Is there a web site that has the point counter for Nutrisystem?

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My first question is Is there a web site that has the point counter for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I just had the beans and ham soup mixed with 2 ff hotdogs and salsa. Delish!!..

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Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

The beans & ham soup is very good with a few drops of garlic Tabasco sauce too!..

Comment #2

I've added the hot dogs, onion powder, mustard powder and FF BBQ sauce for a little more flavor. yum...

Comment #3

Okay....I am having a horrible time finding lunches that I like. So far a no go on the chicken salad, the chicken noodle and veggies, really any chicken products. I have liked the yogurt berry drink, beef meals. Any suggestions please on what to order next. I am nauseous just thinking about the lunches I have already tried. I am worried I will be stuck with smoothies and bars for the next 6 months...

Comment #4

Oh my gosh...the bean and ham soup is my current favorite. It was really delicious just like it is. I'm saving my 2nd one until I've had a series of so-so stuff...

Comment #5

Add me to the love list! just had it yesterday have to have lots more of them.



Comment #6

I love the bean and ham soup but the new recipe tastes funy for some reason...

Comment #7

Hi all:.

I have to say that I find the nutrisystem items that contain beans to be very satisfying and I like the taste too. I havent been eating beans in a while and I forgot how much I like them!.

For the beans and ham soup, I like to add a few drops of sri racha (thai) hot saucethat also works for the chili with beans and the black beans and rice..

I also will add cilantro and onions to the chili sometimes!.


Comment #8

Linda, where do you count your ff hotdog? as a protien for the day?..

Comment #9

Toomanyweddings-i had the same problem with the lunches. the ckicken noodle veggie was my 1st lunch and it was gross! I like the sloppy joe(w/melted cheddar), black beans/rice(w/salsa&cilantro, new orleans chicken/rice and thats about it. I seem to like the spicy I have a big salad and I feel fine..

I'm so happy to hear the ham/bean soup is good. they gave me alot of them and I was afraid to try it..


Comment #10

If you like spicy try the chicken stew with barley (with a dash of Franks hot sauce)! Delish!!..

Comment #11

So far...I really like:.

Spinach and chz ravioli with meat sauce, the chocalate is divine (I save my fat to eat with peanut butter), the peanut butter and choc. chip granola bars, (the granola is all pretty good) New Orleans style chicken with rice lunch entree, LOVED the black bean soup...going to try the Ham and Beans next..

Did NOT like:.

Almond and chochlate biscotti- tasted grainy and hard to swallow, lemon butter noodles with chicken (yuck..taking these off my list), the breakfast pastries (only tried strawberry) are being exchanged..couldn't eat it and tossed Has anyone tried? Thai noodles? blueberry muffins? cookies? chicken salad? I haven't tried yet and trying to decide whether to exchange...

Comment #12

I really liked the ravioli with chz. very good, liked the black bean soup...very good, new orleans chicken with rice was fine...

Comment #13

I tried the beans & ham soup today for lunch and what part of it I got to eat was really good!!! I say what part of it I got to eat because I got distracted during the microwave process and it blew off the lid and turned the container over so there was more in the microwave than in the container!!!..

Comment #14

Ha ha...I'd have been scraping that stuff off of the microwave walls. Yeah...I really did like it..

Everyone was complaining on the boards about the vinaigrette with turkey salad topper and I had that today and I thought that was pretty good. I still can't get over the beef patty cooking process. My husband and brother-in-law were cracking up over my beef wafer and we were all amazed as it transformed into a hamburger-looking patty. Wow...what will they think of next??..

Comment #15

I added 1 cup 1% milk to my Beans and Ham Soup!.

It really enhanced the flavor which I like anyway..


Comment #16

Have you tried the fettucini yet. Cook on stove and add mushrooms and or broccoli and ff cream cheese or ff amer. cheese. This is one of my favs. I also really like the cheesey potatoes with broccoli...

Comment #17

Lunches are the hardest for me too..

But here is what I like so far:.

Broccoli soup is good, you can't go wrong on the trail mix bars, how about try the choloate drink it is another favorite of mine..

You can drink it thick or then, just add more water..

In my last order they sent me a total of 12 cholocate drinks cause they were out of the berry, wish they did not do that, now I have too many cholocate drinks. Oh well..

I know, not too many choices for lunch. They need to get more...

Comment #18

I have exchanged my lunch and dinner for days..

It helped when I reached a plateau..

Also, it has me going to bed with a less stuffed feeling..

Tonight, I am having stew with a slice of melted low fat cheese on it..


Comment #19

I tried the chicken salad for the first time today and many people had complained about it. I had bought one of those food choppers that they have on TV that dices your veggies. OMG..that thing is awesome. I got it at Target. So I put a couple of carrots, a few sticks of celery, some onion and bell peppers...diced them up with my new gizmo...and added a few tablespoons of that too the chicken salad. I put that on a whole wheat roll (the melba toast is pretty and it was really good.

