Is there a way to remove the godaddy ads from the top of my webpage?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Is there a way to remove the godaddy ads from the top of my webpage?.

My next question is: Here it is a thread dedicated to the last great Live/Silent auction of the year 4TH Q.

Traffic Miami 07 / TRAFFIC EAST 2007

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Your question was: Is there a way to remove the godaddy ads from the top of my webpage?.

Do we need to set the reserves prices right now while sending the list, or only after the name has been selected ?

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Thanks for the info. I have a few I might submit for consideration. Cant hurt..

Comment #2

You need to set the take home price excluding the 15 % commission ? They will look at you names and prices, then will notify you whether they will be accepted or declined...

Comment #3

Is it possible to do it through Cpanel..

Comment #4


Send an email to requesting them for the HostGator Submission Form for TRAFFIC Miami Oct, 07...

Comment #5

Seems like they make everyone sign an exclusivity rights for them to sell the HostGator for the next 120 days.

In other words, if we submit the names now, what happens if some of the same names are included for the HostGator Roundtable auction. Will we be in trouble?..

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Notice that the agreement has changed? I'm not sure when these changes were actually written in but I don't recall them being in there for New York.

Several points if interest are that the terms of exclusivity has changed. Instead of 60 days, it's now 120 and it counts from time of submission rather than time of acceptance. Before, we were protected in the sense that our submissions didn't "belong" to Moniker until AFTER they were accepted into the auction... now it reads that they domains are to be considered covered under the exclusivity agreemet unitl/unless they are specifically omitted from the auction.

Also note that any domains will AUTOMATICALLY be renewed under the exclusivity agreement UNLESS you state in writing that you want them removed from the agreement.

So don't assume, just because your name didn't sell in the silent last year, that you are free to market and sell them. Did you tell Moniker you wanted them removed?.

The way it reads, at the very least, you will owe Moniker 15% of that HostGator sale even if you did it yourself.

What Moniker is providing is a Good and Valuable service... that cannot be denied. But know what you are signing so you can be prepared to live by the obligation.

Best of luck to everyone,.


Comment #7

Great advice Gopc! Now I have got to really read the agreement before I decide. Thanks...Al...

Comment #8

What if some domains are not accepted ?

Can you give me a link for this agreement ?

Comment #9

I think that the agreement hasn't been read properly. It specifically says that a) it is 60 days & b) only if the HostGator is accepted. It may be that I received a different agreement form but this is definitely what it said...

Comment #10

The agreement is sent with the submission form. If you contact Moniker () and ask them for a submission for the Miami Show, you will get a submission for AND a copy of the agreement.

Specifically to your question, once the domains have NOT been presented at the auction, they are excluded from the agreement.

The issue has been that folks submitting their domains are rarely aware of whether or not their domains were accepted until literally right before the show.

Assuming you submit your names well before the deadline, you are effectively tieing up your names for a couple of months before you even know if they are indeed being included.

The way it is written now, is that during that time, you ARE covered under the agreement until release by NOT being accepted into the auction(s).

So if you were to sell one of the submitted domains while you are witing to be accepted into the auction, Moniker would then be entitled to a commission on that sale.... even BEFORE the auction.

So again, just be sure you manage yourself and your domains accordingly. The wording: Seller grants Buyer/Seller Agent the exclusive right and authority to sell the Name(s) for one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days from the date of submitting/declaring one of the Name(s) on the ADDENDA to this Agreement or sixty (60) days from the conclusion of the first auction taking place after the submission/declaring of the Name(s) on the ADDENDA, whichever occurs later (the Exclusive Sale Period).

Point - 120 days from date of submission OR 60 days from conclusion of the auction, whichever comes last.

For Clarification - ADDENDA is the Submission Form where you list your names.

Furthermore is reads: Once a Name is submitted by Seller, whether by ADDENDA or otherwise, the Name becomes subject to this Agreement, whether or not Seller is notified that the Name has been selected for the auction. If, however, Buyer/Seller Agent notifies Seller that a Name has not been selected for auction, Seller will be permitted to withdraw the Name from submission.

That pretty much sums it up... the domains are locked up until the HostGator owner is notified otherwise.


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I am submitting my premium names but most em have no traffic.. wondering if they get accepted. Did anybody had that luck?.


Comment #12

Raviuta supposedly alot of big buyers check the lists out if they like your name.

If they dont well no loss.your competing with 50-80k names that get submitted each auction..

Good luck to you we all need it...

Comment #13

I have now submitted domains and sent numerous emails to moniker for the past couple events and never receive a reply.

I give up..

Comment #14

Good luck to you too and everybody. Thx for the reply. Nice to hear..

Comment #15

I reckon they are busy with the Adult Auction next month...

Comment #16

The deadline has arrived 08/01/07.

Hope you all submitted..

Comment #17

Did it just today When will they say if our names are accepted tho? Any Idea?/.


Comment #18

How do we attend the auction? Do we need to buy a seat or is it invitation only? I live in the area and would really love to check it out...

Comment #19

Thanks Raja I think Im going to attend. Steve Forbes is the keynote speaker and I hear that the Cocktail party is quite the place to mingle and network with fellow domainers...

