Is the Nutrisystem online program worth the money?

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First off, Is the Nutrisystem online program worth the money? Thanks for any comment. Another question... I am at the end of my second month of the program, and I'm really happy with my results so far, and I'm pleased with the program itself. But my question is, when is the right time to begin weening myself off of nutrisystem food and transition back to eating healthy, regular food that I prepare full time?.

It had been my initial intention to stick to the program completely for 3 full months and then think about weening myself off what did you guys do, or what are you planning to do?.

I just know for me, personally, it is not realistic to eat this food indefinitely. Thoughts?..

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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Talked to one of their nutritionist this morning and that was one of my questions. They actually have a transitional food plan that is 5 days a week ns and 2 your own. Dont know beyond that as I have over 100lb to loose so I wont be transtioning anytime soon hehe. Im new so I dont know much, but since this just came up this morning thought id pass the info...

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From what I've read, most people begin flexing by choosing meals a couple of days a week but choose food that closely meet theNutrisystemguidelines. As long as weight loss continues, then perhaps another day could be added. The purpose ofNutrisystemis to teach healthy eating habits and portion control, so venturing into preparing your own meals is a way to see if the lessons were really learned and still permit weight loss...

Comment #3

Originally, I was only going to orderNutrisystemfood and eat it to lose 15 lbs. But when the first 10 came off, I lowered my goal weight because it was so easy. I have been onNutrisystemfor 4 months and will probably continue full-time for another 2 months. Then, I will start flexing more meals. I don't think I will give upNutrisystementirely because I really love some of the foods and the convenience factor..

My suggestion would be to continue onNutrisystemuntil you get really close to goal, and then decide what to do. You are doing fabulous, but aren't at the halfway mark yet. I think it would be a bit dangerous to jump off the ship if you don't have to right now...

Comment #4

When I hit my initial weight goal of 20 lbs, I switched myNutrisystemorder from Women's Silver to Women's Silver Flex. I did Flex for about 2 months and continued to lose weight (another 4 lbs)..

A few days ago, I cancelled my AD order and am using up what I have left of my last BBB. I continued to eat foods on the recommended grocery list. And have spent time in the market finding convients foods that fit theNutrisystemstats. These include things like Lean Cusine and South Beach protein bars. But most of the time I cook from scratch using theNutrisystemguidelines..

Like you, I never intended to stay onNutrisystemforever, but finally with the help of this program, something has clicked in my brain and now I know that I have made a real and forever change in the way I eat and look at food..

I just wanted to give you a bit of feed back from someone who is going back to regular food and finally made it back to where my body belongs for weight...

Comment #5

Wouldn't the right time be when you hit your goal, makes sense to me, at least that's when I will start weaning myself off NS...

Comment #6

I really like the convenience of theNutrisystemfoods so I don't think I will stop even when I get close to goal...

Comment #7

I don't ever plan on being 100% off of the premade foods and I have no intentions at this time of ever being off of theNutrisystemplan. I flex a fair number of my meals already and love the convenience and variety it gives me..

So many people say they're not on nutrisystem anymore just because they don't buy the food... but really if you're following the flex guidelines and food exchange rules then you are still on it for life...

Comment #8

You know how true, I would miss some of these foods as well too...

Comment #9

I am getting close to goal so this is something I have considered as well. I am going to order one more full month, but not start flexing until I reach goal. I'm actually considering lowering my goal as I have been losing fast, so maybe my body is telling me I should weigh less ... LOL..

I do intend to keep AD in place and get a BBB every 3 or 4 months even after goal, whatever I decide that is going to be. My problem has never really been losing ... it's maintenance I have problems with...

Comment #10

I made goal and have been gradually adding more flexed meals following the nutrisystem stats, and continuing to log in my meals. Logging in the meals has kept me accountable. I've been spreading out my deliveries of food as I add more flexed meals, but love some of the food and especially the convenience so have no plans of canceling AD at this time...

Comment #11

I still take an AD every 2 or 3 months, and substitute other meals maybe 1/2 the time...

Comment #12

Me too Sally! There is the connivence factor, several dinners that I love, and cannot find subs for, and if you do the AD program, click the daily doses, etc. the price is quite reasonable!.

Good luck to everyone. Reaching goal is a milestone everyone should experience!!!! Love my little golden GOAL bear as well!!!..

Comment #13

I'm like Sally and Gardenkat. I delay my AD and get the BBB every 3 months. I really like the convenience, especially the lunches and desserts. I still follow theNutrisystemguidelines pretty strictly... otherwise I'd be back where I was. I basically do (during maintenance) what I did while losing with a bit of flexing every now and then.

I really like some of the things and would miss them..

The main idea when you reach maintenance is not to go back to eating the way you did. Watch the protein and carbs in foods and find foods that fit theNutrisystemguidelines. Eat every 3 hours and drink your water...

Comment #14

I absolutely stick to the guidelines too Linda! We cannot go back to our old ways and hope to keep the weight off...

Comment #15

This is great feedback guys, thank you. As someone who hasn't been flexing at all, maybe the term "ween off the program" isn't exactly what I meant. I think now that I'm going into my third month I will start letting myself eat out every so often, and then in my fourth month I will start to cook for myself at home a few times a week and see how that goes...

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Jenny, eating out is a scary thing when you first start so if you are going to let yourself eat out, plan well in advance. Check websites of restaurants for nutritional information, know what is in a salad and about the dressingsprobably need to take your own. For lunch you can also consider eating a salad and some steamed veggiesthen take along a lunch bar for "dessert". You will do OK eating out as long as you have changed your mind setmost of us, when we eat out, think we have to get our "money's worth" and don't feel that has happened unless we come out of the restaurant feeling stuffed. You may need to portion out your meal before you even begin eating and put some in a to go box. And remember, so much sodium! I am retired and am working weekends in a small restaurant here at the RV parkthe chef used to own a restaurant and cooks great foodhowever, as I watch him "grill" salmon, I see it covered in oil and then blackened with the saltiest spices I have ever eatenI couldn't even eat it last night.

So, there are hidden things you just never know. Again, checking nutritional info is the best way to help yourself. Good luckyou are doing great so keep up the good work!..

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