GoDaddy review : Recommend I pick GoDaddy?? Is the Google the biggest copyright infringer on the net?

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No only do they provide links to images and text all over the net, they cache them for year. Google makes million by providing people access to this 'information.' If it was anyone else they would have been sued. How do they get away with it?..

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Because what they are doing is simply not illegal...

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Its YouTube that amazes me which incidentally is owned by Google, so much of it's content is copyrighted, although they are now doing deals with some of the people who own the copyrighted material like with music, still so much of what they are hosting I am sure they arent legally meant to be doing so.

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No this isn't a rick roll.. that's so the noughties... Google Copyright..

Comment #3

Everything google does (that I can think of) is legal - except some of the book scanning stuff that they are doing, which they are making legal anyway.

Sure, they cache pages. So does your computer. So does your ISP.

Let's face it, if Google didn't do the things that they do, most of us wouldn't be able to generate traffic without laying out money.

I think at the end of the day (in most circumstances), it's much better for a website owner to let Google do as they do because the benefits that come in traffic and exposure are well worth it...

Comment #4


The class-action suit against Google is still going on; I'm involved in that suit. They scanned nearly 2/3's of my book.


Comment #5

I'm torn on the book scanning project. It has the potential to be such a powerful search tool. Maybe they should have limited it to non-fiction books at first...

Comment #6

I think it's a great idea for books like the bible and the Koran etc and for ancient documents so that everyone has the opportunity to see them. But for newer books, money needs to find it's way back to the authors...

Comment #7

IMHO it's Youtube that's the #1 infringer which of course is owned by Google...

Comment #8

Google isn't doing anything wrong: People using there tools are doing the crap...

Would you blame someone if it's router is being used for hacking?.

All the evolution that Google help to bring on the net versus the bad things: I really think that the only really bad thing (to my limited knowledge) is there lack of respect of privacy.

Google tries to open up the digital world & tries to elevate the net over TM limitations by forcing the closed capitalistic actors to slowly play on the opensource chessboard. Trade marks & intellectual property is a reactionary way of thinking of the 20th century. If you really think that they will still exist in 20 years from now: your more idealist then anarchists.....

Comment #9

Interesting discussion started by OP, and at times I do think google infringes on alot of copyrights but then innovation is the key to it and everybody ignores rest, no?..

Comment #10

Sounds like the way of thinking in parts of asia. Let someone else do the hard part. Then steal and copy their work for profit.

Trade marks & intellectual property will always exist if a free society exists to protect them.

Oh, and thanks Google, for showing where I live to any DA in the world with a computer without my permission.

They are probably being sued for that too...

Comment #11

I think at some point there was legal action taken against them for the book scanning thing...

Comment #12

They are being sued and settling in many cases. For copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent infringement, click fraud, adwords disputes, etc., etc. Just Yahoo it...

Comment #13

Why Asian thinking? google was never liked in asia (to be specific CHINA).

Google on the otherhand is a North American company, US to be specific hence US government should take efforts to curb it before it gets outta hand.. what has Asian thinking gotta do with it?.

Just like any other community out there, I believe Aisans are also the hard-working and innovative workforce...

Comment #14

It doesn't matter what we think. Google dominate internet and they do what they want..

Comment #15

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