Comment #20

Does anybody know when they're gonna let us know if our names got selected for the auction? I wanna send my names to some other auctions too.


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I missed the deadline for Moniker but want to submit some domains to the next few auctions.... I get emails from Moniker but I know very little about any others.



Comment #22

I do too - but thank god they didn't take for the miami auction ha ha ha.

They actually did me a favor!..

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I think they dont inform us if a HostGator is selected, U need to dig thru the Auction inventory list and find out if your name made it or not, no idea when the list will be released, i'm also eager to know the answer..

Comment #24

I think they will put up the Auction Inventory List one month before the auction. If you want to know the exact date email them.

Further, the respective moniker account rep will contact you if your name/s are selected for the auction...

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I've sold many names through Moniker Auctions....

They are one of my favorite resources....

I submitted some names to the event as well...

I am ALSO along with all of you - anxiously awaiting the results of.

The selection committee...

The Florida TRAFFIC - Oct event pre-selection list will be out the end of the first week of Sept.

Good Luck to Everyone...

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

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Folks - the auction schedule through 2007 is right here:

We are going through submissions for TRAFFIC East now and will be through mid September. We hope to have a preliminary list out 3-4 week prior to the auction.

We are not purposely not reporting what names we are taking to keep anyone from entering into any other auctions....I think most know us better than that.

Should you have any questions, you can contact your Moniker Account Executive or send an email to.

Thank you for your continued support...

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RaviUTA - I try to contribute to all the HostGator forums and boards that I can. Many here will tell you that I post from time to time and happy to do so...

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I got an email tonight requesting that I drop the reserve on one domain, which I did. So it sounds like they are at least interested in getting it into the auction. Hopefully, it'll make it.....

Comment #29

I had the same for one of the 8 domains in total that I ve submitted..

The rest I assume are fine with their reserve...

Comment #30

Great .. so we might hear about our submitted domains soon...

Comment #31

I got the same thing for 3 of mine, which I lowered..

I wonder if these are the only ones out of our submitted names that are being considered or just the only ones that needed the reserves lowered?..

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I received the same email for one of my names. I then asked my rep "So I guess none of my other names made the cut?". I was told "not necessarily" and that they are still working on the list. I hope my other names made the cut. Good luck to all.


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Considering the domains I sent I can surely say that the one that I was asked to lower the reserve price was the the 'worst' one..

Comment #34

I got an Email too..and I reduced the reserve price. I hope my remaining domains get selected too..

Comment #35

I only submitted around 20-25 names, I thought sending in too many would not be good. Some of the lesser desirables may over shadow the desirables.

Last night I got an email as well to lower the minimum bid on two of them, I did it without thinking twice.

What i'm wondering is two things.

(1) Are they going to be in the live auction?.

(2) Is it possible some of the others made it and the minimum bid was already at an acceptable price.

There was another name that was thrown in some time ago (maybe 6-8 weeks ago), a rep from Moniker emailed asking the minimum bid amount, I told him and he replied "That's doable" and sent me a seperate form for it, so I'm hoping it is in as well but haven't heard...

Comment #36

Received an email from my moniker rep stating: Looks like it's still going to be a while before we know..

Comment #37

I got an email today to lower reserve on 18 domains, whew, some I did to what they recommended and others I countered. It is hard to do because they never say silent or live. In fact, they say the names are still not selected on top...

Comment #38

Just my own two cents here.... I had 8 domains in the last Traffic auction. Of them, 1 was in live and sold for 12x my reserve. Of the 7 in silent, one had been one that they asked for reserve to be lowered and I declined. It didn't sell but I'm okay with that because I have had higher offers than what they wanted reserve at. I had a couple of others I was asked to lower reserves on and I didn't and they didn't make it.

I have the utmost confidence in domains getting a fair crack pricing wise if they make it to live. But I have a hard time lowering reserves if they won't. I try and base my reserves on previous offers/revenue I've received. Why take the risk of getting less than offers I've declined already?.

This time around I was asked to lower reserve from 2500 to 500 on a generic financial I only acquired days before the deadline for the same amount as asked reserve. This same HostGator ended up on tdnam auction for 1100. It's a .com where all the tlds and all english cctlds are registered and most developed. Overture and a nice EPC - 3-4$. I didn't go down to 500 but I did lower it to 1000 - knowing that the 'market' has already shown it is worth at least that much. I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake because that works out to very low multiples just on a revenue basis - nevermind that it is generic.

This auction will be fun - it will be the first one I'll actually be at in person. Unfortunately I don't think I submitted any strong enough to make live. We'll see. Last time I felt that several domains I submitted should have made it that didn't while one that was chosen surprised me...

Comment #39

Wow! I finally found the right forum and thread for my question..

What's the normal reserve price for an auction compared to the appraised value of a name?.

I submitted my name for the auction and also had it appraised by them. They appraised it at $10K. Later, I too received the email for a reserve reduction to $5K. I did modify my reserve to $10K from a previous high setting but I'm wondering if I should go to the recomended $5K.

Is half price the normal opening bid desired for an auction?.

Are they trying to scoop the HostGator up before the auction to make more profit off of it?.

