GoDaddy service : Good idea to go GoDaddy?? I've been wronged...don't know what to do

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I acquired using DomainLagoon, where I completed offers and whatever and got points, which I redeemed for a domain name. Anyways, that was legit and worked out nicely. But about a month ago, my domain was stolen by my assistant admin on my site, and sold to my competitor for $2000. I never authorized it, and my info was on the site until it was sold, so I still had legal /img/avatar4.jpgship. The deal was totally illegal, but I don't have money to take legal action, and I'm temporarily on a new (albeit harder to remember) URL now, and my activity is slowly dwindling..

Advice on what to do would be great. Already contacted old and new registrars, they were NO help at all...

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Thanks for the support, but that doesn't really help me....

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Sue your assistend admin(easy if you are in the USA) or if you are not in the states use something else, maybe you just waterboard him? :-).

Besides that, it is always troubling to hear that the people you trust are stealing from you but that is just the reality...i hope you can resolve it).

When it comes to legal actions I really don't know what to tell you......besides waterboarding him!! :-) (totally legal, the FBI used it!).



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I'd really love to sue him, but I'm a bit broke right now, and I can't afford a lawyer at's the one thing holding me back...

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Try small claims court... I don't know how that would work if he doesn't live in your area though. But usually you can sue someone for anywhere from $3000-$5000. And of course, there is no need for a lawyer in small claims...

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Search for Attorneys who do "probono" work, they are usually do work for free and get a procentage...



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Is there no way to contact the new owners showing them it was stolen from you?.

Show there registrar maybe aswell?? have you tried to contact them, I know there competitors with you but maybe you'll get lucky?..

Comment #6

Yeah, that's a good one...the only problem with that is it takes very long because the courts are overcrowded with small claims :-).

But if you are living in the US you could contact Judge Judy or Judge Maria Lopez(hmm, I think she presents Divorce Cases lol so better not her) and go on TV...maybe that's threatening enough for some people :-).



Disclaimer: I am not watching above mentioned TV Shows, ok?..

Comment #7

I tried both...they said they'd give me back my domain if I paid them $2000 for it. =/.

I shouldn't have to pay for what's rightfully mine...

Comment #8

I don't know if the FBI used it but I know that the US Military uses it on our own military personnel...

Comment #9

How was the domain stolen?.

What's your new domain?.

Do you have a database backup?.

How do you know your old partner?.

Would you be interested in forming a new partnership (with someone reputable)? I have some excellent domains for use.,,,

Also...have do you know the address of your old partner? If he is in USA you could do well to contact his local police department about the theft. I am fairly sure a visit from detectives would generate a positive response for you in at least getting your money. Also a confession and a police report may be helpful in working with the registrar and new owner to obtain the domain back. If you can prove to him it was stolen goods you may be able to pursuade him to give it up or be prosecuted for his role (scare tactic).

How old are you btw? If you are not an adult you should have one advocate for you.

Goodluck and let me know about a possible partnership. I also have my own server for hosting...

Comment #10

File a complaint. Link is in my signature. Get that started NOW.

(Judge Judy show pays something to be on it.)..

Comment #11

Dang you got me, it was late..... I meant the Military :-).



Comment #12

File a complaint with the police, under handeling stolen goods, [against the assistant]. Then talk to your insurance company, to see if you can make a claim, for your loss. That should be enougth to scare all of them, to return the domain to you,..

Comment #13

"Would you be interested in forming a new partnership (with someone reputable)? I have some excellent domains for use.,,,".

I feel this could be a good idea. From what I've seen around here, you could do a lot worse than labrocca. He seems a stand-up guy...

Comment #14

For seasoned NP watchers....he is a "Forum Troll, nothing else..." lol.

Sorry herb, I had 2 do it.



Comment #15

Hey Frank that's not nice.

I only paTroll the mobi area...

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This seems to me to be a clear case of criminal activity involving fraud, theft, etc. Both the buyer and seller may be guilty (receiving stolen property, conspiracy). It costs nothing to make a police report and have the person arrested and charged for the crime. You will need to provide evidence though. Sometimes in criminal court the judge will award restitution as their punishment. You might just get it all back in a plea bargain to avoid the criminal record...

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Comment #18

I'm no lawyer, but if the holder of the domain isn't in your jurisdiction, sounds like you might be screwed.

I say go after the $$ from the admin...

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