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Hey guys,.

I recently purchased the domain with the intention of starting my own website based on selling office supplies, however I now realise that there is the connection to the microsoft office 2008 software that has recently been brought out.

Am I correct in thinking that as long as I do not display anything related to the microsoft product or use it to lose microsoft revenue, then I am in the clear?.


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No, if they have a TM on office2008 like I suppose, and you don`t, they will easily take it away from you. You only have one chance:.

Never ask money for it, read this example:

I hope it helps..

Comment #1

But if I am not showing any content related to microsoft, then surley them taking it away from me over a copyright is the same as reverse hijacking?..

Comment #2

If you are making money on your website, then yes, they can take it. Basically you are making money off a trademarkofficeoffice supplies. You could argue all you like, but better to drop the name and find something else...

Comment #3

I doubt "office2008" is a trademark, or that it can be easily taken from you. "office" and "2008" can relate to many things, and they are dictionary terms, so I think you can easily keep this name...

Comment #4

I think so too, and I guess I will continue to keep it unless microsoft get in contact or somebody makes me an offer on it. isnt owned by microsoft either...

Comment #5

Why would you register office2008 to sell office products?.

Are you only going to be in business 1 year?.

Selling the domain isn't very kosher either...

Comment #6

I second Italian and Bulldog, just drop it and find a better domain.

And as timmaay says, why have you in the first place registered a domain with this one year on?, if you want a long time business, it aint so smart.

But I guess, you wanted to use this name because of Microsofts wellknown product, even though you say thats not the reason you reg'ed it.

You dont fool me, when you say that you didnt thought about Microsofts product when you regged it 14-Jan-2008 Come on...

Since 2007 january it has been used by microsoft when they announcent that office 2008 for Mac would be out 2008 15. januar. So you actually regged the domain, just one day before there official release Come on...

Just drop it, and just because others have regged other extensions, dont make it better, do I have to quote what we all have hear before from our parents "...if all the children jumpen out of the window, would you do it too?".

Best regards.....

Comment #7

Oh I wouldnt do a thing like that!.

Thank you for all your help and advice. However I really see no reason to go and throw the domain away before I have even been contacted by microsoft. If they do contact me, then I will be all too happy to sort things out with them. However, at the present time, I brought the name legitimatly, and have every right of keeping it.

If godaddy is allowed to sell it to me, I dont see why I would not be able to sell it on either...

Comment #8

One has to wonder why go to the trouble of the creating this thread when you are going against the advice you sort?..

Comment #9

Your logic is flawed on a lot of levels. No point trying to sort you out though. Good luck...

Comment #10

Spadez8 what was your thinking when you registered the domain name. Can you honestly say you did not have the Microsoft Office 2008 package in mind.

It seems a strange name to register if you did not have it in mind. Lets hope that the first point of contact is a C&D then. If not you could have problems. If they go for a WIPO you could get labelled as a squatter. This would not bode well for future conflicts. Even worse they could take the matter to the courts (although the court would wonder why a C&D was not sent).

It is upto you to ensure you register responsibly...

Comment #11

This domain will probally cost you alot more in the long run than you could ever gain from it. This is a drop and run as quick as you can domain. Microsoft and other companys make examples of people and you dont want to be the person they make the example of. With all the advice on here and the domain basically having zero value why keep it when it can come back to bite you big time. But whatever you do , good luck...

Comment #12

I dont mean to seem like I'm going against your knowledge, but I find it hard to believe that microsoft would just go right ahead a sue me without even talking to me first. I dont know a lot about domains, so I'm just trying to learn about the situation I'm in, before I go letting it go.

If microsoft really do have a legal leg to stand on and contact me I will hand it over. But at this point in time:.

* I dont know if they have a copyright on office2008 and if it applies to the uk.

* I dont know if they want it.

* I dont know if they are legally allowed it. I brought the domain for my own legitimate use, totally unrelated to microsoft and their products.

Its kind of ironic because some of you really seemed to change your tone from the time when I created a thread and I was in the reversed position, i.e trying to claim the domain off somebody for using my copyright. You said I was a reverse hijacker and wouldnt have a hope in hell of getting it off him, and now that it's microsoft the situation has changed?..

Comment #13

Presumably you mean trademark. A trademark registered in the US is enforceable in the UK as well...

Comment #14

Forgive my ignorance, but does that not depend if they registered a World-wide trademark?.

AFAIK, that is the way it works with UK trademarks so assume vice-versa?.

- Vince..

Comment #15

My question as well (probably the same question from microsoft) is why have you registered to sell your office products? As someone has already mentioned before, will you be only selling products for 1 year?.

Will you answer this question?.

I'm sure Microsoft will ask you the same question if you try to argue against them if/when they send C&D letter...

Comment #16

Do a search for something called the Portugal Treaty...

Comment #17

Two reasons, it's when the company was founded and by having the year in the name it gives the impression of a cutting edge and modern company.

Think those are bad reasons? I can see why. Although I cant think of any better ones.

If one of you had this domain, and giving it in wasnt an option. Would you develop it, park it, or just mention that it is for sale?..

Comment #18

Now the real reason for you regging it comes out, you wanted to take advantage of the name office 2008, which Microsoft promoted, and wanted to park it or sell it.

For one if you park it, you may risk that there will be ads from Microsoft at your site, if this happens, you can say anything you want, you will loose the domain as fast as you can blink.

If you try to sell it, who would be bip enough to buy it?.

So play along with your first lying and develope it to a minisite, at least this way you can run it until Microsoft decides enough is enough and sue your ass of.

So like everybody else has told you before just drop it, it's not the trouble worth, find a better domain, there are lots of them.

By the way is taken, what will you do after one year? try to buy the other guys domain? just find another my friend, why the headache it's not like you have hit the jackpot with this domain, even without the TM, it's not good..

Comment #19

The real reason I registered it is because I wanted to sell office equipment in the year 2008.

Surely it isnt a problem if microsoft advertises on my site, but it is a problem if another competitor advertises on my site?.

I like the domain for my e-buisness, and for the $9 bucks for a year that I paid for it, there is really no reason not to keep it. If microsoft contact me, they can have it, they wouldnt waste money suing me when I would hand it over...

Comment #20

Considering that you are offering to sell the domain in your sig, your motives are quite transparent.

People have given you lots of reasons why you should drop this name, but you don't want to listen. If you want to be labeled a squatter or end up getting sued in order for Microsoft to set an example, thats your prerogative. But it's obvious you didn't post for advice, but rather for validation of your actions. From the looks of the thread, I think the consensus has spoken that you won't find that here...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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