Is unsweetened Almond Breeze a Nutrisystem Core food?

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Question I have... Is unsweetened Almond Breeze a Nutrisystem Core food? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Not sure how I feel about sharing my feelings on weight lost on a public forum but here goes..

I'm 47 and have always been a "big guy" worked construction my whole life always physically strong. The last 12 years of my work life has been spent as union heavy equipment operator thus I have become a "big fat guy" hovering around 268-270 and out of shape. Couple reasons I'm here include:.

Sick of feeling crappy all the time.

Sick of being on meds I don't need except for the fact I'm fat(high blood pressure,cholesterol).

Sick of my pants being pushed down by my gut so my butt crack is constantly in view.

Sick of being sore after every move I make.

Sick of being the heavy husband of a beautiful slender wife.

Sick of being the fat father of two very slim beautiful children.

Sick of not enjoying my favorite hobby(snowmobiling)cause I can't move like I used to.

Sick of being tired all the time.

Sick of being the butt of fat jokes with Buddy's cause I'm not totally fat yet so no one feels bad for me, but fat enough to be made fun of (still hurts).

Sick of my knees feeling like I'm 80.

Sick of my head feeling like it's going to pop off every time I tie my shoes.

Sick of only wearing the same 3 things cause I think it's all I look good in.

The list is endless..

Well I think most of you get where I'm going and sure some could identify with me but it kinda feels good to type it out..

I need to get under 200 and get my life back. For myself and my family(before I have a heart attack).

So here I go got all my food I have a great home gym with professional treadmill, elliptical, and complete dumbbell set with smith cage.(of course I have had this stuff for 7 years).

Now I need to stay focused and committed. I know the first 3 weeks can be hell, believe me this is not my first time at the rodeo......but hopefully my last. This is however my first time sharing my inner most thoughts on this with perfect strangers, haven't even shared this much with my wife of 24 yrs..

Been lurking around for a couple weeks and decided not to go it alone and to share, which is totally against my nature being macho and all lol. But thats not working so here I am.

Names Pete...

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You betcha! although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Yes, indeed, you are ready. Sick and tired of being sick and tired..

Have you already gotten your big brown box (BBB)? I guess you have, since you're starting today. Be sure to follow the Menu Planner and eat all the add-ins and drink all the water. Call a counselor if you have questions, or ask them here. And if you get into serious lifting, call a counselor and ask about extra food to eat. Nutrisystem seems to aim for a sweet spot, where you're not eating enough calories to make up your daily deficit, but you're eating more than enough to keep the body from going into starvation mode and slowing the metabolism. If you lift hard, you'll need to eat more than the normal plan..

I need to find that quote that PatSB uses about no food tasting as good as being thin feels. It's something like that..

ETA: Yes, it's "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." She's got some great tips for newbies on her member page. Scroll down to the bottom...

Comment #2

U have the right attitude pete. weigh in, take some pics now and stay on plan. it will work...

Comment #3

Just echoing the sentiment that you seem like your in the right place mentally to get the ball rolling. Best of luck to you and the guys here can be a great resource. I'm fairly new myself and so far so good..

Comment #4


I am like you and don't really want to share my feelings either with everyone but since you were brave enough to do it I will too..

I am starting on Monday since that is the day I will get my BBB..

I am 46 years old and have been married for 26 years to a wonderful woman. We have a 26 year old son who is married and has blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter, and a 22 year old daughter who is in college and getting married in 18 months..

I was in the Marines for 12 years and kept my weight down to around 190 and considered myself to be in good shape. My current job is not very physical and I have been slowly putting on the weight and currently at 244..

I do workout 4-5 days a week but I drink way too much beer which leads to overeating which leads to gaining weight. Yesterday was my last beer until I can reach my goal weight of 190 and then I will have to be careful not to fall into the same unhealthy routine..

I really need to get healthy not only for myself but my family too. I want to be around for a long time to spend it with my wife, kids and grandkids..

It will be difficult at times but I will reach my goal. I will help encourage others and I hope others will encourage me. I have no idea how long it will take to get the weight off but I can't see staying at the weight I am at now..


