Is there a Godaddy promo code for private registration?

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My question is: Is there a Godaddy promo code for private registration?.

My 2nd question is: I've just listed my first HostGator on ebay (well 2nd, but first didn't count since I did it all wrong).

Not sure if I've gone about it the right way, I've never used ebay to sell before, I'm pretty new to all that.

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with selling domains on ebay. Please share your experiences... whats been your biggest sale / worst sale etc.

Tips would also be great..

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Your question was: Is there a Godaddy promo code for private registration?.

Ive been going through this to. If you look at completed sales people will buy TERRIBLE names for more than reg fee. There is many people who make nice money by just regging crazy things and crap and sale it on ebay. For instance, there is a few sellers who I watch what they sale and just about all of their names were regged about 10 days ago and they are making a killing off of these anywhere from 20 dollars to 300! I'm starting my first go arounds with trying to make some quick sales on there. By the way I think the ebayers love 5L brandables...tell me if you have any luck!..

Comment #1

Yes 5L.coms often do quite well on eBay as do lower quality LLLL.coms...

Comment #2

My lower qualities sell for quite a bit. I think just because it's a public marketplace that the general public is quite familiar with...

Comment #3

Read this thread

Good luck with your sale.



Comment #4

An ebay seller should be relatively safe from a 'scam buyer', if the ebay seller checks the buyers feedback reputations..

Comment #5

As stated in the above thread the buyer reversed the paypal payment after the HostGator name was pushed.

Seller's HostGator name registrar would not assist.... the name is now in the nonbuyers account and sellers money was reversed.

The seller lost out bigtime...

Comment #6

You can still require escrow if you sell on Ebay can't you?..

Comment #7

I thought they changed all payments to paypal ? they did in australia I think..

Comment #8

In Australia, other payments are still permitted, paypal wanted to change to paypal only, but have been held up by the the Australian Consumer Commission, who states that paypal only leaves no chance for free market competition (for payment options). paypal argues that it is for Consumer Protection. I have to side with ebay here, as there are far too many Chinese imported products (like dirt trail bikes) that are low quality and the buyer has no come back and buyer protection without paypal (in regards to the Australian market)..

Comment #9

I do remember the fuss it caused when reported on tv..

Comment #10

Do not start an ebay auction with an opening bid of less than you would be willing to sell the HostGator for.

Please resist the trend to put non-relevant numbers in the title to bring in searchers.

I admit I click on lots sometimes if there is a hot girl in the photo. But it does not mean I will buy.

If you want escrow then put it in big type in the listing and in the buyer information section. Feedback is your best salesman - no surprises.

Non-paying buyers are part of eBay life. The percentage rises greatly without Paypal.

There are lots and lots of ways to improve your sales on ebay - read the discussion boards (under"community") if you want to do a lot of this.

Very small sales take more time than they are worth. Figure an hour per listing, another hour in dealing with transfer and communication. You can add to your feedback this way, but a lot of sellers seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

Keep your buyer informed - another feedback tip...

Comment #11

I've sold domains on ebay. surprised that I did...but I did..

Comment #12

Nicely Said!.

Would add to your rep Mr Accentnepal, but I am out of rep ammo for you unfortunatley..

Comment #13

I've listed 3 names on eBay and each sold, but under what I thought was their value. 1 of my sales took 2 weeks to get payment, and then it took 2 months for the guy to email me his push info. I couldn't get any of my buyers to leave feedback.

I agree with what was said earlier, that's and's do sell there...

Comment #14

Also, when you look at the completed listings, pay attention to the day and time when the sales ended where the final bids were the best/highest.

But don't completely rely on this because, if your name is pretty decent, it can sell in the middle of a workday for a respectable amount.

4Ls and 5Ls do well, especially pronounceable, interesting looking/sounding 5Ls.

You will also see a lot of copycat names on ebay, too; like all that pizza business several weeks ago. In fact, if you could keep up with the mini-trends on ebay and quickly check and register 'hot' domains, you might make a small profit; but it would have to be large-scale to really accomplish anything.

As a bonus, the ever-present outrageous reserves and horrible names will keep you laughing, which is good for your spirit...

Comment #15

Thanks everyone, some great advice in here. I'll taking everything on board and continuing my research by listing a few more domains and seeing how they do.

I will list various types of domains, 4L's, 5L's, info's, .net's, brandables etc. and see which I have the most luck with.

My ebay rating of just (2) isn't going to help much, but hopefully at the very least I can raise that by selling a few domains. Not worried about making losses or profits at this stage, so I'll be using my lesser quality domains to test the market and gain knowledge.

Please keep the tips/tricks coming, I'm sure this will help others who are interested in selling on ebay...

