Is Nutrisystem a good diet program? im trying to loose some baby weight.?

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Got a quick question: Is Nutrisystem a good diet program? I'm trying to loose some baby weight.? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Happy New Year BYOB!.

Although the popular vote seemed to be Highway to Hell or Hell Bus;.

For this months thread. I'm a going with something different ( go figure, right?.


Another contender was: T.

He End Is No Where Near..

A reminder that it's a constant continuing journey to the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc....

It's a constant continuing journey in all aspects of our lives, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, familial, social, etc....

Nutrisystem and optimal weight are just a small part of what we do..

It's amazing just how big a small part can play in life, no?.

Question: What do YOU want in the way of weight loss/goals?.

What will you do this year to get it THIS YEAR?.

Familiar question? Yes..

But always remember, the end is no where near..

Maintenance will follow.

The Thread name winner is......<drum roll please>.


YOB: The Musical.

Sponsored in part by our resident Donkey Annie and Compliance Officer Beth, AKA AT..

Other contributors: Snow Woman Queen Londa, Sleepless Wonder DebKitty, No Beaks Gal Heidi, Peter Pan Pop Pop Rick, Mud Woman Beth, Twin Lauras of a Different State, Bunz of Steel Rob, Some Assembly Required WendyWoo, Rock Rose, Poetic Pam, and Butterfly Pam Kisses..

Honorary Mentions: Sommelier Gin, CC, Marco Polo,....and others...

Comments (62)

Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Good Morning!.

After midnight, I found a stink bug swimming in Harley's water bowl. I mentioned it to the hubby. He told me this morning that he flushed it..

THEN, I found another one this morning in the hall. So the warm weather must be getting them out of hibernation. I no longer feel sorry for them and if the hub wants to terminate them, that's fine with me! I have come to my senses! (for now.


Comment #2


Happy 2011 everyone!.

I went to a party last night where the main food was White Castle "slider" burgers. I passed them up, but the hostess sent us each home with a bag of them because there were so many left over. Mine went right into the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind..

I don't usually like them at all, but they sure smelled good last night!.

The only thing I consumed at the party was some diet coke and a tangerine. I stuck toNutrisystemexcept that I'd already had all my fruits for the day, so the tangerine was off program...

Comment #3

White Castle burgers??!?!.

They are pure evil!!! (especially with jalapenos!).

If a tangerine is as naughty as you got at a New Years party, you are far better behaved than me at parties!!! I've never even seen a tangerine at a party!! (must be the crowd I hang with!)..

Comment #4

Cannot stand white castle, thank goodness. Had them once in college and even tho I was blasted at the time I still HATED them so won't even try them now!..

Comment #5

LOL! Yeah, I think this was an especially healthy group, since there were so many sliders left over..

BTW, the host said he went to White Castle and ordered 40 of the double cheeseburgers. He said he was the only one in the place, and the person who took his order asked "are these to go?"..

He said he almost said "no they are for here, and I'd like a giant coke too please."..

Comment #6

Good Morning BYOBers Happy New Year!.

Tia Lala is getting too old to party all night. I feel like I was run over by the Hell Bus. Not because I drank too much, but because I'm so darn tired and I have a full day ahead of me..

RIP Stinky(s).

Hi Twin Laura, Beth and all who follow.....I must get strong coffee.......

Comment #7

Morning Gang!.

How'd everyone survive the night?.

Poor Stinky, RIP..

Comment #8

Laura, LoneStar, Beth and Annie,.

Come up with any more numbers for the musical?..

Comment #9

LOL at the H$ll bus runover!! I sure have been there many times!.

I was thrilled to wake up fresh headed. Not even a beer at midnight! Just 12 grapes each for luck..

Enjoy your coffee! If ya have any B vitamins, they are good for an energy burst. I take my B12 mid afternoon at work to avoid hitting the wall...

Comment #10

Thanks Annie, I do have those vitamins and I'll take some when I know for sure food is my friend. LOL Poor Kolson (bf) is sicker than a dog. Everyone warned him Tia Lala would out party him and still be walking and talking in the am. He's 10 years younger than I am, so we are all joking with him, his old (literally) lady won..

Hi Colleen, as soon as the fuzzies leave my brain, I'll come up with some numbers. I hope you had a fun evening with your friends...

Comment #11

I think I had 12 glasses of grapes. LOL..

Comment #12

Happy New Year everyone (except Stinky and his relatives).

Well, if you didn't get up at 2:30 in the morning.....

Didn't know about the 12 grapes tradition either...

Comment #13

We all celebrate in our own way!.

12 grapes at midnight were safer for sure!!.

1 grape for each month of the coming year. Some kind of New Years tradition I read about that seemed diet friendly so we tried it!!!..

Comment #14

Wanted to post this here..

That Pam is such a clever woman with talent..

The poem shw wrote for me made me smile, especially the OWL part. LOL...

Comment #15

I'd never heard of that before, thanks Deb for posting the information. Yes, it's the safe route for sure!..

Comment #16

We do herring Annie, to swim forward into the new year..

