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First question I have is Is Nutrisystem really worth the money? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I need the help of the men's room. A heated discussion broke out at work today over the proper technic for peeling and eating a banana..

Which end to peel and what is the proper technic for consumption?.

Please help...

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

I believe my coworker just wanted to get the banana down. He isn't really a big fan of them...

Comment #2



Was funny, the coffee on the monitor sucks but still, very funny...

Comment #3


You are one funny man, that was a great line...

Comment #4

Most people peel from the stem. However, it's actually easier to peel them from the opposite end. In fact, that's the way monkey's peel them...

Comment #5

Just go to youtube and type "how to eat a banana" and you'll get some interesting results...

Comment #6

That's a tough one. All I know is that once you've put it in your mouth, you have to swallow - spitting it out is *so* rude...

Comment #7

From what I've heard, your are not supposed to "go down" on a banana, rather break it and take bites haha! I heard this from a firefighter who said they would be charged for "going down on a banana" because of the risk of choking. I call BS on that lol!..

Comment #8

That's exactly why I eat oranges..

And I'm sure there's gonna be some.

Reprocussions from that statement...

Comment #9

Speaking of fruit, if that's you in the avatar, you should be informed that I can eat a peach for hours. If that's not you, um, carry on...

Comment #10

What happens when the banana turns brown? Are they better?..

Comment #11

Brown banana means no teeth needed. Actually, "no teeth" is a solid rule regardless of the state of maturity of the banana in question...

Comment #12

There should be teeth guards sold with every banana..

Comment #13

I don't know how true.

But I have always heard.

Once you go brown you.

Never go back...

Comment #14

Well that is where I was going with it but Michael took it in another direction! LOL..

Comment #15

He just wanted to brag about his ability to eat a bananna without using his teeth...

Comment #16

Are you allowed the whole thing or only half?..

Comment #17

I'm not sure I want to visualize a man not using his teeth when going down on a banana, wait, did that sound right?.

A Peach? I've been called many things, but that might be my favorite!..

Comment #18

The best thing about bananas is that when they go all limp you can still eat them - in a nice, creamy, custard...

Comment #19


For the purpose of this conversation, I sure hope it's the whole thing. 2 to 3 inches just wont do!..

Comment #20

The meal planner says 1/2, but if you can find a smaller one you can have it all (I guess) right?..

Comment #21

The best part about this thread, it's not being moderated!..

Comment #22

That's because Nutrisystem knows the importance of fruit and the nutritional value they adds to our daily intake...

Comment #23

Is the size of the banana as important as how you will go about eating it?..

Comment #24

BTW I feel like I have been lied to....

When they say... protein, liars!!!.

Bananas Not Good Protien Source.

Bananas have a small amount of protein. For example, one medium banana about 7 inches long would contain a gram or 4 calories worth of protein. However, bananas are commonly known for their potassium and carbohydrate content..


One medium-sized banana contains about 1 gram of protein...

Comment #25

Why did this thread get hijacked, and become the innocent nature of the banana... I liked where it was going before!..

Comment #26

My wife prefers Bananas Foster....soaked in rum and set on fire. But, she has always liked it a little differently than most women I've known...

Comment #27

I've been told many dieters are more particular about the girth than they are about the length of a banana - especially since you have to cut it in half, the width stays the same...

Comment #28

Actually, there are many hijackings in Central America and Guam, places known for growing bananas. In bunches...

Comment #29

Right, half is only acceptable if you get one of those giant 8-10" banannas. For those most people aren't talented enough to eat the whole thing at once...

Comment #30

It only burns when you pee. Guess I should see a doctor...

Comment #31

Yes, Doctor: What's the ideal way to resolve a drunken banana covered in rum and sugar which is now on fire?..

Comment #32

LOL, I can't. I had to delete my post..

Comment #33

Guess I need a nutritionist and not a doctor..

And, FYI, we'll all be deleted soon...

Comment #34

Nah, nothing ever gets deleted in the MR..

Listen, my best advise...and this is coming from a certified dotor now....would be to beat out the fire with your hand..

Comment #35

Sage advice. Perhaps I should have my wife help...4 hands should be better than 2, right?..

Comment #36

Good gawd!! Four hands?!?! That must be one huge banana..

Comment #37

Don't beat it too hard.. you don't want a bruised banana..

Comment #38

Bruised bananas are the sweetest. Nothing a few kisses and 5-10 minutes can't heal..

Comment #39

What are the rules if a coworker starts eating a banana in front of you. Are you supposed to watch or turn away?..

Comment #40

Thank goodness.

Although bananas are not very high in protein they are very good for your skin!..

Comment #41

Sharing's not so bad. Breaking bread, um, bananas together is a sign of trust and love...

Comment #42

I don't eat bananas, they leave a bad taste in my mouth...

Comment #43

Next time, remember to eat the banana.


It gets dipped in chocolate...

Comment #44

Ohhhhh but licking the chocolate off is the best part... just have to make sure it's that calorie free stuff that walden farms makes.....

Comment #45

Awww... how can a girl that attractive not like bananas?..

Comment #46

I was concerned about only consuming 1/2 at one time. Then someone said,do 1/2 now & put the other 1/2 away for later>>>>I've never done that....not sure if I could just leave the rest of it for later. Anyone else have a similar issue with that??????..

Comment #47

LMAO....this thread is too funny. A good read to say the least.....

Comment #48

I like my banana a little under ripe that way it is firmer and never soft..

As for half of it, bah! It's all or nothing...

Comment #49

Is there a PROPER way to get to the banana? (correct way of peeling, I should say)..

Comment #50

Grasping it firmly by the base and with your other hand or anything else you might want to use, slowly pull downwards until the flesh is exposed... enjoy!.

You don't want to break it..

Some bite the tip off.

, but hey.... not me...

Comment #51

I am not a doctor, but heck I'll take a look.....

Comment #52

I've heard that gals who start their day with a banana are better lovers...

Comment #53

Must hold back, must not mention what you might find if you were to google "ATM Movie"...

Comment #54

That probably has something to do with the nutritional value. Eating a banana a day can help keep your muscles from cramping... no matter what position you're in..

Sometimes I oversleep and have to have my banana in the car, but when I do, people keep honking at me. Do you think they are applauding my effort to eat well?..

Comment #55

There are so many different conversations goin on in this thread..

I hope it never dies...

Comment #56

Greatest thread EVER! You can never have enough banana discussion...

Comment #57

Well there is one question that has not.

Been "raised" yet..

Do you prefer trimmed or untrimmed bananas?..

Comment #58

A smooth banana... you don't want to see a hairy tarantula on your banana, do ya?.

Well do you???..

Comment #59


I uh.....

Was talking about the other end..


Comment #60

I thought they were blueberries... but plums work!.

As for the trimmed or untrimmed... it can go either way..

Comment #61

I think if you pay enough attention to the banana, you'll have healthy plum like fruit, not enough attention may result in blueberries.......

Comment #62

Well now, because I am getting up there in years, I've seen a few.


Ripe bananas. This isn't terrible, but if you trim a really ripe one... well things just don't look right. Some of them even look like they're going to seed. Best not to trim. No need to see just go with how they taste...

Comment #63


, attention, possibly causing too much juice to pool in the flesh!..

Comment #64

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