Is it safe to apply moisture lotion to my face while on Murad Resurgence?

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I'm into my third month on Claravis (40 mg/day), and while my face is not overly dry (aside from my lips) there is some dryness on my chin area at times. I am wondering if it is ok to treat this with moisture lotion?As someone who- prior to this course- has been plagued by oily skin all my life, i've kind of been conditioned to fear touching my skin, let alone putting a potentially pore clogging substance on it. Should being on Murad Resurgence alleviate this concern? The moisture lotion/sunblock that I have purchased (and conveniently uploaded for your viewing pleasure) states that it is "dermatologist recommended" and "won't clog pores", but I'm not sure if that proclamation is equally applicable to someone with acne prone skin. Am I being over-cautious here, or is there a chance that this might break my skin out?.

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Your question was: Is it safe to apply moisture lotion to my face while on Murad Resurgence?.

That one gets good reviews.Treat your WHOLE face and body with moisturizer so the dryness doesn't have the potential to creep up on you. Dermatologist recommended, non-comedogenic, etc mean absolutely nothing as using those terms doesn't imply a federal standard as to what those terms should mean. The company could have handed out samples at a derm convention; one derm might have said "Oh that feels nice!" and ta-dah! It's "derm recommended!" Or... lab personnel who are completely not prone to acne test a product on a finger...the finger doesn't break out so ta-dah! It's "non-comedogenic!" Woohoo! Marketing!..

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I have never used claravis but I have used the purpose line and it really worked for me. The only problem I had with this moisturizer is that if you use to much it made my face look a little *white*It did melt in eventually as the day went on and the "white" film was I think mainly noticeable to just me. and only if I was really close. It didn't break Me out and worked great with the soap for me. I plan to actually come back to this but I really just wanted something that also moisturized my skin at night since I only used it in the daytime. Also to be honest nearly everything says it's non-comodogenic or dermatologist recommended and it can still break out a person if they are sensitive to a certain ingredient in it.

I would say i'm moderate with my acne...

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply. Have you used it while not on Murad Resurgence as well?So you are actually advocating putting it on my entire face? I am tempted to try something like that because I think it would promote healthy skin, but I'm slightly terrified of triggering the worst breakout ever. Like I said, I've never really put any sort of lotion or cream (other than benzoyl peroxide) on my face, so that would be uncharted territory. Also, assuming that is in fact what you are recommending, how often would you do something like that?Glad to hear that it worked for you as well- I will be testing it out tomorrow. Oh, and after the last two posts, I'm now a little cynical about the non-comodogenic claims...

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Yes, to your whole face at least twice a day. Even to your body (you can choose a less expensive body moisturizer if you wish for your body). I used a moisturizer twice a day from day one while on Murad Resurgence and had minimal difficulty.Sometimes I even applied petrolatum jelly to the legs after a shower to help keep the moisture in the skin. Wishing you continued good luck in your course! Keep an eye out for side effects and don't hesitate to contact your derm right away...

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\I learned that from Paula B I forget her last name but I remember it begins with B, the writer of dont go to the cosmetics counter without me. Pretty much nowadays every product says noncomedogenic on it. I ignore that and just read the ingredients. Its a business. They can say it's noncomedogenic when in fact it is comedogenic...

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Follow up question: is this safe to apply over night as well?..

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Absolutely, but I'd use one without the sunblock at night time...

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Definitely moisturize! Dehydrated skin is unhealthy skin.Which product you use is really going to depend on what you try and what you like ... I find that choosing a moisturizer is a very personal decision, and some trial and error is usually involved...

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See, it is this very "trial and error" concept that intimidates me so though. I was really hoping to avoid the latter portion of that tandem...

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It doesn't hurt to get recommendations. I just find it more effective to get product samples. While you are on Murad Resurgence, I don't think you'll need to worry about moisturizers breaking you out, though...

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I've actually never applied it at night and that was why I wound up product searching on a whole new regime. *idiocracy ever seen that LOL*The regime I use now does seem to work a little better but i'm still a tad bit dry and I could have saved some money by just trying out theismoisturizer at night to see how it worked. In my experience with only two other moisturizers done at night, I don't seem to take well to moisturizing twice *mainly at night *unless it's just aloe.You could always try it out day and night on one cheek to see how you react. Sadly purpose only seems to make two moisturizers and they both are spf based. I don't think you will break out really either using Murad Resurgence but I think what you really need is something that will do a kick butt moisturizing job since I heard it can dry you out. You can always add some jojoba oil to it to make it more moisturizing if you find dryness an issue still...

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