Have done it for as long as I can remember. Not sure where the tradition originates.

From, but every year I take herring with me no matter where I am bringing in the new year...

Comment #17

(Laura's tired and Gaga, I think she called me Deb??!?!?)..

Comment #18

Wow, I think someone dropped Donkey on her head...

Comment #19

I've heard about the herring. Not my cup of tea though. I am very particular and limited in my fish selections!..

Comment #20

Happy New Year All.

Just got out of bed and not from partying!!! Was in bed @ 9 last night..

My stomach thinks it was in Mexico and Montezuma is having his revenge!!!! Was a rather unpleasant night. Not going to see my newest angel today.

Had to stay away from Abby all morning and now she has gone home.

Cool Lean I am so sorry I missed the Blowing Party but I would not have been much fun!!!!!..

Comment #21

We do that too! My grandmother used to say it was their silver color, like a coin, that brought luck too along with them being abundant and strong...

Comment #22

I read it in Debs quote....yeah, I'm a little Gaga (Lala), I admit it...

Comment #23

I have visions of Colleen traveling with a herring in her pocket. LOL..

Comment #24

Sorry you are under the weather Pop-Pop. Feel better soon. Stomach bugs are no fun...

Comment #25

I've been known to travel with tuna pouches but a herring is a whole nother matter!!!..

Comment #26

Haaaa I think so too.


Aww Rick, not the way to start off the new year..

Feel Better.

Nah, I'm just happy to see ya..

Comment #27

I am sure you were greatly missed at the Blowing party!!.

Next time!!.

I sure hope ya feel better. Feeling like you've been in Mexico when ya haven't been there sure don't sound good!!.

Chicken fried rice and bananas (not at the same time) might be good therapy..

And some ginger ale. (at least it's the same color as beer!)..

Comment #28

Little better. Managed to get through yesterday without any meds until the evening (I actually forgot to take before I headed out). Woke up and had to take some more Advil C&S because I couldn't breathe, but seem to be feeling a little better. I'm happy I'm not coughing...

Comment #29

You take care of yourself too DK!!.

NO checking work emails, stay off the blackberry, donkey's orders!!!.

Soup, hot bath, football, mindless movies and whiskey!!!.

That'll get ya all ready to go get 'em Monday!!!..

Comment #30

OK gang...can't stay and play.

See you all later..

Comment #31

Don't hate me, but I actually have Monday off..

I got nothing done this week that I wanted to and needed to. I'm mad about that. And it's not like I did anything fun either...

Comment #32

Well you NEED Monday off, GOOD!!!.

I am back at the office on the bench Monday so not like I will have a pressing day..

I hate the bench but I was lucky to not be on it since over a year ago. I can do this and hopefully things pick up quick. They already have me slated for oddball fill in work and I am headed to Philly for a week of work after next week..

Please pray for my hub and my dogs!!! I am SKEERED for sure leaving him with the evil pack for a week!! A girls weekend away is scary enough!!!..

Comment #33

Had to bring some of these forward for the musical thread.

[quote=auntthelma;5040655]All the women only - "Playing Balls with Hop on Pop!".

Do you think we can get the rights to "Let me entertain you?".

Linda - "Commando is the way to go!".

Heidi - "Bust my Buttons!" and the reprise, "Did you see my privates?"[/.


Comment #34

Just made some banana stuffed french toast for breakfast. I should have added the cognac for medicinal purposes...

Comment #35

OK, so you all know that I was bowling last night..

And you all know that I hadn't been bowling for many years..

Turns out it was 1995 from the WIBC papers in my bowling bag..

So we are all just messing around, no real serious bowling..

Kids are running all around the place and I keep stepping on stuff, some of which is sticky..

Well the night continues until our time is about to end. I look down at my shoes and they are falling apart!.

Dang things were dry rotted with age, yet the rubber was a bit gooey and sticky..

Then I take a closer look at the 'stuff' on the floor. It was pieces of my shoes, ALL OVER THE PLACE. I couldn't stop laughing. My friend looks at me and says, 'I thought I was stepping on pieces of pizza all night long.'.

Oh my gosh, we laughed and laughed and laughed some more..

Then the shoes went into the garbage and we laughed even harder..

What a perfect ending to the evening. LOL..

Comment #36

Sounds like a yummy breakfast DK..

Speaking of which, I need to have some breakfast..

Morning Bunz!..

Comment #37

Only you Colleen. I think I've been bowling a total of 6 times in my life...

Comment #38

Anything it takes.

...ohhh wait, you meant something else.

Heehee you said hung..

Comment #39

My friends kids under 8 beat me at bowling!! (and they get to use bumpers!).

I blame tendon surgery on my bowling hand and beer that is available while bowling for ending up with such low scores!!..

Comment #40

Hhhaaaaa hi bunz.

Linda, come out come out where ever you are!..

Comment #41

I have a bum shoulder so bowling and a few other activities are limited. Funny thing about beer and bowling or golfing one or two seems to loosen you up, too many and the game is in the gutter..

