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I sold the name using and transferred the domain to the buyer.

The buyer ended up changing the whois info for the domain he just bought from me and he says he didn't get the domain.

I can't figure out how to show that the domain was transferred to him and he received the domain.

Any suggestions or just chalk this one up to a lesson learned...

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When you initated the account change your registar should of sent you a change of account acceptance email when the new owner agreed to take it off your hands proving that he now has ownership of the domain. At least thats what I know godaddy does. I am not too familiar with escrow so I will leave that to the seasoned domainers...

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This is why should not be called This situation came up on these forums once before in theory... Meaning we were just talking about the possibility of it's occurence... In a real escrow transaction, the escrow company should physically take control of both the money and the item being sold to ensure fair and equal distribution. This wouldn't be hard for them to do, you'd just push it to an account they have established, then they would push it to the other party... Yet for some unknown reason they fail to do this.

Your best bet is to contact your registrar, explain the situation and try to get your domain back failing what adam suggested...

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I transferred or "pushed" the domain to the buyer's namecheap account (I was using namecheap too). There was no confirmation besides that I pushed it to a different username. The buyer quickly changed the whois contact information and it looks like the contact info is fake. He didn't use his or any name as a contact for the whois...

Comment #3

Private message the president of

If no response here is his information...

Brandon Abbey.


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If you had transferred a godaddy domain you could contact them because they log every access by the godaddy acount holder. Godaddy would have a log of the date, time and other forensic data of the buyer accessing his/her account to accept the push, and any subsequent change in the domain's record. Perhaps namecheap has the same business practice.

You might also want to visit (check the whois record to see if caught the domain record change) and

The latter service is a searchable database of the history of ownership of a domain. Their fee is nominal...

Comment #5

Holy smoke! thank you!.

EDIT: I just sent a Private Message to Brandon. I sure hope he gets it before the buyer cancels the transaction...

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Like I said before, I'd contact your registrar while the domain is still with them. If the person transfers it out, you'll have little recourse to get it back. If you tell them the situation, they should be able to check their records and hopefully just transfer the domain name back to you. Good luck...

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The reason I hadn't tried that yet is because I thought there was an ICANN rule that prevents transfers to another registrar within 60 days of registration or transfer...

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Brandon is pretty busy so it may take a few days for him to get back to a private message, now that I think about it maybe it would be better for you to email his email directly or call that number, number usually goes to voicemail so leave your name and number and he should call you back...

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Maybe I missed this but what is the domain name? and was the "whois" changed to your name? but with a different email address to make believe that you still own the domain.

I had a similar situation 4 months ago when I sold a domain to someone outside the US...

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I haven't disclosed the domain yet. I need to get some type of resolution to this before the domain gets more attention and the situation becomes more confusing.

The whois was changed to no contact name after I pushed it to the buyer.

What was the resolution of your situation from 4 months ago?..

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You really need to contact Namecheap and either convince them to push the domain back into your account or confirm with them WHO the domain was pushed to. Explain the situation to them. Tell them you need to give confirmation of a successful push...

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After I initiated the transaction, the "buyer" paid with a credit card and everything seemed to be fine. After I pushed the domain to "him" and his account, he changed the who is back to my name but with completely different address [but the address was still in my home town, city and state] to make believe that I was still in control of the domain name. "He" also created a yahoo email address with my first and last [ recommended to cc them, in the future, when I pushed/transfer the domain to the "buyer"..but they relly didn't help that much!.

The registrar "enom" can't help that much because you the one who took the "action' of pushing the domain to another account, so you're responsible for doing so...

I took the short cut [ and please don't ask me how] and was able to retrieve my domain back.

I wish you good luck!..

Comment #13

I'll take that to mean that you gave the buyer a good old fashioned butt kicking. Good for you...

Comment #14

Is this person a user here? If so post their username so the a-hole doesn't do this again...

Comment #15

I don't know for sure. I haven't been able to figure out his username based upon his email address or real name...

