Is there going to be a new Nutrisystem program near the plymouth,nc area?

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Quick question: Is there going to be a new Nutrisystem program near the plymouth,nc area? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Good morning everyone!.

Thanks, Deb...great review as usual!.

Miss you!.

Enjoy the gym, Judy!.

Full work week this week. We'll see if Congress passes a continuing resolution or just passes gas again this week..

I may end up having more time off than intended. Anyway, not up to me..

The day started out gloomy, but the sun came out, so I'm happy..

Hope you all have a pleasant, unstressful day!..

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Good Morning everyone. I am going to try and squeeze in 30 minutes on the elliptical before heading to the Rummage sale..

Deb, thanks so much for the weekly round up. Womdeful job as always, but where is your Oscar for best sreenplay?.

Judy, you're starting the week off running...have fun at the gym..

Vix, I hope things go well for you this week. No extra time off that YOU don't want!.

OK, I'll check back in tonight. Hi to the rest of our very special group. Have a great Monday!..

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Have fun at the rummage sale, Shelley...don't work too hard!..

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Morning ladies......sorry about not coming back yesterday. I am not writing the same thing I've written over and over....went to gym, ate lunch, did errands, fell asleep and lost 3 hours sleeping in the recliner..

I am in a MAJOR FUNK and I'm not losing weight...just bobbing back and forth between 151 and 153 and I swear I HATE THOSE NUMBER NOW. I'm irritated, cranky and in a bad mood. Add not being able to find any Smooth Move tea that works and you've got one constipated, angry, moody witch on your hands..

Started doing a 3-5 day Body Boost yesterday so we'll see if that jump starts anything. I really have a sneeking suspicion that it's the medicine they put me on....I feel stupid, I can't stop sleeping, and I'm gaining weight...GAINING! WTF? My pants are tighter around my I know my body composition is changing and I DO NOT LIKE IT!.

See...don't you wish I had just stayed away. Anyway.....

Hope Melissa is having a good time with her family for her Mom's Birthday..

Shelley - hope the rummage sorting is going well! I did see those pictures on Facebook! Good for you!.

Vix - Thanks for popping in each day and being so bright and cheery. We usually are a very talkative active board....I think there are more than a a funk right now..

Now I am going to eat something!..

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Hi everyone....

Judy, I hate when that happens, and yep, could be the meds. One Dr. put me on Lyrica...I gained 8 pounds in one month, and basically we agreed I should not take that. Just remember how well you've done so far and don't let it get to you. Maybe the Dr. can adjust the meds for you..

I've not lost since May, so I understand...gained about 10 pounds over the holidays and so far lost only a few of those. At just about 10 pounds over goal,Nutrisystembecomes maintenance for me...that's why I'm trying to do different things. I've had physical problems when I try to exercise too much more than I already do, so I'm working on making small changes, and maybe even lose a pound a month, would be better than nothing. Besides which, I feel a whole lot better 10-15 pounds overweight than I did at 60-80 pounds overweight!!!.

Have a good day everyone!..

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Hi ladies,.

Just popping in to say hello..

Judy, sorry to hear that you are in a funk. I hope you get out of that soon. Like Vix said - you are doing everything right so maybe the meds do need to be changed up or out..

My problem is not meds or anything official like that - I am just not getting back into the groove. I have gotten so bad. I guess you could say I am in a funk too. We're all in this together - so let's do it!.

Shelley, you look terrific. Things must be going really well for you..

Melissa, I hope your Mom's birthday celebration was/is fun. My oldest daughter lives in Lillington, North Carolina. Not far from Fort Bragg. Is your family close to there?.

Deb, I truly miss you! I hope you are okay. You must be very busy because I see that Judy is posting your weekly review. You are in our thoughts. Take good care!.

Where are Jen and Johnna this week too?.

Here's wishing everyone a delightful day!.


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Good morning ladies,.

Just wishing everyone a successful day with lots of good thoughts..


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OMG! I just.


I walked right past the computer room and out front to eat and all that was on my mind was turning on some HEAT! It was 65 degrees in this house this morning. The heats been off since we had a few 78 and 79 degree days, but I don't know what it got to last night. It's warm now so the heat goes back down..

Once I got out there I just started doing my regular stuff and reading the paper......then something hit me and YIKES! I never said good morning..

