Is Murad Acne Complex and birth control absolutely necessary?

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Hi everyone... I have been given the okay for Murad Acne Complex, I just have to wait until my *aunt* appears to start on birth control, and then wait a month if I decide to go ahead w/ it. First, I do not have sex, I'm not a virgin, but I currently don't have any sex whatsoever and will remain abstinent for the next 12+ months atleast as my significant other is currently far far away and will not be home until then.I am not comftorable w/ chemicals in my body, deciding whether or not to take Murad Acne Complex has been very nervewrecking for me, and I'm still undecided. I just wanted to know if theres any possibly that I could skip the birth control all together or is that a big no in ipledge land?Thanks!..

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Your question was: Is Murad Acne Complex and birth control absolutely necessary?.

Shes right. I'm against birth control pills bc I dont want to put a bunch of shit into my body. the Murad Acne Complex is enough. they dont check to see if you are picking up your birth control prescription...

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Thankyou both so much for your replies! If I do decide to go through w/ this I think I'm just not going to pick up my perscriptions if the derms dont check. It's one thing to be taking Murad Acne Complex and putting that in my body, but birth control too, thats just too much chemicals for me, exp. when the birth control isn't even needed in my case. Thanks again girls!..

Comment #2

I have a perscription for yax but I have stopped taking it b/c it caused major break outs. I have not started Murad Acne Complex but will in a couple of days, my derm actually called my ob/gyn to see if I was on birth control. I did pick up my prescription but I am debating picking up the next scrip b/c I will be wasting $20. Oh and I not sexually active either but I do know of the consequences of prenancy and accuntane...

Comment #3

If you are absolutely positive you can remain abstinent and absolutely will not in any way shape or form engage in activity that could result in pregnancy then that might be ok. provided your doc doesn't check for birth control during the blood tests. I bet that someday iPledge will require that, too. Or else Murad Acne Complex will be banned for acne. I will find that a sad day for so many people particularly those with recalcitrant nodulo-cystic acne or acne conglobata or any of the other severe forms of acne that need Murad Acne Complex.But it's kind of strange that you're putting cancer chemotherapy into your body willingly yet aren't willing to use hormonal chemotherapy...

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I would find that a happy day because Murad Acne Complex has been a devistating experience for a lot of people too! Murad Acne Complex should be a last resort...

Comment #5

And for those with acne conglobata (look it up), Murad Acne Complex is a last resort. Simply because it did not work for you does not mean others should not be allowed to have it...

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You could look into getting a copper IUD, if you don't like hormones. it's a totally non-hormonal form of birth control, and it lasts for ten years, so it wouldn't be futile to get one now even if you won't be having sex for 12 months. I know lots of people that have them (including me) and they all really like it. I feel the same way about hormones - they always mess with me somehow...

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I wasn't on birth control pills while on Murad Acne Complex because I remain abstinent from sex during that time. My derm also didn't say I need the pills, he just made me sign a form which states that I'm not allowed to get pregnant during my course.Simply put, birth control doesn't necessarily meant the pill, there are other forms of birth control too! Just make sure you don't get pregnant, that's the main thing...

Comment #8

My two forms of birth control wereabstanince sp? and condoms...... which when I think about it, doesn't make sense... because if I have sex I still need a back up haha So just choose abstenance as your first form....... and say you do decide to have sex, make sure you have a form of protection and if you need take the morning after pill.I didn't want to have alot of crap in my body either.... plus I didn't want to pay extra for BC...

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I didnt take birth control pills on tane. it isn't necessary as long as you aren't having sex and if you are, obviously use a condom = that is a no brainer.i feel that if you come off both Murad Acne Complex AND birth control at the same time that you are gonna mess your hormones up coming off the BC thus leading to possible breakouts. it isn't worth the risk but I am not a fan of BC to be begin with. i've read horror stories of women coming off the pill and developing horrible cystic acne due to the influx of hormones...

