Is there a lesser costly domain host than godaddy who is at almost $9 a year? IF SO, how do I transf?

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My first question is: Is there a lesser costly domain host than godaddy who is at almost $9 a year? IF SO, how do I transf?.

My next question is: is up for auction @ greatdomains with a reserve of 1,000,000 $US.

I wonder how much it will go for. Link here..

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Your question was: Is there a lesser costly domain host than godaddy who is at almost $9 a year? IF SO, how do I transf?.

Nice name. It should go for at least 1 M...

Comment #1

Surely this name is worth a few million.

2-3 million isnt out the question I think..

Comment #2

Great name.

It worth +1M for sure. But reserve price might be higher than we expect. Like 2.5 - 3M..

Comment #3

I am pretty sure the Chinese will buy this one.

And talk about your mega geo

Comment #4

Makes sense..

The Chinese already own America thru their stakes in the national debt..

Comment #5

This name is definately worth in the Millions. Would be great to see this name sell...

Comment #6

A few days ago I read that is going for private auction at HostGator tools with a Reserve of $5M (and I personally think that it's very high ), but for even $5M reserve will be a reasonable one. I see a very very high potential with this domain...

Comment #7

We asians always "dream" of being in America btw...

Comment #8

Travel portal? I'm guessing $1.9 million reserve not met..

Comment #9

And the Americans dream of being in Asia.

I know where I prefer...

Comment #10

I think an American will be buying this HostGator and maybe a a wealthy historian or a corporate company. Even though we are in recession, there are still folks who's got plenty of cash to burn simply because they don't know what to do with their money. IMHO...

Comment #11

This HostGator is really grand.

It should have been already developed into a portal website. Sorry to see that this grand HostGator is in the auction sale in 2008 now, but hope it will get top bids in the auction...

Comment #12

I want an American to have this name because he is the rightful owner... Calling Bill Gates - please save your country this time this way...

Comment #13

This HostGator has great potential such as

If developed into full fledge site, it can rake in millions from direct advertising in many areas such as tourism, restaurants, property and etc..

Comment #14

Nice but is better and if cost as same, sure will be investors buying it...

Comment #15

If I have the dough I wouldn't even hesitate to buy it. I agree with networkmsia, this name got so much potential once it get develop...

Comment #16

Now I know, trust me you won't like it in here it's too hot..

Comment #17

Well, I am sure China will be bidding on this one. They already own us anyway, why not make it official..

Comment #18

Bill Gates isn't the richest in the world anymore. There are a plenty of non-Americans on the top 10 list. Bill Gates is already scared of Google and Microsoft is going to be done in a few years. I am sure Bill Gates wouldn't even be on the top 25 richest list. Well! We'll see...

Comment #19

Bill Gates is the third richest in the world on the most recent Forbes. Oh, the humanity!..

Comment #20

I've been toting around the hills in Afghanistan / Pakistan with no luck to date, maybe this biggie will bring him out...

Comment #21

Lol, no kidding, we already borrow more than 2 billion dollars a day from them to float our economy. Buying this name would barely amount to pocket change for the day...

Comment #22

America is sending the world into a great depression with it's bad debt and printing press inflation. America the greatest empire on earth is destroying itself with debt.

Is the name really going to pay off for the new owner?.

What if America as it implodes from runaway inflation (thank you Greenspan and Bernenke), joins forces with Canada and Mexico and they create a new name, "The North American Union".

Then the America we know now will be gone forever, taken out by it's own government from over spending.

Will America as a HostGator name have much value then?..

Comment #23

Of course it will. america is made up of a bunch of humans, just like any other country- and humans screw things up- sometimes royally. but, it is generally part of human nature to fight to get things right again- history shows america as well as other countries has it's ups and downs. but- the important part is, they keep getting up...

Comment #24

Ya never know !.

If I owned I'd have to know the buyer was going to put it to good use before I'd sell it to them - money ain't everything.


Comment #25


I have great admiration for hard working Americans.

The question though is not if America can lift itself up out of this coming train wreck.

The question is simalar to what happened to Europe. A few years ago very few people thought a European Union would ever happen, almost overnight several countries found themselves with a new dollar, (the Euro) and a new alliance.

Some of these countries the people in them, woke up one day and found they were joining "the European Union". Gone forever was the money system they had for generations, replaced with the Euro.

So if this scenario plays itself out here in America, ( proof has been shown our leaders are meeting secretly for such a purpose) and America adopts a new dollar and a new name, what will the value of the HostGator be then?..

Comment #26

Then at least the USA Military will be able to find him via the WHOIS details..

Comment #27

I can't stop laughing .... Someone stop me please...

Comment #28

Still at 1,050,000 $US and 11 hours to go. I believe there isnt much interest.