Sorry..... but I'm here now and hopefully stopping by more often. I need thatNutrisystemfocus a lot more.. was the BOWLING? I have my own ball. It's a purple 8 pounder with this swirly cool purple sparkly design....very cool and great when you are tired of always having to search for a good ball. I think I got it at Kmart about 25 years ago! We used to love going all the time so I just made sense to get my own ball. Wally already had one and they were like $25 back then..

Big....thanks for the encouragment. I just need to shift my priorities back to what I need to focus on and that's 100% weight loss goals. I'll be damned if I'm going to mess this up with 25 pounds left to lose. It's high time to get really MAD and start getting something done about it all..

Vix......thanks too for your encouragement! I totally agree.....I feel tons better at 152 than I did at 245....that's partly the problem in my mind. I feel good so why not eat an extra dessert...or aNutrisystemdessert instead of some lean protein for snack? Just not following everything to maddening percision makes me get lax sometimes. I think I need the maddening percision...

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ONE thing this has proved to me though.....earlier than I wanted to...but still. It proves I can do maintenance and be successful with a little effort. Watching what I eat...making choices for what I decide to include and keeping the weight and exercise moderate and in line. I've maintained this 151-154 area now for more than 3 months! With halfNutrisystemand half reg food I will be fine getting in what I need to keep the weight off..

One thing I am NOT FINE about though is the change in my body structure lately. I've been burning off all my muscles in cardio class and even though I weigh a few pants are still tighter around the belly and hips. I DO NOT like's a feeling I thought I would never have to feel again. I have my 14's but no way and I relaxing to go back into slacky jeans. Those 12's are fine and the little issue with the tighter hips can just get solved by building more muscle on the treadmill walking and running..

Heck, if a 350 pound man can run a 5k on tv...then me at 151 can run. No matter the hip pain or the nerve shouldn't be that hard. I'm just making excuses..

Okay enough pep talk to myself...I have things to get done. I have to go pick up hubby's rx from the doc...ask for a refill I forgot last visit, and hit the store on the way back for some smaller undies..

I know I said my hips were larger, but I think some of my discomfort with the jeans is that my undies are looser around the legs and they are just swishing all over the place....which I despise. The tighter rear just makes it glaringly obvious that I needed smaller ones months ago!.'s doing some weight training in the den and zumba tonight at 6:30...

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Hi everyone!.

Ah...look at the bright side...smaller legs...smaller undies!.

Very busy at work again, just taking a quick lunch break...and I have book club tonight, so I don't know if I'll get back today. I like book club, so that's a good busy!.

Hi Big!.

Didn't even have time for my walk today at lunch, maybe can squeeze it in when I get home before I go out again..

Hope you all have a mah-velous day!..

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Bowling went okay. It seems that I'm either on or off. Last night, I'm not really sure what it was! I've had the same 10 pound ball that I won when I was in middle school! I figure it fits and it's the right weight, so why change?..

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Hi everyone. Just wrapped up day three of Rummage sale set up. Much less Rummage in my department (Toys) than usual. I sent out my annual Facebook plea and received quite a bit of stuff today...nice stuff too! I gess I'll need to beg a little more when I send out tonights pictures from the days events..

Judy, sorry you are in a weight loss funk. You have done incredibly well and you just don't have as much weight to lose as you did when you started. Once you get close to goal, it can be so frustrating to be doing everything right and NOT lose weight. I know you've got the exercise down, so just keep sticking with the food plan....something you've always done much better than me, and I know the weight will come off. It is good that you know that you will be able to maintain when the time comes..

Big, good to see you here. I'm glad you had a nice time with your family..

Ducky, I am the worst bowler ever! We've been playing some Wii bowling bhere. Maybe I can work on my technique and then try it out at a real bowling ally..

Vix, you're always staying busy. I'm sure you already told us, but what book are you reading now?.

Hi to everyone else out there. I'll check back in tomorrow......

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Shelley - I'm TERRIBLE at Wii bowling! My daughter kicks my butt every time!..

Comment #14

Ashton dressed up as Daisy-Head Maisy for Dr. Seuss Day. Check out the pictures on my page! (I made her head-piece!)..

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I'm bbbbaaaaccckkkk! It's been another crazy week. I can't even believe it's Wednesday already. Luckily this Friday is my Friday off so I get to clean the house...wahoo! Not!.

Seems like there is a funk going around. Ladies..(me included) we need to get back on our horses and focus! That is my problem...when work or life gets too crazy then I slack off on exercise...then I am tired...then I drink soda and eat chocolate to pick me up...then it's hard to get back to exercise..

