Is there a Nutrisystem for people who want to gain weight?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Is there a Nutrisystem for people who want to gain weight? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. I miss my Dunkin Donuts coffee. I was a daily Dunkin Donuts drinker and, mind you, I'm one of those people who LOVE my coffee light and sweet, with flavored syrup, so it was a tough break. I've tried to use skim/splenda/sf syrup, and I seriously (and I stress SERIOUSLY!) disliked it.

I seriously think I went through withdrawal for a while.


What's been your hardest food habit/addiction to break?..

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

I like to snack in the evening hours, usually while watching TV or reading. I've been delaying myNutrisystemdessert until around 9:00 to helpmaybe saving some fruit or other items too..

I most love to sit down with a bag of shelled sunflower seeds and munch away. I just do it occasionally now and not so many at one timeand count it as a fat or two!..

Comment #2

Fries and coke - but none in almost 2 months...

Comment #3

Definitely french fries!!! But if I don't see them or smell them I am fine!!!..

Comment #4

I haven't missed any food. But I do like wine, and I do have a glass every now and then, not as much as I would like...

Comment #5

Too many to list but a few are chips, anything with a lot of melted cheese, flavored coffee creamer, fried cheese sticks, candy, BK whoppers, WINE...

Comment #6

Potato chips....hadn't had any in a couple of months before starting NS, but I've loved them all my life..

Comment #7

What I miss the most:.

1) Really good sourdough bread toasted w/butter in the mornings!.

2) Filet Mignon, medium rare!.

Weird how I miss the my gourmet bread more than the steak!?..

Comment #8

I second the ice cream! I also really miss fried shrimp and "real" hamburgers...

Comment #9

Oof. With lent, the Friday fish-fry's are really hard to pass by. And today, for St. Patty's Day, it was really hard to pass up that warm irish soda bread with butter...

Comment #10

Mostly beer & wine. I still enjoy every now & then, but nowhere near as much as I did before..

I really miss having real macaroni & cheese for some reason. I make a killer one for my BF & it's always been one of my best & richest recipes. It doesn't really bother me as much as I thought it would, but it seems odd that I miss that over something sweet & sugary...

Comment #11

Nighttime candy bingeing, but it's been 6 weeks now without and it's gotten much easier...

Comment #12

Mountain Dew....I've been drinking the diet version for a long time; other than black coffee, it is my drug of choice. I still have it but not as often as I substitute water...

Comment #13

Going out to eat. I work at home, so this was my social time with my fiance. I am happier eating at home from a health standpoint, but I would love to be able to head to one of our favorite spots with a bottle of vino and a four course meal. However, that ain't happening, even though I miss it...

Comment #14

I miss ice cream and wine, but I want this to work more than I crave that stuff... I guess that's a good sign!..

Comment #15

Me too!! And sometimes two...and usually IN BED.

! Gee, I wonder why I was fat!?..

Comment #16

Full fat ice cream, greasy bacon cheeseburgers and fries, chocolate chip cookies the size of my head.

LOL All three are things I can make healthy fairly easily, so there's no reason to really miss them. Maybe the occasional Dorito and booze binge.

Ok, today's St Patty's day, and I had a lite green beer...just not the same as a couple of shots of Irish Whiskey followed by Bailey's Irish Creme in my coffee! Yup...booze, that's the one I can't really "lighten" up very well. LMAO..

Comment #17


Also, sharp cheddar cheese with pepperoni and triscuits...

Comment #18

Friday night burger with a side of fries covered in roast beef gravy.

Mixed with mayo. Had this meal most Friday nights for 15 years. Very hard to part with! I also have drank coke upon waking and all day long. There is no replacements for my loves..

I will eventually let myself have those things again once in a while..

14 oz medium rare ribeye.

McD fries.

Blue bell ice cream.

Spinach and artichoke dip with fried bow tie pasta to dip with.

Crawfish Monica.


Rice with almost everything I ate and lots of it.

No wonder I have so much weight to lose..

Comment #19

Fried chicken.

Fried Shrimp and fried catfish.


Baked potatoes.


It was so hard to make it through Mardi Gras with NO KING CAKE!.

I will find a way to eat boiled crawfish though...

Comment #20

This are my big ones too..

Though my mac & cheese of choice is from my favorite neighborhood restaurant..the same one that pours a lot of great beers!.

I've been thrilled that I have foundNutrisystemdesserts so satisfying...

Comment #21

I'm trying to figure out what foods to cut out tomorrow so I can have crawfish tomorrow night!..

Comment #22

ICE CREAM !!!!!!!!!.

I love cold things so much and the skinny cows are even dangerous to have in the house!..

Comment #23

For me it's experiences:.

Indian Buffet.

Chips & Salsa (followed by a fajita burrito loaded with sour cream).

Cold Stone Creamerythat's an ice cream parlor for those who don't know (specifically, Coffee Lovers Delight with Heath Bar add-in).

But as much as I miss these things, I really do like being thinner and feeling better more. It is tough to think that I really won't "do" these things againI will always have to monitor my choices carefully because I have a powerful ability to delude myself about portionsbut I figure I have done all of these things enough times to last me for the rest of my life. I can be happy with a carefully selected and specially prepared dish at my Indian restaurant of choice, and I can choose the fat free frozen sorbet at Cold Stone, but the chips will likely have to be a thing of the past, like Pam's French Fries...

Comment #24

Fast Food in general.

Candy bars/chocolate.

Coke (the soda of course).

Sweet coffee/donut combo from 7-Eleven..

Comment #25

So true! I did my monthly weigh-in this morning and I'm down 17.5 in 8 weeks. THIS is the kind of feeling I want, and NOT the kind I get after gorging on my old favorites!.

My new favorites? Carrot fries!!!.

And maybe (MAYBE!), when I'm in full control of my food addiction and on maintenance for a while, then I may enjoy a cup of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla, light and sweet...

Comment #26

Fast food, but Taco Bell especially. I miss my nachos and burritos...

Comment #27

Buying a food reward or two or three when I do the grocery shopping..

Sleeping in, instead of getting up in time to stop at the gym...

Comment #28

Same here! I'm drooling just reading this thread!.

No wonder why we're all on N.S.! At least we can realize our mistakes and move on and conquer this!!!..

Comment #29

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