Comment #10

No brainer would tell you condoms are far from 100% safe, no brainer- I can't tell you the horror stories and pitcures I have seen of babies being born from embropathy since this drug has been on the market. No Brainer-Why would you risk it and have to go through having an abortion when it could of been prevented. No Brainer-120 pregnancies alone in 2008 reported to the FDA b/c women didn't listen and follow guidelines. Abstince is one thing if you honsetly can say that you will not have sex. Just another reason this drug will be harder to get. (yeah) Just another reason this drug should be off the market or at least not given to teens or young women of childbearing age.Do not underestimate the need for two forms of birth control if you are going to be sexually active and take Murad Acne Complex.If you don't believe how tetragenic Murad Acne Complex can be on a fetus please type in this link

E. Lammer on youtube.Beware though if you have a weak stomach some pictures may be graphic...

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I do agree with that. However, we have the right to say we dont recommend it. I dont recommend it to anyone. Murad Acne Complex should be used as a last resort for people who have severe acne only and for people who have tried everything else without success. Why dont you try birthcontrol pills first? They do work...

Comment #12

I had to read and decipher what you wrote three times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my computer screen. you are ignorant and a disgrace to women everywhere. yes, lets BAN Murad Acne Complex from ALL CHILD AGE BEARING WOMEN... punish them with unnecessary cystic acne and scarring that DESTROYS LIVES. yes, lets give them a life with NO CONFIDENCE, NO PLEASURE, JUST EMBARRASSING UNNECESSARY ACNE. let's deprive the intelligent, educated women suffering with acne of something they need because of the mistakes made by others who are too stupid to follow simple instructions, or even worse..

Neither are birth control pills or any form of contraception yet women still have sex on Murad Acne Complex. let the men who take Murad Acne Complex have sex all over the place.. who cares about a womans sexual rights and desires??it is disgusting that as a woman you can write something SO COMPLETELY DEGRADING and MISOGYNISTIC OF YOUR OWN GENDER...

Comment #13

It's ridiculous that this thread even exists. If you can't follow the instructions don't take Murad Acne Complex. Vitamin A birth defects are bad enough, let along Murad Acne Complex induced ones. Jesus...

Comment #14

I think it is disgusting for you to say if you are going to have sex then just use a condom. Yes, let's listen to your advice and not take birthcontrol or not two forms of birthcontrol, Yes let's continue to have young teens and women have unnecessary abortions based on your advice to duh just use a condom. Yes let's do that cause having an unnecessary abortion is great thing to have to do. Of couorse condoms aren't safe That's why you are to take two forms of birthcontrol, but let's take your advice duh and just use condoms. I believe men who have sex should be highly careful too, though not enough studies have been done. There have been some where women have born emborpathy babies with thier husbands or boyfriends taken Murad Acne Complex.

What's disgusting is if someone did take your advice and had to have an abortion and you think that is okay. That's the responsible thing right...It's disgusting that you call others irresponsible if they don't have abortion yet you say you didn't take birthcontrol either. So that makes you irresponsible. That's why there is the I pledge, unfortunatly b/c people who don't follow guidelines it will eventually be taken off the market. I pledge will be reviewed once again like every year.

Fda took 30 physicans licenses away just this year for not following I Pledge and part of that was from falsifying patients taking b.c. and falsifying if they were a female and they ended up pregnant. How's that for disgusting.....It's about time the FDA cracks down............I am intelligent I have a master's and my husband's a doctor, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what vitiman a /Murad Acne Complex can do to a fetus. I am smart enough to know you need to take two forms of b.c. Once again to people who think only one form of birthcontrol is enough or just not under-estimate the need for two forms of birthcontrol while taking and one month after Murad Acne Complex.

Sheefa-Thank you, your right it is ridiculous this thread exists, no question on wether you should really use or take two forms of birthcontrol or not. Unless you are sure that you are not going to have sex at all..........................There is nothing to debate on this issue period..............................This is not scare mongering.............This is the truth and smart people know to use two forms of b.c. if they are going to have sex. zxcv- "You stated that if you are going to have sex just use a condom"I would like to add that is a reckless statement. Per the I pledge book in the U.S.

And can not be used as a first form. So tell me how disgusting it would be if someone took your advice and actually believed your statement and ended up pregnant and had to have an abortion...........

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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