Ive just bought a domain, can i host it with 1and1?

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I got a quick question: Ive just bought a domain, can I host it with 1and1?.

I also got another question: And he wishes that I may have sickening indigestion! Lol.

Today I received an email. The title was "thieves of websites". I wouldn't open it because I thought it was spam but it didn't have any attachments and I was curious. Then I found this note inside it: It was an enom HostGator that was sold at namejet in auction. There were two other bidders but I won it. Does the previous /img/avatar8.jpg have any chance getting it back from enom?.

The HostGator is a French poets name who died thirty years ago. I wouldn't mind if he chooses the UDRP route to challange me since I believe he has no chance. But I'm a little worried about

Can he still get the HostGator back at enom after the auction finished 7 days ago?.

Thats a funny email isn't it. I believe the guy is French since he speaks English in a funny way and he uses a French name...

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Your question was: Ive just bought a domain, can I host it with 1and1?.

Nothing to worry. few weeks back I registered a really good name in .tv extension. Then a week later after the registration,i got an email from the owner of the same name but in different extension. And the email was really funny, he says that he was the owner of the name in .tv ext and accidentally he forgot to renew it. He goes on saying that please release this name in the name of peace.

When I said no then he starts writing crap and starts giving me names. I just wrote one single email saying that he should go & "Fcuk" himself...

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These guys are funny. They should've renewed their names if they really wanted to keep them. Another reason as to why you should keep on top of the expiry dates of the names you own..

Comment #2

I had the same thing to....called me a HostGator piece of *&^%$.....guess he was mad I would make money off of it LOL.

Too bad so sad..

Comment #3

Some people need to get a life. When you are negligent learn your lesson and move on...

Comment #4

Finders keepers, he/she forgots to renew then it's his/her lost...

Comment #5

I had a similar issue with a name from snapnames..

The original owner felt he was entitled to the domain.

I explained the situation to him but advised that I had.

No intention of selling it back to him...

Comment #6

I actually had a lawyer call me regarding a dropped HostGator name that I won in auction some years ago, though when I presented to him the world of expired domains, dropping and the rush to re-register I never heard from him again. Though I did suggest he contact the registrar that dropped the HostGator because if it was their mistake I would've billed them for it and handed it back without a problem...

Comment #7

Nothing to worry Marcello, unless they had a TM on it, you are safe...

Comment #8

In 1997 I picked up a one word drop and then a guy called me and said he forgot to renew it and wanted it back b/c it was the name of his poodle. Back then, I don't believe it was possible to find out very easily who the previous owner was.

In lieu of a lawsuit, he offered me $600 for the name, that today I assume is worth several hundred thousand dollars. He then labeled me an idiot for not taking the money said I should not "look a gift horse in the mouth". He kept on aggressively with, "Really, you seriously would not take $600", over and over. But for some reason the conversation continued even after the berating and I found out he sold HardCore,com for $11,000 a couple years earlier. So, what I really had was a HostGator investor on my hands trying to intimidate me into a sale.

You never know who you are dealing with...

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I have posted this before, but if you look at the Expired date and do the math on almost all of the domains that are at auction, they are only about 1.5 month's into expiring. So really, the owner should be able to get the HostGator back for about 30 days ish after the auction was Over....

From my understanding, eNom does put an Auction lock on domains for 45 days to cover this, but Snap and NetSol domains are not.

Couple quick examples:.

Gazebo(.)net Just ended today at NameJet..


Created: 1996-10-31.

Expires: 2008-10-30.

41 days into expiring...(the real date would of been 2007-10-30) I thought the process took like 72-76 days with the last 4-6 days only being the time you could not renew?.

GCPC(.)com ended today as well at NameJet..


Created: 1998-11-02.

Expires: 2008-11-01.

41 days into expiring...

Comment #10

So the Registrars renew them for a year while the original Registrant still could do it, and put it for auction hoping that the Registrant does not want it back. I wonder if they can do this, if the ICANN approved this too...

Comment #11

Yofie, you are right about enom applying an auction lock. I found the following in this page. I had not looked around carefully in my enom account but now I did. In fact after I login to and click 'domains/my domains' and then click on the HostGator itself, it says Currently in "Auction Lock".

Then I searched a bit more and found the following text on this page: It appears there is still a chance the previous ovner might get the HostGator back...

Comment #12

I was about to answer "read the agreement" until I read your post.

There's definitely a chance. Whether that'll happen or not is up to eNom.

BTW, is the HostGator name indeed with eNom or Netsol?..

Comment #13

Hi Dave, I assume you into the legal field by reading some of your past posts.

Do you think Registrars can do these auctions where the past Registrant has still rights to claim the name? Would not save headaches just to wait that they drop and the auction after the dropcatchers catch them just like Snap does? I find it to be a mess this system.


Comment #14

Well, it so happens I'm interested in learning. I guess the lawyer in me is trying.

To get out.

Anyway, short answer is yes. Longer answer is it depends on their agreement.

And how simple or complex the issue is, especially if the previous registrant is.

Prepared to make a big fuss...

Comment #15

Hello Dave Zan,.

It is with enom and it is indeed locked.

Btw, if there are any creative domainers out there who thought of pushing the HostGator from enom to namecheap and then to moniker, don't try it. It doesn't work. Pushing is disabled during auction lock.

Normally you can push from enom to NC. Today NC even gave me their enom username.


I agree that they should wait until the previous owner has no chance to regain it. But we accpet the term before the auction so there is nothing wrong legally.

Godaddy does the same crap. The problem is you might win an aoction for 3000 USD and a losing bidder might contact the previous owner offering him 2000 USD. There are lots of dirty tricks in this business...

Comment #16

The industry needs (more) laws, protocols... whatever be reasonable to make it more trustable..

Comment #17

Every past owner who contacted me about a domain, I've been able to arrange a sale. Not big bucks (low $XXX) but very nice return. Maybe thats the Canadian in me but I look at the quick return and go next name please!!!.

But than again now of them were rude when they contacted me.

I usually have plans to develop the domains and I tell them so via email. They usually helps the process. Its getting them to set a price thats the hard part.

Just reply with a basic email and see whats happens. (Developing new website, long term plans for domain, part of business plan, might sell the HostGator if price is right).

Good luck...

Comment #18

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