Is Nutrisystem a Scientologist? The Diet Mogel?

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My 1st question is: Is Nutrisystem a Scientologist? The Diet Mogel? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I'm not much of a blogger or poster, but I've been reading the forums lately and decided to chime in..

Started Nutrisystem on 3/8/2010 and have lost 72 LBs, dropped from a 48 waist to 40, and have retired all my size 3x shirts. I'm slowly approaching goal, but I'm not sure what that number really should be. Right now, my goal is 180 LBs. But the last time I was there (20 years ago), I was skinny looking enough, but still had a lot of flab. I also did not do any cardio at that time. So since I am doing elliptical or treadmill now, I'm hoping that flabby stuff will disappear eventually..


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Of course! but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

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Awesome job, man. I set my goal at 185. Got about 25 lbs to go! I'd would advise mixing in some weight lifting to tone up along with your cardio. I know my arms and legs have gotten much firmer since I started lifting and I lift fairly light! I'm still a little flabby in the middle though. Maybe I should mix in some cardio!..

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Rick - solid work, man! I hear on being "skinny fat," even when I last weighed my goal weight. So, as I lose weight, I'm trying to lift 3x/week to give something to fill my extra skin with as well as running 3x/week for cardio..

So far, it's working. My upper back is looking pretty decent, and I've lost 2 inches at the waist and gained 3/4 inch in the upper arm. Just hope the moobs go away eventually...

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Still trying to wrap my head around that math. 202-185.....

Comment #4

Thanks everyone..

I've also been throwing in some weight lifting too. I'm on a mission!..

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Very inspirational. I am guessing that at the turn of the year and in those early winter months you nevery thought that you would be a weight loss inspiration to someone. Just goes to show what a little sticking with the plan can do. Keep up the good work...

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Congratulations to everyone on their losses. I thought I'd add to this thread rather than making my own, since I'm curious about the OP's implied question about goal weight. I'm not quite halfway to goal myself after starting in late April..

I picked a goal weight of 165 because I was down as far as 160 in college, but really with no muscle tone and it can't have been healthy. Although this number is reasonable for my height of 5'8" according to the various charts online..

Is there a reasonably good answer to the question of what one should aim for as a goal weight? Or, as I suspect, is it a matter of "pick a number, aim for it, and if necessary as you get closer, adjust accordingly"? In my case I'm beginning to have doubts that I can get as low as 165, let alone 160. I never expected to see size 36 until I was well below 200 pounds, which I am still well above. And although one might suspect I have more muscle now than in my college days, I don't think it's really true considering the very minimal amount of weightlifting I'm doing..

Not that I'm complaining. This program certainly does work. I can't even say I'm following it completely 100% strictly 97% probably. Which is fine because I expect the second 40 pounds to be significantly harder than the first 40, and this gives me room to be stricter as necessary..

Anyway, I'd appreciate hearing anyone's thoughts on the issue of picking a goal weight. And as always I appreciate everyone else's examples. I've lurked here in the Men's Room for a long time, just learning from the veterans here...

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My plan is to not rely on a specific weight number but use the mirror test. When Im happy with it in the mirror I'll call off the dogs and go into maintenance. Just to have a goal I set mine at 200, but once I get there I'll reevaluate it and set another one if needed...

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I admit, I set a goal weight of 192 lbs because that would be exactly 40% down from my starting body mass. And that it would put me under the 200 mark, with a bit of wiggle room just in case..

Beyond that, the mirror test seems like the best bet. I mean, the whole purpose is to become fit, not to achieve a certain number on the scale. Though some of those numbers feel damn good to see...

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The mirror test is really what most of us are looking to pass. The people at my office, my friends, my kids friends... none of them know what I weigh but they all know that I need to lose a lot of weight. When I am eventually less round, they still will not know what I weigh (unless they log on to this site)..

Mike mentioned setting another goal. I know that I will have to re-set goals as I reach my desired weight and will need to reset goals for the rest of my life. Bad eating habits have been such a part of my life that if I do not focus on doing the right things I end up with a bag full of mcdonalds and the urge the drive the car off a cliff. Physical endurance or strength goals seem to be the most likely way of staying interested after reaching/nearing the scale goal...

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R86 - I'm about the same height and situation. Last I remember being comfortable with my size and clothes fit I was 160-165. I'm 195 now, was at 210 through last year. Stress and some exercise got me down but now I'm just hanging here. I did my first round of Nutrisystem and didn't take it seriously and didn't lose any weight. I'm about to start round two and plan on being better about it. Cut down on the eating out, drinking and get back to the exercise...

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Congratulations on all of your success!! Keep up the great work!..

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I set my goal at 165 because that would give me a BMI of 24.5 which is at the top of my healthy weight range. Really I'm happy with about 180, which would have my body fat % scales saying 20% (again top of that range)..

I set the goal lower since I just want to see if it's possible and what it is like and becuase I also figure in maintenance I'll put on a few pounds. So I get to 165 and keep weighing in and as soon as it goes to 175 then off maintenance and back to the full plan. That way I stay 165 - 175 which is under my more than happy with 180..

Hopefully after a few up / downs I'll perfect the maintaining bit and stay on maintenance..


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