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I play a lot of world of warcraft.

I want to start an online community of warcraft players.

I was wondering if it would be possible to include or

Blank space is for another word I want to put in, but I don't want it to give it away.

Wow is a common acronym for world of warcraft. But it's also just a regular english word.

Would they file a lawsuit against me?..

Comments (23)

I don't think that they will file a lawsuit against you.

At least till you're really popular...

Why take the risk though? And the hyphen is a bad idea...

Comment #1

I highly doudt they will take action against you, although like Samit said, why take a chance? No one can predict what big companies will do in cases like these... So I would be looking at a different domain...

Comment #2

I don't believe they have a TM for WoW but I could be wrong...

Comment #3

Why don't you contact the company behind World of Warcraft and ask. I have some friends who operate blogs and forums based on trademarked services. They were able to get permission for the name usage...

Comment #4

NO they can not take action on you using the word wow since it is an overall general purpose acronym. But on the other hand what is your real intent on using the word, of course you said you would use it in regards to a forum about the game. So yes it would be illegal. And like said before, no they wont chase after you till you get big and making the money off of it...

Comment #5

I am assured, that no claims to you will exist. Wow it simply acronym and generic word. If You use "WorldOfWarcraft" in Your domain then maybe.

By the way I have domain - do not wish to buy it from me?..

Comment #6

They may not have a registered TM for the term WoW, but it is a very well known acronym, and thus it may have acquired TM rights through it's popularity and usage. Not only that, but if you are using the acronym for a site directly related to World of Warcraft, than it's really an obvious no brainer that it's a TM violation.

However, I agree with Jagusa... Most gaming companies encourage fan sites. So maybe you contact them and they'll give you permission?..

Comment #7

Why not contact them and ask - If you have their grace it might benefit you in the long run. If they say no - You saved yourself some trouble...

Comment #8

Make a generic forum name so you can move on / branch out.

Ie) what if <insert some new game here> starts to eat into WoW popularity?..

Comment #9

First WOW is a very common meaning for World of Warcraft, They have over 7 million members and each each knows the meaning of WOW. Just like many other famous acronyms, they can gain secondary meaning.

Now, if you created a true active fan site, you could create rights as long as you stay in good faith...

Comment #10

Hi, I have a question to those who tells to just mail them.

But would they not just say NO, just to be free of future problems, cause if they say yes now, then if the site gets big and earns money, they cant say anything against them, but by saying NO they do not loose anything, which they might if they allow?.

Am I wrong? I ask cause I also had idea about some other maybe/idontthinkso TM violating domainname...

Comment #11

BUT does Blizzard use the term WOW in commerce to obtain TM rights? I don't think Blizzard is event attempting to TM WOW.

Their TOS doesn't even use the acronym.

Comment #12

Perhaps you should start a small site, show that you are trying to run a legitimate interest-group forum, and then ask...

Comment #13,

All those use wow.

I don't think it's a problem. I mean we're talking about world of warcraft. It's okay to talk about something right?..

Comment #14

As I said, it could.... American OnLine, International Business Machines, Hewlett Packard.. these did not start off as acronyms, but over time they did acquire distinctive secondary meaning.

If the person would setup a site using wow and show bad faith usage, WOW could show there is a secondary meaning and that the domain owner is exploiting it.

If you plan on using the domain in good faith under faith usage, I will support you 100%. The question remains, whats are the intentions? If it is to get the payoff, then that is where I say mean things..

Comment #15

What about or many sites that are selling wow gold.

That's obviously bad faith. But I don't think blizzard can sue the owner over trademark.

After all there are so many of them. So it's not even worthed...

Comment #16

It really depends on how you implement the name. As a rule, if you plan to profit, in any way, from the famousness of the mark, then you're subject to suit or liability. But, as others have mentioned, the devil is in the details. If it's primarily a non-profit fan site, you're in better shape. Overall, I'd just ask to be sure. But, if they say no, they say no, and if you do it anyway, you'll have a real uphill battle...

Comment #17

What is the name? wowgold.

What do they sell? wow gold.

It is descriptive in the nature of the usage and they provide exactly what the name implies "wow gold"...

Comment #18

Just my 2c worth.

I own and,.

I have even contacted blizzard several times using email addresses on those domains and never had an issue with them what so ever...

Comment #19

Its legal but please for the love of god do not do anything like private servers, hacks,cheats etc. it will create alot of problems for you..

Comment #20

That is not for you or anyone else here to say, only a person of a judicial capacity standing can make that determination. Amen..

Comment #21


If you think you got a trademark problem contact the company legal dept.

Better save than sorry when you find out you got $100,000 dollar lawsuit coming your way....

Comment #22

I agree... email/write and ask. Thats what I did when I wanted to do the same with Everquest, and they basically told me as long as I'm not trying to profit from their copyright content (in-game pictures and whatnot), I was fine. It seems most developers encourage game communities, and only go after them if they are blatantly trying to make money... say off screenshots or some such, at least I haven't heard of them going after a maybe... but not derivatives...

Comment #23

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