Is their anyway to autoupdate your webpage in GoDaddy?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Is their anyway to autoupdate your webpage in GoDaddy?.

My main question is: There are many newbies here everyday and you can see it.

But what people don`t see is where they are from , unless they tell us that.

As many of you know , I`m from Rome , Italy and have been there till I was 28, then in 2004 I left that Country.

At that time, I heard very little about HostGator value despite internet was the center of my daily life.

As far as I know, in Italy , the "domain world" and the business behind it like we know it know was late to be discovered, very late.

This mainly because , the main language of it is English and very few (I should say "rare") italians read the news in English.

Plus, financial issues that are common in italian families since the introduction of the Euro , made investments in domains something that is rare within italians that live in Italy. That guy is one exception as surely he had no money problems. I doubt he handregged those names , but I`d like to find it out and have a chat with him to know the story behind them..

I was using internet about 10 to 12 hours everyday in Italy since 2000 till 2004 and never heard about till I was reading news in English , here in Australia..

We just did not know about it. And I bet , still many italians (and not only) still don`t know..

How many new investors will come to the HostGator world if there was a massive coverage? Too many people try to get rich b y buying stocks and hoping to get 10% in a year on their portfolio while we complain on getting 500%.....just imagine as the world internet penetration will grow from the actual 18 % to a possible 80 %......then even a random or will be worth 4 figures..

This is what I expect within 10 years. It`s not a guarantee or a promise , it`s my point of view.

I have been dealing with the stockmarkets around the world for 8 years and there are a few things I can say:.

- the HostGator industry is growing faster and there are great investment opportunities as long as everyone understands that an investment offer always a risk.

- evaluing this risk versus the benefits is the problem.

- no one can predict the future so my best advice is that you need to put on domains only the money you can loose exactly like for the stocks.

- no one can tell you for sure if a in 2010 will be worth $50,000 or $10 , it`s impossible to be sure 100 %.

What do we know , is what happened in the past and what`s happening NOW. So we have statistics and Trends that help us in making the best decision.

Few years ago, you could buy a for $200 and a nice for reg fee.

Now , even the ugliest goes for nearly $10,000 and the are sold out.

The , the are sold out , the are sold out too.

And so many LLL.ccTLD.

Every short HostGator keep rising in value while we are still just few domainers compared to how many could come and join the market. Even if large part of the new internet users will have little money to spend , they will generate more traffic , more revenue for all internet companies , starting from the advertising industry. What I feel is like watching the Google stock price the day of the IPO , well below $100 and watching it these days hitting the $700 mark. I feel that the Internet is still very young.

I keep looking at those datas from and at the miserable 18 % of worldwide internet users and then I come up with this in my mind:.

"We are still in the beginning......if the internet market was a building of 100 floors , we are like at the 20th floor or so, the best view has yet to come"...

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Your question was: Is their anyway to autoupdate your webpage in GoDaddy?.

Bene, bene! la mia moglie italiana.

I have been trading the markets for 35 years, and the one thing I have learned is that markets go up and down. It sounds obvious, but some don't believe it, and have never been through a bear market. For decades I have heard "this market is different" for different markets, or "this time is different" within the same market. I saw this and thrived in the silver corner by the Hunt brothers, in the dot com bubble, the housing bubble, etc. etc. etc.

A large war could do likewise, and both recessions and wars have been periodic events throughout history. I agree we are starting to see a lot of new people in domaining (I have been at it over 11 years). I usually compare it to the frenzy we see near market tops where the grandmothers try to jump in. Even a US-only recession could radically alter pricing, since the newbies may discover their jobs are gone, and that they were banking on success with money needed for mortgages, rent, college, etc. which can depress prices through large scale selling.