I really do like these guys and I know they're working very hard going through all those HostGator names...

Comment #40

I suppose it's like auctioning anything else, Typically starting lower can get the bids going. I auctioned off a house last year in which I set no reserve, It started at $50,000 and ended at almost $200,000 which was about $25,000 more than I had expected.

You know what you have to have for it and have to live with either being satisfied or not with the final result so it's really not right for someone here at the forum to tell you where to set your reserve...

Comment #41

You'll have a blast! :.

I hope you have one in the live, that would be great to be.

Sitting there watching it!!!.

Some people may walk out of there with a HostGator or a sale,.

That can make their dreams come true!.

While others may not have the same experience..

Any bit of knowledge shared from the "pro's" is a value..

Comment #42

I might need heart meds before/after it lol.

I was bad enough at the last Traffic auction - had 3 people on IM and pacing while I was waiting for mine to hit and once it did it seemed like time slowed down. I wish I'd recorded it!!..

Comment #43


Did anyone get a Reply back from Moniker saying that their names got selected for the Auction?/ I did not get any reply yet.


Comment #44

I received an email on the 7th of Sept Hopefully by the end of this week!.

They did publish "some" of the live auction names, but not too many...

Comment #45

I asked my rep about that today (well, yesterday now) - he said "Last week of Sept." Where are they published?..

Comment #46

I received another email yesterday - this.

Is part of it..

Comment #47

That's a great question and can be answered easily...If it's not your best name LOWER the reserve. Just look at it was listed in NYC Traffic this summer with a suggested price of 25K it sold in LIVE for $150K.

Good Luck..

Comment #48

The only problem with that thinking is how you get caught out if the HostGator gets stuck in the SILENT auction. You have no control over that... you lower your great domain's price into the weeds and then it gets banished to Silent and sells for your that price... and you CAN'T say no.

So while you are lowering your prices, KEEP IN MIND that it doesn't guarantee a place in the Live Auction. So price accordingly.

Best of luck,.


Comment #49

Tomorrow is the 21st, any update on the list?..

Comment #50

Preliminary list will be posted on Monday leaving 17 days prior to the event. there will be some adjustments, additions and subtractions but they will be kept to a minimum. The list looks very good and the silent list is going to really kick ass as well...

Comment #51

Thanks Monte, here's looking forward to another successful auction...

Comment #52

When will we expect emails about our accepted domains ?

Comment #53

After they are expected. you will also receive FOA's to validate ownership etc and will be asked to move your domains to moniker to avoid transfer delays after sale..

Comment #54

Has anyone here received the email from Moniker stating that their names have been accepted?..

Comment #55

Nope, not here...maybe they haven't been.

Sent out yet.

Hopefully if someone else has news they'll post it..

Comment #56

I read that Monday will be the day for the lists...

Comment #57

If you read the posts carefully, you can see that Monte Cahn (CEO of Moniker) said the preliminary list will be posted Monday, September 24th. Keep in mind, there will be a few additions/subtractions from this preliminary list so wait until you receive an email from your rep to confirm if any of your domains will definitely be part of the live or silent auctions...

Comment #58

Nope, in fact Moniker is down for me, just when I pushed some domains..

I just hope they dont get lost anywhere..

Comment #59

I'm like everyone else, I want to see the list but then in away I'm kinda scared to look at itBe a huge downer if none get in the live..

Comment #60

Dont get upset if you dont get into happy for silent if nothing at all..silent still produces just of course not like live.......many will be dissapointed as they are each and every traffic auction including now I just take it with a grain of salt...

Comment #61

The most a disappointment can get is when one does not find his/her domains in both live and silent. Let us all hope for the best to happen...

Comment #62

With more than 3700 domains on the prelim list, I look forward to hearing how many domains (and which ones) will be part of the live auction and how many will be part of the silent auction. i'm still expecting many deletions from this list so i'm not counting my chickens yet.....

Comment #63

Should I assume that any of my "$1-$5000" domains won't make it to live?..

Comment #64

This link was posted on another forum:

I've got several names on the list, but I don't know exactly how many. Hopefully, they will send an email soon to let us know exactly which ones made it...

Comment #65

For those wishing to view the long preliminary list, it's here..

Comment #66

I got 5 in, but I dont think any are strong enough for live - but I thought the same last time and one did. So who knows?.

Good luck to all!..

Comment #67

That's a huge list. How many will go live? Will most or all of the rest go silent?..

Comment #68

By my count, I got 22 domains on the list..

Hopefully, at least one or two will go to the LIVE auction. That would be fun..

Comment #69

I see 4 of mine, but I haven't received an email yet..

Does this mean it still could change?..

Comment #70

I've found that the emails go out only a few days before the actual event...

Comment #71

I got 5 of my names in. Good nah for a starter? But only 1 might get into the live Auction Lol!. Hey, how different is a live auction from a silent auction? Anybody knows?? I do know it's better than the silent Auction.


Comment #72

Well if I manage to get a name in the live (I have no hope ).

Seeing as how your gonna be there and all.

I'll need your cell number..

Comment #73

4 .com names are in the preliminary list. Hope this auction turns out a Grand Success...

