Is Nutrisystem ice cream actually good for your diet?

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Question I have... Is Nutrisystem ice cream actually good for your diet? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Anyone interested in a Nutrisystem Fantasy Baseball league?.

I can set one up on ESPN, CBS or Yahoo! if anyone's interested..

Don't worry, I've ben doing this for years, it won't be anything like that Jack Bauer disaster of a Fantasy Football league last year.....

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

Comment #1

What were you, like ... a.


Or something?.

I bet it feels good in a way to get that out into the open?..

Comment #2

I was a very skilled rogue, thank you very much! My roommate was the wizard..

I was also lonely.....

Comment #3

I always enjoyed playing a rouge. I was one of the lucky ones though married a geek girl who plays also...

Comment #4

Sweet. I hear those geek broads know how to put it on ya!..

Comment #5

I wouldn't know about that. Our group was a big sausage fest. I don't think there were any geek girls (or non-geek girls) within a 100 mile radius!..

Comment #6

There is something to be said for a woman who knows how to roleplay....never makes things dull...

Comment #7

How about we just say the Yankees are Going to take another World Series and Boston won't even make the playoffs and leave it that that.....

Comment #8

Nah, I had a Saints avatar before the Superbowl and how did that work out?.

I'm good luck!..

Comment #9

I hope so! I just can't wait for openenig day, that lull between football and baseball is a least there is march madness.....

Comment #10

I know. Sunday afternoons are so depressing after football season. I haven't watched a single NCAA tournament this year. Way out of the loop. Didn't even bother with a bracket. Guess I'll pull for Duke.....

Comment #11

Sure, why not?.

We are talking FANTASY baseball, after all!..

Comment #12

The lull between football and baseball? Time to watch hockey...

Comment #13

YES!!!! Enjoyed watching some of the NCAA Frozen Madness this weekend. And pulling for the Avs as we head into Stanley Cup playoffs!.

And back on topic... Yeah, I'd be up to play some Fantasy Baseball. Don't follow Baseball a whole lot (I did some fantasy baseball a long time ago when the Rockies first started playing)..

I have an account on CBS Sports (for Fantasy Football some of us play) but would sign up wherever... I assume we'd do an auto draft (where you position the players and then it randomly draws and does your picks based on your positioning for each type of player)?..

Comment #14

I like Olympic Hockey. Never have been able to get in to pro hockey...

Comment #15

I'm down for fantasy baseball...been playing for years and it never gets old. Sign me up..

Comment #16

OK, so far we have 5....

Mr Bungle.





I set it up on CBS Sports. It's free to sign up & play if you don't have an account with them. League name is "Fire Bud Selig". Here's the link to join:.


We need 10 for a league. I've made it a public league to fill up the empty spots, so make sure you join quick if you want to play, before it fills up..

I've set the draft for Saturday 4/3 @ 11:30am EST. It's a Live draft, if anyone wants to show up & draft you can, or if you want to auto-draft just rank your players beforehand & the computer will draft your team from your rankings. Don;t worry, if you don't want to rank the players, the computer will draft from the default rankings..

Play ball!..

Comment #17

The Olympic tournament WAS pro hockey at it's best...

Comment #18

Can't get it, it's already full... I'm sure with that name, it was very popular for people to join... Oh well.....

Comment #19

Lol, well I just saw this thread, and there's nothing like missing a shot at something the very moment you learn of it. *poof/gone*..

Comment #20

Ditto...league was full...maybe we should start another Nutrisystem league and make it private so that some of us can get in? If enough are interested I'll set one up on Yahoo or ESPN...let me know...

Comment #21

OK, got it done..

It's on CBS, private league, league name is "Bud Selig Must Go". Password is "marino"..

If you're already in the old league:.

Go to the league homepage.

Click "League Details" on the left side under League Summary.

Click the link on the right that says "If you would like to remove your team from.

Fire Bud Selig.

, but not join another league at this time,.

Click here.


Let's get 10!..

Comment #22

Will have to sign up when I get home hope it is still open then. damn work filters..

Comment #23

My previous (first) online fantasy experience was not fun...

Comment #24

Come on guys! Even someone new to Nutrisystem or to baseball... This is all just for fun. So join up. We only need 1 more to fill the league...

Comment #25

Poly were in that football thing that went awry?..

Comment #26

Ok, I finally resigned up. 10 of 10..

Got no idea how to play! Bring it on!..

Comment #27


It's pretty straightforward, but you might want to read over the Rules under the League Home tab...

Comment #28

Ok, Just so you know, I have to be @ work while the drafting is going on, so mine will be automated. I'll miss out on the most entertaining part, but what can you do? I prioritized my list, so it should go smoothly enough. Just hope I don't get computer-shafted, lol..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/05: 227.0.

4/01: 215.6..

Comment #29

Well crap. We had a storm blow through our area early this morning and it obliterated my Internet connection. Had to do auto draft. Guess I did all right though. Looks like I'll have to keep up with baseball prior to the all star game this year!..

