Is there a way to cancel or change my free web hosting given to me in godaddy?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Is there a way to cancel or change my free web hosting given to me in godaddy?.

My main question is: How do .us domains look to you? For example, .de or .nl domains look exotic to me (an American). I know many people in other countries who use their country code for their personal website when generics like .com are available.

Edit: and businesses who have the .com and that redirects to their country code, e.g. goes to

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Your question was: Is there a way to cancel or change my free web hosting given to me in godaddy?.

All the people I know who use .us is because the other extentions are taken/parked...

Comment #1

.us is the 1 that makes more sense to me,.

It's the biggest market/simple to use/easy to remember.

Just hasn't had it's day YET.

I get close to 3000 uniques a day beetween my main sites (6) and all are .us Same niche, Same extension.

Within 3 months i'll be very close to the top dogs with a .us (if all continue the way it has.) and I cant see a reason why it would be any differant if I used .org or something else.

If people want what you have to offer 2-3 letters are not gonna put them off. (.com / .net/ .us )..

Comment #2

Suffix makes no difference to me. My major concern is that the site is in English.

My hobby (used to be my profession) is archaeology, so I look up sites from around the world, send and recieve emails from all kinds of suffix. I find it funny that domainers (those who more than anyone are meant to know about suffixes) are quite often the least knowledgable and indeed the most conservative in their use of.

A good site is a good site is a good site, and conversely with a bad site, it makes no difference what the suffix is, and word of mouth (or finger tips on keyboard) would soon get people going to the site and if they like it bookmarking it.

So to me .us is originating in the States, .fr France, .de Germany, indeed thinking about it what I dislike is - why not just .uk?..

Comment #3

I am non-US citizen, I am not allowed to register a .US but I am allowed to register a .DE. I think .us is good If all extensions are grabbed but still, I guess the holder must be a US citizen...

Comment #4

I look at it as a marketing tool for U.S. resident people..

Comment #5

I am not interested in it. As soon as I see a country code that is not open to everyone and is not Australia, I avoid it as it is not relevant to my situation.

In US company's want .com.

In Australia, they want

Unless the big boys like eBay, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Dell, etc... stop treating the the US market like it is .com only, others aren't going to follow...

Comment #6

The US is kind of at the top of the internet food chain - so if someone has the .us extension - the first question is why they couldn't get the .com.

Whereas if someone has .ca - for example - you know they are trying to provide - content that is relevant to Canadian users.

I use .ca sites every day. And I was in the United States - I might use .us sites every day but somehow I dont' think so...

Comment #7

I don't like the .us too much, maybe have ever visited like 2 or 3 .us sites.....

Comment #8

I non-US citizen, not allowed to register a .US.

So I register other extension like .cc or .ws.

I agree with IZY just using

Comment #9

I think .us should open up & be available for anyone in the world to register, just like, then it'll have a lot more potential for the values of this extention to grow, otherwise it's limited to only a very small percentage of the world population to buy..

Comment #10

Yes, I agree it.

Better open for public register to grow the .us domains.....

Comment #11

Buying .us domains is technically possible. Im not US citizen and I own few of them. Did anybody heard of someone who lost HostGator for this reason? Hope I will not to be the first..

Comment #12

I know what you mean..

Pick .us HostGator from drop site?..

Comment #13

UK'er here.US doesn't do it for me at all, why the need for it with the .com? Seems to me to be a bit of a joke. Never ever seen a .US come up either in any search results, so I would say completely valueless - unless I'm missing something here altogether and 'US' doesn't stand for United States but belongs to another country extension altogether?.

.DE that's fine - Germany, bloody good market there for HostGator names. Same with the .FR (France, no problems with that). For the UK, if you have a personal site or a business site, the is the most widely recognised option and over 65% of UK people prefer to use it over using a .com actually, according to a recent poll on a very large UK business forum.

Only use the if you are a non profit, community group or charity, in that circumstance, that's perfectly ok.

The .EU, waste of time. I know some people like it and prices seem to do quite well on Sedo, but again, I've never seen a website pop up on the search results of with this extension. I'd imagine .ASIA will be looked upon in much the same way. However, trends change. Whatever isn't fashionable one day, doesn't mean that it'll always stay this way. Perceptions change constantly...

Comment #14

How did you come to the conclusion that .us doesn't stand for United States?????..

Comment #15

I think that in the UK, German, France etc most people tend to look out for the CC domains rather than .com's due to the fact that a lot of people assume that .com is for the US...

Comment #16

I'm not from the US, but I get the impression that Americans think of the .com effectively as their CCTLD so I can't see much value in .us until this mentality changes...

Comment #17

I would have to agree with this.

UK and Germany love their own cctld, in the USA dot com is definately the dogs bollocks...

Comment #18

Not .us dont have value, because .us is not open for public (non us resident)..

This reason can kill the growing .us...

Comment #19 is the only .US HostGator I can think of having visited.

I agree with the ones posted above: open the extention to foreign registrants and it will grow. Otherwise it is quite powerless.

By the way, why does this forum have a .US subforum and not a .EU one? Discrimination against Europeans?..

Comment #20

If they can make some words/phrases like or delicious.

I think they are still valuable in some sense...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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