Is rotisserie chicken fattening if I am on Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Is rotisserie chicken fattening if I am on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: The Cookie Fairy stopped by the kitchen and left a fresh new package of Oreos for all of us. Hope you like them..


Nice Huh? This is the kinda crap that the overweight people do at work. This woman was one of the many people in my office that questioned why I was losing so much weight - and saying things like "are you done yet .... you looked so much better when you were big" ... had me second-guessing myself for the last 3-4 weeks on the plan..

You guys can't let this stuff get in the way of your goals!! The office birthday celebrations and Friday drinks-after-work days are going to have to wait 'til maintenance!!! Eat an apple!.

Go get 'em men!!!..

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Yep I know the feeling. Its amazing how differently I view food now. A friend of mine has been trying to lose weight for her wedding, and by trying I mean shes been talking about it for months..

A few days ago on facebook she.


The group.

I need to loose weight.... ohhh cake..

At least she's somewhat honest with herself..

Comment #2

"F" the Cookie-Fairy .....

... and no - I didn't eat any of the rotten little bastards...

Comment #3

Forgive me for posting Sean but please tell me you're going to send that picture to Judy!..

Comment #4

Nahhh ... she's a nice, older woman. It'd kill her. Has kind of a rough home life - takes naps in my office on the couch and snores/farts while I'm drawing .....

Old ladies (and, for some odd reason big, black chicks - {seriously moderator}) love me..

She thinks she's doing everybody a favor..

99% of the people I work with eat like crap...

Comment #5

Yep... I also know that feeling all too well. Just today another oversized sales rep dropped off 2 conatiners full of brownies. I have convinced myself all food such as that and or is not up to Nutrisystem standards is either devil food or poision. There is just a ton of people who are overweight that eat way too much and way too much crap. The other day I was food shopping and stood there looking at all the fat people buying things that are killing them...and they don't even know it,or simply don't care if they die early..

I have a word for those types, but I can't put it in here so fill in the blank ________________________..

Comment #6

OK, one word:.




Another name for donkeys in a pit?..

Comment #7

Wow, are those fresh baked, homemade oreos?.

I think I'll pass on the sweet black cracker with the sugar grease filling..

But I make choices like this everyday...

Comment #8

Poor old lady, she thought she was being nice...

Comment #9

I have worked in public accounting most of my career so far. During tax season you get to sit for 10 to 12 hours at your desk while clients bring you little snacks and your boss orders pizza to keep you at work. It's not that way where I am now but wonder so many people are overweight including me...

Comment #10

I had some lady I work with tell me something similar today...."how much more weight are you going to lose"...that I've lost enough weight, etc..

She's a nice lady, means well, but a little annoying. My mother does the same sort of thing to me. Just have to nicely, but firmly set them straight or change the subject, and not even think about this crap. I know what's best for me. I don't get why people have a need to try to dissuade folks from getting healthy...

Comment #11

Drawing at work? What the hell man, they must not have good enough whip crackers there...

Comment #12

I know, right??! It seems that's all I do all day...

Comment #13

My wife liked your picture too..

Next time we go to the grocery I'm gonna yell at all the cookies and give each package the finger...

Comment #14

I'd like.

The Mod.

To make this a sticky where we take pictures of ourselves yelling at food we can't eat. We need a clever name, Rob .... something along the lines of "F-U Cookie Fairy" that's a little more general without the cursing. I'll run it by corporate..

On a side note - I have another basket of cookies in the break room this morning ... they're cute little ginger-bread men sent to us by the good folks at "Give Kids the World" (a local charity we do alot of work for) so I can't really give the little guys "the 4-inch bird" now can I? Someone needs to talk me out of this ......

Comment #15

Do it!.

Mod: Please make Sean's finger sticky..

For the record, I've "bypassed" donut days at work twice now...

Comment #16

... please forgive me..

I realize I'm not a nice person - but I.


A good man..

You can be both. I'm pretty sure you can be both...

Comment #17

LOL. You could have snapped the head off one of the gingerbread guys instead of giving them the finger. Btw, the calories fall out from broken cookies...

Comment #18

Sean at work:.

"NOoooo! NOoooo! NOT THE BUTTONS!".


