GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I sign up for GoDaddy?? Is this normal? Five Figure Offer & 10 Page Contract?

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After finalizing a deal with a firm to purchase my domain for five figures, they just sent over a 10 page Purchase Agreement. At first glance, I'm actually scared to sign it because 1) it's confusing and 2) It has me transfering the domain to their Law Firm (Transfer Agent) prior to me getting paid. Is this normal? Please advise!..

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Make sure the law firm is legit... basically they are to act as some kind of broker/escrow. But if you don't grasp the full terms of the contract it would be worthwhile to consult with an attorney..

Good luck with the sale..

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Yeah be sure the firm is legit, and then, to be safe, back yourself up and use your own laywer, for a 5 figure sale, a few $$ might just be worth the investment - theres a few good domian lawyers here - play safe and consult with one of those, like I said for a few $$ it's probably worth it mate...

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I would be careful to be honest, it is a pretty big sale and they may just decide not to pay once the domain is transfered, then again it shouldnt happen but being careful will not hurt, so if you dont understand consult with someone who knows more...

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Sometimes such sales have a contract but read ot very very carefully and check, as sdsinc said, the firm is legit.

If I were you i'd go for an escrow service instead of sending them the name prior to payment.

Good luck!..

Comment #4

Use which is as good and unbiased on both sides...

Comment #5

If in doubt why not seek legal advise?.



Comment #6 is the only way doing business with someone you dont know..

Comment #7 the contract. Double check the law firm actually exists and the lawyer or whoever you transfer to is actually that firm/lawyer. Lawyers can act as an escrow service for clients.

Side story: An old NY lawyer friend of mine was a real estate attourney. He has millions in escrow from his clients. He started getting involved with a slutty hooters girl and he buys her things (house, car) using the escrow money. He then opens a bar/restaurant for her to run. I guess the whole time he thought he was going to pay it back somehow but eventually it caught up to him. He was in jail for about 3 years I think and of course...lost his license to practice law.

All this was in the NY papers at the time. firms get paid per hour. 10 pages just means someone gets paid more from the client. 10 pages aren't unusual for a contract. Large sales often involve a lawyer or two...

Comment #8

If you are in the US, and it is a reputable firm also in the US, then if they do not perform you have a lot of power over them, including having them disbarred.

No lawyer is going to put his/her career on the line for a few thousand dollars...

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The clue is right above this post - you see that guy - yes Jberryhill - he's the man to HIRE for this type of job.

No BS - No problems - Simple Sale - be smart - Hire him for the few hours you need..

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Ask them to transfer the money to your law firm prior to you transferring the domain...

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I know of three within 5 miles of where I'm sitting who did - one of them ended up blowing his head off the week before going to trial...

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If you do retain the services of a lawyer, make sure that he or she is licensed to practice law in your state. You might want to start your lawyer search by visiting Many of these bars have lawyer referal services that only charge around $0-$30 and screen the lawyer for you so you actually get one who is competent in the area of your legal problem.

I have an English-only speaking friend who wants to marry a girl from China. Her father insists that he sign a prenuptual agreement in Chinese and that the wedding vows be done in Chinese as well. What would you advise him to do?..

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Have you asked them how much they know about domain sales/transfers? It seems to me their purpose in such a contract would be largely to cover their arses and make sure they don't get cheated somehow. If you steered them to a service like as mentioned above, and described it's process and security a little, would that allay their fears and allow for a much shorter contract? - Since the contract would then only need to cover any other issues you have with this sale, and need only mention that the transfer will be through the services of (for example)

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