Is there a place to make a free website that I can host on

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Is there a place to make a free website that I can host on

My 2nd question is: I just found a non taken HostGator.

The problem is that is it possible to register 2 letter domains.

I tried several registrars they couldnt process my order.

Can someone acutauly buy ?

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Your question was: Is there a place to make a free website that I can host on

You must be kidding. I just did a scan on all 676 of them, non are available...

Comment #1

No kidding it's available.

Is it possible to register it ? .

I checked all major registrars none search 2 characters..

Comment #2

You cant register them anymore..

Think thats why you're getting confused..

Some dropped years back and you weren't allowed to re-reg..

Not all 676 are regged, but all 676 are 'unavailable to reg' if you like.

Thought you'd know this dude, you're not a noob..

Comment #3

If available, go to register, you can be a rich man........

Comment #4

Lol. Guys, you can't register any or (starting to soon be able to say as well) by hand through a registrar. They are all taken and once they drop they are sent to auction rather than being re-released to the public. In the case of LL.coms, these are no longer available if they drop because the idea is that they are gradually withdrawn...

Comment #5


I know , I told them this in post 4 , but the chickens are still running around headless lol..

Comment #6

If you do find one, I'll give you $100k, no questions asked!..

Comment #7

I agree, no available or

If drop HostGator will send to auction or snap by someone...

Comment #8

You won't even find a 3 letter .info name that drops that has not been attacked 500times per second to get the registration. Even if some mentally insane person deliverately decided to delete say a 3 even one with numbers and letters in it, would be available for all of 20 seconds at most, before it is taken by one of the tasting registrars, as they program into their bots to harvest anything of value first before the other bots can get them, then their server software goes through onto less valuable domains.

The point. Don't waste your precious time looking to see if known short valuable domains are availabe, it completely and utterly defies logic..

Comment #9

20 milliseconds would be too long for a to be available..

Comment #10

This is what you do:.

Type a real nice letter to your registrar of choice, and tell them you want to have for your personal business. Make sure you say "please" (they really like that), and that you would really appreciate it if they did give it to you. Spray a little of your wife/mom's perfume on the letter (insider secret), overnight it, and come the next day it should be yours!.

After you get the name, make sure you tell us what is! Oh, by the way. You can't register two character .com's anymore, as per an ICANN rule. They can resemble state and country codes, which is the outlying reason...

Comment #11

20 milliseconds would be too long for a to be available.

20 miiliseconds huh, maybe, could be right, you can delete one of yours if you have a and time how long it takes to get snatched..

Comment #12

You guys actually think a 100k name would be sitting around just waiting to be regged?..

Comment #13

Drop a few thousand dollars in Central New York in peak hour and see how long the money sits on the footpath for would be the same reaction as to any HostGator with a known value well above reg fee sitting unreg for any amont of time. People will do anything for easy money, don't go looking for valuable HostGator names deluding oneself otherwise..

Comment #14

2 char .com cant be registred because of 'NEW' regulation of ICANN ? or registry which means -> if you have one you can renew them, but if you let it expire then no-one can register it (never).


Comment #15

Here are two pieces of advice:.

1.) stop scanning for LL, LLL .com/.net/.org/.info/.us/.biz/ other extension that actually sells.

2.) Don't post threads like these out in the public. Seriously. You have almost 1500 posts. Its okay when you're a noob, but it's not really fun to make a fool of yourself with 1500 posts under your belt...

Comment #16

I think Arnie hit it on the head with " headless chickens"..

Comment #17

Yup. Applies to .net and .orgs too. Try and do a whois lookup for, for example. Thats why these names are so expensive. Once dropped, you're not seeing them again...

Comment #18

Why did the chicken cross the road? Lets hear them answers...

Comment #19

Sashas quote.

1.) stop scanning for LL, LLL .com/.net/.org/.info/.us/.biz/ other extension that actually sells.

Visual image scenario number 2: Starve a cage full of seagulls (the common white coloured sea bird) for 2 days without food in a cage, then throw a handful of french fries on the bottom of the cage.