I am not saying we are in a bubble, but I am seeing signs of speculation that I have seen in the other markets like housing, futures, and stocks that I have traded for decades. I suppose "this market is different" and immune to the market dynamics that have affected every other market since the beginning of trade. I don't mean to put a negative spin on things, just a dose of reality. World events have an uncanny way of laying waste to the best projections of man. Some people's dreams are perhaps better described as delusions. OTOH, I am still buying domains so sans war and recession I am still bullish on HostGator pricing, and ready to ride out the bad times should they happen. Some people need to ask themselves "what if my domains do not sell at my pricing dreams?".



Comment #1

If gas is $7.99 a gallon and it costs $250 to fill the tank will many have disposable income?..

Comment #2 anyone...? Hopefully this time will actually not be too much different from the rise of (maybe for the "premium" LLLL) or at least (for the "anti-premiums") ... But who knows, really it depends a lot on where the tipping point of scarcity lies - is it somewhere in between 17,576 (LLL) and 456,976 (LLLL)? (More thoughts on that later ... not in this post though). Any grandmothers on this board yet? (If so, hello and welcome - please send me a PM, will be interested to learn how you got into domaining! I have a funny perspective on Lorenzo's "100 story building" anology - probably shared by more than a few people on this board who were (like I was) making "dream" money working in the vicinity of a couple 110-story buildings in downtown Manhattan a little over 6 years ago. There's a big hole in the ground there now, with more and more bigger holes in the ground (and peoples lives) "rippling" all around the world in the years since then ... But ...

And domaining again. (Just some personal perspective on that analogy ...).

Anyway - I have to say I agree with the basic premise of Lorenzo's post - there is a solid foundation to expect continuously increasing demand for a finite supply of LLLL (and short HostGator names in general). Yet - and this echoes ideas emphasized by Marc - speculation is risky business, and there is no such thing as a "sure thing" - the best one can hope for is decent odds.

Keep in mind that expectations about growth are usually already very much "priced into" the current market. And, for every buyer, there's also a seller (metaphorically speaking - it's probably not exactly a one to one ratio!) In other words, a decision to buy at a certain price mirrors a decision to sell at a certain price. Each side of the trade has their own motivation to do the exchange - some of that motivation has to do with different expectations about future value - but this part of the equation may be small compared to other factors that don't have much directly to do with expectations about future prices. One side (the buyer) may simply be long on cash and short on investment opportunities - the other side, vice versa. (So, to play with that last idea a bit, sometimes people have more dollars than sense!)..

Comment #3

I have to disagree for this reason. Take all the LLL.coms and give them to one owner. The will be xx,xxx or whatever the market says. Now if people start creating businesses with 3 letter acronyms and buy this guy out so that every single is in the hands of a business owner who is not going to sell. The price may stay high but no one will ever see any profit because they wont sell it...

Comment #4

I expect there to be a post boom period with short domains where a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money but I don't expect it to be soon. A lot of care must be taken with these names. People are already losing a lot of money by buying the wrong ones and not knowing what to do with them...

Comment #5

I like this .its just simply endless.. like eg new towers come n claimed the highest n the one before that drop to the second but internet is always gonna be the giant that will only increase wif population increasing and more % ppl using the internet..

Domains can be passed down as our generations to come... ~!..

Comment #6

Here in lies the problem. It could hit you sooner than you think. I was investing in another market and thought "There's still a lot of room to grow. The market can appreciate for many more months." Then it hit me not more than 2 months after I jumped in and everybody started to jump ship...

Comment #7

Domains, when well-utilized and properly invested in, are growth assets that also pay a dividend (development or parking revenues.) In a world with lower disposable incomes, people will have to make more intelligent investment decisions, from small businesses to large firms. While oil will rise above $100/barrel, we're also going to see a growth in fuel efficient alternatives and a substitution toward shared transit (and more local communities) over the next 5-10 years. So, if you have a few SUVs and don't own any technological investments you might want to reconsider.....

Comment #8

Great Thread first off as I enjoyed reading the posts. To stay on the theme that markets are cyclical and that all investments have risk, it should be pointed out that people make and break markets. Domaining contains a few things that I see as very positive. One is that the medium stills has a lot of untapped applications and two there are a lot of smart people in this business. Do smart people do dumb things, sure. Do growth fields have lulls, sure. But overall i'm bullish on this business and it's growth potential...

