Is there a program that will setup up a member login database on my godaddy mysql server?

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My first question is: Is there a program that will setup up a member login database on my godaddy mysql server?.

My next question is: Hi,.

It's currently impossible to submit a .ASIA HostGator to the crawler. In addition, very few of our .ASIA domains are appearing in search engine results, albeit for reasons of undeveloped sites, no inbound links etc etc.

Nevertheless, the only way our .ASIA domains will gain value is if they become ubiquitous in search-engine listings. Even if Yahoo is doing us no favors, let's all make an effort to submit our .ASIA domains to as many engines as possible, and list them in as many forums as possible. That way we'll all benefit!.


And a few adult ones :-)..

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Your question was: Is there a program that will setup up a member login database on my godaddy mysql server?.

Perhaps it might be more effective to submit names that are not obvious trademark violations... just a thought.



Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING.

Registration Number 2510340.

Registration Date November 20, 2001.

Tarr page:


Word Mark IDEALAB.

Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING.

Registration Number 2651245.

Registration Date November 19, 2002.

Tarr page:

Comment #1

Fair enough, point taken - and it only took a couple of posts to draw out a negative response!.

Not to mention the Sunrise and Landrush phases that any copyright holders had to secure these domains if they WANTED them. Or should they be eternally entitled to domains even if they're not bothered to even apply for them?.

Just a thought.....

Comment #2

For some reason my previous reply wasn't posted, so here goes again...

Trademark violations or not, why would it be more effective?.

Secondly, with several .ASIA Sunrise periods followed by a Landrush period, don't you think that any would-be rights to a HostGator would have been claimed, or do they exist ETERNALLY even if a HostGator is not applied for by a patent owner? Until such time that any patent owner asserts their rights to domains that I have purchased, I am within my rights to use them. Or not?.

Thirdly, if I offered you for 20 USD and told you that I didn't believe that MS wanted it, would you buy it? That question is specifically for npcomplete and his holier-than-thou attitude (yes, I've seen your site)...

Comment #3

The company with rights to your trademarked names, were most probably very busy and either didn't know the .asia auction was on or didn't consider people taking TM'ed names.

Since you asked, do the trademark holders have an 'ETERNAL CLAIM' on your trademarked HostGator names. The answer to this is, they most certainly do have right to extract your trademarked names from you, either by threat or lastly through force, by taking you to court for the names, yes this is an eternal claim. It is illegal to have trademarked names, but whether the companies in question will bother to follow you up on the names is a different matter.

But then again, you are not alone, there is an incredible amount of trademarked HostGator names displayed in the .asia showase thread. It seemed many .Asia domainers went on a trademark buying spree!..

Comment #4

I'll take the initiative to list all developed and undeveloped domains on my sites. Feel free to contact me to get your ASIA domains listed on my sites. What do you think?.

P.S. I am offering this service for free...

Comment #5

Great stuff, more people do this the better.

Whats your site Url Tabishis?.

If it's a make you list it on the directory. Also free! link below:..

Comment #6

It's my own site: I am very new to this whole HostGator game but learning very quickly. I don't have any developed ASIA sites, yet. I'll definitely submit my ASIA sites to once developed.

Whoever wants to get their ASIA HostGator listed on my site, go to

It's not the BEST site but I do get around 300 visitors a month. Again, I am new to whole web devleoping and HostGator game...

Comment #7

Welcome to the "domain game" Syed.

Feel free to add to your website on your next update...

Comment #8

Great work, thanks guys -.

I'll also create a page for listing .ASIA URLs and post the link here in 24 hrs or so...

Comment #9

Go to to get your ASIA domains listed on my site. Feel free to suggest new categories...

Comment #10

Cheers Tabisis.

Emailed my best .ASIA domains.

Feel free to email me your best domains and I will paste them on the Front page of my site:

(offers already received for some names!)..

Comment #11

I imagine that trademark jurisdiction and duration would present more of a legal argument than eternal claim.

Apologies that it has taken so long to put the site together, but anyone that would like to post their .asia domains on is more than welcome.

You would need to register first, that way you can manage your own post later. Social bookmarking for individual posts is available.

If you prefer, you can just PM me your domains with a description and I'll add them for you...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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