Is there any other fee's for buying a domain name on i am also buying their server packa?

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My first question is: Is there any other fee's for buying a domain name on I am also buying their server packa?.

My next question is: I am surprised when I check some domains with estibot and I think it is unreliable, IMO.

For example, when I checked "", it said only worth $90. But I know that it was sold for around $30,000 and it is very good domain.

I think estibot is good to automatically check nambio for HostGator sale prices for it's estimation. It just takes around 5-10 % off the HostGator sale price.

For example, when I checked "" , it said "$490,000". When I checked "", it is around 5-10 % off the sale price.

I also check some of other premium domains (which have not been sold) but results were disappointing.

I now concluded that estibot is not reliable and it will be waste of time to check the HostGator value with that. But there might be other good tools for domainers...

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Your question was: Is there any other fee's for buying a domain name on I am also buying their server packa?.

Yes, I was just talking about HostGator evaluation. I agree there are good tools for domainers...

Comment #1

Can you get details of a developed website? Minus the evaluation? Is this a sign up type of tool?..

Comment #2

Hi James2002,.

Just wondering: are you sure that you have the HostGator right? and .org are still available, which in itself leads me to believe that the .com would have a tough time selling for $30,000.

By no means do I think estibot is completely accurate, and even the site itself says something to that effect, but I don't think your criticism of it is factual in this specific case. Edit:.

I checked and it is "valued" at $980,000. Does that mean it sold for between $10 to $20 million?..

Comment #3

Sorry. It is valued by estibot at $90 but sold nearly $30,000 ...

Comment #4

Don't treat it as THE appraisal tool there are lots of goodies there that you can use as reference and for study purposes, it's just that an estimation tool but not the conclusion...

Comment #5

The capitals defining each word does make a difference.

Instead of. use without caps.

Valuation : USD 100 with caps.

Overture/mo 3365.

Wordtracker/day 105.

Valuation : USD 40,000..

Comment #6

As it recommends in the page, separate the keywords. here..

Comment #7

Having the lowercase confused Estibot just a bit (occasionally) helping the system but showing it what the keywords are definetly helps.


Comment #8

Yeah, be very careful with the Capitalising of the first letters of each word and the spacing. I've found Estibot to be a very valuable tool. It does rarely make some real shocker decisions, but usually pretty darn good..

Comment #9

Wow someone didn't read how to use estibot and never capitalized or space keywords lol..

Comment #10


So this entire thread meant to debunk the valuations of Estibot actually end up doing the complete opposite and show how decent it's valuations are for the most part.

There is no such thing as an accurate valuation because the value of any HostGator is only what someone is willing to pay for it. That could be $10 or $100,000. However estibot is entirely the best automatted appraiser available...

Comment #11

Is there any data showing the estibot valuation the day prior to a confirmed sale over time?..

Comment #12

If a human were to evaluate a HostGator he (she) would accumulate data - Overture, wordtracker, google, Namebio ... etc. He then would blend this data to come up with a rough value. All Estibot does is automate that process with weights given to each based on past sales.

What Estibot cannot do is add the Wow / Duh factor the human response to the to the name.

The real value of Estibot is pointing out value that you do not expect to see, and talking you out of (some) foolish regs. It also is sometimes good at revealing spelling mistakes...

Comment #13

If estibot values a name at say 500 dollar(or 300/1000) or more would you handreg it automatically, thinking that you would get at least your reg fee back one day?..

Comment #14

Now I can use estibot properly.

E.g. for my HostGator " how to build awebsite , com" valued at $46,000.

Comment #15 estimation is just a reference.

For a free service, I think it's pretty good..

Comment #16


Look it up in the dictionary. Is it some obscure biology term (I see a lot of those) or something else that no one would ever want to build a website on? Then let it go.

That is the "duh" part of the Wow / Duh decision that only you can make. The other side, the "wow" is where a HostGator looks really salable but Estibot doesn't like it. Personally I usually avoid those, there are enough with good E ratings that I can't afford all of them, anyway...

Comment #17

Wow, that's an odd one...not sure it's worth anywhere near that much...sometimes Estibot does get it very wrong.....

Comment #18

There are around 150 searches per day for the term "how to build a website". It is common term and I also value it around $50,000 myself before trying estibot.

Estibot was agreeable with me in valuing my other domains as well.

My second HostGator ==>>

My third HostGator ==>>

In fact, I value my above domains a bit more then estibot estimation. I value them at around mid xxxxx for each...

Comment #19

In fact it specifies on the site not to use it for HostGator appraisal, doesn't it? I use it the way you do, to check backlinks, wordtracker, etc...

Comment #20

Great set of names...weird though whois shows the same email and owner name but with 3 different addresses. Were these drop pickups or what?.

They are certainly some good names...

Comment #21

I started reg'ing some of the $1,000+ names I found there. Now I'm gradually raising it ... focusing more on $2K-$3K names now. I've had a bunch of them parked for a week or two; will be interested to see what happens once they've had a chance to be spidered or whatever.

Estibot is certainly the best auto-valuator I've seen. Having said that ... for days now, I've had a sales thread offering some domains at 1/10 - and then 1/20 - their Estibot values, and don't have a nibble yet.

One of these days, I'll learn to develop domains, which is what really adds that value!..

Comment #22

Give me your thoughts.

I know .asia is highly unproven and speculative but I also know that sex-related domains seemed to work in evey extension.

Have found 8 or so two word terms that fit this target.

Have run them as .coms since Estibot does not do anything with .asia and these terms show wordtracking anywhere between 971 and 4782 per HostGator with estimates ranging from $68,000-$200,000.

Run them with the .asia extension and get exactly the same information except it lists reg. fee for value.

I am assuming that the success of such domains would depend upon google and how they would be included.

