for Passover..

The logical alternative was to bind the mixture with tofu, a very untraditional ingredient in Passover cooking. Tofu is an ideal binder in many recipes, but it was not able to live up to it's reputation when the matzoh balls were boiled. The only solution was to bake them. Voila! Vegan Matzoh Balls. Many Rabbis accept the use of legumes for Passover when they are altered from their original form, such as when they are mashed..

1/2 C. (120 ml) matzoh meal.

1/2 t. salt.

1/8 t. black pepper.

1/2 t. onion powder.

2 T. vegetable oil.

6 T. water.

1/3 C. (80 ml) well mashed firm tofu.

1. In a medium bowl combine matzoh meal, salt, pepper, and onion powder. Stir dry ingredients to distribute evenly..

2. Add vegetable oil and water and mix well..

3. Add mashed tofu and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 400 F. (Gas Mark 6)..

4. Form into 1-inch (2.5 cm) balls and place them on a well-oiled baking sheet. Cover with aluminum foil, dull side up. Bake at 400 F. (Gas Mark 6) for 30 minutes. Cool, and refrigerate..

5. Next day, heat the soup, and add the matzoh balls to each soup bowl just before serving. Makes about 14 matzoh balls...

Comment #29

Congratulations Marni are being so close to T&M!.

Thanks for the suggestion but any soy based product is not kosher for Passover which is why this is really such a dilemma. I am not sephardic so I don't eat legumes during Passover. (That was a real problem for my husband since he is Israeli and nearly all the Passover products in Israel are made with sephardis in mind. He has survived Passover the ashkenazi way for that last 20 years.).

I'm thinking of doing only L+G for the week and keep any eye on calories, carbs and fats so that they fall withing the Medifast guidelines. I have seen a brand of eggbeater type product (I think it was Kineret) that is kosher for Passover so I may buy some of that. I don't think Medifast nutrition support would be too helpful since they probably don't understand all the nuances of keeping kosher let alone during Passover...

Comment #30

Thanks for some very useful information regarding recipes and products! I'll be on the lookout for these.. esp that Kineret egg beater product...

Comment #31

I checked the link that Lynne suggested and basically Nutrisystem said to do 3-4 smaller lean and green meals and add some low cal snacks such as small pieces of fruit or a cup of berries. Sounds like a plan to me. I think the egg substitute was in the freezer section. It may be one of those items that is kosher for Passover year round. I have to stop at the supermarket anyway on my way home from work so I'll see if I can find it...

Comment #32

Well just so I could solve this mystery. I called the local kosher grocer in Ma. and asked if they would be carrying Kosher for Passover eggbeaters. The person there said yes that they believed that they will have it.. though I looked at the ConAgra site that makes eggbeaters and it didn't announce that product.. time will tell I guess!.

Also just placed a call to my bff and left a message for her to find this product.. if it's out there she'll know, very frum....

Comment #33

Well, Amy, pass along any info you can. Thanks...

Comment #34

Grace.. On it.. let us know how you make out too!..

Comment #35

Stopped at the supermarket and did not see the Kineret egg product..

Anyway I looked on (they own Kineret) and it is there under kosher for Passover. It does exist!..

Comment #36

I went to a different supermarket today and they had the kineret egg product and it is kosher for passover all year round. It was $3.99 (very pricey) but I bought one anyway. It's in the frozen section. It seems fairly compatible nutritionwise with regular eggbeaters. So I guess we'll be enjoying lots of quiches and fritattas during Passover...

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This will be an important place for me to come back and read. It's time to get ready for Passover and celebrating our freedom from our issues that have kept us overweight. I will use this time to reflect on the things that have kept me enslaved to my weight and staying free in living my healthy lifestyle..

I hope everyone will share their Passover recipes to help us to stay on plan. I'm on maintenance but it's hard to find "traditional" recipes to serve at my seder. I am the chef for the feast. I have a few weeks to plan out the menues and have a few ideas. I'll be making everything from scratch and hoping my local Jewish market will have fresh made gefilta fish so I don't have to buy a big jar, just a few pieces that I can cut up and serve to keep up the tradition. I'll make the Sephardic charosets will be seeking out good recipes.

Says it clears his sinus for the rest of the year, but fresh is good and strong and clears mine for a few weeks. So let's share our favorite recipes and hot finds. This chef needs all the help possible...

