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My question is: Is there a Godaddy promo code and coupon list?.

My 2nd question is: Excellent news from Dot Asia dot Org. Within 2 months of auction,.

Dot Asia has successfully reached about $6,000,000 dollars in auction sales for about 29,315 names. 29,315 names to supposedly allocated since their auction date started on or earlier than July 10, 2008 (auction lasts 7 days). Data was pulled from full auction schedule.

There is a total batch of about 45,000 names going to auction. So far about 30,000 names has been sold as to date with a remarkable sales of about $6,000,000 USD in 2 months.

According to the data, there is 15/45, ~1/3 or 33% of names up for grab during the last phase of auction. I am estimating that the total sales for the dot Asia auciton will end probably by mid August with approximately $10 million USD or more.

This is astonishing. The market for dot Asia or 45,000 names is $10,000,000 historically, while there's the 1.5 million+ names out there with registration fees of at least $12/year or addting 12*1.5 million at least $15 million for 1 year registration. The toal market according to my estimate for dot Asia is $25,000,000 or $25 million USD not accounting for advertising and other fees. Accounting for everything I am estimating again base on registration fees and market sales data the market for dot Asia with a premium of 50% it should be about $38,000,000 as to date 7/18/1008.

Market value/historical for dot Asia approximly $38,000,000 or $38 millions USD...

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Your question was: Is there a Godaddy promo code and coupon list?.

Its only auction sales. How many of these .asia domains will be turned into websites in the future?..

Comment #1

This is a great news for the .asia registry, but what about for the .asia resellers/flippers/speculators?..

Comment #2

About the 1.5 million. According to dot Asia there's 465k during landrush, these include the the 45k of auction. There is 28k+ for celebrity reserved which were registered according to dot Asia. These numbers total about 493k not including the TM, there's also unknown data which I do not have. Including the TM and Landrush, I am guessing it's over half a million.

According to dot Asia there's a press release saying on average since go live March 26, it's 10,000 registration per day. However, to be on the safe side, instead of 10,000 per day I took a lower number of 8,000/day. I consider 30days a month and estimated it's 4 months since go live therefore it's 120 days so : 120*8,000/day ~1 million names.

This 1 million names since go live (lower estimate, real estimate should be 1.5 million names) plus the half a million names before the go live stage, not including the Trade Marks it's should at least be 1.5 million registrations according to my insight.

However, on the positive side, if the average of 10,000 registration per day or higher, then we could actually have over 2 mllions dot Asia registration already.

Because I am estimating on a moderate side, I believe 1.5 million is a good number. Or 2+ million, we'll have to wait for the stats...

Comment #3

More good news: Dot Asia is second to dot com and may even beat dot com.

Please read:::::.

According to Dot Asia, during sunrise, we have more than 30,000 TMs registered not including the business people who are and is currently bidding on the pool auction.

And accordingly dot Asia has once again trumped the dot info, dot biz, dot net, and the newcomer dot .me.

Here's the stats: of Business TM registration on each extension. Dot Asia is only second to dot com by about 10,000 in my estimates or even at par.

Originally Posted by akcampbell.

Com 49,583 Dot Asia 30,000s+unannounced live auction second to dot com.

Pro 21,505.

Net 17,831.

Me 9,136.

Travel 6,624.

TV 6,532.

Info 1,585.

Biz 1,170.

Org 988.

Mobi 121.

Isn't this great? while we have some people comparing dot Asia to dot Mobi who only has a pathetic 121 TM at whatever time it is, dot Asia has 30,000+ and strong.

And if we manage to compare dot Asia to dot Com, I think it's a safe bet. Now for the dot Mobi VS. Dot Asia:.

121 Vs 30,000.

I see a tremendous difference in where business communities put their money at...

Comment #4

Great news.

Some of the stats, if accurate, go a long way towards giving concrete evidence of what businesses think of dotasia, contrary to the typical domainers' evaluation of dotasia.

Though if you look at the simple average of auction sales, each name sold for about $205 (6m divided by 29,315). Wonder what the median sale was like, which may be more representative of the value of dotasia currently...

