Is there any vegetarian Dukan Diet for pregnant women? i'm pure vegetarian..thanks?

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Got a quick question: Is there any vegetarian Dukan Diet for pregnant women? i'm pure vegetarian..thanks? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. I love bread pudding so I decided to play around with those muffins and scones I don't like too much..


1 package of Dukan Diet muffins or Scones (the apple worked well).

1/4 cup of egg beaters.

ICBINB spray.

1/ tsp vanilla extract.

1 pkg of Splenda Brown Sugar.

Cinnamon to taste.

1. Take one package of Dukan Diet muffins or scones and cut into small squares. (I actually slick in half to make it thinner first then make small squares.).

2. Mix up 1/4 cup of egg beaters, small amt of vanilla extract if you like and cinnamon..

3. Put egg mixture and cubed muffins/scones into a ramkin and spritz with a few (like two or three) squirts of ICBINB or alternative..

4. Put in Microwave for 30 seconds..

5. Sprinkle Splenda brown sugar on top (if you like it sweet like I do).

6. Put back in microwave for 30 seconds..

Check consistency. You may need to put back in but only do it in 15 second increments so it doesn't get too hard..


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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Dukan Diet guys because they can answer your Dukan Diet question better...

Comment #1

Made it with the apple scone yesterday Yum. Thanks..

Comment #2

I make the same type of thing but I don't microwave it..

I started with an old "Jazzman" recipe (an old-timer in this Dukan Diet journey) and have modified it to use all the muffins and the orange cranberry pastry as well as the scones. I have found that doing it this way the "effects" of the muffins are almost eliminated (at least for me)...

Comment #3

Neat recipe! I used my apple scone to make french toast this morning. I'll have to try this one next time..


Comment #4

I dunno, Kat. The BB muffins made me so sick, I'm afraid to ever go near them, again...

Comment #5

The blueberry muffins are not too great I agree, but maybe you could add some fresh blueberries to it? I don't know. I haven't tried it...

Comment #6

GeniesMagik~I tried doing this with the Apple Strudel Scone and it was wonderful. I couldn't remember your recipe, so I did forget the ICBINB spray, which would have made it even better. With the mornings getting cooler, this is a nice, quick & easy way to warm you up in the morning. Thanks!.

I love your avi, I have 2 of his prints in my house...

Comment #7

Thank you Genie; perfect fix for those dry (free week) blueberry was great!..

Comment #8

I know kitty, but like I said somehow the mix of eggbeaters and FF milk along with the other ingredients and then baking has made them really tasty and NOT sickening nor do I find that I have those nasty "after effects" that they seem to have alone..

Now I don't think I want to eat it every day - I still like plain ole eggs (eggbeaters for me) and pancakes/muffins for variety...

Comment #9


Yes, I like a warm breakfast some times too. The eggs and pancakes aren't bad (pancakes make great pumpkin muffinsthis recipie is out there somewhere from another person)..

And, yes, that is one of my all time favorite paintings!!!.

Take Care,.


Comment #10

Wow! This was excellent. Thanks for the recipe. I used the apple scone...

Comment #11

Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but I had to! I was looking for a recipe to use my blueberry muffins and came across this. My tummy just doesn't react to it well so I decided to play with it and give it to my human garbage disposal (a.k.a. my husband)..



This! I told him afterwards what was in it and he was impressed with it still being a "healthy" choice for breakfast..

However, is it evil of me not to have mentioned the musical side effects to the muffins? Hmmm... nah!..

Comment #12

AZ-DEE, glad you bumped into this thread. I've made the apple scones into French toast, which I like, but I'd missed this recipe. I plan to try it and add breakfast fruit...

Comment #13

Good to know I can microwave it - I prepared a recipe for the same and it said bake for 30 min - which I didn't have the time - so I put it in a frying pan and loved it - everyone was talking about Passover and my mouth was watering for motzoa brei - so this was close enough!!..

Comment #14

I found this recipe in the posting to and had it for breakfast this morning, loved it. made it with the apple strudle scone and diced a small apple it was great..


Comment #15

Hey! Thanks so much for this recipe. I just ate it and it was so yummy! It cooked perfectly in the micro - I was worried it would get hard. I've never had bread pudding in my life and now have a new favorite breakfast..


Comment #16

This was delish with the Apple Scone. Thanks so much...a great way to have them. I was watching the pudding rise in the microwave and was worried I was doing something wrong, but it calmed down and was perfect. Thanks!..

Comment #17

This has always been my favorite way to eat the muffins. I started doing it when I ordered a MILLION banana muffins on my first order, and Jazzman rescued me with his recipe. I don't have a job, so I have all kinds of time in the mornings. So I make it in the oven. I use all the scones, pastries and muffins, and I add apples, bananas, raisins, etc. If you have time to do it in the oven, during the last 5 minutes or so, top it with some ICBINB spray, adn a packet of Splenda.

I also use the DaVinci syrups instead of the extract (coconut with the choc. chip scone is my absolute favorite). YUMMY!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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