Comment #16

I've only ever tried it once and I had a hard time. I thought the HostGator I sold was worth much more, it was, then it sold for. (As in I took a loss on that domain) Ever since then I haven't tried selling because I can't take more losses.I may try again when I have other domains but for me it was too much...

Comment #17

No, you cannot accept Ebay has systematicaly removed all extra payment options, and now we are only allowed to accept Paypal, money orders, checks, and bank to bank transfers. While you can attempt to make people pay with, you can in fact get in trouble with ebay for doing so. It is the same with cash, if you want to accept it as payment, go ahead and take a chance, but ebay may punish you and will certainly no help if there is a problem with the transaction.

Ebay Accepted Payments -

Comment #18


"UPDATE: I recieved an email from paypal this morning saying this:.

Dear Bryan Shields,.

As you know, we have been reviewing the transaction detailed below. Our.

Investigation is now complete and we have returned the funds to the PayPal.

Account holder.

I guess I am out of options now....i have spent hours on the phone with ebay, paypal, and godaddy trying to get this handled with no such luck.....horrible".

Be warned sellers.....



Comment #19

After reading all of this, I'm disgusted with Paypal's disregard for fairness. I'm just as disgusted with GoDaddy's don't-bother-us attitude.

This is another issue in the long list of unaccountable domaining practices by registrars and selling services like Ebay. No one is accountable...and the seller loses..even when it's completely obvious that the decisions are going to reward the scamming buyer by letting them keep the HostGator that's not paid for.

Ebay, Paypal and GoDaddy should be ashamed...but even worse, they just don't care...

Comment #20

I have my doubts about whether 'luck' is a major factor..

Read the TOS ... Mkay?.

Hands up anyone that actually knows who owns paypal?.

Prize? A lesson in how not-to-do-business...

Comment #21

After reading this thread, I put up an auction of 2's & 2's there. Let's see how much it will obtain...

Comment #22

Griny .com was bought on the 12th for $203 with the auction starting at a penny. And now it is already back up for auction with a buy it now of $499 lol. This HostGator was registered about 3 weeks ago also......

Comment #23

I've found it a poor place to sell, but a good place to buy (pick up bargains). Hope you have better luck selling...

Comment #24

What absolutely drives me crazy is how people can sale absolute crap for a killer price and then I put the same type of name for sale that is 2 times better and I can't even bring half of what their terrible name is bringing. And they are just REGGING names and in making a profit within a week. I don't know if it's the design of my listing or what but it drives me absolutely insane!..

Comment #25

I just sold my first HostGator ebay... for 97 cents =)..

Comment #26

Back about 4-5 years ago, I spent alot of money buying quality names on ebay like's for $500 or less... but those days are long gone, just dropped garbage for resale.... and the odd $20,000,000 HostGator for sale...

Comment #27

Hi any one sick of ebay and want to sell their account?..

Comment #28

Yes. But no.

Btw. thanks to everyone for posting your tips. I've tried a few out, not having much luck - but I guess I just don't have enough time to do all the ebay stuff for domains which probably wont get more than 20-50$ ... seems like too much hassle.

Anyway, will keep you posted if I discover anything...

Comment #29

I don't think this is the place for that..

I've sold a few names on eBay and had ok luck. It's always good if you seek out prospective buyers, compile and email list and alert them when the sale is started with a link to the listing. Doing so will encourage more bids. Seems that it is a bit hit and miss though from what I've experienced...

Comment #30

GreenGambler is right, you need to treat your auction like any other type of internet marketing. The more traffic you drive to your listing, the more bids you will get...

Comment #31

I love how people complain that noone buys the domains at the fair price. Complaining that they don't get enough from ebay buyers.

I also love how people complain that theres nothing worth purchasing on eBay since it's all junk.

It can't be both you knoweBay buyers have different tastes than most HostGator professions like, but as long as you get to know the trends it's very profitable for sellers, and buyers are happy...

Comment #32

Sounds like a valid point there. Its always worth researching markets and market places to understand trends... unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now - was looking for an easier way to offload some names than via forums - but I think the type of names I have are better suited to forums/auctions than on ebay.

Repp'd you for your suggestions...

Comment #33

I've had many transactions both as a buyer and seller.

I will say first of all, I recommend listing as a Fixed BIN with Best Offer - Much more versatility this way as it seems that many buyers will miss the end of a traditional auction, close the window, or forget to bid.

I've sold a few as fixed price/best offer.

Including ncaafan,com $800, pokerstate,com $1500.

I sold t71,com for $1020 as an auction, while I could only fetch about $550 for t81,com to bobdigital on here.

I've bought a and flipped it for 100% profit.

I recently sold some LLLLs, one was uayd,com - listed it here for $44, no one bit. It sold for $60 on ebay.