Comment #42

Gotta drag my arse to the grocery store..

I hate winter. I don't think the plows have been out at all. Like driving on a cow trail..

Laura the bobble head..

Have a great day...

Comment #43

I always end up in the gutter for sure!!! Even sober!!!..

Comment #44

I'll tell you Laura, it's not much better around here. I am really disappointed with the snow removal this time, both in NY and NJ. I don't know if the thought was that most people were off of work and they would just plow the minimum. Plus the weather forecasts predicted warmer weather (which we got) and rain by the end of the week, but 28" of snow doesn't melt that easily. Traffic has been a complete nightmare basically one lane cleared on two and three lane roads...

Comment #45

Hi Collinda!.

I'm sure you did just fine blowing even with your shoes falling apart!..

Comment #46

I don't get it. It doesn't rhyme!!!.

How on earth do you find this stuff? I don't really want to know...

Comment #47

I start out okay beginner's luck. Will get some strikes and spares. Then my arm gives out...

Comment #48

With the amount of oil on the lanes last night, everyone would have been in the gutter if it were'nt for having the rails up for the kids. LOL Even with that, one of the lil ones manageged to throw the ball in such a way that it knocked down the rail and went in the gutter anyway. LOL.

Where's AT and Linda?..

Comment #49

Just got here! Happy New Year you-all!.

Just got home from the party. Enjoyed lots and lots of grapes. Dinner was rack of lamb; twice baked potatoes made with cream cheese and sour cream and butter; Brussels sprouts in a creamy sauce. Appetizers included cheese and sausage, Fritos and dip, hummus and crackers and (thank goodness) shrimp and stone crab..

For breakfast, they all had pancakes. I had a greek yogurt. I'm some sort ofNutrisystemangel, obviously..

I don't have a first day of the month weigh in because we only got home an hour ago. Too late to weigh in. We'll see what tonight brings...

Comment #50

Love it Collinda!!!! Off we go! Happy New Year everybody!!..

Comment #51

You got home from new years party after 1 pm?.

Atta girl!..

Comment #52

Hey AT!.

50 *s sounds nice..

Not sure the temps here. It's mild but rainy..

Heidi must be recooping from her travels..

Havent' seen her yet today..

Comment #53

I only had two drinks and several bottles of water. Not a bug bite, I must have either twisted it or smashed it into something sleepwalking? I have no idea. I can't imagine how it happened...I don't sleepwalk, and if I banged it, I'm sure I would have felt it. Looks like Cathy Bates took a sledge hammer to both sides of my ankles and my heel ("oh, Paul"...

Comment #54

Colleen, your bowling story is too funny!.

Hi Beth..

Linda, you must have got some serious freak going on last night....I think one of your last posts was about molesting your hubby. LOL.

I went for a jog, it woke me up and helped clear cob webs. The menudo is almost ready, it should help my poor gringo baby....he'll have to work his way slowly into this crazy Tex-Mex family..

Are we supposed to weigh in on the first? If so, I was 124, not bad considering the last week. I'll take it...

Comment #55

I had to azz ride the steps to get downstairs this morning. Bum, bum, bum...

Comment #56


Forgive me for my above post, it's not funny anymore...

Comment #57

LOL No acrobatics involved last night, and I'm sure I would have felt it if it happened then..

LOL @ "gringo" and "Tex-Mex" family!..

Comment #58

Oh, it's funny, no need to apologize! I just wish I knew what I did...

Comment #59

Not a bad day here, nice and mild, about 45. Just a little tired from last night, had 3 beers all night and went to bed at 4am lol. Now trying to study and soon heading upstairs to get my wo done, that might give me a burst of energy, then maybe a little run later..

Comment #60

Happy New Year Bunz! GJ on geting a workout in today, I'm "jellis"..

Had big plans, but can't even walk, no less hit the treadmill...

Comment #61


Originally Posted by litenuptome.

Off to bowling.

Wish me luck.

Thought that was blowing !!!.


Originally Posted by ahs999.

Wow you have a new pet too! The light hasn't killed ours. They are hearty buggers..

You and Wendy have fun blowing tonite! Blow a turkey! (3 strikes in a row).

There was no blowing for this girl last night.....


Originally Posted by chiquita_banana.

Happy New Year BYOB gang!.


Originally Posted by Luv_my_4kids.

Just popping in to wish you all a Happy New Year!!.

Happy New Year Ginny and Mary..

Mary crash anytime you want..

Yay, Pam is one of us !!!.

Didn't make it out last night. My usual tummy troubles appeared. Mike actually woke me up 5mins. before midnight, so we could watch the firework display from the Space Needle. We toasted in the New Year with some crappy dark ale. No hangover today..

Copy and Pasted this from last months page. Now have to read everything....

!!! Hate when I get on so late. I actually slept until 10..


Comment #62

Gotta roll...gotta put foot up and watching a "Honeymooners" marathon. Yeah, exciting day here. We have another comedy club show to go to tonight. This should be interesting trying to maneuver in the snow & icy sidewalks. Wish me luck!..

Comment #63

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