This is how long any LL, LLL .com/.net/.org/.info/.us/.biz/ other extension that actually sells will sit minding it's own business unregistered..

Comment #20

I can't believe what I see here.

Let's assume that one finds an unregistered. Now what to do.

Try to reg it and to look up on google for info on how to reg it (one would assume he needs a very short amount of time to do that), or come to namepros, and post that he found a valuable domain.

What are the chances that nobody would do a scan for LLL's (I did not even talked about LL's as they cannot be registered).

Who would not give $7 for a $ immediate profit?.

Arnie said it very well. Headless chickens...

Comment #21

I catch a few every week. This is how it works: Step 1: I start my scanner. This is a homegrown script with some magic to make it detect drops actually just before they occur (!). Step 2: The scannerscript notifies my reseller-script. This however does not operate an ordinary registrar-reseller account, but it is a register-reseller account living on one of the register servers. Step 3: Now this is where I beat all my competitors every time: remember my scanner detects drops just before they actually occur? I have created a special timing algorithm so my registration attempt arrives at the registers server at the moment of the drop.

Step 4: A notification email is sent to my emailaddress. Step 5: I usually get a number of lowball (high $ offers immediately which I turn down. Step 6: I wake up, take a shower, have some coffee, go to work and try to forget about that recurring dream...

Comment #22

Sorry but I really can't believe this is true (unless I have missed some sarcasm!)...

Comment #23

-> Step 6: I wake up, take a shower, have some coffee, go to work and try to forget about that recurring dream.

Can someone close this thread, because it isnt productive ?


Comment #24

Actually, I believe that LLL will never be truely dropped. I've seen many times domains (dot coms) scheduled to drop tomorrow or 2 days later suddenly gets RENEWED! How could a .com be renewed during pending deletion? I suspect it's the HostGator resellers playing dirty and keeping the domains for themselves...

Comment #25

Quote AlexSimon.

What are the chances that nobody would do a scan for LLL's.

My Answer:.

If it were people competing against people doing scans, then one may have chance, to reg a valuable HostGator name ( a slim one ) but still a chance.

The fact is it is not People, but robots commanded by server side scripts run by companies with millions of dollars to make continuously trawling the internet for names as efficent as possible.

Forget 'people like you are I doing scans, we don't stand a chance'.

This is Robot versus Robot, to the death!.

This is ofcourse if someone for religious reasons, someone decides to delete there offensive .org, .info or whatever and it is deletd a random time. If a good LLL extension is deleted at the drop period, there only handful of well known drop companies likely to get it..

Comment #26

I can't believe I actually read this thread.

Bah, now I've gone and replied in it too..

Comment #27

Guys that HostGator I found was expired and can re registered.

I checked it using

It is the only I were able to find.

Anyways too unlucky that I cant register it.

Anyways I got loads of and net domains not yet registered.

I made a superb script that seaches for HostGator names..

Comment #28


It made my day!.

Seriously guys, thanks for writing this`s 1 AM here and I`m going to bed with a nice smile on my face.

Oh...and let the chickens run....I like to eat "free range"..

Comment #29

LOL, this sure is a funny thread.

Well guys, who knows ? Perhaps it's true. Perhaps that guy has a super robot that snap names before it drops and being a silent millionaire now. And perhaps a drunkard guy deleted all his by accident. Or perhaps a software server bug deleted his

Comment #30

Surely this is an april fools dsay prank, just early??.


Comment #31

Yeah was fun reading it.

/me off to scan for some L.coms.... (yes that's 1 L )..

Comment #32

Come on guys, He seriously didn't know and you made a joke of him, You should all help him out.

I didn't know that you couldn't register anymore (if any were av) I learnt something..

Comment #33


I got available on that site searched.

I am not making a fool of my self but instead I am now going to register a great HostGator name and a nice and

Thanks for all these comments some were good.

Anyways guys I am not much into domaining biz so please calm down.