I need to put myself first and exercise every morning before work. No excuses!. I'm off to bed. I WILL be back here regularly because I am saddling up!.

Miss you to you tomorrow!..

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Ducky..that is so cute. Did Ashton grow? I swear she looks taller for some reason...

Comment #17

Oh Vix - I love your dancing that new. It's cute..

Shelley - so are you gonna break a record at the rummage sale? I can't believe it's rummage sale time already!.

Judy - my tech was in Newport News today...isn't that near you?.

OK...the three in a row was for Melissa. Hope she's having fun!.

Night night termites!..

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Yay! More of us back!.

Hi, Jen, dancing fox is relatively new, I couldn't resist!.

Ducky...Ashton is sooooo cute in her Daisy-Head Maisy!.

Shelley, that sounds like a huge rummage sale...I've been zipping through books the last couple of weeks...just finished Running with Scissors and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt...both about crazy mothers! Am now reading An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin...I didn't even know he wrote!.

Got to get to bed... to get up my usual before the crack of dawn. See y'all tomorrow. Pleasant dreams!..

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Good Morning my exercise in last night at zumba...with the teacher I really care less and less for each time. Well, shouldn't say that...she gives a good exercise workout...but it's not zumba. Not one real zumba move in the whole bunch. Zumba has specific moves that have names. Found out she's teaching the Sat class too. Yuck!.

Shelley - I'm still doing good on the eating but I'll say the extra snack has creeped in more than a few times lately. Just don't seem to have the 100% discipline I used to have....but I think the Body Boost is helping. I've dropped .4 / 10th's each of the last 2 days...I'll have to see if I get a new low this morning. Haven't weighed yet..

Vix - sorry the day got hairy yesterday....I hate when things just keep coming up and the whole day goes down the drain..

Jen - whooo ooo...glad to see you back here! I think coming here every day is what I need and not just for the good morning. I need to challenge and the competition, plus the do we all. Here goes....


Ducky - I'll pop over and look at your picture of Ashton's head piece right after this.....I'm sure it's fabulous...your designs always are fabulous!.

I did have a very lovely motivating thing yesterday....went to Kohls and bought everything BUT the undies and bra....didn't have my size. Wasn't planning to buy but all this new stuff was out and FABULOUS!.

Great summer tops, bermuda shorts and capri's. I'm down to a Medium top....and size 10 jeans. They are still super tight in the belly....but will fit by the time it gets warm enough. I can zip and button them fine...but the looks of them will make anyone weep! Another 5-10 pounds and some warm weather and they will be perfect..

Okay I have to go eat before I fall over...I'm starved!!!..

Comment #20

Is that near me??????.




Newport News is where I live!..

Comment #21

Good morning ladies,.

Good to see you back Jen..

Today's "Daily Dose" is great - it talks about getting someone in your corner to help with the weight loss. This discussion board is just that. We are all in this together. It is refreshing to hear that someon else is going through the same thing as I am. It also helps to know someone else is here to nudge me along when needed..

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #22

This is the line that I liked best in today's Daily Dose:.

"someone who will celebrate your success, or just someone who will be there to listen when things might not be going exactly as planned".

Our group is TERRIFIC for that..

Love you all!.


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Good afternoon ladies. Wow - It's Thursday! Lots going on here..

Our trip to NC was nice however Owen was sick. He already had a cough for a couple of weeks but I honestly thought it was due to allergies (pollen) because there was nothing else going on). Well, at Mom's he started running a fever, nose running, sore throat and the coughing. He was just out of it. Then Brenna got a runny nose and then I caught something (sore throat and runny nose and a little achy). We got home from NC late Monday night (another adventure....) and Owen hasn't been back to school yet! In addition to the other stuff, hey for fun let's throw diarrhea in there! Poor kid!.

Oh, the other adventure Monday night: We get about 1 1/2 hours from home and they have closed I-95 South because of fires (we actually saw many fires by the side of the roads, don't know if they were contained or not) and then we travel over to US1 and it's closed too! So we had to go over to Orlando and take the turnpike from there!..

Comment #24

Other than the sick stuff, Mom's birthday was a success and we had fun...

Comment #25


- I completely understand the funk stuff and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE PART ABOUT It being easier to justify allowing yourself extra food because we've lost all this weight (extra snacks, etc). This weekend I was totally off program and being sick hasn't helped but now it's time to jump back on the horse AGAIN! I will lose this stuff by the time the kids are out of school - my promise to myself!.