Comment #38

Oh Amy! I wanted to be the first to wish everyone a Happy Purim! <stamping foot> Oh well. I'll be the second one so Happy Purim to everyone and stay away from those hamantaschen!.

As for Passover, I'll be off plan since none of the Medifast food is kosher for Passover, but, I'll be trying to stay within the guidelines of no more than 90 carbs and less than 1000 calories a day. I'll have 3 smaller L+G meals and 2 small snacks throughout each day and lots of water. I'll also be cooking for one seder and I'll just make sure that there is an lean choice as the main dish probably a roast chicken in addition to the brisket I usually make. My local supermarket is running a promotion to spend $300 by Easter (last year I did it in one shopping trip) and get a free item including an Empire kosher turkey so that may be the meal for everyone. I don't eat gefilte fish (haven't for the last 35 years) so that's not an issue for me but I do make it for everyone else. I always buy a fresh horseradish root and my husband grinds it in a food processor.

One thing I make year round is roasted zucchini and tomatoes: slice them up and arrange them on their edges in a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray so you have many rows of alternating red and green (I guess more appropriate for Christmas). Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder and italian seasoning and place in a very hot oven (450-500 degrees) and cook until soft and the juices start to run. Baste from time to time with the juices that collect. It's delicious...

Comment #39

BTW, Will, I just checked a jar of Gold's horseradish and a serving (1 tsp) has no calories, no carbs, and no fat...

Comment #40

Thanks for the information, but it's become a tradition, my friend makes it, my family only has it on Passover, so what's left he takes home with him. We get enough for two days (a small half filled baby food jar) and we're happy. Fresh is so strong and good. Certainly to make my kippah sweat. hehehehe..

What's everyone preparing?..

Comment #41

Bought a few things for Passover this morning. I got a box of 'lite' whole wheat matza. It has 85 calories a slice but over 20 carbs. Not lite in my book. Interesting the things you find on the Passover aisle of the supermarket.

I'm really concerned that stopping Medifast for Passover will really ruin my momentum. I wonder how my sister will feel if I bring a food scale to her house for the second seder?..

Comment #42

My friend said it is simple, just grating the horseradish, being careful as it will clear out the room and your sinus. I don't make it, he does and it's potent. Here's some information I found..

Horseradish Cooking Tips and Measures.

Horseradish is best used freshly grated and raw..

Scrub with a stiff brush and peel off the dark skin before using horseradish.

In larger roots, the core may be fibrous and bitter. Remove and discard the core, along with any green spots..

Horseradish is like the allium family the finer it is chopped or grated, the more pungent the flavor..

When grating horseradish, it is easiest to use a food processor. Cut the peeled root into cubes and pulse to the desired consistency. The fumes will be quite strong and can actually burn your nose and eyes. Be sure to open a window, remove the lid at arm's length, and turn your head away..

For homemade prepared horseradish, just add white vinegar and salt to taste while processing. Store in a lidded glass jar in the refrigerator up to 6 weeks..

Fold 1 Tablespoon fresh grated horseradish into stiffly-whipped heavy cream and salt to taste for a classic horseradish sauce to accompany beef dishes. Dill weed is also a tasty addition..

When serving horseradish, do not use silver. Horseradish will tarnish silver..

If you grow your horseradish, the young, tender green leaves are edible in salads and may also be cooked..

If you want to retain the spicy zing of horseradish in cooked dishes, add it at the end of the cooking process, after the dish has been removed from the heat.

Horseradish Measures, Weights, and Substitutions.

1 Tablespoon grated fresh horseradish = 2 Tbsp bottled prepared horseradish.

2 Tablespoons prepared horseradish = 1 Tablespoon dried + 1 Tablespoon vinegar + 1 Tablespoon water + salt to taste.

10 Tablespoons prepared horseradish = 6 Tablespoons dried powdered.

1-1/2 pounds fresh root = 2-3/4 cups peeled and grated.

1 8-ounce bottle prepared horseradish = 1 cup..

Comment #43

Thanks for this thread! I am going to be watching it carefully. My family is not Jewish but we do celebrate a Passover meal to honor my Jewish heritage and the fact that Catholicism's roots are Judaism...

Comment #44

There is a lot of eggs, meats, fruits and veggies in my future for Pesach!! No Matza on my plan (exept a ritual bite at the two seders). Maybe one Matza ball!..

