Is Walden Farms good for Nutrisystem?

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I've heard that this is delicious with no calories, no sugar and no fat. This sounds too good to be true but I just ordered some online. I ordered the blue cheese dressing, peanut butter spread and strawberry fruit spread. I was wondering what your reviews of this product are for those who have tried it. Thanks.....

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Your question was: Is Walden Farms good for Nutrisystem?.

I love some of their products. Of the three you ordered, I like the bleu cheese dressing, don't like the strawberry spread (or other fruit spreads), and haven't tried the peanut butter spread as I use PB2. I like their chocolate dip and syrup, their pancake syrup, their marshmallow dip, several of their salad dressings, and their mayo (I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority on that last one LOL). You'll just have to try things and see what appeals to you..

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Love the chocolate syrup, like the pancake syrup. Hated the peanut butter spread. Took one bite and threw it out. Thankfully I found PB2...

Comment #2

When I first joined NutriSystem in February, 2006, I read the rave reviews of the Walden Farms products and couldn't wait to run (not walk) to the store to buy some. I came home with over $30 of their products, took a bite of each one (about 6 different ones at almost $5.00 per bottle/jar) and immediately, without passing GO!, threw each and every one of them in the trash!!.

After a few months on NutriSystem, and with my high fat, high sugar, french-fry grease soaked taste buds undergoing a change (for the better), I decided to give the Walden Farms products another chance. I tried the Pancake Syrup...and LOVED it! Then I ventured over to the Coleslaw Dressing and, by adding curry powder (which I love) and a teaspoon of peanut butter (dinner fat), I made the BEST Indian Coleslaw. Now I was getting somewhere! Then I tried the Chocolate Syrup mixed in the NutriSystem pancakes as a Chocolate Pancake...heaven! Chocolate Syrup on a "baked apple" with my NutriSystem Dessert Bar crumbled in...oh, to die for!.

Then, I thought, how badly can they screw up Italian Dressing? And, I do need portable dressings that I can take with me in my purse or briefcase, don't need to be refridgerated...ummm. So I ordered the packets...and, did that work out GREAT! I add pepper and lemon or Mrs. Dash or a touch of soy sauce (low-Sodium, green-top, of course) and I can make that little packet of dressing taste anyway I like!.

Long story coming to an end: I now order Walden Farms products (Pancake Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, Italian Dressing Packets) by the case. I also like the mayo, Blueberry Syrup and Strawberry Syrup, Coleslaw Dressing. But, if I ever had to taste the "peanut butter" again, I would just ask to be tortured with a branding iron instead. OMG...

Comment #3

LOL...thanks for the input! I am now wishing I would have ordered pb2 now scared to try the peanut butter! lol...j/k...I will give it a try but I'm sure I'll be ordering the pb2....

Comment #4

I ido not like the salad dressing I had but did like the fudge sauce and the marshmallow cream. I mixed it into smoothies etc..

Comment #5

I just started 2 1/2 weeks ago and I love the pancake syrup. I also bought a couple of the salad dressings that I haven't tried yet. I think my next purchase is going to be the chocolate syrup (I'm hearing good things about it)...

Comment #6

Sounds like you could almost make a lowfat s'more with that stuff...*drool*..

Comment #7

I love the cole slaw dressing. It's such a quick option to make cole slaw (and it tends to last longer) than always having a green leaf salad for lunch or dinner..

I just add some fresh cracked pepper to it, open the bag of cole slaw shredded cabbage, & I'm good to go...

Comment #8

I have. I like it, but would say it is less "caramel" and more "butterscotch" in flavor, and the same consistency as the chocolate or marshmallow dip. It's nice melted over warmed up apple slices or spread onto a toasted apple strudel scone...

Comment #9

Wipe the drool off your keyboard, DragonforceFan.

And why didn't I think of s'mores???..

Comment #10

I LOVE the dressings.... I order the creamy bacon, honey dijon, creamy italian, the caramel dip...i also order the creamy bacon packets for when I go out. they don't smell too great on their own, but added into a salad, they are really good!!..

Comment #11

The new caramel syrup is very very good! And I adore the Jersey sweet onion dressing - just got a shipment today from Netrition. None of the supermarkets that carry WF around here carry the sweet onion dressing. I like to carry the Honey Dijon individual packets of dressing for eating out...

Comment #12

Had the FF/SF/ no calorie Thousand Island dressing tonight and it's great. I bought the choc syrup and am looking for something to splash it on...

Comment #13

We love the Chocolate Syrup and use it with just about anything. A staple in our house. I got the Chocolate Sauce too, but I can really taste the thickeners and don't care much for that. Also have the Caramel Sauce and that is okay, but I don't use it much.

I am able to buy the Chocolate Syrup at Wegmans..

Good luck!.


Comment #14

I tried the peanut butter the other night and it was awful. Probably going to have to throw that out....yuck...

Comment #15

I have tried several of the salad dressings and really like them. Are they a freebie since they have no calories, fat etc.?.

Also wondering- do you folks get the chocolate syrup etc. at the supermarket or only on-line?.

Thanks for all the tips- I'm thinking the apple and the caramel sound great!..

Comment #16

Someone asked WF about the calories. They said that most versions have 30-35 calories per bottle. I dont count them but am careful to only use 2 tbp.

I cant find WF locally so I buy them here.

I used to buy them at when they had the BOGO coupon code. Hoping they will have that again...

Comment #17

The "peanut butter" is atrocious! I like the 1000 Island - just like the onion and Dijon better. Since the BOGO coupons went away, I have been buying from - $4.95 shipping no matter how much you buy. I can find Dijon dressing as well as pancake syrup (and sometimes other items such as chocolate and other syrups, fruit spreads) at local supermarkets...

Comment #18

Ditto!! The sweet onion dressing is great. I know I'm in the minority but the peanut butter is not bad. Don't eat it by itself! Mix it with one of the fruit spreads or syrups. I use the mayo to make dips. You just have to learn to add the spices you like to suit your taste..

Good luck!..

Comment #19

Thanks for the tip on the sweet onion jersey's on my next order of netrition...keeps those suggestions coming!..

Comment #20

I agree that the peanut butter fares better if mixed with other things...

Comment #21

I like several of the Walden Farms products. I use their pancake syrup, chocolate dip, and a few of their salad dressings....Bacon Ranch, Italian & Bleu Cheese. For me, the key is not to use too much dressing & I toss my salad really good. A little dressing goes a long way...

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