Comment #19

I thought about crushing one with in my fist but I couldn't bring myself to hurting the little guy - he reminded me of the gingerbread man from Shrek ... I was litterally holding him in my hand ready to do it and a voice came out inside my head saying.

"You're a Monster"!!!.

I kid you not..

See? I have a heart .... sometimes...

Comment #20

News Flash:.

A salesman just brought in two evil boxes of Krispy Kremes..

I shet you not..

I will try and sneak back to give them the finger when my boss goes to Rotary...

Comment #21

I was draining my daily can of tuna and cutting up my apple in the break room..

I turn around and saw another plate of enormous cookies..

"F" the Cookie Fairy!!!.

*clearly ... I'm not getting d*ck done at work this morning...

Comment #22

LMAO Sean. You always amuse me. Yes, I spy...

Comment #23

Lurking and laughing. This one should be a sticky...

Comment #24

Yes we have a.


Filled goody basket that has had everything in it from time to time, cookies, candies, pretzels, bagels you name it. My very heavy boss and his very heavy secretary keep it well stocked...

Comment #25

I want full-blown anarchy!.

I want pics of you people donkey-punching Grimace ... fisting the Chik-Fil-A cow ... choking out the Bob's Big Boy statue!!!.

I'm talkin mayhem, people!!!.

Don't get fat - get bloody angry!!..

Comment #26

I applaud Sean's creativity and propose a new thread devoted.

Entirely to giving junk the bird: "Finger Food". *.

* You will note my paw is considerably chubbier than Sean's....




Comment #27

LOL... You guys are the best. I'm going to drive by McDonalds and give them the finger, RIGHT NOW!..

Comment #28

This is the best thread ever....

My workplace does donuts once a month, but they all get eaten in the mornings (I work at night) so I luck out there!.

Thankfully most the rest of the office staff are all on diets just like I am though, so we can all give each other a hard time for straying away...

Comment #29

Thats pretty funny, pay back of the ginger bread man!..

Comment #30

Hey Rob, you need to be honest with this question: What did you do with the finger after you put the donut down?.

A) Wiped it on my cloths or napkin.

B) Washed my hands at the bathroom.

C) Stuck that sucker into my mouth and stripped off two layers of skins trying to get it clean.

D) I plead the 5th ammendment (which of course means we know the truth)..

Comment #31


I am approaching all junk food with the mindset that it's "poison" and the enemy..



Put it back in the box though after I fingered it..

The real question should be -.

"Where was your finger before you fingered that donut?"..

Comment #32

That was my next question! Great job on the wash off, but I would have suck that baby clean!..

Comment #33

Well, that's the difference between you and I..

I guess you're just not committed to the plan..

Oh and for the record, I messed up - the answer is (a)...

Comment #34

My kids had a thing of those EVIL oreos out last night, course I saw there was 1 left in the package they said it was empty, had them immediately get rid of it before it got me..

Comment #35

You would have sucked Rob's finger clean.... ewwwwww... just kidding..

Comment #36

Y'all are killing me.

Getting no work done reading this thread (thanks)..

Comment #37

Yes, and I would do it for you too. I would hate to see you cheat on your lifestyle change...

Comment #38

Now that you mention it-yeah. A nice shirt with cuff-links would have gone a long way as well...

Comment #39


Fisting a cow? You are clearly disturbed. Are you going to buy it dinner first?..

Comment #40

I don't think that me fisting a cow is any worse than what you've undoubtedly been "elbows-deep" in, Doc!.

You're either in or you're out!!..

Comment #41

Man did I read those options wrong. I thought it said "stuck the finger in a strippers mouth"..

Comment #42


There's pastries in the break room!.

There's pastries in the break room!.


Vigilante Finger.

Is headed that way as soon as possible.


Comment #43

This low flying bird has also been spotted flying near the 'Nilla Wafers and Cheddar Cheese Sour Cream Ruffles on numerous occasions...

Comment #44


Notice: The evil pastries aforementioned were goners before I could sneak past the office tattle tale with my camera..

But I fingered them in my mind...

Comment #45

Just had to report that today I spotted a basket of Ye Cookies in the.


Of all the weird places. Including those vanilla sugar wafers that I used to like so much, probably still would if I were dumb enough to give them a chance..

I had to flip them the bird only in my mind since there were all kinds of security cameras on me, and one must be on one's best behavior in the bank...

