I've created a subdomain with my domain on godaddy but it says setup pending. what does it mean?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: I've created a subdomain with my domain on godaddy but it says setup pending. what does it mean?.

My next question is: Sooner or later all the short names will be gone , but surely some long ones are good , example would be a sort after name in new york , of course there could be

Do many people here have long names ??? if so what are they ?

Just wondering (stand up and be proud) I say !!!!.


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Your question was: I've created a subdomain with my domain on godaddy but it says setup pending. what does it mean?. is a long name, yes, but it's still worth 30k+ to the right end user, 5k in the reseller market.

Not all long names are created equally. is long too. And it's worth reg fee..

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Why use long HostGator name. It's good for search engine keyword?.

Any opinion?..

Comment #2

No, because some long names just happen to be keyword rich. is a prime example of a keyword rich name. is not - it has two fillers: My, and Favorite.

For me, the length of a name doesn't matter as long as it's a generic, keyword name. is long, but a very very valuable name nonetheless...

Comment #3

I like a name that says exactly what it is ... even if long , why use a long HostGator name ? there may be no choice in future , because as stated all the short ones will be gone ....... I like hotdogs ! lol..

Comment #4

How you look the

Some HostGator add "dash -" google search result more than no dash..

Google separate two different world like newyork + realestate?..

Comment #5

You do the direct navigation ...... just type in the name , many do this other than use a search engine..

Comment #6

If it's got those keywords in the HostGator name.....yes..

Comment #7

I have a few examples:.

Hydrogen Fuel Research.

Air Pollution Dispersion.

Rent Apartment Berlin.

American Organic Food.

Hydrogen Fuel Car (info).

Weightloss Reviewed.

Some have really nice keywords..

Comment #8

Here is couple that also have quite popular search numbers for the keywords:.

Comment #9

I think some good examples ........ must be heaps more though ????..

Comment #10

I just reg'd 2 new names...what do you think of a name like ? .

Are these names to long and/or are they good keywords?..

Comment #11

Go Google and win a piece of 700mhz spectrum in the upcoming auction!..

Comment #12

Please note I am no expert , but like I say a name that says it all , may not be a bad thing , I think would tell me all I need to know when I saw it , I think perhaps some would even try to type it in direct navigation ? if it was an ad in a motorbike magazine I could see it getting plenty of enquires !!! would I try to shorten it ? maybe , example. but are they as good ????.

I did a few name checks as this got me thinking ????? I ended up regging. as it was available I did grabbed it , I would also check this out if I was reading a motorbike mag , but both would grab my attention..

Comment #13

When registering long names I always check if they are actually used by someone, the easiest way is to look in google. Also good thing to check would be if anyone is looking for these keywords, try this site:

"new toy guide" only has 9 google results! So this name is only worth something if you seriously develop it.

"toys for sale online" has 6800 results, so it is a slightly better name.

Also I try to follow a rule of choosing domains consisting of 3 words max.

It is important not to reg every name you think of, but only those which really are mentioned in google at least several thousand times, or better yet have some search volume.

Good luck!..

Comment #14

I own. gets the most hits .... the longest name..

Comment #15

It is funny that one of my longest domains gets constantly type in traffic and even clicks. It will just pay for itself by next year.

It is: - well it is a country name, but still I did not think it will get constant traffic...

Comment #16

If the name pays for itself .......who cares how long it is..

Comment #17

"It's not the length of the name but the girth of the keywords"!. / /

Comment #18

As a woman, I can see with conviction, it's not the length that matters!!!..

Comment #19

Sometimes I like to have a long name, for my site to be built upon and a shorter version to market and forward to the longer name. It seems to work well for me for the most part.

Some of my long names are:.

BuyDomainNamesForSale .com.

GeneticallyImproved .com.

BulkRealEstate .com.

OnlineVideoAuctions .com.

LiveVideoAuctions .com.

NaturalDisasterVideos .net.

TheFourthOfJuly .org.

GreatAmericanBand .us .info..

Comment #20

I have few long names.

I'm selling all these names if anyone is interested...

Comment #21

I think all realestate names show that a long name does work..

Comment #22

I have NewYorkCityAdAgenciescom.

It has been a parked page for a year. Just the name itself is good enough for search engine placement. It does fluctuate quite a bit in it's SE placement, but the type in is about 50%.

Don't be afraid of long HostGator names. They may not have as much popularity amongst domainers as the acronym 3-5 letter domains, but I believe they create a great deal of credibility and result in higher click throughs...

Comment #23

Here is few of my long name HostGator list.

Also recently I sold a 23-letter HostGator name through Network solutions...

Comment #24

I've had pretty good luck with longer names. I don't think it really hurts if people know the words that are using as a phrase. I try to stay away though from stuff like hyphens because people usually don't remember those go in their proper places when entering an address...

Comment #25

I have a dozen long names:.

ZeroCarbohydrate .com.

WorldWideWeblogs .com.

GreatBritainChannel .com.

WorldWideWebmails .com.

BlueLaserTechnology .com.

WirelessAreaNetwork .com.

UndergraduateDiploma .com.

GlobalWirelessSolution .com.

MedicalScienceDegree .com.

MedicalScienceDegrees .com.

VirtualWirelessNetworks .com.

Comment #26

I am pleased to see some melbourne names !!!!!!!! I am from melbourne.

I have

Comment #27

Long names are definitely still available and sellable. I wouldnt mind adding a few to my portfolio...

Comment #28

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