Or will there be a bidding war before this auction ends?..

Comment #29

I'm sure (95%) we will see more bids near the end. Also, There is a good chance to see "Reserve Met" IMO..

Comment #30


I thought it was Japan that owns US..

Comment #31

I would suggest the name "Peso".

By the way is also up for grabs. It will be an interesting comparison...

Comment #32

China, owns the whole world, since the majority of people would rather save a few dollars then to buy 'quality' so the world is left with cheap junk from China, that was sold to us with a huge profit margins, made under sub standard quality control. The reason this could happen is that (the majority) of people float around in a dream world accepting what the general media tells them and not probing to deeply into anything that is going on around them in this reality called life.

Funny how I notice Chinese businessmen love German quality, like BMW and Porsche..

Comment #33

Yes, and if American continue to believe this hype to be true, then the longer it is going to take to get them into a mindframe where they can even contemplate the concept of having to compete. Before America is going anywhere, it needs to get over itself. American Workers have been the most productive simply because they have benefitted from more investment than anyone else. Stick a few of them on a Chinese production line and most of them would be in intensive care by lunch time. Besides most of them can do little more than operate a till.

Truth is that the investment is going elsewhere. Most profitable US companies are profitable because they have been and are transferring their investment overseas. That process is not like to change anytime soon...

Comment #34

I am thinking way est is 2.2. Its just such a clean, one word, massively know name. some billionaire patriot might push it higher than that. I'll be watching!!..

Comment #35

At least the American workers would have the privilege of going to intensive care, the fair share of 'Chinese workers' 'human bodies' throw in the towel on the Chinese production lines, due to the working conditions and 'overly generous' working hours bestowed upon them, so they can be as productive as possible to benefit the greater plan of 'The Mother Land' 'China'..

Comment #36

I think we've understood your point, Duck. America is awful and China is great.

But there's still something I don't understand... Why do you spend your life on an American forum instead of moving to China and working on their wonderful production lines ? I'm sure you would really enjoy yourself there...

Oh, just one little bit of advice before you move to China... On an American forum like this one, you can say whatever you want, because this nation believes in freedom of speech. That might not be the case in this oh so wonderful China.....

Comment #37

Is anybody from this group one of the 8 bidders? Does anybody from this group want to be one of the 8 bidders? I really like this domain, but did anybody else notice the trend dipping from Jan07 through Mar07 and the stats are only good through Aug07? Advice on this HostGator would be appreciated- Although I'm highly unlikely to bid it, I am inclined to think that we would pay $1,250,000.00.


Comment #38

That bid may well take it if the "reserve" is to be believed- go for it. Anything under $2M would be a steal...

Comment #39

No, you have totally missed the point. I was countering a point of view that everything coming out of China is crap. Nobody outside America takes that point of view. If American products are to compete on a World Market, you need to understand that you have to compete on price and quality. Simply deriding the opposition who are actually a hell of a lot more competitive than yourselves, and improving at breath taking pace, is not going to hack it.

The reason many are failing a domaining, is because they have a similar introspective approach to the problem. Dot Asia extension matched with Keywords that would only ever be appropriate in North America. Give me a break.

On the freedom of speech issue. Frankly, I am not so impressed as you obviously are. Information is manipulated the World over. America is certainly not always a shining example of openess and fairness. Money gets people elected in the US, and your democracy whilst still better than most regimes is by no means perfect, just as China is not all bad. Huge progress is being made in China.

It most cases in the early stages of development, such an approach has proved highly destructive.

The Chinese model is working. Things are improving, and economic advancement is the single most important thing the Chinese Government can do for it's people at this time. Freedom of speech means little when you have a hungry belly...

Comment #40

According to official statistics from Chinese authorities, the current average wage in the Chinese manufacturing sector is $0.57 per hour, for a 6-day working week and 14- to 16-hour working days, all that in often unhealthy conditions.

So they have no freedom of speech (but you don't care, as it "means little" for you), extremely low wages and inhumane working conditions. But still you think that "the Chinese model is working".

So how come you're still not living in this Chinese wonderland ?

Comment #41

Look until the recent economic expansion you had over a billion people trying to survive in an economy a less than a tenth of the size it is now. Nobody is suggesting this is any kind of Utopiah but there isn't widespread starvation and things are moving forward year by year. The problem we in the West have to understand is that in a global market, this is what we have to compete against. Basically, the Chinese economy is about a quarter of the size of the US in dollar terms and has four times as many people. So multiply wage there 16 and you should end up with a reasonably representative US wage. About $10 an hour, probably about right for migrant labour.

The problem we have in the West is that if wages are tenth of what they are over here, we need to be ten times as productive to maintain the status quo. Frankly, we have not a cat in hells chance of doing that. What we can do is treat our competitors with the respect that they deserve. Not for their sake but for our own...