NP got 1000 other boards that are not related to domains there is where I made these 1500 posts..

Comment #34

<half ironic>.

He have right, found some more there !!! still to register.


ITS STILL FREE </half ironic> <ironic>.

Whats IDN ? </ironic>..

Comment #35

Post counts are not a guide to anything, apart from perhaps the amount of free time a user has..

Comment #36

Anyways guys I seached a full list of cool short 3 letter domains and many 4 letter.

I will post sometime soon when I verify that all can be registered not like some of them already registered.

So expect soon a topic containg a list of available domains to be registered .com few many .net .org .us .info .biz..

Comment #37

HostGator Name: QA.COM.


Whois Server:

Referral URL:

Name Server: DNS0.STAR.CO.UK.

Name Server: DNS1.STAR.CO.UK.

Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Updated Date: 03-oct-2006.

Creation Date: 25-oct-1994.

Expiration Date: 24-oct-2009.

What you should realize is that all LL & LLL .com are taken and you are not going to grab any soon. Also certain sites like domaintools use cached data and have some glitches so that certain domains may incorrectly be reported as available...

Comment #38

That`s why you should not use crap whois checker.

I use my own script which runs in DOS but certainly you can use Verisign Whois...

Comment #39


Check On and


Comment #40

So are any worth ? and how much do number and word go for ?

Comment #41

Maybe because the chicken thought that there is a registrar across the road where he can register

But that just my guess...

Comment #42

Lll are perfect I think 20K+ if your lucky.

Anyways I was going to register a cool HostGator while I was registering I couldnt at first later on I found that someone just registered it..

Comment #43

I was actually able to regged LL dot info at one point. After a month or so my registrar gave me a refund...

Comment #44

Guys I want to ask you something I need I registrar that register a LL.INFO for me please.

Can someone help me ?

Comment #45

I don't know who does post sarcastic comments and who don't anymore.

LLL domains are not available to register in gtld's (except crappy ones like .name).

LLL is letter letter letter, not letter number letter (that is LNL).

There are available domains and they aren't worth $

Still unbelievable thread.


Comment #46

I dont think after all and from my experience in the past 3 hours any registrar will let you have it.

A 3 letter HostGator was taken from me how about a 2 anyways if anyone knows any let us know.

Anyways there r loads of 2 charectors sites but I dont enter any.

There is no successful site I can think of.

Most of them are parked..

Comment #47

Rcep, what 3 lette HostGator was taken from you?.

I think it was a 3 character domain, and I assume it was not a .com ...

Comment #48

I dont know which registrar stole it.

I tried it first on np there was a mysql error.

Then I tried it at several other registrars one of them took it :S:@..

Comment #49

And how much do you think would you get for ?

This is not an LLL !.

And 3 character .org domains are still available to register...

Comment #50

What ever I get let it be it's a lnn HostGator at the end 3 char..

I searched all good lll I can think of good ones r gone..

Comment #51


This is starting to remind me of a thread on a poker forum I visit, where ages ago a guy started a thread about how 5 aces is a very strong hand which is almost unbeatable.

The thread is now thousands and thousands of posts long, to this day people still post on it to say "it's not possible to have 5 aces"...

Comment #52

Time to set things clear without any more sarcasm.

1.) LL.coms CANNOT be registered anymore. There is a registry rule against regging them. If they drop, the registry keeps them. Same goes for, LL.orgs. For example, check out the whois of

2.) LLL domains have LONG been taken in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi,, .de. Why? Because LLL domains in ALL these extensions carry a minimum selling price, even if it's $60 (for a So the moment they drop, they are snapped up for a drop catcher, and it happens in microseconds.

3.) LLL means Letter Letter Letter, like abc.

LNL means Letter Number Letter, like a3c.

LLN means Letter Letter Number, like ab3.

LNN means Letter Number Number, like a34.

NLL means Number Letter Letter, like 3ab.

NNL means Number Number Letter, like 32a.

