Is there an easy way to stick to a Dukan Diet?

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Quick question... Is there an easy way to stick to a Dukan Diet? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... I had the Dukan Diet spaghetti for the first time last night and did not like it. The sauce was was too sweet for me. I have another one......does anyone have any ideas of how to tweak this one? I've only been on Dukan Diet a month...but this board has SAVED me.

They work and they are allowing the program to work for me. Down 13 pounds and counting.......THANKS to everyone!..

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The answer is Yes, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Dukan Diet guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Well...I haven't tried it yet...but you could try adding a splash of dry red wine or some balsamic vinegar or more tomatoes and/or some hot pepper flakes, to balance out the sweetness.....

Comment #2

Thanks to both of you! I will definitely add some garlic and onions next time...

Comment #3

I've not tried this yet, and you'd have to save a protein from earlier in the day, but I've heard of some people adding FF ricotta or cottage cheese to the tomato sauce dishes. Sounds good!..

Comment #4

I doctor up most tomatoie meals with V8 and canned diced tomatos..

Comment #5

I've heard a lot of bad things about the spaghetti. It's so funny. I'm on maintenance now and no longer buy Dukan Diet dinners or lunches but I wondered for the whole year I was on the Dukan Diet plan "why don't they have spaghetti?" because I loved the Rotini and as soon as I'm off of the plan they get it. I'm shocked it's not good because I would think it would taste a lot like the Rotini...

Comment #6

I liked the spaghetti, but I added some garlic and parm cheese to it. I will try some of the other things that people posted. Thanks...

Comment #7

I loved the Rotini too. I am on maintenance also and don't order lunches or dinners, but I kind of miss the Rotini. I wonder if the spaghetti tastes like it???..

Comment #8

I really like the spaghetti as is...sort of reminds me of mom's...if I think of it I may sprinkle a tspn of LF parmesan on it..

Comment #9

Hi all,.

I actually love the spaghetti.. it's my fav.

I just add a lil` parm and I'm good to go~!.


Comment #10

I liked the spaghetti as is too. I just add some red pepper flakes to mine, but then again I had those to most everything. I love the food when it has a little bit of spice to it...

Comment #11

I love love love the rotini and expected the spaghetti to be the same but it's not.....I agree that it's too sweet tasting too I will try adding more tomatoes to it next time to try to get rid of the sweetness thanks for the tip...

Comment #12

I add one or two oz. of meat ball (protein saved from snacks) and some Extra Spicy V8 juice (veg)...and maybe a few drops of Tabasco sauce (depends on my need for heat at the time). IF I were allowed a carb, I would also add a bit of extra whole wheat spagetti. All of this helps to cut the sweetness...

Comment #13

I tried the spaggetti and it was ok. wasnt amazing like some of the others, but I do like the idea of adding onions to it. I think I will do that this week..

Arent these boards GREAT!!!..

Comment #14

I actually like the spaghetti, mainly due to my love of sweet things, which got me into this mess in the first place. Last night was the first time I had it, and I loved it..

With the other tomato based meals, they taste a little bitter to me, so I add just a smidgeon of Splenda to them...

Comment #15

I like the spaghetti also and it's strange that it's sweet (I love sweet things) I am gonna try adding some garlic though and see what it tastes like...

Comment #16

===With the other tomato based meals, they taste a little bitter to me, so I add just a smidgeon of Splenda to them===.

I agree 100%.. they taste bitter to me too...

I never thought to add a little splenda to them!.

Thank you for the idea.


Comment #17

Noooooooo! The rotini is way better. I really like the rotini but would never order the spaghetti again!..

Comment #18

I love sweet tomato sauce so I thought I'd like the spahetti but I don't care for it (although I love the rotini). Yesterday I bought some Bertolli mushroom alfredo sauce & I'm going to try mixing in 1/8 cup (40 cal) - I'm on maintenance but maybe occasionally someone could use this as a fat. I hope it will work, I love the tomato cream sauces & am hoping that's what it will taste like...

Comment #19

I added Shirataki noodles to it and tossed it to redistribute the sauce. These noodles have almost no calories at all (like 10-20 calories depending how much you use)a free-food. You find them in the tofu area in the produce section of the supermarket. I heat the noodles by pouring boiling water over them and strain them, then toss with the Dukan Diet entree...

Comment #20

Spaghetti as-is is just fine by me - with a little sprinkle of reduced fat parm...and it reminds me of my mom's. This is a current favorite of mine...

Comment #21

I love the spaghetti too. I told my fiance that next week I was going to buy an extra one for him to try it because he loves a TON of sauce on his noodles and this has that.....

Comment #22

My daughter and I both LOVE the spaghetti. We think it's great as is but I'll probably try the garlic idea to switch it up. I didn't care for the Rotini much...

Comment #23

I had the spaghetti, about one bite of it and the rest hit the trash. I haven't liked any of the entrees in the new white trays..

Good thing there is such a good selection of foods so having a few "I will never eat this again" items won't ruin the plan for you...

Comment #24

When my wife made marinara sauce from scratch she did not add salt.

Or not very much. After many years of tweaking the recipe to figure out.

What it needed because I said it didn't taste right, she finally added more.

Salt. That was the difference.....

So try just adding some salt to see.

If it will tweak down the sweetness......

Comment #25

That sounds like a great idea! I'm always looking for more ways to sop up the extra sauce in the entrees. I've heard of these noodles from, but wasn't sure if it fit in with NS. What supermarket did you get yours from?..

Comment #26

Squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon over the entree, that'll kill some of the sweet and brighten the flavor of the whole dish..

I dump it over spaghetti squash and add hot pepper and garlic and add meatless meatballs (saved snack protein). It's yummy. I also thin the sauce with a dousing of FF chicken broth...

Comment #27

I saw that you said it was to sweet and I agree.. Do you like foods that are a tad bit spicy, but not much? If so.. take some chili powder and some crushed red peppers.. Warm the spaghetti in a skillet on the stove instead of the microwave.. cut up green pepper slices toss in with spaghetti, sprikle in chili powder and crushed red peppers, stir.. sprinkle a little more..

It's really good, but depending on how much spice you add it can have a kick to it.... but takes the sweetness away for sure...

Comment #28

I like to add a splash of hot sauce and extra Italian seasoning...

Comment #29

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