Comment #5

Hi Pete, BigSarge, Moepoker, Moose, Bob, Joseph, and djg - I read all of your comments and looked at your charts and can associate with everything that was said. Today completed my 422nd day since I first took a bite of Nutrisystem food (dating back to December 23, 2009). At that point I weighed 256 pounds. I think I got up to 260 or better but was afraid to weigh! My lovely wife has never weighed over 125 pounds. My weight problem started when I was in the 3rd grade. I remember my 6th grade teacher would not let me play in a grade school basketball tournament because I was too fat! So this is not a new thing for me.

I lost weight to get in the Navy in 1962 to around 180 pounds. Got out of the Navy and got married and steadily increased my weight to over 240 and then lost down to 170 or so in the '80's. I will be 72 years old this September and I have found the Nutrisystem program has been invaluable not necessarily the food (which is great) but for the education they provide for us. I have been on maintenance since September and have stayed right around 180 pounds. That is close to 80 pounds less of me! I am able to walk l8 holes of golf easily now.

I still take one tho which I probably always will have to. Guys, this program is a winner but we all have to be vigilant. Advice from an old man: (1) read the mind-set makeover (2) eat lots of veggies and fruits (3) get lots of friends on here because they understand our problems (4) use the food diary to keep count of what you eat, and (5) drink lots of water. I do not eat much Nutrisystem food now but my caloric intake is still around 1500 and I am maintaining. It is great to wear 33 and 34 inch jeans and not have to worry about pulling them up all the time or wearing suspenders!! Good luck to all of you.


Comment #6

Welcome to Pete and Kevin and others. All I know is that if Nutrisystem worked for me, it could work for anyone. I reached my goal weight in November, but I do not consider myself "done." If "done" means "living the way I did before April of 2010," then I will never be "done.".

I started at pretty much the same weight as Kevin, having been as low as 158-160 in college. That was a long time ago as I'm 43 now. Over the years, the weight crept back on, and then some you know how it is..

It took me about seven months to get down to the 175 area, where I've maintained within a pretty narrow margin since November. I used the Men's Basic plan, and while I can't say I followed it 100%, it was probably 99.8%. Certainly there were no major cheats. It was easy for me since I live alone and can make all my food decisions without affecting others for the most part..

On reaching my goal weight, I switched to the Men's Silver plan for maintenance. I eat all the Men's Silver food each day, plus a small helping of "real food" of my choice once per day. I flex on weekends using whatever Nutrisystem replacement food I've been able to find so far, such as Kashi Go Lean cereal and Lenny & Larry's high protein products. I still eat all the vegetables and other add-ins every day, and drink plenty of fluids. I still log all my food here on non-flex days. Usually it's six small meals a day for me..

Is it convenient? Not very. But I'm used to it by now. And being 70 pounds heavier was way more inconvenient..

I see a lot of returning guys and I tremble. I am no better than they are in any way one can measure, and if I don't keep constant vigilance, I will be one of those guys too. On the bright side, though, as I said, if this plan worked for me, it could work for anyone. I'd been on so many diets over the years that I've lost count..

Hope my ramble helps at least a little! Keep us posted on your progress!..

Comment #7

Hey Kevin.

Thanks for your input though I was not a Marine (real close) my dad was(Vietnam) and I grew up in a "marine" household if you know what I gray areas just black and white! Toughest man I ever knew, lost him a couple years ago at 62.......way to young, pretty much the long term affects of agent orange(long story)..

But back on point I can completely appreciate you opening up here believe me..

I too have a soft spot for beer and BBQ. Its the summer weekends working in the yard etc.etc..

Put it this way I'm the guy who has "Uncle Pete's" cookouts with the 1100sqft deck with an outdoor bar and outdoor twin barrel kegerator and five different grills. Yup .......ribs.......brisket.....pulled pork....ribeyes couple that with horseshoe's good music good friends and family AND I END UP FAT!.

I'm not worried about that now but spring/summer is just around the corner, I figure right about mid stride of my weight loss and not sure how I'm gonna handle that situation. So any ideas would be great..

I just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my post. I'm gonna try and come back here once a day for up gets lonely when your the only one in the house trying to change your eating habits! Everone else is slender...go figure.


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