I think it is very easy not to do it when you move away from the boards here. You guys have been my support group and cheerleaders for the past year and a half and I'd hate for our group to go by the wayside. I think we are good together folks!.


- I would like to say that you have been an awesome addition to the group. A lot of times we've had someone interested in the group and they stay on for a few days and then disappear forever but you've stuck with us and I love your daily messages!..

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Hi everyone!.

Awww, thanks, Melissa....I like this group..

It's comfortable and supportive rather than competitive, everyone seems warm and friendly, and I feel like I can relax and just be me. That's really nice..

Hi Judy and Big!.

Have a good day!..

Comment #27


- So nice to hear from you again! Those newsletters must be a bear! If you are anything like me I would tend to go over them and make changes a million times so I can imagine how long it must take to do them. So it's rummage time again? You will be getting a lot of exercise lifting all that stuff and moving it from place to place. Plus I bet you'll forget to eat! Glad your facebook plea generated more goods..


- I loved the angel on the scale (Good Morning). Very cute! I think you and I should come back full force onto the board - I think we help each other!.


- Good luck in getting your house ready and looking for a new house (the fun part is looking I think). I would love to sell our house and get a bigger one so I think we would be moving in the opposite direction from you! You found something that was 2 years old on your desk? That is funny..


- Brian took the kids to Gnomeo and Juliet the day I did my Oscar movie day. Both kids liked it. I will have to say my desk (when I had one in an office) was always neat but I'm a freak that way. Of course things might have been totally different if I were a teacher - you are a bit busy!.


- Nice to hear from you again - I do the soda thing too to get energy sometimes but I always drink Diet Coke. I used to be a coffee fiend but now I drink a lot more tea. I don't know what happened - the coffee has to be really good. Starbucks coffee is just too strong for me now. I had the best cup of coffee the other night at (of all places) a TGIF - it was sooo good. And I really am not a big fan of TGIF overall so I was surprised.


- Fort Bragg is actually about 4 hours from Hendersonville. Hendersonville is in the very far west little corner of NC. Very close to Asheville NC home of The Biltmore Estate - if you have never visited the Biltmore House and have the opportunity ever I highly recommend it..

Vix -.

I admire how much you read. I'm really trying to do a lot of reading this year. On the trip to NC however I read magazines! I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and I am so backed up that my goal was to get as caught up as possible (I love that magazine). So my book reading has been kind of put aside for a week or two. I have the Steve Martin one on my list of "to reads"...

Comment #28

Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh....I swear I.


That the scale moves around every day but.

Cra-a-a-a-a-a-p.'s like 2 steps forward and one step back! I have been doing this Body boost for the past few days and I lost .4 the first morning, .4 the next morning and then this morning....GAINED 1 pound. ?????.

Evening everybody! I finally woke from my afternoon coma and thought I'd pop in before I got working on chopping lettuce....sorry to start with a rant...but I get so irritated these days!.

Now I went to zumba last night so I burned 2547 calories yesterday. I would have had to eat all those PLUS 3500 more calories to gain a pound...I KNOW in reality I couldn't have eaten 6047 calories....but I hate seeing it go back and forth right now. It's not like tomorrow it will drop a pound either. ARGH!.

Wally just left for the gym and I'm taking a break today since I have the next 4 days of zumba classes and my knee it pinching me when I walk...good time to just take a little break. I can still do some weigh stuff later on and crunches. The trainer said I need to do more of that...

Comment #29

Melissa, I glad you all had a good time on the trip to NC....even though you all got sick! That has to really blow, especially when you aren't at home in your own home. I hate being away when I don't feel good. I just like being home all the time sick or not. I like my own stuff..

I thought about Vegas yesterday. I was looking on the zumba site for instructor classes coming up and the next one I could take is LAS VEGAS! Hot damn...let's jump a plane and run on out! I've been dreaming about that America restaurant and the fabulous chicken and mashed potatoes I got there. I realized the other day we could have eaten there all week!! Instead of eating the pizza...that while fabulous wasn't on any ones diet plan!.

Oh crap....I went over since I thought about it to the ZUMBA page and got lost in the dates for classes...I GOT ONE!!!!!!!! May 28th I become legal to teach Zumba!.

Now it's almost 8pm and no salad cut! Yikes!..

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Good Morning!.

I just found this from an article someone posted about reaching your goals:.

Yes, your goal is to lose 20 pounds in six months, but what's your intention? How about, "I feel strong, healthy, fit, confident, attractive, and sexy," says Frost. "The number on the scale isn't what matters most it's how you feel each day.".