Comment #45

Actually, Amy, I was thinking about either a) getting a new digital scale and saving it to use for Passover for the first time (I have an old postage meter style that really isn't accurate) or b) keep it in a ziplock bag so that I only need to use a clean bag for Passover. I saw one on Amazon that had a lot of good reviews. Does anyone have a recommendation?.

Hope all is well with your dad in Florida...

Comment #46

I have an afterthought on the horseradish thing. My husband once made a fillet of salmon by just covering it with horseradish from the jar and baking the whole thing in the oven. It was delicious, OP and kosher for Passover. A triple whammy!..

Comment #47

We bought a digital scale, a Biggest Loser one, available on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. It's great it measures in both ounces and grams. I love that I can add an item, zero it out and weigh a different item. Makes weighing easy. Switching between grams and ounces is easy. My only con is that I wish it was a tad bigger...

Comment #48

I've been thinking a great deal about the meaning of this year's Passover. Looking at the them of our liberation from slavery in Pharoh's land and the promise of the a land of our own, this is a good time to reflect on our own liberation from our weight..

This year, I'm learning to be free in my eating and free to make choices that support my health and keeping me at a healthy weight. I've been enslave by endless dieting, food crisises, stress and not taking care of myself and taking care of everyone else and not doing a good job. So this year, I'm celebrating my freedom from the endless weight battle and give thanks to be free to be healthy and living a healthy lifestyle..

Though I wish that Medifast would have Kosher for Passover meals, this is a great time to learn how to make wise choices out of freedom to stay on track. Passover is a great time to face a new challegne like our ancestors face when they left Pharoh's land. It's time to apply what we've learned and are still in the process of learning. I'm not thinking of being off plan but being on plan using what is Kosher for Passover. I don't need to have the a ton of food, I can weigh my food and attempt to remake some recipes in a more healthy manner. Charosets is mostly fruit, making enough for the seder, buying just what I need and at the end of the meal packing up take home contaners and sending them away with the guests.

Vegetable will be plentiful as well as lean meats and fish. No macaroons, but maybe meringues for desserts (checking out the Splenda website for a recipe.) Lots of salads but in all I'll keep it simple. I'm not thinking that I'm off plan but I am honoring our ancestors as they struggle to the promise land as I move to my promise land. This is time to be set free from the negative impact of our weight and to free to be alive and healthy. Just my reflection..

What are people thinking about this year for Passover?.

Found a recipe for meringues on Splenda:

Comment #49

Wescobar; thank you, thank you, thank you!.

I did a search for Passover and found this thread. I am starting back on plan tomorrow and am very concerned about Pesach!.

We are not a completely observant family. My DH and kids are not observant at all. However, I do my best under the circumstances..

I think during Passover I will continually remind myself that I am not enslaved by food, thank you for that reminder!..

Comment #50

You're very welcome. It's a tradition in our family to think of how we are free, set free or how we enjoy our freedom. My spouse and I will have time to reflect on how far we've come to gain the freedom to be as healthy as G-d made us...

Comment #51

Hi! I'm not Jewish, but I have really enjoyed this thread! Is it OK for me to try Debbie's recipe or should it only be made in conjunction with the religion? It just sounds tasty!..

Comment #52

Kisha, enjoy the recipe. The recipes and foods really have nothing to do with religious practices except for the fact that it is customary to eat certain types of foods on certain holidays. For instance the cauliflower pancake recipe is a Hannukah traditional food because it is fried and on Hannukah we celebrate the miracle of the oil lasting for 8 days so there tend to be a lot of off plan fried foods. (I won't name them. ).

By the way, you are doing great, having lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks. Good job!..

Comment #53

Anythoughts on a low carb kugel? Use parsnips and turnips instead of potatoes?..

Comment #54

Oh, I just found a recipe for kugel on one of the recipe threads!.

Spaghetti Squash kugel!.


1 small spaghetti squash prepared in microwave. Yes, there will be lots of left over.

3/4 C cottage cheese (I used 2%).

1 tsp low fat smart balance.

2 T FF sour cream.

1/2 tsp vanilla.

1/4 tsp just like sugar.

Dash of salt.

Mix together with 1 C spaghetti squash.

