GoDaddy customer reviews : Should I go GoDaddy?? Is transfer of an unlocked domain ilegal?

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Hey guys!.

I wondered..

I saw a nice domain and I saw it was unlocked..

Is it ilegal to transfer it?.

I guess it is, but I do want to hear your opinions..

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Sure it's legal, unless it's not your domain that is..

Comment #1

Have you ever heard the word theft.

If someone leaves their car door locked are you allowed to take it? Of course not.

Just because someone has not secured something properly does not give anyone the right to take it...

Comment #2

Lol. I liked your message thanks for the info..

Comment #3

Bit spoiled by the fact I meant unlocked instead of locked but I guess you gathered that...

Comment #4

Let's give a big welcome to our friend from Moldova. Does your country have any laws about stealing? Most of the world has this thing about possessions being taken by another person being a crime. America (most of the world too) they put people in these little rooms with bars and make them stay in it for years for stealing. If Moldova doesn't have laws about theft or maybe they do and you are willing to take the chance just to get a domain then go for it. more thing. Whenever a transfer is initiated the domain owner (from whois) is emailed. Better hope they don't pay attention cuz if they get wise...they contact the registrar and have your account removed. You might even lose existing domains you already have.

Goodluck my friend from Moldova...

Comment #5

Not to mention that without the AUTH code he won't get anywhere.

Are you the owner of ? .

I'm sure you don't mind if I grab it..

Comment #6

Ok I saw some nice sarcastic answers in there..

Comment #7

LOL, whether the domain is locked or unlocked, the administrative contact of the domain name should approve the transfer request to begin the transfer process...

Comment #8

Psst... Hey. I heard FBI.GOV (Free Business Ideas) is unlocked. Hurry up and go transfer it. We won't tell...

Comment #9

Hmm, if the OP doesn't know those details, you guys realize you're feeding all.

That stuff to him/her? If, anyway...

Comment #10

Welcome not the best question to ask on one of your first dates here..

Comment #11

Knowing now that he/she can't do it without the owner's input.

Might make him/her think twice before.

A) Stealing someone else's domain.


B) Broadcasting his/her bad intentions in a public forum!.

That he/she is a new member of!..

Comment #12

I kind of like knowing who the "bad guys" are - give them just enough rope to hang themselves with.

This one found his tree and his rope, but stopped short of the noose, apparently.

Is it legal? What kind of ign... nevermind. You shouldn't have to ask that question.


Comment #13

Hey guys,.

Thank you all for your answers. I understand and support your messages. unfortunately for me,.

I was in a hurry when writing the first post and did not give too much attention to formulate my question accordingly.

I saw this domain, that is one I would really love to develop. I emailed the owner, with an inquiry about the doamin,.

But the email wasn't delivered. (the whois email was kind of on another forum) but I thought if in this way I can contact somehow the domain owner. Or, I also read that every person shall keep it's whois info updated, and I am sure that 9999999 is not the owners' real phone number..

I regret that I put such a noob question, but I want to know what are my chances to get the domain (can I send an inquiry to ICANN showing not updated whois information, and can they take it? After that, does the domain follow it's usual droip process?).

How can I get in contact with the domain owner (thought that by initiating a transfer he needs to give his approvaland I get in contact with him).

Thanks for any help,.


Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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