Is iweb compatible with

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My first question is: Is iweb compatible with

My next question is: Hello..

This might be been discussed before already but I couldn't find any posts related..

I'm interested to know if there is anyone here that is actually making a living from selling/buying/trading domains?.

Also, are there people here who run their domaining business from an office devoted for that and is domaining your only business?.

Thank you..

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Your question was: Is iweb compatible with

This has been discussed before..

But yes there are a few people who do just that for a living...

Comment #1

I was full time for a couple of years, but market conditions are tough at the moment so don't give up your day job unless you are making so much money that it is costing you dearly to go to work. I am back on the daily grind for the time being...

Comment #2

It is hard for a living because it may not provide you with constant cash flow, but you can count domains for your retirement if you invest correctly...

Comment #3

I also develop, so I'm not a pure domainer. It is definitely possible, but I prefer making a few grand each month in pure extra income so I can retain my benefits with my day job, plus my paycheck there. I also have some domains that are not really for sale and will be hopefully covering my early retirement someday...

Comment #4

I think more than combined full time jobs can be beaten by one domaining job..

Comment #5

I WISH I COULD ...........not likely for a long time..

Comment #6

Of course it's possible, lots of people make a living from domaining, some make very very good livings.

I guess it also depends on how you define domaining. What does "domaining" encompass? Flipping obviously, but how about parking? What if I develop websites for my domains? Doesn't that then make me a web developer rather than a domainer? What if I run forums? Blogs? Online stores? Where do you draw the line?.

I've made a living developing websites for a decade now, I registered and developed dozens of names over the years, on top of developing hundreds for clients, but I have never considered myself a domainer until this year, and even now it's just a fraction of what I do. I make 90% of my living developing websites (for both myself and others)...

Comment #7

Absolutely it's possible but to say "A LOT of people" is just not true, it would be a very small minority IMO..

Comment #8

Would you call Rick Latona a domainer? he sure makes a good living with his domains..

Comment #9

Just for hobby for me, but I get better cash flow from domaining. If you seriously you can do that. But you must have a plan, if now you'r in HostGator flipper you must see investment in the future like developed some site for long tail investment. Just buy 1 perfect HostGator and build your cash machine...

Comment #10

My goal is to become a full time domainer/developer. Being your own boss is a heck of alot better than doing the 9to5...

Comment #11

Currently I am developing a mini site portfolio which I have high hopes for. When I get that done and the portfolio reaches my expectations I will sell it and then from there will become full time. Will start my LLC and quit my day job at that time. The cool thing is it's actually happening the way I want it to. I expect to have my company going in about 2 months time.

At the pace I'm going, a new site is going up prolly every other day. The portfolio at the moment is making about $10-$20 a day with 10 sites up at the moment. Friday I will be launching a site and on saturday I am hoping to get another one up. So it's going fast and at the moment doing exactly what it should be doing. I could prolly sell the current portfolio upwards $5,000, my estimation of course.

It is very very possible...

Comment #12

It depends if one is after Income/Cash or Future Investment Returns..

I fall squarely in the 2nd category - not as fast-paced or exciting though...

Comment #13

Yes I make a living with domains. Having said this Domains are not my only stream of income I also run dozens of sites and forums, however if I quit all that the domaining department of my business would easily be enough to live off of. Think Traffic/parking, and think quick buys and sells (domain flipping)...

Comment #14

Yes - I have an office dedicated to running my business.

No - Domaining is not my only business. I currently actively manage five full-time companies...

Comment #15

I do run an office out of my home - my business revolves entirely around Domaining...

Comment #16 doesn't have the same ring about it, does it?..

Comment #17


Who knows what the next few years holds economy-wise and giving up a good job with a future for a career "working for yourself" might not be the best idea unless you're more than financially capable to weather any economic downturn over the next few years which imho very likely will present itself.

As someone who "works for himself", I must say that while it's fun and all, it really might not be so fun and all if I had a family to support. Not knowing from 1 week to the next when your "next big sale" is going to come is discouraging at best and financially crippling at worst. Interest rates are starting to go up here in Canada... Who knows what the future holds, but I must say a 100k/year guaranteed government job right around now would sound pretty good to me..

Comment #18

Yes people who invested 3 to 4 yr backs have become billionaires.

But I think as of know it not easy making living out of domaining..

Comment #19

I have made a living domaining, I do not currently though. A decent monthly income, but not a living.

Only a very small percentage of people in the industry, are able to make a living domaining alone, It is tough, and so competitive, It is eat, or be eaten, You better be Motivated and hungry, Or it is a long haul down dot com row...

Comment #20

Stop dreaming.

There are no $ billionaires in domaining at this point - they wish they were.

Or maybe you mean Rupee billionaires....

Comment #21

I think one can stand a complete living out of just pure domaining if he doesnt get saturated. on other hand as far as the living is concerned. check out the web for : these guys have made not millions but billions by just domaining. NO DEVELOPMENT.


Comment #22

You just have to have a good plan imo. and people you trust...

Comment #23

Depends on what you can afford to live on. For some it's.

$50 a day, for others $200+. I lived on domaining for 2 years.

Straight. Now I work a job that was built by a HostGator I.

Purchased related to physical labor. I at one point had a.

Buyer sending me $50 for every HostGator I purchased related.

To their business. I was averaging $400 per day and the first.

Day of that agreement netted me $650 with the highest being.

$4500. Sadly that agreement has come to an end as of last.

Week and I'm back to trying to flip.

As for flipping I do approx. $2500 -$6k per month. But once.

Again it depends on your cost of living. For me I have 2 mortg..

I paying on, and a coffee shop (Brew Cafe) that consumes most.

Of my nights. I recently had a brush in with Walmart over a HostGator that cost me a pretty penny. I love domaining but like they say "more money more problems".

I dont want to come across as a salesman (I'm not one), but there.

Is a way to sell to end users without owning a domain, and pick up some additional funds in the process.

Good luck everyone,.


Comment #24

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