Comment #74

Looks like I got and into the list...

Comment #75

I did a really quick scan through of the list since I'm in a hurry to get out of here this morning but see that ***MedicatedShampoos*.com is on there...

Comment #76

I Love Moniker but the silent is just a big waste of time & it's hassle to unlist your names from the next show..

You have to send an email etc and mess around to remove the name or your still on their terms..

99% of peoples names will be in the silent, not the live. Its very offputting..

I have asked them before for a way to just apply for the live, if no for either reason, thier opinion on quality or reserve too high, cool, but I dont want the names to go to the silent..

Also an awful website for the silent, should be made more visually interesting..

Not whingeing, just suggestions..

Suggestions that keep falling on deaf ears even though quite a few of us have mentioned down the time.

If the Moniker rep is floating around, any progress on resolving/changing these issues?..

Comment #77

Hey Arnie,.

Why is it soo bad for our names to go into the silent auction? How different is it from the Live auction?.


Comment #78

There are 162 names at $50K +.

Will only the top ticket names make it to the live auction or will they mix in some affordable names which they feel are sure to sell?.

It's obvious they want to make the most money. I just wonder if some of those expensive names are really sellable...

Comment #79

In simple terms, little or anything gets any bids in the silent..

Plus zero excitement..

Plus you're ties in to Moniker UNLESS you physically email them and get confirmation your name is removed..

Otherwise technically you cant sell privately in between auctions.

In simple terms i'm prepared to go through a bit of hassle for the live but the silent is dead as a dodo. Don't you remember the last couple?..

Comment #80

Its a HUGE difference in the liklihood that your name will sell. At TRAFFIC NY 444 silent names sold, and if Miami does as well (which may be a reach just considering how powerful anything in NY is), that would be only 14% or one in seven names will sell in the silent. The percentage sold in live is MUCH higher, but so is the bar for quality they're looking for.

That said, Moniker runs a GREAT auction, and knows how to prote it and draw buyers to both types of auction like no one else...

Comment #81

I got one on the list for the first time. Hope it makes it to the live as well...

Comment #82

Got 2 in at first glance. I need to go over what I actually submitted to see if there are more.

Good Luck everybody...

Comment #83

None of mine made it in, but honestly, man that is a LOT of domains up. Not a pro but seems to me with that many in live or silent, it will dillute the sale prices. Doesn't seem like they've had as many .nets etc in the previous auctions either.

Good luck to all, I may join the silent auction myself and try to snag a few here and there...

Comment #84

Looks like I got 4 in this time. Hope they're live ones (pun not intended, but..) not silent ones, but will take that too...

Comment #85

Just got an email from Moniker stating that my name made it into the "silent" auction. Oh well better than nothing. Good luck everyone.....

Comment #86

If anyone gets a .ca in either silent or live,.

Can you post, I scanned the list quite quickly but never.

Noticed any .ca's in there at all?.

Could that be because of ownership requirements?..

Comment #87

Got ten names in the silent, none in the live, kind of weird the ones I expected didn't get selected but I have got to believe that Moniker knows their clientele better than I..........

Comment #88

Moniker is not cira-accredited so I suspect that unless they become so or make arrangements with a cira-accredited registrar, we won't see .ca's hit...

Comment #89

You could be right, I hope not! I would think moniker would want each auction to do better than the last and am sure that's the goal.

Remember, not only did the NewYork auction bring the importance of HostGator names front and center to many that were unaware that will now be interested, you also have the major players at the NY auction needing/wanting to get their hands on more names. Not to mention all the high dollar reported sales that have occured since the NY auction that only fuels the fire...

Comment #90

In the same boat as many of you ... 6 on the list, not sure if any will make the live auction or get bids in the silent.

Even so, this is the first time I've had _any_ domains qualify for a conference auction, so I'm at least mildly excited...

Comment #91

Initial list only I think, too short ,and today I have had a "live" acceptance for a name not on the list.



Comment #92

I have 14 in the silent and hope one may still make it to the live. I don't think the live is finalized yet because the preliminary live list is too short. I expect a few domains scheduled to be in the silent will be moved..

Good luck to everyone with domains involved.















Comment #93

The list will continue to be tweaked and obviously there is a lot that goes into it. the silent has performed and will perform is loaded with gems and there will be many more bidders than before. The silent auction will be as big as the live auction some day so I would not discount it.

The live vs silent will be posted on Monday hopefully. A couple additions today were and

Comment #94

Hey thx again for the reply. I got one of my .La names in. Tattoos.La Good luck to everybody...

Comment #95

I've got one on the list:.

It has treated me good for the past two years. I hope it goes live...

Comment #96

The quality of the highest-end domains they've been able to attract is a testiment to the confidence sellers have in Moniker's ability to attract quality buyers. That's nice to see whether you are a prospective buyer or seller at any level.

Good luck to all. (especially NP members )..

Comment #97

Most fortunate to have four on the master auction inventory list:.

I eagerly anticipated the release of the initial list, and look forward to the upcoming auction. Best of luck to everyone...

Comment #98

I see in the live auction. This is good, because I have Let's hope I can ride that wave...

