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I have just received an email asking me if I want to sell my domain, and I said no.(the guy seems to be the /img/avatar4.jpg of

Few hours later,I received a transfer request initiated from a French registrar , I can only read it's title says "[TRANSFERT]" , and can not read it's email due to all French..

Though I have put my domain "registrar lock" status with enom, however, why the transfer request email still come to me which is supposed to be rejected by my registrar automatically?.

I heard that if we do not response the transfer request emails that the system will allow the domains to be transferred even without our permissions? is that right?.

Thank you...

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I'm french and i'm a customer of

Don't be afraid : the owner of the domain (you) need to accept the transfer request to start the transfer process. If you don't do anything, the transfer will be rejected...

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You need to contact enom asap and tell them what is going on.......

Do it NOW!..

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Hi, thank you both..

Yes, I've contacted enom and they replied me that even the current owner clicks the transfer request link by mistake or accident, only if you have locked the domains that the transfer is still not going anywhere..

So it should be a best policy to lock your domains...

Comment #3

The current registrar is not going to do anything if the confirmation request is.

From the gaining registrar. You either confirm it or ignore it as yesonline had.

Eventually done.

While locking your domain name is good, the best way to protect your domain.

Names from possible hijacking really is to be aware such a thing can happen,.

And take every step to prevent that.

Keep your domain names locked, protect your login details (both domain and.

Email address listed on it), clean your computer regularly, etc...

Comment #4

Or maybe consider to move to another registrar

Comment #5

You receive the email before any checks are made on wether the domain can be transferred. even if you accepted it and they went to transfer it as you have registrar lock enabled the transfer would fail...

Comment #6

I got a transfer request from OVH today for my domain, that I denied.

Domain is locked anyway..

It is a French real estate domain and the site of would-be acquirer points to which is a real estate portal..

So it looks like they are trying to grab another fine domain for their use.

Please let me know if you are having similar issues with that company so I make sure they get a good hard kick in the ass..

Comment #7

You have to purchase the transfer if you want to send this email at OVH so those customers loves to waste their money.

Here's the link about transfers

It's said that the transfer can be asked only by the owner of the domain, if it's started by another person it will be cancelled...

Comment #8

Tomsa most registrars you have to pay to transfer a domain name BUT if it fails you either receive your money back or get your account credited with it...

Comment #9

Either way, it's a waste of money unless they don't mind having a load of unused funds in their account..

Comment #10

As far as I know with OVH you can only send again the transfer demand, if you want a refund I think you have to contact the support...

Comment #11

At first glance I see no link between the two requests. Either it's a sincere mistake or a hijack attempt and they are losing their time and money on locked names..

Comment #12

If your brand new to the Domains - many people do not know the difference between a transfer and a registration. One time at GoDaddy a man called in and wanted to register - (oh, we got a great laugh) we explained to him the issue, he opted to backorder the name (again, we laughed) but of course allowed him to do so. The truth... most people who do not understand how the internet works will make this mistake and transfer a domain, thinking they are buying it... happens all the time!..

Comment #13

So, if it was Not a Locked domain, would the hijacker succeed?.

I really would like to know this answer since I myself have a couple of domains in registrars that charge extra for domain locking that I don't want to pay, prefer to transfer (I am the owner) to a reputable Registrar.

Thanks in advance...

Comment #14


1. The transfer's approved with the gaining registrar.

2. The domain name was never locked any time during the transfer before or.

After #2.

Then yes, the hijacking can succeed...

Comment #15

If transferred as of this week, probably no. The .com and .net registries move to the EPP transfer prodedure that will require the EPP Auth code be entered for the transfer to work. Before, it probably would have gone through if unlocked and not denied in the default period.

Some registrars don't really even have a true lock on EPP domains, since the auth code basically takes care if it. I'm wondering if the new EPP on com/net will change the functionality of domain locks at the major registrars...

Comment #16

Many Thanks DaveZan and AdoptableDomains. Your input is really appreciated.

This is one of the reasons I value NamePros much more than DNF, since at NamePros we can get really useful information because here members are eager to share it with other members, instead of keeping it for themselves.

Thanks again...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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