Maybe that "number" goal isn't so important, after all..

Have a great day!..

Comment #31

]Ug...Wally's sniffles slammed me very hard! Sick and OMG! the sore throat is killing me, Off to sooth it with warm milk...

Comment #32

Good morning ladies,.

Vix - I loved the quote you shared with us this morning. Thanks for sharing..

Judy - just hang in there. You can do it! You already have. I think the one pound gain is probably water weight, but this morning when you said you got Wally's cold - maybe it is from that. I want to say don't get on the scale every day but I personally know that is hard and plus then you wouldn't have seen the .4 drop for three days in a row. Hang in there. We are all with you..

Melissa - I have always wanted to go to Asheville to the Biltmore Estate. Maybe someday I'll make it over to the West of North Carolina and we can get together. That would be awesome..

I am still missing Deb! Is she okay? Has anyone heard from her?.

Ducky - I love Wii Bowling but my grandchildren can whip my butt. They are so good and love to beat me. I haven't bowled in a real bowling alley in probably thirty years. You go girl!.

Jen - good to see you back too. Hope all is well with you and "Charmed Paws"..

Shelley - I think you are awesome. You always know just the right thing to say to boost everyone's morale. Thanks for being so positive..

So - here's my BIG wish for everyone to have a great day and a wonderful weekend..


Comment #33

I totally agree! Thanks for sharing! I definitely needed the reminder...

Comment #34

I have a day off! They call it "Spring Break", but as I'm looking out the window, I'm seeing big fluffy flakes. I didn't know it was suppose to snow today!.

The worst thing about March is that it's usually our snowiest month. The best thing about March is that the snow doesn't stick around long...

Comment #35

Judy - I didn't exercise yesterday....but today was my day off so I got up and did 45 min Expert Zumba. All of a sudden there was a guy instructor and moves I had never seen. I must have unlocked the next level or something. That is so awesome that you are going to be a Zumba instructor! How cool is that?! tech, Bud, was at the Sunoco on Jefferson Ave. I should have told him to wave to you! Hope you feel better!.

Vix - you are absolutely right...the number doesn't matter. It's being healthy and active that's really important..

Big - Yeah..where is Deb?! I know she did the roundup...but I don't recall seeing many posts from her..

Melissa - wow...sounds like you guys had an interesting trip home. Hope the kids are feeling better..

Ducky - seriously...snow. That is just not right. I finally looked at the stuff I orderd. It is so cute. I might have to wear some of it tomorrow. I think my neice will love the peace necklace too!.

OK...enough slacking for me. I need to do mega cleaning because we are refinancing and the appraiser needs to come and take pictures of every room. YIKES!.

My plan to get back on track is to workout every day this weekend to get back in the swing of it. I washed out my camelback bottle and have already had 3 glasses of water, which is good for me!.

Later ladies!..

Comment #36 I the first one on? Good morning everyone! More cleaning for me today then I have my little niece's birthday party!..

Comment #37

Good morning, Jen, and everyone!.

I've got to clean today too....We've had a guy in smoothing out our drywall (where we had tried to fix it over the years!), so there's some plaster dust and stuff around. Weekends seem to be the only time I have enough energy to get anything done around the house. Might also go out and try and find some nice neutral paint kitchen is currently yellow and blue...people either love it or hate it, so I'm just going to paint it white...might leave the doors and cabinets blue, but I'll see how it looks after the white paint. Don't think I'll get to painting for a few more's better when I can leave the doors and windows open, still cold here..

So far it's overcast today, hubby's still asleep so I'm trying to be quiet!.

Will get cracking, once he gets up!.

Have a great day, everyone! Sooooo glad it's weekend!..

Comment #38

Good Morning....I feel a bit more human today. I told you that the scale lady was our little we'd see her more and more. I like how her scale goes back and forth....back and forth!.

I HATE the first full day of a cold...sinus attack...whatever it is. I have horrible post nasal drip and it's inflammed not my throat where I swallow but the throat way at the top where you sinus meets the top of your throat. Some weird area that can't be soothed with tea!.

OMG! I was miserable yesterday and had to resort to the cold medicine...which I hate taking because you pass out and sleep for hours. Plus it makes the scale climb! But I didn't do too badly even though I tend to EAT like a crazed wild animal when I'm sick! Only went up .2 today..

Hopefully I can get moving this morning and still hit zumba without too much trouble. Gotta go eat though...

Comment #39

Ashton has bowling this morning. This afternoon I am working at the store...

