Is this a healthy Dukan Diet for an average day?

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First question I got is Is this a healthy Dukan Diet for an average day? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. I made thhis for supper last night..

I used my mashed potato with cheese entree, one slice of candian bacon, green onions, ff sour cream(2 tsp) and ff cream cheese ( 1 tsp.)..

Prepare your potatos according to the package, the empty into a small oven dish, like a custard cup, just small enough..

Saute a few chopped red onions with my canadian bacon, and add. Stir in ff cream cheese, and top with crushed pretzels. ( I used half the bag).

Stick in the oven for a few minutes, like 15. Top with sour cream and green onions..


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The answer is Yes, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Dukan Diet guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

This does sound really good! When I eat these at lunch, I top them with ff cheddar, a sprinkle of bacon bits and sour cream. Just like a loaded baked potato!! But, the green onions and pretzels sound delicious!.

So, you ate this as your dinner and had a dinner entree for lunch, without the protein?..

Comment #2

No, with this I had half of the grilled chicken over my salad which coved my protien..

Amanda, I'm having LOTS of trouble eating enough food. Its crazy...

Comment #3

That's great! So what did you have for lunch?..

Comment #4

The chicken salad... I added green onions and black pepper, chilled it and had that with a small salad with the other half of my chicken breasts. Maybe not how I should have done it, but I still ended with only 1068 calories yesterday!.

Oh, and my Big Lots has TONS of chicken salad so I'm going this afternoon to get some more. LOVED it...

Comment #5

Leigh: The way I trained myself to eat enough and the right meals each day was to stick EXCLUSIVELY to the Menu Planner, every day, every meal, for the first 3 months without any moving around, playing with switching portions, etc. Worked for me.....

Comment #6

As long as you didn't forget about your veggies at dinner and your fat! So, actually, you ate 2 lunches instead of a dinner! But the protein was fine. I do that a lot...I break it up and save part for my dinner! So, you won't run out of lunches since you are getting them at Big Lots, but I think you are still missing some of the calories and proteins and such from a dinner entree..

Lunch Entree:....... about 160-180 cals = 1-2 proteins & 1 carb.

Dinner Entree:....... about 300 cals = 3-4 proteins & 1 carb..

Comment #7

I see what you're saying... I was thinking this. I missed a protein at breakfast ( I was too full) so I used the chicken as a protein at lunch and dinner. By splitting it, it went much farther. Although last night I found fajita chicken strips and measured out an ounce and put them in baggies for my proteins on other days..

That way, I can have something on my salad. According to my planner, I had it right, but missed some calories in a dairy serving which I didnt have..

It will take time, but I'll get it! At any rate, I really enjoyed the food, and wasnt anywhere near hungry at all...

Comment #8

I too stuck exactly to the planner for about 6 months - no free foods, no doctoring of meals - was then far enough along that I felt I could stray a little - I figure every little thing I add is just that many more calories etc...3 free foods of 20 cals sure fly by in an instant...

Comment #9

Thanks for the advice, but to be truthful- I will add to this food. At this point for me it isn't fabulous alone..

I'm doing the best I can here...

Comment #10

I definitly add to the foods to make them more tasty such as spices and free foods. Just be careful with what you add as they do add up very quickly. I think you are fine in this when you added only 1 tsp of cream cheese and 2 tsps of sour cream. I think Pam and Swedish meant to be careful about switching meals around in the beginning and having 1/2 protein here and saving the others half for a later time, as this can become very confusing and you can often mess yourself up in the beginning that way. Especially since you are just learning the program. I definitly agree with them that you might want to stick closely to the plan in the beginning, eat what your circles say, and fill them in.

I would also not have 2 lunches and skip a dinner. You definitly are missing out on the dinner entree nutrients that you need..

But, like you said, you'll get it.

Keep at it, and keep reading the boards for great advice and helpful hints...

Comment #11

Also, you do understand that the proteins/dairy servings are interchangeable. So you don't have to make sure you get a dairy in per say, just that you get a dairy or a protein in at each required serving, breakfast, lunch and snack. That could all be your chicken if you'd like, Br, Lun, and snack, lol!. Or chicken on your salad, and milk at breakfast and string cheese at snack...just an example. Wasn't sure if you were aware of this!..

Comment #12

Yeah, but I dont do well with dairy products generally- so often chose to do protein. I know I need the dairy, so I chose a good bit of cereal for breakfast. But if I do, say two servings of dairy a day my tummy wont appreciate it..

I see what you mean about switching lunches and dinner- I knew that was ok, but really didnt realize I had two lunches!.

As for add ins, even with them I am still only averaging 1000-1100 cal a day, so I may need to adjust up on something. Lots of that are my choice of veggies and fruit- they tend to be very low cal choices...

Comment #13

Hi, Leigh! Just in case this makes a difference for you, be aware that you can have more than 1oz of protein. When you are dealing with add-ins (as opposed to replacing Dukan Diet entrees completely), you can have up to 100 calories of protein, as long as it has 3g fat or less and more than 7g protein. So maybe that will help increase your calories a bit!..

Comment #14

Yummy! I'll have to try that with some veggie bacon. It'll be like a loaded baked potato!..

Comment #15

I also stuck to the plan 100%, no add ins for a long time. If I was going to spend the money for this, I wanted to do it right and succeed!.

The potatoes sound yummy, I will try them..

Good luck!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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