Comment #99

Anybody with names in the list still waiting for an email?.

I have 2 in the list and haven't heard anything...

Comment #100

Yes. I have 28 on the prelim list and no email to date.

But this is just like the last TRAFFIC auction in NYC. The only email I received then was the authorization confirmation email right before the event. I think the reps and everyone involved are rather busy, so I don't fault them for not giving personal attention.

And I know that this auction is slightly different, with the domains all needing to be transferred to Moniker before the auction. So I expect to receive a few emails coming down the pipeline: notification of domains accepted, instructions for transfer to Moniker (since my domains are not held there), and at least one authorization email...

Comment #101

I didn't think that the transfer to Moniker was mandatory. Where did you see that it is?..

Comment #102

In this thread by Monte:

Perhaps being "asked" isn't the same as being told. Maybe Monte could clarify this for us...

Comment #103

I got an authorization email today for one of my domains. I am so excited! This is the first time that I am going to auction...

Comment #104

I thought I was shut out this time until I received an email a couple of hours ago. Seems as if someone requested one of mine to be added so they sent the authorization email.....

Comment #105

Got my email as well, I'm in. Good luck everyone...

Comment #106

My rep emailed me and told me I had ten selected, but I got an authorization request for only one, does that mean that one that I got the authorization request for made the live?..

Comment #107

I think you would get an authorization request for live or silent...

Comment #108

I have 2 domains in the list and just received the authorization request. But can anyone tell me how to know the domains are for Live or Silent Auction?..

Comment #109

The list is due out Monday per Monte.The auth email doesn't indicate live or silent.

Good Luck..

Comment #110

I got an email from my rep saying two of my names got into the silent. Does that mean I'm now free to sell any other names I submitted that didn't get in elsewhere?..

Comment #111

I haven't had a confirmation email, I guess I didn't make it,.

Good luck everyone who did though!..

Comment #112

I think what you have to do is send your rep an email stating that you want Moniker to release your other names from the contract that you signed, so that you can sell them elsewhere...

Comment #113

Anybody submitted names for previous TRAFFIC auctions that weren't chosen and then resubmitted them for later TRAFFIC or other Moniker auctions that were then accepted?..

Comment #114

Yes, I had one name that happened with, didn't sell though!.

I'm still seeing 4 of my domains on the current auction list, but have.

Yet to receive the email...

What happens if a HostGator drops.

And it ends up in the auction?.

I see 2 unregistered domains on the list!..

Comment #115

I just got my authorization for 21 domains, which I accepted. I assume they are all in the silent auction. Let's sell some domains!..

Comment #116

Just got a notice about 3 of mine.

The 4th is a .nu and depending on where you check,.

The whois is different So I wonder what will happen with.

That one? It's in my GD account so I can prove I own it..

What I should do? Wait a little longer and hope for the email.

(the HostGator is on the list) or contact my rep?..

Comment #117

IS there an updated list at this point? IF so, where?.


Comment #118

Here is the link I have

Master list inventory...

Comment #119

Finally got an email.

Is there anything required other than clicking the authorization link? I didn't see anything about transferring the names to Moniker as was previously stated somewhere in this thread.

Thanks and good luck NP'rs..

Comment #120

It says enter live auction password to view live auction inventory list. I didn't get a pasword with the invitation...

Comment #121

I don't login ( I don't have an auction password either).

I click on the link " Download the Master Auction Inventory List".

And below those links I can see the 63 domains short list for the live auction..

Are you not getting that page?..

Comment #122

Yeah, all I did was click on the link. We should be good to go...

Comment #123

I think so, I wanted to see the live auction master list though. It's more than 63 names...

Comment #124

I would register them immiditely if I were you..

Comment #125

I had the only .pro HostGator included on the preliminary list, but it was not listed on the authorization email that I received. Either someone at Moniker doesn't like the extension, or they couldn't locate my email address for that domain.

.PRO gets no respect!..

Comment #126

Same here got the autho letter for my other domains, just not.

My .nu.

Thought about it.

Wouldn't they be pulled from the auction though?..

Comment #127

I see one of my .La in the Inventory list but in the authorization email, it wasn't mentioned. Also, one of my .coms which was asked to reduce the reserve price did not get through too even though I reduced the reserve price to what they said...

Comment #128

As sellers, can you view the silent auctions of your names as it happens? I sold one name in the last auction (NYC). I think I was the last one to know that it sold. After everything was over I got an e-mail from Moniker stating the selling price. I would think sellers would be privvy to the action on their own names. Please advise. Thanks...

Comment #129

You can always get an account on your own to watch. Otherwise people from here with accounts can give updates...

Comment #130

Do you mean a Moniker account? In order to submit domains for auction, one must open a Moniker account, which I did. Are the silent auctions open for viewing right on the Moniker site? Thank you...

Comment #131

TRAFFIC HostGator Name Conference Auctions Evaluated in New Analysis by Research and Appraisal Company Zetetic.

Based on analysis of 34,000 historical HostGator name sales, Zetetic projects the upcoming TRAFFIC Conference HostGator Name Auction in Miami to yield nearly US$2 million in sales.