I have had to let some go for reg fee prices or lower that I know I could have done better with, which is why I revert to the top - fixed bins are pretty good. The work can be tedious, although it doesn't take hours per name as some people have mentioned.

There are bargains there and you can sell for good prices - it is a strange market. was sold there for $3200 and sold for $30k last year. also went for about $8k on ebay and was sold at a Moniker auction for $30k.

In 03 or 04 SS,com was repeatedly put up for $39,999 and no one bought it. I think we all know that ss,com is a high xxx,xxx name now or perhaps higher (Didn't it sell for over a mil but oxigy backed out because it was a pro nazi buyer?).

I've bought one name for less than $2 and sold it for $150 on sedo (diamondgenius,com).

It does always help to alert potential buyers/end users about an auction.

I've done well buying a couple of lots there. One lot I purchased cost about $1000, within six months I sold one name for $3000 which covered renewals on everything - making the rest profit from there.

Also I sold whaq,com for $177 and wrab,com for $240 - both probably went too low.

Oh and Moniker really screws up buyers, Godaddy is the easiest to transfer to ebay buyers.

Hope this helps.....

Comment #34

Great stuff tight-aggressive, thanks for the tips. Fixed price/best offer is something I haven't tried yet, so will give that a go next time...

Comment #35

If you are looking to buy on ebay, you can find decent deals, however, you need to tread carefully relating to possible stolen domains. On the selling side, I have had little luck. If you are selling, do not expect to obtain favorable selling prices (and remember you will get hit with ebay AND paypal fees). Additionally, I've had lots of problems getting buyers to pay and send their push info on ebay. In other words, I have found selling domains on ebay is not worth my time or money...

Comment #36

I hear you Fonz! I'm still waiting on payment for two domains I sold over a week ago... plus I still have one HostGator which sold over a month ago and the buyer didn't send his push info - and never replied to any messages/mails...

Comment #37

What makes things even worse (adding insult to injury) is when the buyer leaves you negative feedback too...

I had this happen to me a a few months ago where the buyer refused to pay or to send push information for the HostGator even after I renewed the HostGator for the individual. Then, the buyer had the audacity to leave negative feedback and allege that I was somehow fraudulently selling a domain.... What nerve!..

Comment #38

That's crap. And now with ebays new TOS, sellers cannot leave negatives.

The buyer is protected far more than the seller on ebay.

You can cancel bids from 0 feedback bidders or post to not bid with less than x feedback - which can deter the BS a little bit.

Yes many ebay buyers have a hard time with the transfers, as I noted Moniker is by far the most confusing transfer for people...

Comment #39

I sold a poker name on ebay for $200 last year, I rarly sell name on ebay but I put that one up on the holidays. Generaly there are two types of .com names on ebay. Inflatted names for 1 million, and junk names. It can really hurt your eyes going though them..

Comment #40

Yeah, it can burn the eyes wading through the retard auctions.

Every now and then when I see a horribly stupid pathetic name listed with a six or seven figure price with a best offer - I submit an offer of .01 or .02.

You'd think these idiots who list less-than-registration value names for ridiculously high prices would stop before long as the fees have to be piling up...

Comment #41

Pretty sad when people refer to how HostGator business is by asking" any luck selling on ebay"?? Just goes to show what this industry has become. Its a joke for the small guy!..

Comment #42

Not sure I follow what you're saying?!.

I don't think anyone is basing ebay sales or luck to how well or not the HostGator business is doing. There are a number of avenues to sell / buy - having access and understanding of more is better than less.

Anyway, maybe I didn't even understand what you were saying.....

Comment #43

Great thread! Tried selling on eBay sometime ago but didn't turn out so great...

Comment #44

Haven't sold any names yet, but bought a bunch. like reece said, low quality and brandable pronouncable 5l.coms sell well. I haven't had any problems buying from people. I usually buy from the high rep sellers like bargaindomains and systhensomething. I picked up a lot of dot com "keyword" domains for dot info prices. I'm thinking that you have to be a power seller to make any money.

You're losing 6 dollars on that exchange. but I also see stupid names sell for hundreds.

I think it's all about the demographic. ebay buyers are not domainers. if you want to make money with ebay, you have to cater to the noobies. just my two cents.

I wouldn't get into it tho. don't think it's worth the time or energy. and don't want to mess with pushing domains and the ebay/paypal fees...

Comment #45

Today mom dot org was snooped for $12k on ebay ( incredible buy imo ).

Likely the buyer could flip it on sedo for double..

Comment #46

Mom dot org. 12k? incredible. I didn't even tho that sale was going on ebay. how did you find it?..

Comment #47

Me either! Then again I don't really scan ebay. But yeah, great buy on that one...

Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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