Comment #9

Great thread! As always, Lorenzo..

I knew that you are Italian, your avatar and your name say so, but I didnt imagine that you were Roman ( nice city ). Im Italian too, I live in Molise a region of the South of Italy..

I have known the HostGator word very late, at the beginning of this year than I became a np addicted and I have read everything about this word on this nice forum. As you see Im bad at write English, but I can read well this is the mainly reason because I lurk often and write less.

As I said Id know the HostGator word very late, but I was on Internet from 1995 and I was using Internet about 10 hours a day, sometime all day, however mainly for chat, hack and stuff like that. In Italy in the 1995 we havent Adsl and the telephone bill was very expensive ( 1m Lire/month approximately 500 eur/month ), but luckily me and my family havent financial issue. In Italy HostGator word is still very quiet, some Italian domainers ( that include me ) are trying to make information on HostGator word and Sedo this year have done first meeting in Italy about domains. Btw Im not in the HostGator word to make a lot of money but mainly because there are a mix of thing that I love: community, internet, people and domains of course.



Comment #10

Buen giorno! hello Antonio.

(tapping into the "6 degrees of separation" from Italian roots here, I might claim a shade of Italian origin in a certain special way - my parents met in Venice ...).

Your "Top HostGator Value Report" @ is a great contribution to the - much appreciated, thanks so much for that! IMO good current pricing info is key to helping people make decisions to buy or sell in this market with confidence that the price is fair on both sides of the deal! I have about 20 more prices to add to your database soon, hopefully tonight - all from trades I've made in the $10-$40 price range this last week - have been so busy wheeling and dealing, time to take a breather and add it all up now!..

Comment #11

I believe that domains are pretty much limitless, but there is a line considering the length of domains. The more these short one word or two or even three word domains get bought up the higher the price will go up. There is a point I believe to as how though. Once the domains find their end users then those domains are pretty much done and will not come on to the market for a very long time considering that the internet is pretty much the future of the world. I believe that when the good domains get scarce there will be a huge sell out and good domains will be come very very expensive. I dont think that will happen for a long time so I'm pretty sure there is a ton of time for investment and growth of the industry despite the size that is still left to be owned.

Once we get to the top it will reign supreme and it will be very very hard to get in to the 100th story...

Comment #12

That is my fear... Hope I am going to be all right. And true I don't know what to do with them Anyone wants to partner with me?..

Comment #13

Hi filter! Ciao.

So there are a lot of Italian "inside" here on NP.

Thank you for your appreciation on my site, I'm happy that you like it. I'll try to keep it updated daily and I'll wait your sale to add it in my database..


Comment #14

I can confirm that Antonio gives a fantastic contribution in Italy for the cause of domaining. His site (in italian) is informative, well written (and I like the layout as well)..

Unfortunately in Italy domaining is on the VERY EARLY STAGES together with the penetration of internet that is still well behind other europeans countries (I wouldn t even mention North America). Basically there is no market: the 3 or 4 italian sites that have a sort of "market" are so poor. People asking 10000 euros for because they like it. For the little time that have spent on those sites I have seen just (ridicolous) offers and not even a buyer (people is not idiot after all). I know 1 forum that is pretty poor and on the same line (and very little people joined it). Antonio is aware of the forum I am talking about..

Sad but true..

(sorry I am off topic here...)..

Comment #15

I`ll have to spend a day to be able to reply to everyone!.

And I`m particularly happy to see an increasing number of italians here.

Ciao! Marco...I think you or someone else (me when I have time) should start posting something about domains in the fionancial websites.

The most popular in Italy is:

Go to the forum , join in , it`s free and start a thread in the right section.....they are always looking to invest money.......think sooo many lost a bunch in FREEDOOMLAND , CIRIO , SSLAZIO , GIACOMELLI , E-PLANET AND MORE CESSO-STOCKS.

