Is the Nutrisystem Dining Out Book 2009 edition worth it?

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First of all Is the Nutrisystem Dining Out Book 2009 edition worth it? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... I was watching the new A&E show "HEAVY" while pedaling my little bike last night -.

And it dawns on me that if I hadn't started Nutrisystem last summer -.

I'd probably be over 370 pounds by now..


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The answer is Yes, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

I'm hoping I don't flounder and blow it..

I just let up a little while at Christmas and gained 8 pounds..

I just really have an eating problem that's gonna require constant vigilance..

These guys who lose a lot of weight and stop checking in... ?

Comment #2

I'd probably still be in the 250-265 lb range. I couldn't lose weight at all - and I tried pretty hard to count calories and stuff. Problem was I only ate twice a day - and if I worked out 3-4 times a week I would reward myself with pie, burgers and beer 3-4 times a week! I still drink my beer and have the occasional burger on weekends .... I'm not a freaking robot..

Nutrisystem gave me the "smarts" I needed to lose weight fast and easy...

Comment #3

You know guys, I was p.o.'ed when I just got to 227. To think that I would be over 250 easy without Nutrisystem makes me feel good (for what I HAD done), but I will not be happy until I am back in the 2 teens or lower. Rock the System!..

Comment #4

Semi-off topic:.

Heck - I didn't even have a glass of egg nog this year..

I normally would have drank a couple of gallons Nov-Dec. (truth)..

Comment #5

I watched about 5 minutes of that show and just wanted to punch some of those people. I couldn't watch it. Even at 407 lbs I was more active, ate less and whined less than those folks. Good luck to them but I can't watch it...

Comment #6

Ditto. Not going to be on my DVR. My wife is a "reality tv" junkie and she couldn't stand watching that show as it was pretty pathetic..

But as for the topic.... Yeah, I'm thankful for the 66 pounds that I've lost now, and am only looking forward at this point to getting down to goal...

Comment #7

The guy weighed 638 pounds, had a huge mass on his leg, and could hardly walk..

Whachu want him to do - P90X on stilts?.

I mean, sure, he kinda let himself go... but I thought he was really trying..

The lady - yep she was a Rob-caliber pain whiner for sure..

I like how she kept calling here mother "a cancer"...

Comment #8

I got about two minutes into the first episode of the first season of Hoarders. Done. I can't watch things like this. "How Clean Is Your House?" is about as bad as I can stand it...

Comment #9

They have some tough challenges ahead of them but I still cant watch it. If they have success and inspire others or just serve as a cautionary tale thats fantastic but not every tragedy needs to be televised...

Comment #10

I always look at people like them (didn't see the show, btw) and think that God put them here to make us think about our own lives. To make us work harder and use more self control - The whole "gluttony" thing, you know?.

Now midgets on the other hand? They were put here strictly for our amusement...

Comment #11

^^ Agreed..

However, I'd do a pay-per-view to see the fat lady who got suctioned onto the airplane toilet...

Comment #12

Rob, if you want my opinion, after reading your posts and getting to know you & your Nutrisystem journey, I truly don't think you have to worry about "blowing it." Flounder once or twice or three times, probably. Gain a few pounds back, maybe. Blow it, NO! I just don't think you're gonna put it in reverse without any brakes and go all the way back to "go." Weight loss can be a spiral, and sometimes you go in circles, but just like that spiral gets smaller and smaller going down at the center, so are you. Behind you all the way...

Comment #13

Thanks Katie - you're a sweetheart..

Now get the heck outta here..

Honestly -.

I figure I'm gonna have to weigh every day and go on strict maintenance.

If I hope to stay on track..

It's a long way before worrying about it though...

Comment #14

What do I care? You like the Steelers! You could stay as long as you like if it were up to me but ..... you know the rules. Cya...

Comment #15

If not for Nutrisystem I'd still be over 3 bills for sure. And still trying to lose weight only lifting weights 2 times a week..

I have "Heavy" DVR'd, looking forward to watching it (if I can kick my kid off his xbox). I did see the first part and the 2 folks seem pretty messed up. It will be interesting to see what they can do..

OH, P.S. I too slacked off the end of '10, went about a month and half not losing, time get back after it now...

Comment #16

Well, sometimes I'll look at people that heavy and think to myself "Dude! Figure it out! It's not that hard! Eat less! Eat better! Move around some! We're doing it, it's working fine!".

Other times I'll look at people like that and think "There but for a swift kick in the @ss go I...". Because I really was refusing to allow myself to think about the damage I was doing all the way up to 320. Or when I did have to face how much weight I'd put on, I'd content myself with the knowledge that I was still smaller than several people I knew. Or I'd just angrily grumble that I was busy and didn't have time to deal with, so it could just bite me..

Honestly? Without NS, I'd probably be wearing size 48's and maybe the 50's, instead of the 36's that I have on right now. And since it's a Friday night, I'd probably be devouring an ENTIRE LARGE PIZZA all by myself. That was a end-of-the-workweek tradition. Along with a beer or two. And maybe a bag of Fritos..

I'm sure I've probably added 15 years to my life. Although... some of the people at work are trying to get me interested in skydiving this summer.

... so we'll see. Not sure about this whole "jumping out of a perfectly good airplane" bit. But I'm thinkin' about it...

Comment #17

If not for Nutrisystem, I'd seriously would be on some sort of weight loss program since I first looked into Seattle Sutton because there is one close to me. But since they weren't open when I stopped by and the website doesn't give pricing info, I got pissed and checked out NS. I really needed a program to help me get the weight off and break some old, bad habits and Nutrisystem certainly has helped in the regard...

Comment #18

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You must be talkin to me..

Comment #19

^^ rollo's the man! True Nutrisystem success story ....

Look at that chart. That could be any one of you newbs if you just follow the plan...

Comment #20

/\ /\ RICK!!!! You did it man!.

Who loves ya baby?.

I do!.

How ya been? Get back in here..

I was definitely hopin you hadn't gone to the dark side...

Comment #21

That'd be me too. Guilty as charged. I guess I tend not to post because frankly my life is pretty boring. "I am, so far, successfully maintaining" pretty much sums it up..

My life sure has changed though. I've learned something about portion sizes and frequent small meals. I've learned that I can have the things I used to like, but I'd better take about a quarter of what I would at one time have taken, and supplement with all the veggies and fruit I ate when on Nutrisystem 100%. (I am still eating mostly Nutrisystem food anyway, with one meal per day "on my own.") I've learned about going to a football party at my buddy's house and trying ONE (or two at most, if they're really small) of each of the salty treats present there, focusing on those higher in fat and protein than in carbs. And a small portion of exactly ONE of the desserts. But it's not like I have another choice..

Where but for NutriSystem go I? I'll tell you this much: I see advertisements on highway billboards all the time for bariatric surgery, and have met a couple people who have had that surgery. I understand that there is more than one type, and I've heard there may be one type that is reversible. Even if so, it sounds utterly horrifying to me. I could only see doing it if the doctor literally said, "Have that surgery or die, your choice.".

A relative said it was as though I'd had the "mental version" of that same surgery. Maybe, maybe not. But the real thing?.

Surely there but for Nutrisystem go I...

Comment #22

Matt, Paul, and Jack; you've done - and are doing tremendous..

Thanks for the inspiring posts...

Comment #23

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