Spray small glass baking dish with Pam. Pour mixture into pan and spread it out evenly. Bake at 325 for 30-40 minutes or until it looks "dry." It really isn't dry, it's just a crust on the top...

Comment #55

Passover test recipes round 1- Turnip Kugel (1 pound turnips, 1/2 medium onion, 1/4 cup fresh ground almond flour, 1/2 cup egg beaters) and mock chopped liver (8oz mushrooms, one onion, 1/2 cup walnuts) all cooking to taste tonight. I will have the turnip kugel as part of my green, but just a taste of the mushroom pate as we are going to call it!.

Here's to a new life of jewish cooking- the healthy way!..

Comment #56

Sounds great Marni!.

Kisha, enjoy the latkes! They were good!.

I was actually thinking about cauliflower kugel, savory w/ a little onion.


Comment #57

Ack...this is the first Shabbos that I can't have my freshly baked Challah...the smell of it baking is making my mouth water! I need to go for a walk and open all the windows to let the heavenly scent depart! My kids would really be upset if I bought I need to work through this!..

Comment #58

I really like the turnip kugle, but I need to use the larger grater not the fine on. Hmm, should try a caulflower version next week. The mock chopped liver is good. A lot of Walnuts so a little more off plan. Over all- healthy Jewish cooking- my son said that sounded strange!..

Comment #59

Hello everyone! looking for suggestions to make it through Passover. We have 2 sedars and a dinner at friends to attend. I'm not concerned about cooking that I will be doing at home or doing to bring to others. I am concerned about not wanting to go off plan during the holiday, during these 3 events..

I plan to continue with 5/1 as I have been OP 100% since starting. Despite Medifast not being kosher for Passover. I am OK with this and feel this is the best thing I can do for myself.

What I am worried about is eating or not eating in front of people on 3 evenings. I really really don't want to feel uncomfortable infront of my family with an empty plate ( I already know what will be served b/c it's the same food as it has been for years ) There will be no green choices and the lean is not lean.... I've already exhausted all of my excuses of being sick (either sitting there with an empty plate) or not attending at all.

Any suggestions?? No, I do not want to bring my own food in front of 30 people, and no I don't want to eat matzah. HELP! TIA!..

Comment #60

Tia, you really are in a tough situation. Couldn't you offer to bring something like a lean or a green to the seder or the dinner? That way you are not bringing food exclusively for you to eat and you'll be able to eat with everyone else..

I know in my family, there is never anything green on the table for the seder other than the parsley to dip in the salt water, so for the last 10 years or so I've been bringing roasted tomatoes and zucchini. Everybody enjoys it and it can be served hot or at room temperature. So that will be my green and my sister usually makes a turkey or chicken in addition to the usual brisket so that will be my lean..

I won't be on 5/1 for Passover though but will try to stay within the limits of calories and carbs. No matzah for me this year...

Comment #61

I just got off the phone with the OU.

Per the Rabbi, the RTD and Diabetic Shakes (not the 55's or 70's [which contain oat flour] ) are ok for passover as nutritional supplements.

I did not inquire about any other products but plan to stick with just shakes during the holiday to stay OP. Hopefully a veteran can help me with my sedar situation.....

Comment #62

I am in tranisition, but I still plan to stay OP as well. I have decided that if it does not look like Chametz, I am ok with it. (we don't observe the corn syrup rule as my kids call it!) I won't have noodle soup, chili, bars, pretzles, puffs.....

For the seder- Have the chicken soup PLAIN. No matza ball or veggies. Have one piece of jarred/canned gefilte fish (read the lable for the nutritional info and add it to the private foods). The can I have is 60 calories, 3g carbs and 5g protein (so not bad at all). Then have the meat or chicken in an appropriate portion. For the green find out the veggie and ask to bring one.

Then HELP. Pick up plates, take soup to the table, fill water glasses... busy yourself when you are done eating.

Then make sure you choose the lower carb Medifast foods during the day to balance out the bites you eat at the seder (charosis, a bite of matza for the bracha...).

You can do it!!..

Comment #63

Marnie, that's really good advice regarding the getting up from the table to help.

Tia, are you sure the rabbi said that we could have the RTD shakes for passover? I'm going to order some right now if that's the case. From what I recall, the chocolate was better tasting than the vanilla. That way I can stay on 5/1 for the week! Yay!.