Comment #30

That's one of the fun things about fantasy baseball. Makes the season much more interesting!..

Comment #31

Don't forget to stay on top of your team..

Weekly lineups have to be set on Saturday..

If you have an injured player, don't forget to look at free agents..

If you have a pitcher scheduled to start twice in a week, good idea to get him into your lineup..

Play Ball!..

Comment #32

Pujols has a monster opening day!!.

4-5, 2 HRs, 3 RBI, 4 R..

Comment #33

Crap, I forgot about FF Baseball... Shoot. I need to go see what happened with the draft and what I have with players.....

Comment #34

Of course, I finally read through all the listings after the failed ESPN league, and I'm out..

That's ok. I'll live vicariously through one of you. WHO WANTS TO BE MY SURROGATE!??!..

Comment #35

Unless you want your team to be the Nationals of Nutrisystem Fantasy Baseball, please remember to check your team on Sundays & set your lineup for the upcoming week...benching injured players, starting pitchers that have 2 starts, etc..

Come on guys, it's only Week 2. Don't be one of.

Those Guys......

Comment #36

Yep I had stuff going all last weekend and didn't make my changes fast enough. I've already started adjusting the lineup for next week...

Comment #37

Ok, so I'm retarded...or it could be that I've just never (not once in my life done fantasy.


Before). How is it that I lead the league in points, but I'm 0-1? What am I missing?.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/16: 211.4..

Comment #38

The standings show total points scored so far, but each game is scored from Monday - Sunday.....

Comment #39

If each game is scored as a cumulative week, how did I show a 0-1 early in the week already, or is that a projection?..

Comment #40

We are on Week 2, and Week 3 starts tomorrow (Monday)...

Comment #41

The Bastards are off & running!.

I thought it would be cool to post the standings & identify who is which team. Go ahead & repost and add your name:.


Fat Bastards 2-0 (Mr Bungle(Scott)).

Cool Beans 1-1.

Windermere Tigers 1-1.

Tennessee Rednecks 0-2.

Mustangs 0-2.


Falcon Hypoxia 2-0.

River Rats 1-1.

Tulsa Dodgers 1-1.

Boonton Bombers 1-1.

Gellar's Gauchos 1-1..

Comment #42

The damn Bombers were not able to update the roster yesterday because of a wedding!..

Comment #43

Hypoxia has claimed two now. Gauchos will be next to fall to altitude sickness....


Fat Bastards 2-0 (Mr Bungle(Scott)).

Cool Beans 1-1.

Windermere Tigers 1-.1.

Tennessee Rednecks 0-2.

Mustangs 0-2.


Falcon Hypoxia 2-0 (mfrazzz (Mike)).

River Rats 1-1.

Tulsa Dodgers 1-1.

Boonton Bombers 1-1 (naboleon_ (Bob)).

Gellar's Gauchos 1-1..

Comment #44


Fat Bastards 2-0 (Mr Bungle(Scott)).

Cool Beans 1-1.

Windermere Tigers 1-.1.

Tennessee Rednecks 0-2.

Mustangs 0-2.


Falcon Hypoxia 2-0 (mfrazzz (Mike)).

River Rats 1-1 (GarySTL (Gary)).

Tulsa Dodgers 1-1.

Boonton Bombers 1-1 (naboleon_ (Bob)).

Gellar's Gauchos 1-1.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6..

Comment #45

Okay, this is well overdue, but will somebody please tell Mike Miller, of the Mustangs, to please draft a couple of relief pitchers (he has two empty slots), draft a catcher that is actually being played (and drop the one he has that is not), and sub an OF for the injured one he is playing that is out til at least July? I haven't matched against him yet, but I (at least) would rather.


A win than have one handed to me the easy way..

Just sayin'.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/22: 196.2.

99/37/40 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #46

You have me on the ropes, Gary. I need a HUGE rally this weekend....

Updated Standings:.


Windermere Tigers 6-1.

Cool Beans 4-3.

Fat Bastards 4-3 (Mr Bungle(Scott)).

Tennessee Rednecks 3-4.

Mustangs 0-7.


Boonton Bombers 5-2 (naboleon_ (Bob)).

River Rats 4-3 (GarySTL (Gary)).

Gellar's Gauchos 4-3.

Falcon Hypoxia 3-4 (mfrazzz (Mike)).

Tulsa Dodgers 2-5..

Comment #47

I sort of forgot I was playing ....

Updated Standings:.


Windermere Tigers 6-1.

Cool Beans 4-3.

Fat Bastards 4-3 (Mr Bungle(Scott)).

Tennessee Rednecks 3-4.

Mustangs 0-7.


Boonton Bombers 5-2 (naboleon_ (Bob)).

River Rats 4-3 (GarySTL (Gary)).

Gellar's Gauchos 4-3 (Gellar (Ryan)).

Falcon Hypoxia 3-4 (mfrazzz (Mike)).

Tulsa Dodgers 2-5..

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