My prediction: $3,000,000+ anyone else care to guess the total?..

Comment #132

My name made it in and I just noticed the .net and .org was recently registered by someone else.

I have a friend that noticed the same.

Anyone else?..

Comment #133

Zetetic, from what I recall, is a one man show. Anyways if you look at what he wrote - it was based on 50 domains in Live - and not taking anything else into account. The primary thing to consider is what the reserves are. That will likely result in some of the domains in live not actually selling. It also doesn't take into account the domains in the silent auction...

Comment #134

Anybody know if there's a final word on what's live and what's silent yet?..

Comment #135

Ok live/silent and auction order is up: - download the excel file and get ready to BID!..

Comment #136

Hi Monte. That's a fantastic auction list. I'm certain both the live and silent auctions will be extrodinarily successful events. Super work by you and your entire staff..


Comment #137

Finally I have 3 domains in the list (All are silent) but I only get authorization request for 2 of them... What would happen for the one don't ask for Authorization?..

Comment #138

I have checked all, but at least 3 of my domains are in the auction:.

Online.VC (Venture Capital, Virtual Community, etc).

Video.IO (Input Output).



Lets see how they go..

Comment #139

I have the same thing with one of mine, autho for 3 but 4 in auction.

It might be because it was previously verified for a past.

Auction. (at least that's what I'm hoping)..

Comment #140


Live - 1

Live - 2

Live - 3

Live - 4

Live - 5

Live - 6

Live - 7

Live - 8

Live - 9

Live - 10

Live - 11

Live - 12

Live - 13

Live - 14

Live - 15

Live - 16

Live - 17

Live - 18

Live - 19

Live - 20

Live - 21

Live - 22

Live - 23

Live - 24

Live - 25

Live - 26

Live - 27

Live - 28

Live - 29

Live - 30

Live - 31

Live - 32

Live - 33

Live - 34

Live - 35

Live - 36

Live - 37

Live - 38

Live - 39

Live - 40

Live - 41

Live - 42

Live - 43

Live - 44

Live - 45

Live - 46

Live - 47

Live - 48

Live - 49

Live - 50

Live - 51

Live - 52

Live - 53

Live - 54

Live - 55

Live - 56

Live - 57

Live - 58

Live - 59

Live - 60

Live - 61

Live - 62

Live - 63

Live - 64

Live - 65

Live - 66

Live - 67

Live - 68

Live - 69

Live - 70

Live - 71

Live - 72

Live - 73

Live - 74

Live - 75

Live - 76

Live - 77

Live - 78

Live - 79

Live - 80

Live - 81

Live - 82

Live - 83

Live - 84

Live - 85

Live - 86

Live - 87

Live - 88

Live - 89

Live - 90

Live - 91

Live - 92

Live - 93

Live - 94

Live - 95

Live - 96

Live - 97

Live - 98

Live - 99

Live - 100

Live - 101

Live - 102

Live - 103

Live - 104

Live - 105

Live - 106

Live - 107

Live - 108

Live - 109

Live - 110

Live - 111

Live - 112

Live - 113

Live - 114

Live - 115

Live - 116

Live - 117

Live - 118

Live - 119

Live - 120

Live - 121

Live - 122

Live - 123

Live - 124

Live - 125

Live - 126

Live - 127

Live - 128

Live - 129

Live - 130

Live - 131

Live - 132

Live - 133

Live - 134

Live - 135

Live - 136

Live - 137

Live - 138

Live - 139

Live - 140

Live - 141

Live - 142

Live - 143

Live - 144

Live - 145

Live - 146

Live - 147

Live - 148

Live - 149

Live - 150

Live - 151

Live - 152

Live - 153

Live - 154

Live - 155

Live - 156

Live - 157

Live - 158

Live - 159

Live - 160

Live - 161

Live - 162

Live - 163

Live - 164

Live - 165

Live - 166

Live - 167

Live - 168

Live - 169

Live - 170

Live - 171

Live - 172

Live - 173

Live - 174

Live - 175

Live - 176

Live - 177

Live - 178

Live - 179

Live - 180

Live - 181

Live - 182

Live - 183

Live - 184

Live - 185

Live - 186

Live - 187

Live - 188

Live - 189

Live - 190

Live - 191

Live - 192

Live - 193

Live - 194

Live - 195

Live - 196

Live - 197

Live - 198

Live - 199

Live - 200

Live - 201

Live - 202

Live - 203

Live - 204

Live - 205

Live - 206

Live - 207

Live - 208

Live - 209

Live - 210

Live - 211

Live - 212

Live - 213

Live - 214

Live - 215

Live - 216

Live - 217

Live - 218

Live - 219

Live - 220

Live - 221

Live - 222

Live - 223

Live - 224

Live - 225

Live - 226

Live - 227

Live - 228

Live - 229

Live - 230

Live - 231

Live - 232

Live - 233

Live - 234

Live - 235

Live - 236

Live - 237

Live - 238

Live - 239

Live - 240

Live - 241

Live - 242

Live - 243

Live - 244

Live - 245

Live - 246

Live - 247

Live - 248

Live - 249

You can view the entire list here

Click on "Download Master Auction Inventory List".

