I've registered my domain name for my website at, whats next?

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My first question is: I've registered my domain name for my website at, whats next?.

My next question is: The .tv extension has been recognized because of it's association with television, more importantly and most recently, multimedia being viewed on the wired and wireless internet.

The .mobi extension was once recognized as being the premier tld for mobile oriented sites, or viewing sites from a mobile device. Now that the iphone will be selling for under $200 and being equipped with full browser capabilities and an incredible marketing backing, the .mobi tld will arguably suffer.

What other devices are on the horizon that could impact the HostGator market either positively or negatively? All above statements are..

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Your question was: I've registered my domain name for my website at, whats next?.

Larger computer screens and faster internet will make the internet feel more.

And more like interactive TV ... it is possible that .COM may be seen as pass.

Within the next decade...

Comment #1

Hmmm... what could be next?.

I've heard neural implants are coming along in development. Maybe we can look forward to .NEU domains someday with which we can link right into a person's brain.

Never say never...

Comment #2

Most extensions are equal in the sense that if there is a certain device that can affect one, it'll affect the others as well.

IMO, .mobi/mTLD's goal is very dependent on technology. In a sense, technology advances in mobile device will not affect the viability of other extensions while .mobi may be heavily affected.

Will the release of more iphone like smart phones for cheaper prices along with improvement in mobile browsers and cheaper bandwidth be good for .mobi or bad for .mobi?.

I think there are two sides to that.

Some people may believe that advances in mobile technology will actually be good for .mobi because there will be more mobile device internet users (and a few more reasons).

However, it must be realized that the technology improvement (ever improving/developing) is also being made to mobile browsers to surf any website regardless of it's size and intensiveness.

Example: Operamini browser will shrink/optimize amount of data you need to download in order for the website to load fast...

Comment #3

I believe one day you will be able to preset your phone numbers 0-9 with your favorite internet extensions ,,,,, 1= .mobi , 2= .com , 3 = .info and so-on and the words to the address will be via numbers..

Comment #4

Nice question, ATL...

Don't know about specifics - but, my take is that the trend towards interactivity - active engagement between what a website is about, & the user - will just grow and grow...

We see the trend best in the amazing growth of the YouTube, wikipedia, and social networking formats etc, where content is fashioned by the users, themselves - ie they are in control of what a site is about, not the web owner.

...Pre-canned, passive reception of information formats are likely to increasingly be a turn in TV, we'll want to see what we want, when we want - and, be able to determine, ourselves, the format we want to see it, be it computer screen, TV screen, or mobile screen etc.

What will it mean for individual extensions?...Not sure....But, I've got a feeling that those extensions that actually convey the promise of a specific experience - eg .tv, .mobi et al - may get more and more attention...And - if backed up by interactive user formats - may prosper better than the more generic extensions that, in themselves, don't convey the idea of a specific experience, over time...

Just a thought.

Voice recognition is likely be in there somewhere, too...


Comment #5

What in the world has .com got to do with big screens, are you trying to imply that .tv will overtake .com? I have nothing against .tv, but have a look around you, lots of people already have mega sized computer monitors with fast internet. All the big video sites are '.com' not .tv, ie:, etc etc..

Comment #6

What do you call mega sized computer screens ? .

You really think we have fast internet anywhere in the U.S. today ?

Comment #7

Why the smug reply, where is the argument? You have not got an argument, what has the HostGator extension got to do with big screens and fast internet anyway.

Back on to big screens: My friends use a projector as their computer monitor for gaming, so the big screen is as big as they want it to be, like the whole wall of a house..

Comment #8

I was a strong of .mobi and I changed course some. I still use though and spend so much time on my blackberry. But then I realized sahar had developed a wap where a full blown .com can be easily turn into mobi site. My post from namepros got posted on his blog and even though he is anti mobi he basically wanted mobi readers like myself to enjoy. So after all the hype on mobi this, mobi that I said ok, forming a wap is cheaper then buying a name like for 225k while I type in into my mobi browser and I order flowers through and works great on mobi.

My tone had surly changed course and more wap will be formed and less mobi. Then there is a thread on jobs killing mobi. I believe the iphone will have a huge impact on .mobi. I think the iphone is over hyped as well and happy with my blackberry.

So I dumped most of my mobi names, some for nice gains, some for losses and I think I own 4 mobi names now.

The speech part is pretty interesting and with google 411, tellme networks, gold systems from boulder, nuance comm. Market is early. This will be a new wave for us in the next 5 years.

Also the next 2 areas I believe will be wimax and nano tech.

Wimax will allow some serious wireless browsing on our laptops. Wifi is great and some cities, counties are developing a free wireless network. Having wimax and be on your own network from house and secuirty issues will be the key for more enjoyable browsing, outside, on your golf cart checking realtime stock quotes with your laptop or google 411.

I am a huge nano tech supporter. Will take some time but nano will be the next big wave in everyday living. But with computing, were talking computer batteries that will make todays market laugable and with umpc thin laptops and handhelds.

Back to mobi topic I forgot the google mobi software to download on your phone will be a negative for mobi domaining. Mobi browsing, usage will be up heavily, google is spending like mad and be the next big wave for internet use but I just don't think mobi will do much with technology.

Good thread and peoples thought process.

Then of course we can't forget .tv. The .tv extension is really forming nicely, developements are happening and growing each year. As frank said in one of his posts how his newphew owns a .net but it's not a .com. He newphnew knows what a .com is. How many kids today know what a .com is in reality. But every kid, 5 year old kid knows what a tv set you or a video game lol.

Sorry if I offended some, that's not what my point was. Just stating my thoughts and views.

Keep the hood comments and views coming inn!..

Comment #9

The price is less but did the screen get bigger? Mobi is about being friendly to small screened devices. The only thing that changed when the iPhone launched is that it ushered in consumer awareness of mobile web in the US. It INCREASED the user base for .mobi sites. A cheaper faster iPhone will simply continue to grow that user base of people with tiny screens looking for web content that is designed for their device. I expect .mobi sites to thrive even more as this trend continues. Note I said sites, for domainers looking to simply plug their .mobi into sedo or namedrive parking and get rich I think you'll be disappointed.

They're the #1 search gateway and if users stay in googles ever growing properties will they spend less time outside googles walls? Just something I've been pondering lately, sort of reminds me of the bad old days of AOL and friends...

Comment #10

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