Comment #16

It's hard for me to help you without knowing more about the domain name itself. not sure if researching the whois history of the name (after it changed hands) will shed some light on the new owner. I could be wrong about this, but perhaps he's made several changes recently... you should go to and use their whois check several times a day so they will automatically archive the whois results in their paid ($15/month) members section. That's how I was able to catch someone... he had made several changes over the course of a month and I had enough tidbits of info on him to figure out who he was.

Good luck...

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What was your situation that you had to trace someone's whois changes? What it a domain sale like mine?.

By "3rd party database" do you mean a friends Db or are there online services that do that?.


Comment #18 is a 3rd party database if i'm not mistaken. Basically another company with the whois history stored.

All you need to do is get namecheap to send an email and i'm sure they will sort it out. All want is confirmation that this idiot actually received the domain...

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The same problem can happen at sedo as well. As far as I know they don't let you transfer the domain to sedo either. They say sedo is not a registrar and you transfer the name to the buyer. They say they will confirm with the registrar that the transfer has been processed. Escrow seems to work the same way.

The problem with this is that,.

1. The seller might transfer or push the name to a fake account of his own.

2. The buyer might argue it was not him to whom the name was transfered or pushed to.

There is too much risk involved considering that some names are worth lots of money. The gaining registrar can never confirm this. All they can confirm is that the name was transfered to an account. But they can not confirm the account belongs to the buyer. It could be anybody...

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But how can, or I prove that the same person that sent the money to is the same person that I "pushed" the domain to?.

A less than honest person could fake everything in their registrar contact information if they wanted to.

I do believe my situation has been sorted out in my favor. But I think it is only because the buyer got scared after I sent him a number of emails notifying him that I knew what he has trying to pull and then told me that they were going to notify the buyer that some of the whois info looked 'similiar' to the info the buyer that registered with them had.

I may have been screwed if the buyer completely changed all the whois info. I think the only resemblance between his whois info and his registration info is the area code! Excellent job summarizing what I was trying to say...

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Today I have done my first sale at sedo and I was surprised it was handled different and much better than I was expecting. As you can read from my previous message above I expected that I would push the name to buyer and then sedo would confirm with the registrar. This certainly rises the same possibility of getting screwed as it happened to the OP but sedo told me "push the name to our account" and they gave me their account name.

The name was registered at and I pushed the name to sedo's namecheap account and they will push it to the buyer. It was that easy...

Comment #22

Iowa, please contact me at with the specifics of this transaction.



Comment #23

Great to see progress being made, there are way too many scammers on the internet...

Comment #24

My original concern was that I had pushed the domain to the buyer then he changed the whois information to be different than the contact information that I had for himso it made it difficult for me to prove that he was in receipt of the domain.

Escrow notified me that THEY, not the buyer, changed the status of the transaction to 'buyer accepted.'.

I have since received the payment from

All is well.

Thank you...

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Your supposed to get the money before you send the domain your the seller thats how it works...

Comment #26

I think, as well as Sedo, should have the domains transferred to them,and then they transfer the domain to the buyer. But it's always been surprises that don't look like an escrow supposed to be...

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This isn't how escrow works.. the buyer send them the money, you transfer the domain, they release the money to you...

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It should (in theory) be 100% safe for both partys involved...

Comment #29

I am glad to hear that you have been paid...

Comment #30

Me too!.

It is a process that could definitely have tighter controls but it was nice to see that was helpful too...

Comment #31

Glad to hear that payment came through okay. Did Brandon offer any words of advice on how to advert a similiar situation like this in the future? I've used for just about all of my big domain sales.....

Comment #32 has always been great I have done a number of deals with them.

How did this get resolved? Did they get the buyer to admit it, or did the registar come through with info?.

Any info would be appreciated, as this is a situation we all would like to avoid...

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Escrow notified me that THEY, not the buyer, changed the status of the transaction to 'buyer accepted.'.

I have since received the payment from No. But he was concerned that my issues were resolved...

Comment #34

FYI stumbled across this thread and thought I'd point out the uses this approach (transfer domain to them then they hold & release to buyer).

Has anyone had experience w/ Moniker escrow (both buyer and seller) as I was thinking to use them for a high value purchase I'm looking to make....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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