Good luck to those who made it "Live"!..

Comment #141

Just the value of the one-word .com names alone is staggering...

Comment #142

I hope you both have a great time at the auction.

And hopefully you'll make some big 's.

And maybe when you get back you can share.

The experience with the rest of us!..

Comment #143 - Live?.

And silent?.


Comment #144

Here are the domains in the LIVE auction that caught my eye because of their low reserve:.

Comment #145

My names in silent (none in live ):.

I REALLY wish would have made it live and thought for sure it would given last Traffic auction being live and selling. Especially since this is my first Traffic, would have liked to witness one of my names auctioning off live.

Still, it should be exciting - I'm really looking forward to it! P.S. - My first NP messsage from an airport..

Comment #146

Busy...Is DBC in final stages?.

BTW, would have been a good one for live; anyway, goodluck...

Comment #147

Live #215

Registered in 1997. If you can't have and, this is the best choice. They suggested to lower the reserve, so it is now only 5K...

Comment #148

First time in Live Auction #152

Have a couple in silent :.

Excited to be part of the live auction...hoping for the best while recognizing not all names get sold even at the live auction......

Comment #149

0 in Live.

10 in Silent.

Good Luck to all, me included...

Comment #150

I see that made it to the live but didn't. Hmm.... :/.

I have a few in the Silent, ones that I reduced my reserve based on their request... now they aren't in Live so I guess I'm stuck with those numbers now. But that's the game.

Here's hoping for us all. Best of luck!!!.


Comment #151

My entries in the silent (all .com's): Ballplaying FavoriteClient[s] (set of 2) OurFounders StudyAnatomy.

We'll see how it goes!..

Comment #152

My Entries in silent (All are .com's too) TricksandStunts.Com HardwareCertification.Com UnlimitedFilesharing.Com NiceStockings.Com shows up in the inventory list but I did not get an authorization email for it. LiveAdultChannel.Com was asked to reduce the reserve price but still did not make it to the auction...

Comment #153

The dot.mobis in the LIVE auction look very strong:.

#17 Poker.

#27 Cash.

#33 News.

#61 Email.

#62 Pay.

#91 Pda.

#92 Podcast.

#109 Shopping.

#110 Ringtones.

#158 Bill.

#178 Scores.

#226 Cab.

My two ( & round out the dozen choosen. Not bad company considering the other 10 are from the registry. Looking forward to Friday!!!!..

Comment #154

Does anyone know if the Live Auction (Friday 2 PM) is going to be broadcast online...if so, please post information.

I went to the site to see their schedule, it does not show up there...


Comment #155

It was surprising to see some of the stuff that didn't make live - is one huge example that comes to mind...

Here are mine, all Sileent once again:.

Comment #156

It would be great if someone was willing to post updates on names with bids in the silent auction...otherwise we all have to wait until next week to see if our names sold.

Also, it can be tempting to jump in if you see a bargain.....

Comment #157

Thanks troopscott My names at auction:,,,

Comment #158

Yes it will be broadcasted live - See Press Release HERE..

Comment #159

Checking out the schedule @ and don't see the auction listed.....

Comment #160

Excellent airwav - you r star - although the reception is a bit patchy.

Rep added..

Comment #161

How are the silent auctions looking? Did any start? Anyone know? Are the start times staggered? Any info appreciated much. Thank you...

Comment #162

I can't hear the Voice now ??? Anybody else has the same problem?.

Thx. Sorry.. workin fne now...

Comment #163

Sold so far. - $750. - $750. - $2000. - $3750. - $4000. - $5000. - $5500. - $6500. - $7500. - $13,000. - $65000. - $150,000..

Comment #164

Not that I'm at that level of domaining or anything, but some of these prices seem really low!. - $28K. - $12.5K. - $5K. - $4K.

I would have expected considerably more for each of those. Will be interesting to see if everybody is saving up their money for the really big ticket items!..

Comment #165

I think topflightdeals and floridahotelguide are NPers.

Thanks for the updates. Rep from me...

Comment #166

Thank you, Paxton, for the posting. If you could update the silent auction info whenever possible that would be great for lots of us...

Comment #167 went for 2.2 million ...

If I had 2.3, I would'a bid!..

Comment #168

You know, if moniker had selected some high quality, low reserve domains, they wouldn't have to pass on them. Seriously, they've passed on like 15 of the last 20 domains!..

Comment #169

.mobi is sooo out.. I mean one of the greatest keywords "email" .mobi sells for only $50,000 that's pocket money for the industry.. even went for more!.


Comment #170

Holy cripe ... I guess it's a glass half full is doing awesome, a few six figure sales and a bunch of five figure sales, where development is a must is certainly representing well!..

Comment #171

Just from re-browsing the live auction list, these domains really aren't so great. And whoever set a reserve higher than $500k for is nuts - how on earth would you monetize that domain.

Some of the prices on these auction domains are absurd - money will never be made back on many of them (including ALL the .mobi sales) - sometimes you wonder if the attendees should just be given rulers and save themselves money. If you catch my drift.... what? they couldn't find a better HostGator than that?..

Comment #172

Hi, here is a live video link.