And so, I think each non english speaker , should go in his/her local country websites , find the most popular financial/investment forums and inform them with HostGator sales info and few good links such:

Comment #16

Hi all,.

Let me say things are changing in italy, there are a lot of domainers working behind the scene, they don't like show in public what they do, coz of taxes..

Lot of domains are in Italian hands, I tried to acquire these HostGator directly via email from the italian owners and... surprise they were domainers..

I know antonio and he's doing really a great job, on my own i'm trying to grow the right feeling in some forums that reguard HostGator stuff, it's not an easy process, it takes time and people have to acquire a good knowledge to compete with worldwide markets..

I'm often in chat with other Italo-Americans domainers, why don't you join in sometimes ? .

Ciao a tutti.


Comment #17

Ciao Luca!.

Glad to see you here I didn't know that your nick was classicwhois on NP. I always enjoy to write with you in italian forums and yes, it isn't an easy work because there are a lot of newby everyday that look only at pr, bl etc But it's nice to see new people trying to lear domaining on regular basis...

Comment #18

What I meant guys is that domaining biz is not widespread in Italy and doesn t have a large base. Italian people holding, buying and selling domains are there...(there are many on english speaking forums as you know ). Taxes might be an issue actually , but also the fact that is an internet business (obviously) where english is the mother tongue (less obvious but english is not spoken by a large part of the population); just graduate people, with internet knowledge, english speaking, with healthy finance are potential domainers. And honestly this is not a big slice of our population. I can t rmember nwspaper writing an article on domaining or about the market around it. And hopefully the tax man is not reading.....

Comment #19

Wow ... and this became an Italian thread.

I think it is time for Namepros to consider language sub forums...

Comment #20

And here I was thinking we were going to have a debate about whether would follow in's footsteps or not Was a good read anyway.....

Comment #21

Going back to the topic, I would be very, very careful in being so optimistic about the future of this industry segment (short domains). The number of variables which can affect the value of our names is vast. You don't have any sort of guarantee from any point of view (just as an example: think about ICANN and it's virtually complete power over the namespace. Since we're speaking about Italy, do you remember the time when each physical individual was elegible to own 1 and only 1 .it domain?).

We're still playing on a risky field, if this wasn't the case, how much time do you think would take to Goldman Sachs or similar to invest huge amount of money on a 500% ROI market?.

I don't want to be negative and pull down the fun, not at all, but It's just an advice for newcomers not to believe blindly to anything they read on the forums, ad hoc created hypes included...

Comment #22

It is happening now, on a relatively small scale. IREIT has some big time mainstream investors - Ross Perot and Howard Schultz (Starbucks) are two that I have heard of. Domains as a mainstream investment would bring in wealth far beyond any projections I have heard here. But only for those with the types of domains the mainstream wants. I do think LLLL.coms fit into that scenario, but there is no guarantee of that.

When you think of domains as internet real estate then the possibility of big time investors moving in becomes realistic - and this looks like about the 3rd floor of that 100 floor building, not the twentieth. It largely depends on the real comparitive value of domains - is that short HostGator at $$$$ really a better business decision than that reg fee HostGator for $. I see both in the real world - top companies doing business on top domains - and top companies using domains they just regged.

These are interesting times...

Comment #23

Actually I think that if the stock markets start to take a Bear time like between 2000 and 2003 we could see more investors looking for alternative investments so I won`t rush worrying about recession because the internet penetration increase won`t stop for that.

In the next couple of weeks , I`ll start promoting NamePros and the HostGator market in the top italian financial websites.

I strongly think , that there are tons of potential investors that will happily enter this market...

Comment #24

They say a picture is better than 1000 words.....

Comment #25

Yeah it is. Nothing slowing down about that chart.

And mobile is not yet included, with four times the predicted number of users - and mobile 's tiny keypads will put even more value on short domains. for president!.

Sorry, wrong channel...

Comment #26

I really can't see LLLL's going anywhere but UP for a long time... Really wish I would have bought more of them, come to think of it...

These things have "mobile friendly" written all over them..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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