By the way, Marnie, mazel tov on hitting goal. You are an inspiration to all of us...

Comment #64

Im Jewish, and "worried" about Passover...

Any thoughts about your "plan"...

Let me know.....

Comment #65

Hi All- By the way, - TIA is 'thank you in advance' LOL.

So the info I gathered about passover related to nutrition supplements is as follows:.


I did call the number and the Rabbi reviewed the shakes only and stated the RTD and diabetic are ok for use, as stated prior not the 55 or 70 because of oat flour. They were very busy, and I did not bother to ask for review of any of the other products, as I am very satisfied with the thought of having my shakes. ( Wondering if I am going to sell off the rest of my Medifast stash, or just leave it in the box it came in ).

I personally find this agreeable to my level of observance, but certainly wouldn't want to make assumptions about others religious practices and would suggest you contact your Rabbi if you find you have questions..

Thank you scrapbookgal for the suggestions. I really want to go with a firm plan in mind. I had already planned on the helping with serving and clearing, but didn't want others to observe me actually not eating. I'll bring a veggie to munch on..


Chag Sameach!..

Comment #66


It is nice to read the excitement of the season.

Marni, Grace, Debbie, Leigh and Will I thank you for sharing thoughts, stratagies and recipes for Pesach.

I have been to Florida and back with my Dad, and am starting to get caught up..

Every year I observe sedar for both evenings, and it is challenging to prepare our table. I shall be staying close to plan and making wise lean and green choices..

The challenge for me is the "darn Brisket", which I enjoy cooking for two days prior to the sedars and everyone looks forward too. Of course, there is the Matzah delimma. It will be an interesting week!.

I will supplement my choices and recipes with eggbeaters as a meal, lean turkey, chicken and chicken soup, and of course hard boiled eggs.

Definately will add the gefilta fish to "my foods" list and I love horseradish.

Hopefully, I can fit the ready to drink shakes into my shopping budget. Thanks for doing the research with your rabbi Ekop!.

Grace I saw your post with the Salmon and horseradish, yum!.

As I ready for Passover I realized that I will be having my second sedar without my dear mother. I always enjoyed pleasing her by setting the table with her traditions, recipes, candlesticks, and I will miss her calling me to find out if I set the table a day in advance..that was her "shtick" !.

I will remember fondly how pleased she was when she returned from Fla with my father and saw the excitement by the results of medifast. : )..

Comment #67

Hello wanabeskinny!.

Welcome to the group and medifast, it's natural to be worried about Passover.. ( wow, isn't that what we do best ! oi! ).

My plan is to take the week one day at a time..

Comment #68

I'm worried about passover too, AND I'm worried about all the temptations. Matzah is one of my favorite things (hard to believe, but true!). Sigh.

And I don't know how I feel about eating/drinking the Medifast packets during pesach. Glad this group popped up to help me think and plan. Maybe I need to buy some RTD or diabetic shakes...

Comment #69

Do you have that number? I'm wondering if I can call about some other products...

Comment #70

I would personally talk to the hosts. After having different guests over the past years, including one that cause me to rearrange my menu, no turkey had to get salmon, no nuts due to allergies so cut out two dishes it was a race to come up with a whole new meal. Since then, I've learned that if people feel they can make their needs known if possible I can accomdate them and I have even asked them to bring a dish they can have along with us..

I suggest speaking with the host and agreeing to bring some greens. A nice big salad or healthy vegetable could start a new tradition. Explain that you have some diet restrictions, and we as Jews should know all about diet restrictions.

With all the diet restrictions and food allergies around I think most hosts have learned to be prepared for anything. Just talk to them and offer to bring something...

Comment #71

EKop12: I have been thinking on this a lot. I always, always host at least one night. As the hostess I would LOVE for a guest with a diet restriction/requirement to let me know, and if he/she wanted it to be kept private I would also honor that. I as the hostess would ask my guest how best they can be accommodated, either by adjusting my menu so that they could eat and not feel like they are unable to enjoy the evening, or asking them if they want to bring something..

As Wescobar pointed out, as Jews we are all very used to dietary restrictions. I am thinking that going through a seder OP is going to be easier than trying to please my MIL...and I am betting a lot of us have a MIL that is difficult.....right?..

Comment #72

The link is on my post from yesterday (I dont know how to copy it here), so can consult the OU directly on your own either by phone or email.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Chag Sameach!..

