Is the Dukan Dieting pill ''Apidexin'' bad for you? Which Dukan Dieting pills do you recommend?

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First question I have is Is the Dukan Dieting pill ''Apidexin'' bad for you? Which Dukan Dieting pills do you recommend? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I just received this in the mail and am super excited! But I'm also a bit overwhelmed because there are just so many recipes I would like to try RIGHT NOW. =P For those of you who already have the cookbook, any suggestions or personal favorites to give a whirl in the coming days? Thanks in advance!..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Dukan Diet guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Thank you so much! The home fries sound GREAT - especially since I'm now a butternut squash convert!..

Comment #2

I tried and loved butternut squash. I just found it to be very difficult to cut. Any suggestions on how to make the prep easier?..

Comment #3

I LOVE this cookbook and I'm not big on cooking at all but all of the recipes are super simple and taste great. I've started cooking out of it pretty regularly. I love the onion rings (baked not fried with Fiber One cereal), if you like onion rings you've gotta' try it!..

Comment #4

I know it may be slightly pricey, but I usually find the pre-cut packages of butternut squash when I'm lazy. I just don't think there's an 'easy' way to actually cut the squash...

Comment #5

I am definitely trying this one! I can't believe how low in calories/fat this one was - and the pic made it look fabulous. I guess I'll be going out and buying some FiberOne cereal - it seems like many recipes use this stuff. Thanks for the tip!..

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I bought this cookbook about 2 weeks ago but haven't cooked anything out of it yet. I've been looking through it a bit though. I recommended it to a girl at Starbucks because I thought she would enjoy it since she's on WW. I can't wait to try all the recipes. Anyone know where I get the Whey that you put in some of the meals? I hear all about it, but not sure where to get it..


Comment #7

This cookbook sounds really awesome! How do I get my hands one on?!?!.


Comment #8

It's online on Amazon, QVC, or Barnes and Noble and I'm sure she actually has links on her site:.

I just picked it up when I was at a Barnes and Noble one day - I had never really heard of Hungry Girl before but she's actually working on a new book and I plan on buying that one, too, whenever it comes out..

Oh, and if you go to her site you can sign up for daily emails that give great recipes and Dukan Diet tips...

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The cheapest way I got mine was thru It was only $9.00 plus s&h which came to about $12 or so - still cheaper than getting it in thru Barnes&Noble or other bookstores (usually it's around $18 plus tax)...

Comment #10

I tried the fudge recipe (w/o the peanut butter) and it was AMAZING. Low on protein, but I still can't believe that it only takes brownie mix and canned pumpkin! Woohoo! =)..

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Thanks for the link Birdie! I'll go check it out. When I first started Dukan Diet I pretty much stuck to the meals and didnt do anything special with them...but now that i've been on it for awhile, I want to try new things and new ideas. So thanks again for the link!..

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I bought my Any Whey on It comes in 2 sizes - the larger size is a better deal and qualifies for free shipping (make sure you select the one that says free super saver shipping - it's around $30)...

Comment #13

I just ordered it from amazon, I sure hope I bought the right book..

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Wow, you've really lost and at such a steady pace! Are you still eating the Dukan Diet meals or recipes from the Hungry Girl's cookbook now that you've lost so much? Btw, I started at about the same weight as you but I've been having some difficulty getting out of the 140's...

Comment #15

I'm no longer on Dukan Diet foods (as of mid-Oct), and I actually haven't gotten a chance to use the cookbook since I'm out-of-town now. Once I get back I hope to use it more. Most of the time that I do cook (before getting the book) I would just come up w/ simple dishes like whole wheat pasta w/ MSF veggie crumbles or pizza using the Flatout Light wraps or egg white omelets, etc. I just really take time grocery shopping and looking at the labels. As far as getting out of the 40s, have you tried changing up your workout routine - maybe kick it up a bit w/ a spin class or something? Also, if you're still on the Dukan Diet food maybe you can start incorporating 'real' meals and start weening of the Dukan Diet foods. Let me know how you're doing!..

Comment #16

The pumpkin bread is to die for! If it is not in the book, it is on line at I get their daily email as well..

Comment #17

Ok, so I've tried the Merry Marinated Veggies and Cold Sesame Noodles - both simply amazing! To those who are tired of steamed boring ol' veggies, the marinade is PERFECT, plus you can make it and use a little as salad dressing (it's like a balsamic vinagrette). The noodles hit the spot since I'm such an Asian food fanatic. While it may never be the perfect substitute for the high-calorie version, this satisfied my noodle fix. =) Also, thanks for all the suggestions - I can't wait to try out more recipes!..

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I did the chicken strips last night (only I didn't cut my skinless chicken breast into strips), baked with Fiber One crust and spices! Absolutely delicious! Really gives you the feel of fried chicken with all the fat! I will most definitely do again!..

Comment #19

I also would like to get one. Where do I order?????..

Comment #20

Amazon, QVC,.

, Barnes & Noble... etc. It's available almost everywhere...

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I for one do not like the HG cook book,.

If your one with High BP, you better check her sodium..

Lot of her recipes have over 1.000mg of soda,.

You better buy stock in bottle water, your going to need it,.

I also find her sugar high, Her book is not one to get if your on the diabetic Dukan Diet program..

I did buy her book and have been all over it, and found few recipes that I will use, I will not be getting her new one that comes out,.

I'll stay with Christina Grays, she fits her recipes to the Dukan Diet Plan,.

Hungry Girl is all weight watchers and that dont work for me,.

NS plan works, and I can live with it, down 71lbs not going to mess that up..

No longer diabetic,Cholesterol,down and BP down, all thanks to the help from Dukan Diet & 2 years of hard work,..

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