Comment #40


Judy I thought that was a Pilates machine and did not realize that was a scale. LoL! What a goof ball I am. I hope you feel better soon!.

Hey Vix and Jen I am taking a break from my own house cleaning, ugh it never ends..

Hey Ducky sounds like another busy day for you. I have to drive Caitie to Church to work at the Mardi Gras fund raiser for service hours today and then to a fashion show tomorrow for more service hours , it is alway something huh?.

Well I had a moment to pop in and say Hi to my girls and to say it looks likeNutrisystemis stealing my material again in the daily dose. Maybe I should write for them since they love my material so much. Ha ha ha!.

It is sunshiney but cold here but everyone have a great day...

Comment #41

Just barely have time to pop in before I NEED to cut lettuce so I can eat something for lunch! I was in here balancing my checkbook so thought I'd see if the boards had fixed themselves. I just got the one post done this morning when I could even fix it...board froze..

Jen - Good to know you are enjoying the zumba class. You would LOVE one in person with the right teacher...they are so loud and happy! I had forgotten about the Wii game I'll have to do a bit of that this afternoon and see what they have to offer. I've done the steps part and the first 30 minute workout only. Never went farther than that..

Vix - I love that quote you posted!.

"I just found this from an article someone posted about reaching your goals:.

Yes, your goal is to lose 20 pounds in six months, but what's your intention? How about, "I feel strong, healthy, fit, confident, attractive, and sexy," says Frost. "The number on the scale isn't what matters most it's how you feel each day." Maybe that "number" goal isn't so important, after all.".

Makes total sense! I was transferring all my weights into the new booklet today and I made myself sick over how S-L-O-W my loss has been. Essentially just maintaining and losing maybe 1/2 pound a week over the last 4 months. I've got the shake things up and change something..

Deb - good to see you checked in with us...driving never ends does it! Neither does the cleaning! You know I went and looked closely at the picture and it doesn't have numbers on it...but I thought scale at first. I think you could say it was either...which ever you want. I'm using scale since mine seems to be stuck doing THAT all the time back and forth!.

Jen - I wonder where the Sunoco is on Jefferson. Jefferson is one of 2 avenues that runs the entire length of the it could be anywhere. Our city is this long skinny shape and we have to streets that run the whole length. Yup...he could have waved!..

Comment #42

Okay MUST go get dressed, cut lettuce....EAT! then do something in the way of nose is quiet for the moment..

OMG! I thought I would die yesterday...sore throat, fever, sluggish. At least the sore throat is way better today but the cold settled into my sinuses. I swear this is the 3rd cold in a year....and I barely had one for 5 years before that. I should have ears were stuffy for days and itching...does that happen to anyone else. Your ears itch way down inside? I could have used a nail to really crank and scratch way in there good....but since I like hearing...

I refrained..

Off to get moving for lunch! Gotta work off that cold pill bloat!..

Comment #43

Ug...feeling better but oh so bloated from cold meds! Geez I hate getting sick. Super late start so I'm going to eat before I fall asleep again!.

Back later!..

Comment #44

Good morning!.

Rainy here this morning. Did some yoga. Going to take my car in for an oil change this afternoon. Weekends go too fast! Not a great day for a walk...I'll need to find some other activity. Unfortunately, there's always cleaning...that never ends!.

Anyway, have a good day...was nice to see you, Deb!.

Hope you feel better, Judy!.

Stay healthy, keep smiling!..

Comment #45

Just popping in on my way out to eat lunch....I am getting so frustrated with this scale moving up and down all over the place and never totally DOWN! Today I weigh what I weighed last Sunday...152.2!.

Argh! I was down to 151.6...just .2 over my lowest, and then the .2 started creeping on again. I can only hope it's the lack of exercise and cold meds. But I gotta say I am so losing my motivation. I need some good things to happen to keep me going in the last part here and it's just getting tougher and tougher..

I'm thinking maybe the weight distribution on my body might be the result of not doing my treadmill walking any more...maybe? Could be why the legs and tummy are a bit fatter...or at least why I'm not losing the one inch a month I was before. I'll try adding that back in with the weigh training that Leland the trainer wants me to do 3-4 days a week. He says I'm burning off all my muscle with zumba..

Okay...hungry for lunch and ready to do something. zumba today at 4:30 with toning...and I think I'll either try running a bit afterwards or doing my weights stuff a bit..

Hope you are all having a good Sunday! I started tracking my food again. Every morsal written down!..

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