Comment #5

The thing about average is, it takes away the value of some of the core names like geo dot Asia names. For example, according to dot Asia press release, geo dot Asia names were as much as twice the value of the dot com geo HostGator sales on average during the month of June-March private auction.

What does that mean? On Average dot Asia's geo HostGator names beat that of dot come 2:1 ratio. But it doesn't really say about other names like compared to were sold as low as 10 because of lower bids, this spread out overall. But I dont' hink the average of $205/names would be what the market value for each unique individual names...

Comment #6

Yes, the thing about averages is that they are influenced by the figures at the extremes (the very low and the very high).

If the median could be located (for example, if the median was $2500), you'd be able to say that half the people bought dotasia names below the median price and half bought above the median price. This gives a rough indication for pricing your domain, though of course I have not taken into account the quality of the keyword, the industry, etc.

Do keep the stats coming, if available. I think it's been very encouraging so far. And thanks, tech4, for all that wonderful research...

Comment #7

I can't see how this is good news, except for the .asia registry.

I don't know what will happen next year, when hundreds of new tld's come in, and HostGator speculators will jump on them.

For a regular user .asia will not be different than .london, .ltd or whatever new tld will come, because there is no content behind it.

[quote]. were sold as low as 10 because of lower bids, this spread out overall. But I dont' hink the average of $205/names would be what the market value for each unique individual names. [quote/].

And what would drive prices that up? Speculation only. Look at other LLL prices. For example, and LEARN from them! Is there need for that much? Who would buy them? Domainers. Who would want domainers to sell them for a profit? To other domainers who came later in the game ..... aghh ... I would love to speak with you 1 year later..

Comment #8

If it's 1.5 million names, why not provide root access to the dns files?.

All this speculation will be redundant.

.mobi >>>> .asia - and we know what is happening to .mobi...

Comment #9

According to their most recent report to ICANN (March 2008) there are only about 126K domains registered. See (pg 12):

Comment #10


It's not like people are selling the .asia names for that much to other people..

They're buying good .asia names from the .asia registry for an extremely high price.

It's not safe to buy high to sell higher (flip/resell) for an unproven and very speculative extension...

Comment #11

Dictionary go for $1

Want more? And just a heads up - that auction is closed...

Comment #12

Perhaps they are unregistered. There were only 197132 domains active in .asia when I checked the other day. I do not think your calculations or figures are accurate.

As of this morning, .asia has 199322 active domains.

As of this morning, .mobi has 930052 active domains.


Comment #13

I estimated about 1.5 million registration base on the press release that Dot Asia has out on it's front page. I don't think Dot Asia registrar would make fake press releases about:.

1. On Average since go live 10,000 registrations per day (average).

This is where you need to do the calculation (using 8,000/day instead of 10,000) Go live was march 26, 2008. I calculated up to dat about 1 million here.

2. There are 30,000 TM for sunrise that are registered.

3. There are 465,00 registration for landrush.

4. There are 28,000 celebritiy reserved which are registered.

JMCC I think there's something wrong with your active sites for dot mobi. Last time I checked it's a lower number of registration is somewhere 911,000 but according to your active sites it's 930,000 websites?.

Do you mean each page is an active site (meaning a HostGator that has 10 pages=10 sites)?..

Comment #14

Yeah, specially since they're saints... There is nothing wrong with jmcc's calculation - unlike us regular mortals, he does have rootfile access. He means 'active domains', not websites or pages or what have you...

Comment #15

Care to explain what is 930,000 active domains? If it's not "websites" or "pages"...

Comment #16

Active domains = domains active in the zone file. Both the .asia and mobi figures I quoted are based on counting the numbers of domains in zone files.

The "almost half a million HostGator applications" mentioned on the .Asia registry site are Sunrise applications and these generally tend to be multiple applications for the same domains. These domains then go to auction. While in the landrush 10K new domains per day is not unusual, that level of growth falls off after the first month. The .asia gTLD is continuing to grow. When all those auctioned domains go live it will increase the number of active .asia domains.

I haven't run a .asia web survey yet but the most recent .mobi web survey from earlier this month showed the following:.

Number of .mobi domains in survey: 927369.

Number of .mobi websites responding: 683584.

