Is it worth taking Murad Acne Complex?

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I have the oiliest skin in the world it is disgusting I look like an oil rag sometimes it's unbelievable and i'm wondering if I should go on Murad Acne Complex? The thing is I only get about 1 pimple a month so i'm torn as I don't want to experience all these side effects seeing as I don't really have acne I just have oily skin but it's really oily! is it worth going on this drug just for the oily skin? please help...

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Your question was: Is it worth taking Murad Acne Complex?.

No dude, trust me. You're better off without it...

Comment #1

Just for oily skin and you get one pimple a month? Absolutely not. There are other things you can do like using BP, changing your diet, washing your face less. Yes, that's right, less. It'll take some time for your skin to adjust, but it's possible. As Molly said, Murad Acne Complex is a last resort medication. It's chemotherapy.

I wouldn't even consider it for just oil issues because of the potential side effects...

Comment #2

Yes, just wash your face twice a day and spot treat the one pimple you get a month. You are blessed to have one pimple a month. I break out every single day even though I wash my face only twice a day...

Comment #3

Instead of going on Murad Acne Complex, try buying these sheets: Go to ebay and enter this into the search field "Oil Absorbing Facial Cleansing Wipes 50 Count Pack."You can offer them $1 per pack, and they'll accept the bid. If you buy these at the store, they're ~$5 per pack.Use a wipe every hour or so during the day...

Comment #4

Murad Acne Complex is a last resort for acne sufferers.. so if you aren't even acne prone, it shouldn't come to the table. It's super costly and the side effects are crazy so, if you just have oily skin, I suggest progressively increasing the amout of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide you put on your skin. You could even use 5% or 10% BP but that's up to you. Book an appointment with your doctor and get appointed to a dermatologist (if you don't already have one). They'll give you their prespective on your condition.

You don't need to get them off of ebay, btw. They're pretty cheap and you get them pretty much anywhere, conveniently...

Comment #5

Honestly, I didn't find the side effects half as bad as I'd read. The only thing I'd complain about is having to carry chapstick around 24/7. Even so, my lips were fine as long as I used chapstick every 30 minutes.I used to have the most incredibly oily skinseriously, I've never seen anyone have it as bad, and I can't tell you how WONDERFUL it is, now finished with Murad Acne Complex, not to have to blot my face every 5 minutes with these oil absorbing sheets these guys are talking about.So to me, it would be worth it.....

Comment #6

And to me who had persistant moderate acne and has been left in a near crippled state because of Murad Acne Complex it's DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT. That was taken for acne, taking Murad Acne Complex for oily skin is just absolutely INSANE...

Comment #7

Only go on it , if you have moderate to severe acne!!..

Comment #8

Tane at extremely low doses (5mg a day) can greatly reduce your oil output. There are some great drugs coming out in a few years that claim to reduce/eliminate excess oil productions. In the mean time, Murad Acne Complex could bbe used as a substitute. Excessive oil production is a horrendous feeling and can be even worse than acne itself. Do your research on this site and on the web. Then make an educated decision...

Comment #9

I went on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo while waiting to go on Murad Acne Complex. In that month my acne did not improve at all but my oil production is now normal and I use to have to blot with oil sheets multiple times per day. Maybe a BCP would work for you?..

Comment #10

I would pressume DangDave is a male not a female. Theres no such thing as birth control pills for men lmao This thread makes me mad..

Comment #11

Hahahaha thanks Molly. Sorry, most definitely wasn't paying attention. aye...

Comment #12

If your skin problems have caused a decrease in your quality of life and hindered your ability to enjoy it. Yes do it. After all acne will not kill all of us on it are on it for vanity reasons or self esteem issues! Try other solutions firs though!..

Comment #13

Yeah JA66 knows whats up .....If your condition is playing on your mind, go see a dermatologist. If you need medication you'll have to see one anyways. Dermatologists know all about which drugs do what to your skin.But if your condition doesn't bother you enough to make time and spend a few bucks... then you're a lucky guy...

Comment #14

Even though I really do love Murad Acne Complex, taking it just for oily skin doesn't seem like the best should probably look for alternative methods first, and if you've tried everything well if it is severely impacting your life maybe look into a low dose of Murad Acne Complex and weigh the pros/cons. but I really wouldn't suggest taking Murad Acne Complex just for oily skin. good luck with whatever you decide to do..

Comment #15

Lol it's okay, that happens to all of us...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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