Any answers would be great.


Comment #23

Im 99% sure Estibot has not yet included metric for .asia domains, hence pretty much reg fee for everything. This could also be because there are no past sales to go on either.

Google is also supposed to be unbiased toward extension. So if you develop a great .asia name then there's no reason it cant become a huge success. My experience has been pretty good. They get indexed quickly and appear pretty well in search results. My best .asia sites get an awesome amount of traffic from search engines (G in particular)...

Comment #24

As I always say, use auto appraisal sites for novelty purposes only...

Comment #25

Backlinks 33,387.

PageRank 4.

Alexa Rank 42558 **.

Traffic (Visits / Day) 3,000**.

All that traffic thinks it's funny too!..

Comment #26

Novelty purposes is a nice way of saying "misleading and a complete lottery"...... it's like, oh this specific appraisal might be accurate..... oh but the next one might not be. pretty useless.

Trust me, when you see people over and over telling you the estibot value of the .mobi they just registered 10 seconds ago, you will start to get the joke...

Comment #27

I find Estibot very useful in providing lots of information such at OVT scores...

Comment #28

You mentioned Overture and this appears to be substantial compared to other HostGator names I have looked at but I see traffic is non-existent..

How important is Overture and what is a decent Overture score, if you will?.


Frequency (Google) 696,000.

In Anchor Text 91800.

In Title 64100.

In URL 18900.

Backlinks 0.

PageRank 0.

Alexa Rank Not Ranked.

Traffic (Visits / Day) N/A.

PPC Ads # 90.

Max PPC Bid $0.51.

PPC Income/day $2.7.

Overture/mo 35368.

Wordtracker/day 515..

Comment #29 already said.

"IMPORTANT: Do not make a purchase or sale decision based on this appraisal.

Before you buy or sell, EstiBot recommends that you check the NameBio database for market prices. Also, consider getting a Professional Appraisal.".

You can understand the differance between manual and automated appraisal from above sentences.

No tool or even human being can't appraise depends upon end user interest.

Estibot has a good automated HostGator Appraisal valuation tool...

Comment #30

Thanks and I understand what you so gracioulsy replied.

My question is that overture would seem like an objective measurement; therefore, Estibot could be valid in that sense. So, would an overture in the 35,000 range be considered decent?.


Comment #31

That would be something fairly popular. However, it doesn't mean it would have a whole lot of value, say, if you could only get the HostGator in a ccTLD like .md, .im, etc. Also, the value of the keyword would come into play. Some things, like game sites for instance, aren't as easy to monetize, or monetize well. Then you need to take competition into consideration. Even with 35,000, would you be able to capture 0.1% of that "market share" each month? How much in time, energy and finances would it cost to get there, or to 1%, or higher?.

There are plenty of other factors to consider, too. Those are just a few.

Also, don't rely too much on Overture, as I believe those counts are cached. Plus, in my recollection of when Overture was available to check, it seemed to sometimes read phrases and words differently (e.g. it might force a separation of a word into two words, or the other way around, alter plurals, etc.). That's what I recall, anyway...

Comment #32

Thanks JGK:.

The reason I pursued this is that these are two word common terms in the .asia extension.

The estimated values run from $68,000-$200,000.

My thinking was leaning towards: " If Estibot is 80% inaccurate, then there still is some marginal value. ".

Of course, I am making the leap from .com values to .asia.


Comment #33

I don't think you can take .com estimation for .asia domains will be hundred times more expensive than it's counter parts with .asia extension. Look at and I registered one word .asia domains with only xx while it's counter part with .com extension may be around xxxxx to xxxxxxx...

Comment #34

Thanks for all your advice and I will still roll the dice. Tere are 30 of them, so less than $850.

My wife spends that on a silly Barbie doll. Has a collection " valued " at 250k.

Yeah, until you try to sell it, right?.

Thanks again for your input, as it is greatly appreciated.


Comment #35

I've posted some here on namepros, dates can be verified by post date.

Com, net predictions:


Mobi predictions:


Before using Estibot, it's worth checking out the user's guide, disclaimers and other documentation on the site - the limitations are discussed there, and most of the issues that regularly pop up here on the forum (such as the present one) have already been discussed in the User's Guide.

The appraisal algorithm is a work in progress. Technical analysis can go a long way in HostGator valuation, the current algo is fairly good but it can be a lot better, given better data and some more time. As pointed out in this thread, the "wow" and "duh" factors are truly something that an automatic algorithm cannot do. AN automatic appraisal can be helpful, e.g. for large portfolios (see how long it takes to appraise 100,000 domains manually), for a quick check, and so on, but obviously it can make mistakes (so can humans) and the valuation can only work as one of many factors helping the domainer to collect data about his/her HostGator name in the process of HostGator valuation.

Estibot is really a research project - I want to see how my technical analysis and valuation model can be used to achieve a truly useful industry-strength bulk valuator. For instance, getting a 100,000 HostGator portfolio appraised by paid appraisal services could take months and cost a million bucks - Estibot could do it in minutes at very little cost. It's still quite some way from being a validated method for industry purposes, but I have identified the reasons for it's shortcomings and it's basically just a matter of time and resources.

Lately I've been focusing on developing HostGator research tools such as the long-tail search tool and available HostGator finder so I haven't updated the appraisal algorithm since last december, but I hope to get back to improving that soon.



By the way here's another old post of mine explaining some of these things and links to further explanations:

Comment #36

For a domainer newbie who has no experience estibot is a fair tool to find out metrics like backlinks, overture, wordtracker etc., and get a rough idea about a domain.

As Esa says the algorithm is a work in progress and as time goes on estibot can.

Incorporate past history and current trends to bring about more accurate appraisals...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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