Type | sites |.


| F | 3754 | Forbidden/payment required.

| X | 4042 | Porn.

| S | 5434 | For Sale.

| N | 6329 | Networks of sites (duplicate content).

| U | 6352 | Unavailable.

| B | 11274 | Brand protection registrations.

| D | 15295 | Dead sites/domains.

| R | 58933 | Redirects (not classified yet).

| H | 59272 | Holding Pages (coming soon etc).

| A | 69841 | Active (HTTP 200).

| P | 443068 | Parked/PPC.

Not every registered HostGator is included in the zone file. Sometimes registrants will hide domains by not having any nameservers associated with the domains. Snapnames/Dotster and some of the .eu cyberwarehousers have used this technique. The .mobi TLD still has those premium domains which may not be included in the zone. (I'll check later this morning.).


Comment #17

Makes you want to start up your own registry so you can make a killing out of others..

Comment #18

I would have thought the parked pages for dot mobi tend to be 15-25%, I diddn't know it's 443k/927k approximately 50%. While the functioning sites are less than 100k according to what you have JMCC.

Active domains in the zones is missleading, it means nothing in terms of live sites. Because I have checked some of the dot Asia whois, it's not available because people tend to hide or delete their DNS for some reason. Maybe because they don't have a dot Asia present?.

So Jimmy, you have 70,000 active sites for dot Mobi according to your calculations. How many active sites for dot Asia do you have? I would like to know for a complete picture comparision. Could you draw the same data info for dot Asia.


Comment #19

Most hosters now park undeveloped websites/domains automatically. This increases the number of parked domains. Then there are stealth redirects in the pages which are characteristic of parked pages. Some of the larger parking companies are getting more sophisticated in making parked pages seem like real user-generated content. It is a very precise term. It does not mean active websites.

With small TLDs it is relatively easy but the larger ones require more planning and resources. With .eu ccTLD, non-EU cybersquatters and cyberwarehousers hid their domains by not assigning any nameservers. Some brand owners will register their brands as domains and may register new, unlaunched, brands as domains. Slightly more than that as some of the redirecting sites will be reclassified as I go through the list. But .mobi is behaving exactly like a pre-Junk Dump TLD.

As soon as I have any figures, I will post them.


Comment #20


The top 5 sales in Dot Asia now is at a minimum of $40,000 each.

Top 10 sales begin with a minimum of $28,000.

Would be happy to to hear another 100,000k sales. $112,111. $83,334. $53,607. $51,000. $41,009. $38,003. $34,005. $29,000. $28,556. $28,000..

Comment #21 might have the best chance to reach the magic 100k. Still going at 51k...

Comment #22

I found out something very important.

In the beginning of auction, Plastic.Asia sold June 25 for $1050 USD.

Today, Metal.Asia is going for 5,200 and is still going. This is a 5 times improvement in prices as people are more confident in the extension.

Back when I posted this thread, I was checking on the 3 characters. It looks like there's a lot of buyout for the 3 characters. I think they are all gone now, the, the, and the

I think the next thing is the

Can anyone confirm that the all is gone? 3 characters in any random order, numberical/letter/n, etc.,..

Comment #23

I'd say that all the's are gone now - tho, there may be a few still working their way through Landrush auctions.

And, I've noticed, too, that the bidding in the Landrush auctions that I've been able to watch has greatly increased as time has gone on....Its much fiercer now, than at the start of the process, a few weeks ago.

And, I'm still seeing declared well-known major end-user organisations bidding strongly for .asia domains in Landrush, as well...

Comment #24

I know the are unavailable, the are also unavailable. <mistaken l-l for (I was talking about the 3 characters one).

I am not so sure about the nln, lln, nnl if they are still available. I checked on some and it looks unvailable. Does anyone have a bulk checker/program to find out if it's totally bought out?..

Comment #25 ? I am very sure most of them are available, as they should be...

Comment #26

My mistake (thanks for the pointer, I edited the mistake).

I meant the were all taken.

Can anyone check on the 3 characters regarding,,, if they are all taken?..

Comment #27

Most of lln is available for register now .....

I grab mx5(April), mx1, mk1 (this month)....

I just grab but it might have TM issue .....

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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