I also ground some pepper on there too. That was a pretty good lunch...and now I have leftover diced veggies to add to something else, like eggs...

Comment #20

Good idea Steph, I will have to get one of those dicers. I had a hard time with the Melba toast also... I was looking for a way to jazz up the chix salad...thanks!..

Comment #21

The one that I got from Target is this one:.

Http:// stReviews&asin=B000I6JZWA..

Comment #22

Beans and Ham soup is my favorite lunch and as my protein I add Black Forest Smoked Ham... 2 slices are 50 calories with 10g protein....

I also add the ham to Split Pea Soup for lunch and I save my afternoon snack protein and add the ham to the Macaroni and Cheese dinner....

Good luck to all.....

Comment #23

This was a great lunch meal. I think this is the one time of the day they need to work on better variety. Dinner is really good, and breakfast is fantastic. Lunch seems like the middle child that didn't get the right treatment...

Comment #24

Having that again tomorrow..

Am going to add either tobasco, salsa or garlic..

Thx for ideas..

I like the soup plain also..

( have run out of weiners..

My food is at the UPS twenty two miles from me..

Will be here Monday but I will not be home till Wednesday to dive in...

Comment #25

I think lunch is exciting because of the added protein. I often have one of the soups or potato dishes and add one ounce of chicken breast, hamburger pattie or pork loin for my protein. Along w/large salad I have a great big and tasty lunch. I buy a lb. of hamburger, pkg. of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a pork loin and portion all into 1 oz.

Freeze separately and they cook up very quickly in skillet w/Pam. Yummmmm!..

Comment #26

Hey Bestofred....

How much of a hamburger patty do you get out of 1 oz? Ziploc bags are great for portioning out stuff like that. We do that with my husband's seafood. I don't like seafood so a package makes several meals for him...

Comment #27


Thanks Steph for the Heads up on that chopper from Target..

I brought one the other day and I agree with you that it is awesome..

Yesterday I did my fresh veggies shopping and when I came home I chopped mushrooms, radishes, celery, green pepper, onions and put each into a quart Zip Lock baggie..

Now when I make my salad it only takes a minute to throw a variety of goodies on top of the greenery..

And you can also make some great omlettes using Egg Beaters..

Add a little salsa and you have a delicious breakfast..


Comment #28

Hi Pat,.

I actually chop up most of my veggies together and keep it all in one container...peppers, onions, celery. I don't like mushrooms but they would get ruined with mixing, I'm sure. I have been enjoying the heck out of that chopper. I also like throwing that stuff in with the egg beaters...great scrambled too..


Comment #29

I love the beans and ham soup too. I cooked some extra carrots, celery and onion in a little water and added to it. Made a huge bowl of soup. I also like the New Orleans chicken dinner but not the lunch...

Comment #30

Did NOT like:.

Almond and chochlate biscotti- tasted grainy and hard to swallow, lemon butter noodles with chicken (yuck..taking these off my list), the breakfast pastries (only tried strawberry) are being exchanged..couldn't eat it and tossed Has anyone tried? Thai noodles? blueberry muffins? cookies?.

Chicken salad?.

I haven't tried yet and trying to decide whether to exchange.[/quote].

I loved the chicken salad! I was a little "ify" about but I added some curry powder, garlic powder and 2 slices of chopped apples. I prepared it in the morning before I left to work and left it in the fridge. I came home late that evening, toasted a light Thomas Wheat English Muffin, added the chicken salad, and a slice of tomato and it was superb!!! I would've incuded a few raisins if I would've had them...

Comment #31

HI there,.

Next time you try one of the biscottis...dunk it in coffee. That's what I did with mine and it was really good. Biscotti is really meant to be dunked in coffee and that really does soften the texture and I really enjoyed it. I liked the chicken salad also when I added onions and peppers to it. I did try the blueberry muffins and cookies...I put them in the microwave for 15 seconds and whew...really good. I haven't tried the Thai noodles yet...had my hand on them and then went with the green pepper steak instead.

Have you had the vegetarian sloppy joe yet? I thought that was really good...

Comment #32

I'm new to this, can anyone tell me what does " ff " mean when all of you write about hotdogs? Thanks!..

Comment #33


I'm new to this, can I ask what is the " ff " in ff hot dog?.

Thanks -.


Lost 5 lbs so far.

45 lbs to go!..

Comment #34

Fat Free hot dog, try to get the 97% fat free ones...

Comment #35


I just read about having 2 ff hotdogs for a that correct?? I.

Can have 2 per day??..

Comment #36

Hi melanie-D, How are you today, I pray that I find you well. The smart hot dogs are good they are the vegatarian ones you could buy them at pathmark. I'm a junior also would you like to be my buddy...

Comment #37

I found hormel beans and ham soup at local dollar store today.

Have not tried it yet but it is almost exactly the same stat wise as NS.

And it only cost $1.00.



Comment #38

The Ball Park fat free hotdogs are a great protein add to the beans and ham soup...the turkey are 45 calories each and the beef or 50..,..

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