Comment #73

Just MIL? Don't forget mother's can be just as difficult.

I recall my rabbi speaking about keeping the spirit of the law and during this Passover, try to reflect on the spirit of Passover and what it means. It's great to celebrate the holiday with family and friends but let's look at what the holiday means personally to ourselves and our own struggle to why we're on Medifast or other programs. Passover is so rich and layered with hidden treasures that we fail to explore them as we get distracted by the rules and what we can and/or can't have or do. To quote a passage from the haggadah:.

Why is this night different from all other nights? For us why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? No matter what you choose to do, to stay OP to varied your plan to follow the Passover Kosher rules, remember it's a choice we're making our of the freedom we have to make that choice.

A few things we can learn: Like Moses asking the Pharaoh to let our people go, let's find the voice in ourselves to ask for what we need from others including our hosts..

Like our ancestors, figure out our struggle within us that keep us from setting ourselves free. G-d freed us but we keep enslaving ourselves. So let's set ourselves free. Remember, when we reached the Red Sea we thought we were done, it was over and we all know what happen. When there was no way out G-d opened up the sea and we crossed it. So let's look for the opening to cross over safely to our own freedom..

Don't forget the story of Manna and quails coming our the sky to feed us. We'll find the solution once we trust ourselves to know what manna we have inside..

This is a great time for us to celebrate Passover and practice what we learn. If you're still in the weight loss phase or in T&M or just maintenance, we can give each other strength to move past our fears and become stronger..

I plan to stay on track with my food plan, focus on the meaning of the Passover and it's many layers. More important to me is my freedom from medications, to other things that enslaved my health and well being and that for once I'm free to make the choices cause I am aware of the choice. Like the four children, it's for me and for us. I am aware of my choices and my freedom and I have much to learn and grow. So Passover is going to be adventure and time to teach others about my love for and need to be free and healthy. and no it's not about them, I've worried too much about them it's about me and pleasing myself first and in so doing I'll be pleasing others.

Pick one small challegne and work on it and then work on the next one. Remember, we wandered around for 40 years without a GPS in the wilderness but we reached the promised land. Keep your eyes on your own promise "land.".


Comment #74

Spoke with my mother who said I was too skinny. Today she said she was proud of me on keeping the weight off and stay focus on my health. That's a big step for her and it was just wonderful to hear her say she was proud of my work to regain my health.

I just had to do it for myself and last time I saw her, I told her my weight loss was for me and not to please her. Also, I gave her a choice and gave her time to think about it. She's acceepted my choice and I guess standing up for myself and my health got her to respect my efforts..

The moral of this, I guess is speak up for yourself and make your needs known, you'll be respected or at least who has your best interest at heart. My mother is happy that I've taken charge of my health. It was a good coversation..


Comment #75

Will, Thank you so much. These posts are beautiful!.


Comment #76

Thank you, Will ! That's the sort of thing I've just been starting to wrap my head and heart around. I want to retain enough "observance" of the rituals that I won't forget it's Passover, despite the non-pesadich diet. I'm thinking also of the connection between my need to eat less, and choose wisely, and the fact that so many of G-d's people don't have enough to eat. So during the time that I am "remembering" a time when I was in bondage, and was led out.I will remember my obligation to free others, to give them the gift of life by giving my time, money, talent, etc.

I'm not personally concerned with the hechsher on my food, or the opinion of the OU, though I certainly respect those MOT for whom those are important values. I do value highly our common bond, and our mission as Jews and I wish you all a wonderful Passover, mothers and mothers-in-law and everybody included!..

Comment #77

Just checking in on the Passover planning. I tested some Sugar free low carb desserts yesterday. Let me know if you need recipes. they are not OP, but healthier choices!..

Comment #78


I use this site a lot for figuring out calories of homemade stuff...

Comment #79

THANK YOU! Printing it off now..

I am laughing with you. Ashkenazi here, husband's father was Sephardic/mother Ashkenazi. My daughter is more observant than I am but she also doesn't do legumes. I just can't deal this Passover, just on track and will not get off. I consider this major health and not going to sabotage it. Lean and green Seder is the best I can do..

Beautifully said.