4.) ALL the above combinations (LLL, LNL, LLN, LNN, NLL, NNL) have been taken in .com. They sell for a minimum $150, so the moment they drop, they're taken. You might get lucky and be able to register some LNL, LLN, etc (not LLL) domains in .net, and there are still some such domains free to register in .org (like

5.) name are not worth 20k. They're worth $300.

6.) A name, like is not worth above reg fee.

7.) You cannot register names as per the registry rule.

8.) And lastly, please do not waste your time searching for available LLL.coms. And please do not insist that you found one, because we all know here that it's not possible. Same goes for NNN.coms/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.us/

This thread should be closed. It makes us domainers look awfully bad...

Comment #53

And for a number of others like .eu/.mobi No it should be sticky !..

Comment #54

Thx sashas.

U cleared up everything.

I agree it should be sticked..

Comment #55

Ok I want to kno why such stupid registrars shows US.COM is available and can be registerd that make fools try to register it too bad.

Take a look here and try to register

Comment #56

It's a bug obviously. This name has been registered since 1993..

Enom is usually reliable but not always it seems...

Comment #57

People don't you think Mr. rcep deliberately plays a fool with sole purpose of advertising and further selling of the lines in his signature?.

That's where he advertises his 'signature space' along with "7 posts a day" info: That's what he needs: just as many post as possible still balancing on the edge.....

Comment #58

This is the reply that convinced me all you are trying to do is increase the value of your sig-lines so you can sell them. Close the thread...

Comment #59

Wait a second. I searched for an a few months back and it was It went to SNAP and went for I think 14k. There are LLL.coms that drop but you have to play the auction game..

14k is still good...

Comment #60

14k for is a huge steal. thats a 35k reseller name right there...

Comment #61

I want this script, it will save me time to scan through manually...

Comment #62

Gooster , I have for you a special 2 letter HostGator name (.com).

So are you gonna pay $100k ?

I can even sell it for $95k as you are part of our community.


Comment #63

Please stop PM-ing me on how to get this script! It does not exist...

Comment #64

You can't register LL.coms, but I can get you some for low $x,xxx - I have located several old ladies who registered their's back in the 1950's and they're just sitting there gathering dust, they will sell them to me for some bingo money.

This thread is a gem. It's been interesting to see who posts what kind of replies Nice analogy...exactly the same, in so many ways.

Well, I just wanted to be a part of this..


Comment #65

Hey I want some if you can tell me where to find the old ladies LOL BINGO MONEY LOL LMAO..

Comment #66

Yeah missed the ironic part:.

"in the 1950`s"..

Comment #67

I just now see how big is the need for information in this industry, and how many people just jump in thinking they will get rich overnight...

Comment #68

Come on the ladies were just ahead of their time. They were visionaries...

Comment #69

No !.

You need to recheck sales of pronounceable names. All above $1000...

Comment #70

LLL.orgs are currently massively undervalued on the reseller market - it is not uncommon for end user sales to reach the same value that a .com would - many organizations have three letter acronyms and so the extension fits perfectly...

Comment #71

I was talking of minimum resale values Thats the benchmark we all have to begin with..

Comment #72

Ok, can I ask a serious question here?.

How about not-so-popular country extensions?.

There are still LL domains available in several country extensions, could it be wise to register them, if they mean something? For example let's pretend that Romanian .ro has still a free LL domain, could this name someday become valuable? Names like "so" or "to"?.

I would appreciate an answer from some experienced domainers here.


Comment #73

That's why I said "let's pretend".

But if there were some left in .ro some similar extension?.

Do these hold any value amongst domainers or are only usable to sell to this country's endusers?..

Comment #74

I think that if the country is "solid" and it`s not just an atol in the ocean then it`s worth 4 figures...

Comment #75

I checked all 2 char dot coms too but cant find free ones , if you really know free one I can help registering this for you just pm me.

Also can help get 2 char org net ...

Comment #76

...but you know the sad part about your "dream"? Somewhere out there, someone is probably doing Step 1-4.


Comment #77

I do it , every week , you never know..

Comment #78

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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