Comment #173

There are far better names in the silent auction than that. How some of these names made it to the live, who knows...

Comment #174

This would make me nervous if I had a ton of .mobis or .nets. This is not a very favorable comparison with what they'd go for in .com. It seems that the auction results may have a lot to teach about real value and trends, and some ideas/opinions that have been promoted on these boards may have to be re-evaluated. (And some will be right on - those are the people who are watching their names sell for enough to by a new car to drive home from TRAFFIC!).

I was buying some .net hype, but if borrow is any indication, I'm double thinking that.

Good luck to NPers with names yet to be bid..

Comment #175

Yeah, the Almighty .COM is showing it's still KING and DOMINATES the internet compared to ANY TLD!..

Comment #176

I know we're in middle of live but does anyone know how to track the progress of the silent auction?..

Comment #177

Some NPers are giving updates...see previous page (and let's support them with + rep )..

Comment #178

Silent Auction update already posted in this thread. There have been no bids since the last update...

Comment #179

Odd that sold for $900K and only raised $9K - I would have expected them to be a bit closer together..

Comment #180

ALL these names are listed as one lot/bundle @ NO RESERVE in the silent auction!!.














































Comment #181

The glass is half empty or full, depends on your take.

Did you notice go for $150k & go for $110k ?

You cant compare to .com, nothing does currently..

However I see whats in second place, already.

As far as the silent, geez, what a pile of crap lol.

I've gotta submit some of my coms to the next traffic. Can't believe what some of the 3 worders got, lol..

Comment #182

Here is the latest silent update:. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 5,890.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 3,000.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 2,360.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,770.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 590.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 590.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 360.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 360.00 5 days. 1 Standard Auction - Click to learn more! $ 300.00 5 days.

Now 16 bids from 15...

Comment #183

Silent Auction Update.

20 bids on 20 domains so far. Now 22 bids on 22 domains in the Silent auction:..

Comment #184

Does anyone have a complete list of LIVE results, including the buyer ID# and the ones passed (ie. the highest bid before the pass)?.


Comment #185

Man, mobi looks hot in the silent auction so far...

Comment #186

Humm out off 3,800 names in silent, 23 names have bid one em right now.. Wonder how many will sell eventually!..

Comment #187

I am guessing a whole lot by the looks of things. This is alot of bids this early, and a really good sign, imo...

Comment #188

Good to hear that..This is my first time in traffic auction. I'd like to see lots and lots of names get sold..

Comment #189

Does anyone know if they did that thing they did at New York where a part of your entry fee could be credited toward any purchase at auction. I think that helped spur more bids at New York.....

Comment #190

I missed the end of the live auction Anyone know if there's a video archive of it?..

Comment #191


Where can you view the TRAFFIC Silent Auction bids and current standings/amounts?.

Let me know..

Comment #192

A few bargains at live. $8500 - absolute steal!. $28,000. $8000. $10000. $21000.

Best Bargain $4000 - mine..

Comment #193

Here are the results of the auction:.













































































































































Comment #194

A link to the LIVE results would have been more efficient. But thank you for the post...

Comment #195

I appreciate seeing the list and not having to click on a link. It was nice and clearcut seeing it in this forum that is specifically dedicated to the auction...

Comment #196

Thanks for the update troop. Your consideration is much appreciated...

Comment #197

Seeing the limited number of bids and unexciting prices in the silent auction so far, I'm wondering if there is much hope for the Casino Affiliate auction coming up in Macau which will only be a silent auction...

Comment #198

Despite Macau SAR gambling is illegal in China hence a "live" auction would not be a good idea...

Comment #199

Silent Auction Update.

There are now 25 bids on a total of 24 different domains so far...

Comment #200


Title Bids Bid Ends. 1 $ 5,890.00 4 days. 2 $ 3,630.00 4 days. 1 $ 3,000.00 4 days. 1 $ 3,000.00 4 days. 1 $ 3,000.00 4 days. 1 $ 3,000.00 4 days. 1 $ 3,000.00 4 days. 1 $ 2,360.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,770.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 5 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 1,180.00 4 days. 1 $ 590.00 4 days. 1 $ 590.00 4 days. 1 $ 360.00 4 days. 1 $ 360.00 4 days. 1 $ 360.00 4 days. 1 $ 300.00 4 days. 1 $ 300.00 4 days. 1 $ 300.00 4 days.

Thanks Paxton. There are several of us checking for silent auction updates frequently. We appreciate your posts..


Comment #201

Anyone else think that is a huge bargain? Its a perfect fit for the ext., and a great name...

Comment #202

I agree, should do *very* well. I also think that is a good match for the extension (and I am not a rap fan, but excellent fit.) However, "food will always be popular".

The other interesting comment is this: I have a second home in Vegas and we spend about 30%++ there. Vegas is ALWAYS a mad house, and usually close to booked. The average room occupancy on the strip for 2006 was 89.81%, down from 91.04% for 2005. Whenever *anything* comes to town (CES or whatever) the place pushes 100%... but yes, CES is a killer convention, which means "reserve early".

Thanks troopscott, we all appreciate the updates on the silent auction!.


Comment #203

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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