I am trying to word this without sounding like your local therapist.... but perhaps the issue isn't the food but that you feel uncomfortable doing what is right for you? You have a right to be healthy. Proclaim that right and say you LOVE being with them which is what it is about, not eating their prepared food. In the scope of things, I doubt your family and friends will be thinking or talking about your not eating... they'll be admiring how much weight you have lost and your self-respect for yourself in doing what is best for you..

Note: I like doing posts this way. Prevents things like explaining TIA then getting to later post that already did it. LOL, but Tia would be a cute name..

Comment #80

Shrinkinglawchick... omg me too. Love matzah and particularly I'll miss Grape Matzoh. And Peeps...

Comment #81

I too love Matzoh. Always made me feel special and different when I took my pb& j or queso blanoc (white cheese) sandwich. Just a few kids brought matzoh to school for lunch and I always enjoyed it. Brings back memories..

Love the picture of peeps.....

Comment #82

LOL my daughter was one of few Jewish kids in highschool, and one of only 2 that were openly Jewish (another sad story but not for here).. Anyway she always took Matzoh to school and shared. One year Passover began and a pretty um... hm, trying to come up with politically correct term.. not so harsh as redneck but close. Anyway she walked into class and he yells out "Bring any of them Jew crackers?" LOL He was excited and happily expectant so it was a funny good event. She made him say Matzoh a few times before she shared though...

Comment #83

[quote=DebraNtheSouth]One year Passover began and a pretty um... hm, trying to come up with politically correct term.. not so harsh as redneck but close. Anyway she walked into class and he yells out "Bring any of them Jew crackers?" LOL /QUOTE].

I loved this! That place you talk about, and that term "redneck" that's where I live ! What an experience. There is not even a sort-of-kosher section in our grocery stores, much less a Passover section once a year. Luckily we had to travel to a Bat Mitzvah Yesterday at our former synagogue, and managed to find some Matzoh at the nearby Trader Joe's. I didn't want to go a big grocery store, because I knew I'd see all the usual culprits (gefilte fish, cake mix, candies, macaroons) and would want it ALL..

My first year here, I was the talk of the lunchtable, with my strange "crackers", and had the chance to respond to lots of questions , for sure..

Good for your daughter!!..

Comment #84

I'm trying to figure out how Passover snuck up on me this year!.

I am going to need to spend the next day figuring out what the heck I am going to serve! This is SO not like me, but because I am not so focused on food anymore I just wasn' thinking about it!..

Comment #85

I am there too. When we bought this house a neighbor came over with her 2 young children to meet us. I was putting our name on the mailbox (btw.. yes, no longer there, but 18 yrs ago it was recommended)... Anyway, she looked at the name and said (and I quote) "Ain't never met no Jews before." I thought, dear G-d what have we done? LOL..

YES, it snuck up. I still have to run to the store tomorrow but my DD did her own shopping for college foods so I could avoid the temptation of shopping. I need a few things for her 3 day weekend but I am feeling good tonight and I feel confident tomorrow I will wake up equally happy with being OP, have breakfast and run to store when temptation is low...

Comment #86


My pesach dillema was the brisket.

I have decided not to serve brisket as part of for meal, just concentrate on the chicken and vegetables for the meal my.we are a small group this year..just my husband and sons. Thankfully it will be a very easy time.

I come from a metropolitan area, and many years ago moved. My kids were always the only ones in their class who were Jewish. Our neighborhood was new and there are a lot of transplanted people.. When the boys were younger I would bake Matzo brie for the neighborhood kids...

Comment #87

I suggest while we all go out to do the last minute shopping, we stop at Starbucks or local coffee/tea shop, stop, relax and think of each other as we prepare for the day. I will do that and laugh with comfort that I'm not alone shopping and cleaning the last few things. Menu sort of decided, plan of cooking times already, dessert being thought of as we speak..

My mantra going through my head, Keep It Simple, Focus on What You Can Have... Keep It Simple, Focus on What You Can Have... Keep It Simple, Focus on What You Can Have...

See you all for coffee or tea... This has been a wonderful thread and if I don't see you tomorrow... a blessed and liberating Pesecha. Why is this Pesecha different from all the others? Only you have the answer to that one.....

Comment #88

I am off to the store for a few things for my daughter for Passover (she'll be home Fri to Sunday), and I will keep you all in mind and that we do this together. Will, no starbucks for me, too tempting. But I'll toast you with my morning coffee at home before I head out!..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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