Is down? I can not enter this site.?

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I got a quick question: Is down? I can not enter this site.?.

I also got another question: Hi everyone. I'm gearing up to write an article on the most prominent, significant, dominant, leading impacting people in the HostGator industry.

Seems I need to test my findings with the good ol' opinions of my fellow NamePro members.

If you have a couple of minutes, please list a couple of persons (and their company) that you feel are making a prime positive impact in the HostGator game.

Your answers can't be wrong (it's an opinion after all) and all answers will be respected and collaborated.

Senior members....where you at?.

Thanks in advance to everyone!.


Logistik Labs..

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Your question was: Is down? I can not enter this site.?.

I'll start you off with two, as well (and they just happen to have the same initials)! Ron James.

Ron Jackson..

Comment #1

I think the most prominent person in HostGator History is Jon Postel. who passed away in 1998. The wikipedia article does not do justice to Jon's place in the history of DNS, although it is a good article. Jon was editor of the RFC series, and was basically IANA during his time here on earth.

I think Vint Cerf needs a place on this list near the top too.

These first two helped design the system, so we could sell it!.

One more suggestion: From the marketing end, Monte Cahn. He has really helped build the market for high priced domains, and made that market accessible to the general public from both the buying and selling end.

Suggestions for List:.

1.) Jon Postel.

2.) Vint Cerf.

3.) Monte Cahn.


Comment #2

The other person who was very influential in the development of the web was Tim Berners-Lee...

Comment #3

Oh yeah this is the person ..if not for him there wun be a HostGator industry....

Comment #4

Rick Latona owner of

From June:.

Rick Latona Lights Up New DNJournal Top 20 With 3 Charted Domains Including 1 at 400K.

The new weekly HostGator sales report is out at Atlanta's Rick Latona went on a spending spree this past week and more than half a million dollars later he is the proud owner of three names that landed on the upper half of our new Top 20 chart and another one that just missed making the Big Board. His top purchase set him back $400,000 and ranks as the 6th biggest sale reported so far in 2006...

Comment #5

Adam Dicker and John Berryhill are both highly influential and at the top of their games...

Comment #6

Al Gore for sure- after all, he created the internet.

Sorry, could not resist..

Comment #7

Craig Nine : owner , brought alot of new opportunity to people...

Comment #8


- Javier Marti.

Author of Choosing profitable HostGator names 101 - Stay away from "the giant's niches".

And founder of

Comments on Frank blog

- Scandi and Gerry, although I don't know if they are still in this forum.

They used to be here and posted interesting opinions.

- Michael Gilmour.

Brings a technical, analytical, refreshing look at HostGator names and parking in his blog,1/..

Comment #9

Eytan Elbaz.

Thunayan Al-Ghanim.

Kevin Ham.

Frank Schilling.

Russell Horowitz..

Comment #10

Yes! of course, I also consider him one of the giant of HostGator industry.

Comment #11

Pimp Daddy - because of the advertisment that his company got, and the awareness that domains got because of the commercials.


Comment #12

It really just depends on what portion of the industry you are looking at - Many mentioned above have affected the Industry from different aspects ...

As far as "People/Individuals" goes :.

Frank Schilling.

Rick Schwartz.

Yun Ye of the former Ultimate Search.

The discussion around Elequa has always kept Domainers interested.

Ron Jackson for his DnJournal.

As far as Corporate type Entities :.

BuyDomains (NameMedia).


As far as Sites go (Not mentioning the obvious forums) - DnJournal (Ron Jackson).

There are just so many it's hard to say - I believe Frank influences many people today through his Blog - But there are many others as well. Rick and Frank both do their best to Wake up the old Guard over Major Businesses and Industries out there IMO -.

Good luck with the Article..

Comment #13

Danica Patrick.

And lagging way way behind are:.

Frank Schilling (He seems to be the kind of guy you would want advertising the HostGator industry...the domaining poster boy).

Rick Schwartz (for all his work with Traffic).

Ron Jackson (DnJournal is virtually the WSJ of domaining).

Monte Cahn (one hell of a marketing genius).

Sahar (very accessible. The 'common man's domainer').

Even though Kevin Ham might be the richest of the lot, I don't think he's influential. He's hardly in public. The most influential people are generally those that are able to wield the power of the public. I'm sure he's very influential behind the scenes, but for the common domainer, he's hardly someone influential...

Comment #14

Who is Sahar? I have never heard that name before the interview on DNJ. Just popped out of no where?..

Comment #15

You may want to check out

He's one of the top domainers....

Comment #16


(for those that have'nt read it).


Comment #17

There`s no doubt Frank Schilling has a huge influence over the HostGator industry. He is also a good example of how to get rich by domaining...

Comment #18

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for taking their time and giving their input/opinon on who they feel are some of the most influential people in the HostGator industry.

This idea to start this article was on a whim, but soon turned into me delving deep into the world of domaining and really started to "understand" HOW and more importantly WHY the HostGator industry is such a special place for special people.

The courage to be a pure entrepreneur in an emerging marketplace is what seems to be a common theme with all the respected choices and the intelligence to see the exploding future potential is what ultimately set them apart.

Once again, thank you sincerely to everyone who gave their opinions and if you have a few seconds, feel free to read my blog article entitled: The 20 Most Influential People In The HostGator Industry.


Comment #19

Bravo! There is a lot of history there, and my three picks made the final list, kind of like an auction. Great article and link, thanks,.


Comment #20

Great piece of article Rudy. A very interesting read about some very interesting people!.


Comment #21

This doesn't really classify as a person but I think gave alot of light to the mainstream with domains. The only commercials I ever see about domains are ones of GoDaddy.

Edit: Bob Parsons! sorry.....

Comment #22

The title of the article is missing an 'of'.

As in..

Comment #23

ANY domainer list without Michael Mann (one of Buydomains,com founder) is incomplete..

Comment #24

Rick Schwartz is a bulldog and is on a non stop crusade to educate corporate America to "get with it" and start buying traffic domains. Plus from what I know he has helped more than others understand HostGator profits.

What I like about him the most is he is so eloquent...

Comment #25

I`d say that NamePros has overtaken DNF and I`dd add that despite Mr Dicker is a great entreprenur and domainer , offers very bad customer service: I have been trying to talk to him since May!..

Comment #26

Very nice article.

I like the last person BEST...

Comment #27

While all were vital in establishing the HostGator system we have today, I don't classify guys like Jon (not "John") Postel, Vint Cerf, and Berners-Lee as part of the same "Domain Industry" as the rest of the list. (Maybe I'm alone in making that distinction.).

A few notable absences that come to mind,.

Michael Mann.

Jay Westerdal (DomainTools/Domain Roundtable).

Lawrence Ng (Oversee).

Overall, an excellent article, Rudy. I'm honored to be a part of it.


Comment #28

Michael Mann former owner of is a quiet achiever worth a mention...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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