Comment #42

Every capitalist system starts in that way...nothing strange and special here. That`s the way it is!.

Chinese products will gain in quality in upcoming years (do you remember products "made in Taiwan" or "made in Korea" few years ago...look at now where is eg. Samsung)..

Comment #43

At least with "Capitalism" you don't have to put up with Chinese government and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army instigated Human rights abuses including torture of Falun Gong practitioners, Christians and others labelled as dissidents *cough cough*..

Comment #44

I'll be interested to see what it brings and in particular how active the last minute bidding might be. I have a HostGator in the auction as well and it's on the bottom end so I'm hoping to see some activity too...

Comment #45

I'm sure there would be no shortage of people willing to pay that for it - even sold for almost that.


Comment #46

From wikipedia:.

"The Americas may alternatively be referred to as America;[1][2] however, America may be ambiguous, as it can refer either to the entire landmass or to the United States of America."

Outside of the US "America" is used for the continent (I wasn't even aware that "The Americas" was an expression commonly used, before consulting wikipedia). For exemple, in Portugal, if we want to prevent America (continent) being mistaken by the country America (USA) we say "continente americano", meaning american continent. But most of the times, if we want to refer to the group of countries, we say "America", as well as "South America", "North America" and "Central America".

My point being that for me, an european, the is no reason why should ideally be a page about USA. IMHO it makes more senses that it became a portal about the American Continent. Just like I would prefer (as a web user) to have or being big, rich portals about those continents. (i typed them and they are not...)...

Comment #47

29 minutes left, still no change.

Why not put a direct link to the auction on the page??.

There we go, 1.2mil now.

Reserve still not met...

Comment #48

Just went up 250K!.

It just got serious! The war is on, let me go check my bank account real quick.....

Comment #49

I'll go 50/50 with you.

Would'nt surprise me if the reserve was over 5M reading their sales pitch.


Comment #50

I might have missed something here!! just noticed that is due to ens at the same time as the .com one, also is due to finish in the next 10 mins, coincidence I know..

Comment #51

I'm afraid this is going to be another upset. A seller with with big hopes and dreams along with "professional" appraisals. My analogy of current prices are like when you were a kid and your taller brother/sister/bully would take something of yours and dangle it over your head so you couldn't reach it...

Comment #52

Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if the reserve was 10M. I would think it would fetch more than 1.71m though.....

Comment #53

Hmmm, it's looking a bit grim now Damn, thats the longest minute I'v ever seen.


Comment #54

Looks like reserve not met!!!!!!!!!!! 1.71m!! wonder how long it will be before it comes back up again better start saving those pennies..

Comment #55

I must be in a time warp cos it's still showing:.

Estimated end time: in less than 1 minute.


Comment #56 is a great domain, but in my mind it is the third best United States related domain. I would prefer or

Comment #57

Sad, pizza seems to be worth more that America..

Comment #58

Reserve price not met HostGator didnt sell.


Comment #59

The activity seemed really light. I think there were quite a few of the domains in this months premium auction that didn't even receive one bid...

Comment #60

3 bidders. First two bidders were below $10,000 (as far as I remember)..

Comment #61

Only 3 bidders and I think bidder 3 was looking for the reserve and then gave up...

Comment #62

We'll see it back on the Sedo treadmill soon...

Comment #63

Hey, that went well. I think this was a one-in-a lifetime opportunity to own a very rare HostGator name...

Comment #64

I knew that.

This is the 2nd name in a row that didn't sell. Pizza, now this...

Comment #65

Just bad timing I think. Economy down and America not in it's finest hour. Couple of years ago would've set the record...

Comment #66

Another example of how stupid reserves are. For all anyone knows the reserve was a billion jillion, what a waste of everyone's time...

Comment #67

It would be funny if some anti American group bought it and turnd it into a porn site. Hmmm... When you think of it.. Never mind..

Comment #68

A good sign at least that Bin Laden is not in the HostGator Business..

Comment #69

A pro-American group would rather turn it into porn, anti-American will do a hate site..

Comment #70

I wonder if the U.S. government would intervene if it were made into a hate site... I'm guessing yes..

Comment #71

I think he might be. And a good one, too. After all, his name is Osama "bin" Laden.....

Comment #72

Yes, include these as well He has the money if he wanted to invest in generic names..

Comment #73

That would create a whole new kind of slippery slope argument if it happened.

None of the three options would be that great.

1.) Ignore it.

2.) Try to seize the domain.

3.) Block access to it.....

Comment #74

Well, not so sure about that! the HostGator king seems to have killed discussion about him here - and no one would answer when I queried where/why the thread went? just disappeared!..

Comment #75

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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