Comment #46

/\ The search for buffalo chicken wrap filler continues.....

Comment #47

... that's just all kinds of F'd up..

I can only imagine what the fine folks at Google think of you...

Comment #48

Holey pun intended. How is that picture even still up? And what site did you get it from? You know, so I can report it and stuff like that...nevermind, I should just stop talking now...

Comment #49

I just did a google image search "fisting a cow" and it popped up!.

Here what you get after fisting a cow.....

Yep, a smaller cow..

Comment #50

That's amazing. Those chicks pulled black faced sheep out of cows ani...

Comment #51

Very perceptive Ted..

I didn't even notice the sheep...

Comment #52

Ani was Darth's nickname..

Perhaps the dark side you are on...

Comment #53

About 14 donuts showed up in MY house this morning. The DW brought them from some event at work. Most of the donuts were fed to the neighborhood kids. Except for these three.....

So I decided to have some father-son bonding time with my eldest..

The pictures speak for themselves. practice...

Comment #54

Holy Cow! Great pics!!! Your boy looks like he's having a blast. Good times!!..

Comment #55

The third donut has to wait until tomorrow to meet it's fate...

Comment #56

Thanks, the grass needs to be mowed again. I can't believe the hostas are still in bloom...

Comment #57

He really nailed that first donut with his driver. Several fragments bounced off me. I was super proud...

Comment #58

Ted, that kid is a natural! look at his shoulders at impact in golf and baseball = level swing. Exploit the little guy and retire...

Comment #59

Great pics Ted..

Donuts...beware, we're comin' for ya! destroy, not eat..

Comment #60

Oh Lord. I managed to hold it together through this whole threadbut that one made me spit diet coke all over my lap top. Fabulous!..

Comment #61

I made it though a 2-person birthday celebration at work yesterday - nice 'ole Judy - the woman that started this rediculousness, was one of the guests of honor..

Thought I mention that to resurrect this dieing thread. I had a protein bar and a bunch of grapes before my coworckers indunged in unmentionable desserts..

I showed this thread to my wife on Sunday ... she laughed and said "Wow ... You really are slow at work aren't you??!!" She especially like the shots of TED's kid beating the piss out of what she described as "The most rediculously, wonderful, incredible-looking donuts" .... Great Stuff!!..

Comment #62

Heh these don't compare to the golf and baseball pics, but here is a message to the chocolate-chip-brownie-cake-for-no-particular-reason fairy:..

Comment #63

Mmm Wegman's - one of my downfalls - you from PA, NY or NJ Nut? I'm from NJ - Wegman's right down the street...

Comment #64

I'm just outside of Rochester, the home of Wegmans. They're everywhere here...

Comment #65

Nice - they do have lots of veggies so it makes it a bit easier to make additions...

Comment #66

Interestingly enough - those 4 donuts are still sitting in there this morning..

Marty woulda ate all of them yesterday..

Rob hasn't had a donut, candy, or any junk food since July!..

Comment #67

Maybe you're starting to have an effect on others...

Comment #68

True dat!.

On a couple of occasions I've been in the break room and said "None for me!" -.

And a co-worker responded "Me neither.".


Comment #69

Had a grim reminder this morning that made those bagels look like pure evil compared to my NutriMuffin and cup of yougut..

Just learned that they took a guy out of my workplace this morning dead from a heart attack..

I'm 52 yrs old, overweight and underexercised..

On with the plan and lookout treadmill when I get home...

Comment #70


That post is a thread in itself..

A big wake-up call...

Comment #71

How awful, I'm so sorry to hear about that. This country is killing itself with overweight and not enough exercise. Thank God I too decided to face the music before it was too late... somehow that Zumba class won't seem as difficult this week...

Comment #72

Hey guys, keep in mind that just because you lose all of your weight, it does not eliminate you risk of a heart attack. It does reduce the chances, genetics is a big part of that problem...

Comment #73

So the guys at work get a couple of Carnegie Deli sandwiches to split and eat, I requested roast beef (because they do it lean) and they came back with pastrami and corned beef! So....

I walked down to the salad bar and got a salad instead of the fat laden feast..

Yes, that is half of the sandwich portion...

Comment #74

Oh you're strong! That would be a tough one to pass on. Good job man!! Wow..

Comment #75

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